THE MARINE : Final Episode

Episode 3

..Come down my son, tomorrow you shall leave to the city. There you shall be free. I went back to sleep and in about 5 minutes time it was day break.
I dressed up ready to take my leave when it started raining heavily, it rained for hours that l needed to stay and leave the next day. I went back to my room and guess what l met Chanda in my room sitting on my bed, l tried running out of the room but my door was locked, l tried scre-ming but my voice echoed back to me. I became helpless and had no other choice than to talk to her.
Chanda: where did you think you were going to my love.

Me: please what do you want from me, who are you please.
Chanda: you are funny, you cant escape from me, and l cant leave you alone. You would have been dead by now Vinnie, l saved you.
Me: you saved me, how.
Chanda: you swam in the river of the goddess and she was about to kill you before l pleaded on your behalf. I promised her that l love you and l will marry you.
Me: how on earth is this possibly, am human and you are spirit, l can’t marry you.
Chanda: yes you can marry me, l can appear as human and with that we can marry.

Me: l can never marry you, please leave me alone.
Chanda: l shall destroy you if you try to break my heart, l will never allow you marry any other woman. I shall be in Lusaka before you arrive tomorrow, have a safe ride to Lusaka.
Before l could say anything she disappeared, l thought me leaving to Lusaka was the best way to escape from her but l can’t, why did l come to this village, why did l even swim the river, lord please help me. I slept off and woke up the following day. I left the village to the city to attend to my business. I arrived in my multimillion mansion and was thinking about

what l went through in the village. I was lost in thoughts until a warm hand folded around my neck, l looked up and it was Chanda standing at my back. I was shocked seeing her but pretended to be cool.
So you are here l asked her.
Chanda: yes my love, l am now a full being, am all yours Vinnie.
Me: Chanda please, l can’t marry you.
Chanda: we shall see, l shall destroy you, l will make your life a terrible one, don’t dare me Vinnie..

Before l could say anything further she disappeared. I begin thinking about her words but l took it to be some joke. I went and had my bath and took my meal. I went to have a rest and l heard my phone ringing and it was one of my worker.
Worker….hello boss..
Me: yes what is it.
Worker: please our garage is on fire and all the cars are burnt. Please we need your presence.

Before he could end the call, l had a message from the managing Director of my biggest garage saying all the cars are burnt. At this moment one of my client also called to inform me about my missing container which was coming to the country. In less than 1 hour my garages are all burnt and l have nothing to call my own. I began to cry and all of sudden Chanda appeared again.
Chanda: you sad right nothing has happen yet, you shall beg for food soon, the only solution to your problem is to love me back.
Me: so you are the cause of all this? how can l marry you when l have nothing now?

Chanda: you shall have a lot of properties after our marriage Vinnie, l shall make you rich. You shall lack nothing my love.
Me: please l need my properties back or else l shall..
Chanda: look here baby boy ,you can’t do anything to me, all l need is your love.
I became frustrated as l had nothing, all what l worked for over the years gone within a period of 1 hour, how can l ever make it again, if loving her can get my life back into shape why don’t l marry her and have a meaningful life. As l began thinking about all the good times l had with friends, all the billions of Kwacha l had and the numerious garages l had.

Life became very though and l had to sell my mansion to be able to make a living. I finally left to the village and went to the river, upon arriving Chanda appeared to me smiling, she looked more prettier than ever, she followed me to my house and l introduced her to my parents. They were happy for me but never knew she was a mermaid. Traditional marriage was performed and finally the marriage rites, we left to the city and to my surprise she took me to a well finished house.
Chanda: am happy you finally came for me, this is our new home.

Me: and how did you get this house?
Chanda never mind it’s now our home.
We went into the house and she showed me some doc-ments which was a company doc-ments with my name on it. My life became beautiful again and I was more respected in the society.
Please note that; this is a fictitious story, I have never seen mermaids before and am not sure of their existence.

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The End (please comment)

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