The Master Addiction

The master addi¢tion 22

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost ❎

Chapter 22

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Chloe b¡t£ [email protected] on h£r lower l¡p as $h£ watch£d Octavia been ₱v||ed away by mabel

“please…. don’t s£nd me a. away.. I promise to get pregnant ” Octavia cried as Mabel kept ₱v||!ng h£r ©vt of th£ mansion

Chloe balled h£r fist and surpris!ngly a tears dropped from h£r eyes. $h£ quickly wiped it and raised h£r h£ad to see Louis who was star!ng with©vt do!ng anyth!ng

“a chance…. thats all I asked for… I’m gonna get pregnant… Please….. ” Octavia kept cry!ng

“shut th£ fv¢k up!! “Mabel yelled

Chloe balled h£r fist m©r£ t!ghtly and shut h£r eyes

“stop! “Chloe thundered and everyone [email protected] turn!ng th£ir gaze towards h£r

$h£ ran all th£ way from wh£re $h£ stood to wh£re Mabel and Octavia were

“you bitch! Even if $h£ has to leave…. Do you have to ₱v|| h£r that way” $h£ yelled and Mabel eyes widened

“$h£’s gonna leave and don’t you ever ₱v|| h£r…. “$h£ said !n a serious tone

“did you j√$t say that to me!” Mabel asked

“fv¢k off!! You disgust me already ” Chloe said fac!ng h£r

“you are so path£tic…. How dare you “Mabel yelled rais!ng h£r [email protected] to slap Chloe but $h£ was quick to hold it

“you are th£ path£tic and pyschol one h£re….. “Chloe said and crooked h£r f!ng£r noisily at h£r and jerked h£r [email protected] off

Mabel couldn’t believe h£r eyes

“guards…!! ” $h£ yelled

“A !nch towards h£r and I will ripped your throat” Louis said and th£ guards immediately stopped

“you fool why do you have to !nterfere ” Mabel yelled at Louis who was stand!ng closed to th£m already

“That’s because I’m not one of your prey…. and I won’t allow my best friend make a stupid decision ” h£ said and stole a glance at Master Nicholas before fac!ng Mabel and Chloe

“demon take h£r away…. and ©vt of th£ city ” Louis said

Chloe stared at Octavia who was still cry!ng and sigh£d

“let’s leave….. People !n th¡s city are j√$t too h£artless… Granny was right” Chloe but Octavia shook h£r h£ad

“Go with h£r queen…. everyth!ng would be settled and you will be [email protected]¢k “Louis said

“let’s go” Chloe said and gripped on h£r [email protected]

Octavia stared [email protected]¢k at th£ mansion, will $h£ ever see th¡s place???

Will everyth!ng truly be settled

Will $h£ be brought [email protected]¢k???

Will master loves h£r aga!n

h£r h£art kept pound!ng at all th¡s questions as $h£ walked ©vt with Chloe
“now do you believe me?” Alicia asked Andy

Andy couldn’t speak, h£ was still !n shock

From th£ midst of th£ crowd, th£y stood among th£ people !n th£ mansion

Th£y were both dressed !n black but Alicia was hav!ng a black scarf that cover h£r face

“Now I understand why $h£ couldn’t remember me…. that’s because someone else have h£r face too…. But it’s so [email protected] to know which one is h£r”.Andy wh¡spered and Alicia rolled h£r eyes

“You are such a dummy. Even wh£n you grow with h£r !n th£ orphanage home you still didn’t know h£r too well….. ” Alicia muttered

Don’t be surprised. Andy told h£r everyth!ng already

“Th£ master wife is th£ one with th£ big but and dark yellow eyes…… Th£ less curvy one is h£r look alike “Alicia mumbled and Andy nodded slightly

“you are so smart…. You spotted th£ir differences already “h£ said and Alicia gr!nned

“it’s seems are look alike is tak!ng h£r away
….i need to get to h£r”Andy said mov!ng ©vt of th£ crowd but Alicia was quick to hold h¡m

“you gonna be a roasted fish if you do so ….i only brought you to prove to you that I know th£ girl you were look!ng for….. Now you believe me that’s $h£’s th£ master wife”Alicia said
Andy shut h¡s eyes…. h£ don’t j√$t wanna accept it that $h£’s married

“That moth£rfv¢ker ” h£ clench£d h¡s fist

“but I don’t want h£r to leave aga!n…. I need to get to h£r”h£ said and Alicia rolled h£r eyes

“S!nce master said we all could leave…. Let’s take th£ [email protected]¢k exit…..follow me ” $h£ added and Andy nodded
Chloe and Octavia was far from th£ mansion already…..

Octavia stopped and stared at th£ mansion from a distance

Chloe h£aved and ₱v||ed h£r to h£rself, hold!ng h£r t!ghtly

“All will be okay aga!n….. Don’t be a weakl!ng ” Chloe muttered and m©r£ tears gestured from h£r eyes

“thanks for everyth!ng…. ” Octavia muttered

“oh…yeah….its noth!ng ” Chloe muttered

” I j√$t love you and I don’t know why” Chloe said and Octavia gave a weak smile

Chloe eyes almost ₱v||ed ©vt of h£r socket wh£n $h£ saw Granny com!ng ©vt of a cab

Granny is gonna scold h£r…. $h£ isn’t supposed to be h£re…. Th¡s is not even closed to h£r hostel nor campus

“Quick… We need to hide” Chloe said breath!ng [email protected] but it was too late s!nce Granny saw th£m already

“I’m so dead ” $h£ added

Chloe watch£d as Granny covered th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m and soonest $h£ stood at th£ir

“My grand tw!ns” Granny mumbled touch!ng th£ir both ch£ek fondly

Chloe was surprised but Octavia stood still, wonder!ng what was go!ng on

“Who are you “Octavia asked

“I’m your grandmoth£r…. Chloe h£re is your tw!n sister…… I have waited for th¡s day and I never knew it will be th¡s quick “Granny muttered as tears ru$h£d [email protected]¢k

“Granny you are gett!ng me s¢ar£d, what do you mean $h£’s my tw!n sister”Chloe said as $h£ and Octavia exchange look

“You will know soon but first of all we need need to leave th¡s city……my child has suffered already…. “Granny muttered swivel!ng h£r h£ad

“I’m confused “Octavia blurted ©vt and sniffed

“don’t be…. Let’s leave h£re first……. We will come [email protected]¢k immediately you know th£ truth ab©vt yourselves… Let’s leave ” Granny said and th£y reluctantly nodded


Louis ru$h£d after Master Nicholas till h£ got to h¡s study


Everyone !n th£ mansion has left already

“What have come over you Nick…. Why did you s£nd your last wife away” Louis asked

“$h£’s barren Louis…. I want someone who can bear me a h£ir and that’s Mabel” h£ said and Louis jaw dropped

“Mabel is pregnant?? ” h£ asked unbelievably

“obviously and $h£’s gonna bear me my h£ir” h£ said and Louis scoffed

“how can you be th¡s stupid…. ” Louis said

“Don’t even go th£re……th£ baby is m!ne and I already did th£ test”Master Nicholas said star!ng at of th£ w!ndow

“I’m j√$t so fvll of pity for your future, Nick $h£’s mislead!ng you. $h£’s gonna ₱|@y you ” h£ replied

“shut up and go away. I need to be left alone ” h£ said

” You fool, I will leave, I don’t even want to see your face too, you’re behav!ng stupid”h£ replied

” F*ck you” h£ added and ru$h£d ©vt of h¡s study

Mabel pa$$ed through th£ corridor with h£r shoulders raised as If $h£ j√$t won a trophy

h£r plans were much easier than $h£ thought

Th£ bitch was gone…. F!nally gone

$h£ turned to anoth£r direction bumped !nto Maya

“Are you bl!nd “$h£ blurted ©vt

“screw you bitch!!”Maya said want!ng to pa$$ but Mabel blocked h£r

“Not even a welcome [email protected]¢k home” $h£ scoffed at maya

“You twerp! what a brat” Mabel said

“oh I get it…! Still !n shock…… I told you th£ master will be m!ne… I’m gonna bear h¡s h£ir” Mabel smirked

” You’ve come with your bl!nd philosophy aga!n and that’s what I j√$t hate!” Maya snapped ©vt

“you can deceived th£ master not me, stay on your lane Mabel and stop be!ng a nuisance to me!” Maya ranted,

” it’s best you leave th£ mansion already and stop gett!ng paranoid dear” Mabel laugh£d

Maya faced h£r and smirked. “h£ar!ng you talk is mak!ng me wanna puke, can you please shut it for a while you wasted idoit!” $h£ sh©vted at th£ top of h£r voice, breath!ng h£avily

” I don’t fv¢k!ng ¢ar£ ab©vt th¡s mansion anym©r£, I will leave but before that, I will see and witness your d©wΠ[email protected]||….. You are not that smart.. You gonna understand everyth!ng soon!” $h£ said and walked ©vt

“fool!! ” Mabel said and walked to Nickolas study


“we need to talk'” Mabel said enter!ng th£ master study

“What’s mak!ng th£ moth£r of my h£ir so disturb£d”Nickolas said and that flattered Mabel as $h£ blu$h£d

“I love you”Mabel said hugg!ng h¡m from beh!nd

“You can’t love me Mabel……. , master doesn’t love anyone and th£re’s no feel!ng attach£d , I’m be!ng h£re because you got my h£ir” h£ said and Mabel gulped d©wΠ

“it doesn’t matter “$h£ muttered

“Please, I love you !nsanely, I don’t m!nd if you can’t reciprocate th£ love. I miss you already “h£ said

Master Nicholas smirked remov!ng h£r grip from h¡s [email protected]¡$t and turned to face h£r

” Shhhh, j√$t tell me you’re miss!ng my d*ck” h£ said and ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself , Mabel [email protected] as h£ slammed h¡s l¡ps on h£r klzz!ng h£r l¡ps [email protected]

h£ klzzed it so roughly with©vt love or emotions

h£r [email protected] found h¡s belt and Immediately $h£ ₱v||ed it ©vt and made h¡s trousers and shorts go d©wΠ, h£ placed h£r on h¡s table and Mabel ₱v||ed d©wΠ h£r [email protected] by h£rself

h£ got protection from h¡s trousers pocket and slid it on th£n went b£tweeΠ h£r legs and h£r legs wr*₱ped round h¡s [email protected]¡$t as h£ thrv$ts !nto h£r

“maa .. ou!” $h£ [email protected]

Octavia squ!nted slightly before hav!ng a clearer view. $h£ was so weak that $h£ had to sleep through ©vt th£ journey

“you both like sleep!ng off anytime you embark on long journeys….but I understand yours because of th£ condition you are !n… Unlike th¡s crazy young lady h£re”Granny said and Chloe rolled h£r eyes

“I’m not lazy granny “$h£ said as th£y walked ©vt of th£ bus

“we need to h£ad home quickly “Granny added….. Even if Octavia felt new to th¡s…. $h£ k!nda feel safe with th£m
After some few m!nutes walk, th£y f!nally got to a mud hut

Granny ₱u$h£d th£ door opened and it made way

“go make some [email protected] for your sister” Granny said to Chloe and $h£ nodded

Octavia sniffed !n and ©vt as $h£ stared at th£ little house…..$h£ feels so at home

“You are one lucky girl you know ” Granny said star!ng at h£r

“I’m not lucky….. bad th!ngs always happened to me” $h£ said b!0w!ng off th£ hair from h£r face

“you know….wh£n th£ enemies tried to separate you from us…. You landed !n th£ orphanage home……Rev Benedict was your mum sister….. ” $h£ said and Octavia [email protected]

“don’t be surprised my child….. I do visit at th£ orphanage home with©vt you know!ng ” Granny said and j√$t th£n Chloe walked !n with a tray

“h£re you go” Chloe said and [email protected] it to Octavia

Octavia took it from h£r and sniffed [email protected]

“stop sniff!ng…. It’s not good for your condition “Granny said star!ng at Octavia stomach for a long time before look!ng away

“sit young lady….. Let me tell you both your true identity….. Your parents and why you were separated ” Granny said and Chloe quickly sat d©wΠ

“it all beg!ns twenty two years ago……….. ”


Who’s !n to know all th£ secrets???? 😁😁😁

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