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The master addiction 20

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost ❎

Chapter 20

#[email protected]¢ks


i cuddled Miley and $tr*me h£r with my f!ng£rs

“moaw! “$h£ wh¡skers

I got only Miley now. Th£ fact that I’m locked h£re and can’t do anyth!ng is kill!ng me. My husband is gonna get married to my personal maid it’s kill!ng and I th!nk I’m gonna pa$$ed ©vt any moment from h£re

Th£ door opened and I could h£ar loud footsteps com!ng towards me

I didn’t both£r to raised my h£ad know!ng its might be those idiotic maids or guards

“Ma’am Mabel. Your d!nner is over th£re” I h£ard a voice but scoffed
I don’t fv¢k!ng want to eat anyth!ng. I only want my husband

I want to get ©vt of h£re and kill h£r. !n any moment from now $h£ will be married to my husband

$h£’s gonna born th£ h£ir

“gosh!! ” My h£ad kept sp!nn!ng

“Ma’am Mabel…. ”

“fv¢k! Get ©vt!! ” I barked wak!ng Miley from h£r sleep

“moaw” $h£ wh¡skers and I cuddled h£r aga!n. I h£aved wh£n $h£ slept [email protected]¢k

Th£ door shut and I knew th£ maid might have

j√$t a day I’m feel!ng sick

Do I have to stay locked up for n!ne months

I [email protected] ©vt and shut my eyes t!ghtly. Th£ door opened aga!n and I balled my fist. I stirred, feel!ng so disoriented.

Why are th£y all annoy!ng

“I promise you all…. immediately I’m ©vt of h£re. I’m gonna kill you all” I uttered

“Even lock up and you still have th£ Zeal to kill….. I love you my lady ” I h£ard a voice and creased my brow

That voice belong to Nathan…… h£’s th£ only one that called me h¡s lady…… Was…h£!!

“My ….Nath!” I stuttered as i tried to get up from th£ b£d.

I couldn’t th!nk and I jumped ©vt of th£ b£d.

Gosh! It was h¡m!!

I bl!nked my eyes severally to be sure I’m not dream!ng

“Nath…. It’s… It’s you” I said touch!ng h¡m

I m©v£d away from h¡m and ran to th£ door and shut it from beh!nd

I walked up to h¡m and h£ld h¡m h£ad!ng lead!ng h¡m to th£ b£d

“it’s really you. How did you get !n” I asked

Nathan stared at me and acknowledged me with an !ncl!nation of h¡s h£ad

“my lady” h£ said with h¡s h£ad still bow

I smiled beside h¡m, feel!ng all fluttered up. h£’s th£ only one who acknowledged me as h¡s lady

It will have been much better if Nicholas has acknowledge me as h¡s lady

“All th!ngs is possible with me. One of my guards is planted among h¡s”h£ said and I smile

Wip!ng th£ smile from my face, I took on a sad look, “h£’s gonna marry h£r. $h£ will bear h¡s h£ir” I muttered

h£ h£ld my face with h¡s [email protected] caus!ng me to stare at h¡s eyes

“Not wh£n I still liv!ng. Th£ h£ir is gonna die any moment from now” h£ said and Mabel face widen!ng

“My guard is gonna ₱ush h£r off th£ stairs. We need to get rid of th£ baby first before any oth£r plans” h£ wh¡spered

I calmed a bit but was still agigated

“How will I come [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion th£n” I asked

“You should not let it both£r you, my lady. Nicholas will call you [email protected]¢k. Trust me on th¡s.” h£ speculated.

“You are evil” I smile and h£ chuckled

“my lady is m©r£ evil”h£ said and we both laugh£d ©vt

“devil “h£ cursed

“beast! ” I reiterated

“call me beast and I will fv¢k you from beh!nd! “h£ said and I blu$h£d and |¡¢ked my lower l¡p

“I want that baby. Beast! “I said and h£ ₱u$h£d me on th£ b£d. h£ turned me from beh!nd and grabb£d my a$$

“fv¢k!! “I [email protected] ©vt
“you can go” i said to th£ man I was talk!ng to . h£ bowed h¡s h£ad and walked ©vt

“Ma’am Maya” I h£ard a voice caus!ng me to staggered

From th£ voice, I knew it was Brielle

I turned to face h£r and frowned. I walked past h£r as if $h£ didn’t j√$t called me

$h£ grabb£d my [email protected] before I could walked ©vt

“I’m sorry” $h£ muttered

” What th£ bloody h£ll” I yelled star!ng at h£r [email protected] on m!ne

” I’m damn worried , please talk to me. I’m feel!ng quilty “$h£ said and I scoffed

“Stop act!ng !nnocent cos I hate it and it pissed me off ” i blurted, br!ng!ng my face closer to h£rs

” won’t you be th£ happiest on earth if I leave th¡s mansion, Stop pretend!ng I know your real !ntentions right from time” i replied maliciously before tak!ng my [email protected] from h£r roughly th£n left, know!ngly bump!ng my shoulder on h£rs

I signed and clench£d my jaw. It’s best we should j√$t avoid each oth£r

I turned to th£ oth£r direction and h£ard some people wh¡sper!ng

“we j√$t gonna ₱ush h£r off th£ stairs. $h£ must loose th£ h£ir” one wh¡spered but I could h£ar

I [email protected] hold!ng my ch£st

“Th£n who will ₱ush h£r” one asked

“Mike will” Anoth£r replied

“I can’t do that, h£’s go!ng to kill me” h£ answered

“h£ won’t, h£ will keep you at h¡s torture chamber to get words from you and our Master will rescue you before h£ can ” h£ wh¡spered and I felt my h£art rac!ng

“Bri….elle” I stuttered and tiptoed ©vt

I need to save h£r. Th£y are gonna kill th£ h£ir. I went [email protected]¢k to th£ place we talked but $h£ wasn’t th£re anym©r£

I saw someone rush pa$$ed me and I felt my h£art palpitat!ng aga!n

“Brie… lle” I called immediately I sighted h£r walk!ng d©wΠ th£ stairs. A man was beh!nd h£r

I felt my h£art jumped ©vt….. It was too late

Brielle was ₱u$h£d d©wΠ
I shut my eyes !nstantly as i watch£d h£r been ₱u$h£d d©wΠ, i looked away breath!ng h£avily

#End of [email protected]¢k#


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“little….queen “Nickolas said, h¡s sk!n felt cold as $h£ rolled d©wΠ th£ stairs

“ha! ” Everyone [email protected]

h£ has never been th¡s s¢ar£d. $h£ rolled d©wΠ and tears gestured from h¡s eyes as h£ saw th£ blood roll!ng d©wΠ h£r t!ght

h£ took steady steps towards h£r, h¡s arms togeth£r beh!nd h¡s [email protected]¢k.

Th£ guards h£ld th£ man that j√$t ₱u$h£d th£ little queen d©wΠ th£ stairs

“What have you done ” Th£ master spoke for th£ first time. That deadly monotone s£nt a chill d©wΠ everyone’s sp!ne.

h£ rem©v£d h¡s gaze from h¡s little queen that has suddenly became pale

h£ climb£d upstairs to th£ culprit h¡s guards h£ld

“Y-Your Highness!” Th£ guard with th£ sword answered at th£ stairs
“My master, I can expla!n—”

Master Nicholas m©v£d so f*st, it took only a few seconds.

h£ reach£d for h¡s sword, ₱v||ed it ©vt from it’s sl!ng and waved it once towards th£ culprit neck.

Everyone s¢r**med as th£ culprit h£ad separated from h¡s b©dy and rolled to th£ floor. h¡s b©dy followed suit. Blood filled everywh£re.

Everyone began cry!ng th£ir eyes ©vt, still unable to believe that is happen!ng. Under that cold blue eyes, th£y watch£d th£ master j√$t killed someone

m©r£ loud cries could be h£ard

Th£ master took steady step to th£ guard and grabb£d h¡s next

“wh£re were you.?? ” h£ yelled

“you couldn’t protect my little queen ” h£ snapped ©vt

h£ gripped on h¡s neck rais!ng h¡m from th£ ground,h£ s£nd punch£s to h¡s stomach and throw h¡m, caus!ng h¡m to fly d©wΠ from th£ stair

“Geez! ” Everyone s¢r**med
h£’s dead

Nicholas stared at th£ dead man from th£ stair. h£ looked at th£ oth£r guards and was ab©vt grabb!ng h¡s neck before Louis ru$h£d !n and stopped

“You fool!! Your little queen will die, before you will f!nish kill!ng ” Louis snapped ©vt

As if that did it, h£ m©v£d [email protected]¢k

“No one should leave th¡s mansion. I’m gonna wipe everyone one !n th¡s city if anyth!ng happens to me h£ir!! ” h£ thundered

h£ ru$h£d d©wΠ and m©v£d to Octavia b©dy [email protected]!ng j√$t beside th£ stair

h£ grunt and growled rais!ng h£r with h¡s mighty arms

“if anyth!ng should happen to h£r…. Everyone!!…. Is gonna face th£ consequences ” h£ started and swiveled h¡s h£ad before cont!nu!ng walk!ng
Andy stared at th£ h*g£ mansion.

Yeah ! Def!nitely, h£’s knows someone h£re might have a clue of wh£re Octavia is

h£ h£ard ab©vt th£ !ntroduction of th£ master new wife

S!nce everyone will be th£re, h£ decided to try it ©vt if h£ will see h¡s Octavia

h£ was almost closed to th£ gate of th£ mansion wh£n someone knocked h¡m ©vt


Andy eyes snapped opened.

“w. Wh£re I’m i….!” h£ stuttered as h£ tried to get up from th£ b£d.

h£ felt a slight h£adach£ and h£ld h¡s h£ad

Gett!ng up from th£ b£d, h£ rubb£d h¡s knuckles to h¡s eyes, try!ng to clear h¡s blurry eyes and understand wh£re h£ is and what is happen!ng @r0vnd h¡m

Andy’s legs tangled on th£ $h£et on th£ b£d, mak!ng h¡m to fumble and struggle clumsily to get up from th£ b£d.

“gosh” h£ spoke ©vt for

Th£n, h£ was able to untangle h¡s legs from th£ $h£et and h£ hurried ©vt of b£d. h¡s legs touch£d th£ floor as h£ opened h¡s m©vth,

h£ could h£ar th£ tap runn!ng, Th£ runn!ng tap stopped and th£ door opened

h£ saw a girl com!ng ©vt, towel dry!ng h£r hair

“who are you and why did you br!ng me h£re” h£ asked

“oh! ” Th£ girl said and faced h¡m

“I’m Alicia and you should be grateful I saved your a$$ yesterday ” $h£ replied

“what do you mean you saved my a$$? ” Andy asked

“Th£ master wife is !n coma and everyone !n h¡s mansion right now is !n danger !nclud!ng those who went to th£ party” $h£ muttered

“oh” was what escaped from Andy l¡ps

“so you wanted to attend master party too?? ” Alicia asked unbelievable

“Not really. I was th!nk!ng if I can meet with an old time friend ” h£ replied

“Master is cruel, stay away from h¡s mansion too” $h£ answered

“Why did h£ say h£’s cruel?? ” Andy asked

“h£ kills with©vt th!nk!ng twice. h£ killed my mom leav!ng me an orphan. I won’t stop at noth!ng until I see h¡m crawls on h¡s feet to me. My plans will soon be accompli$h£d now that I know h¡s weakness. I will revenge my moth£r death ” $h£ gr!ns evily
Master Nicholas kept pac!ng !n th£ hospital room. It was morn!ng already yet Octavia hasn’t woken up

h£r b©dy was still pale and th£ doctor hasn’t given any news yet

h£ couldn’t sleep last night s!nce h£ was restless

Th£ door opened almost immediately and th£ doctor walked !n

“Master…… “th£ doctor called trembl!ng

“speak…. ” Master Nicholas growled

“Your wife…..$h£….. $h£” th£ doctor couldn’t speak but !nstead gulped d©wΠ


Mabel and Nathan 😥😥😥🤦🤦🤦

So Maya never did anyth!ng 😥😥😥

How did you see our new character Alicia??

Th£ doctor no wan talk 🤔🤔🤔

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