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The master addiction 21

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost ❎

(like before read!ng, comment and share after read!ng because I won’t h£sitate to banned if I noticed any ghost reader. Th£ 108 I banned today will know I mean it😏😏😏. )

Chapter 21


“$h£…. $h£…. “I watch£d h¡m m©v£ h¡s l¡p and gulped d©wΠ

“speak!”I barked and h£ m©v£d away from me, h£ was some metres away from me

“h£r chances of giv!ng birth aga!n is 50-70. It’s…. it’s obvious $h£ wouldn’t be able to give birth aga!n ” Th£ doctor said

I grunt and growled ball!ng my first

“I don’t fv¢k!ng ¢ar£ of h£r chances of giv!ng birth aga!n. What th£ fv¢k happened to my h£ir” I thundered

If th¡s build!ng wasn’t made of block, I’m sure my voice would have collapsed it d©wΠ
Th£ doctor shifted [email protected]¢k as if $h£ saw someth!ng

“$h£….. $h£…..lost th£ baby. We couldn’t save it”h£ muttered and I could feel cold swear dripp!ng from my hair

Someth!ng cold ran d©wΠ my sp!ne and I $h!very

$h£….. $h£ lost my hair. I balled my fist so t!ghtly and shut my eye

I eyes snapped open wh£n I h£ard someone breath!ng h£avily

I swiftly looked at that direction and saw h£r eyes opened as $h£ gripped on th£ $h£et……. terrify!ng, $h£ obviously h£ard everyth!ng

“little …. Little queen ” I stuttered as $h£ kept breath!ng h£avily

I ru$h£d towards h£r and h£ld h£r both [email protected] to th£ $h£et

“shhhhhhhh… Calm d©wΠ ” I muttered even though I was break!ng d©wΠ

“my… My baby…. I lost my baby” $h£ mumbled as tears slide from th£ corner of h£r eyes

“stop cry!ng…. We gonna make m©r£ babies. Your h£alth matters most” I said strok!ng h£r hair as a tears slide d©wΠ my eyes too

My h£art was h£avily loaded…. my little queen is never gonna give birth aga!n

I hugged h£r t!ghtly.

“it’s not th£ end of th£ world…. we are gonna make m©r£ babies ” I rea$$ured h£r as my tears dropped m©r£ freely

I hugged h£r t!ghtly as $h£ cried on my shoulders

I walked upstairs to th£ place Chloe has been kept hostage

Yeah, it’s been a day already but Nick wasn’t [email protected]¢k and th£ wh0l£ mansion has been !n grief

I got to th£ room and saw two guards station at th£ entrance. Th£y bow th£ir h£ad and I acknowledge with a nod.

Th£y ₱u$h£d th£ door opened for me and I walked !n

Th£ door was shut beh!nd and I signed wh£n I saw h£r star!ng at from th£ w!ndow

“h£y…. Demon. ” I said and $h£ quickly turned and gave me a fake smile

“I couldnt sleep last night. Th£ cries of those stand!ng ©vt th£re didn’t let me. What really happened yesterday night “$h£ uttered walk!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ b£d

“I’m feel!ng bad. Did someth!ng happen?? ” $h£ asked aga!n and that got me

Demon never get serious…….. But right now $h£’s sad

“Yh your tw!n sister was ₱u$h£d d©wΠ from th£ stair…….” I replied and $h£ frowned th£n clench£d h£r jaw

“$h£’s not my tw!n….. I don’t have any family apart from granny…… $h£ j√$t got my face, noth!ng much” $h£ answered and I frowned

“it’s obvious……but what I don’t understand Is why you both can’t recognize yourselves ” I muttered and $h£ rolled h£r eyes

“Stop be!ng paranoid…. I came !nto th¡s world alone, no parents j√$t granny…. We survived alone even wh£n granny acted creepy sometimes” $h£ added and I felt h£r pa!n

It much really be [email protected] for th£m

“I know you are enter!ng th£ famous college h£re !n th£ city. If you guys don’t have money. How were you admitted ” I asked

“That’s th£ question I still ask myself. We [email protected] eat twice a day but wh£n it’s comes to educational stuff granny has th£ money. I have asked but $h£ won’t tell me. Th£ truth is I don’t know but one th!ng is sure, I’m gonna make h£r proud”$h£ muttered star!ng !n space

I nodded and leaned !n th£ wall, with my both [email protected] !n my [email protected] pocket



✍️Authoress gabby pov ✍️

“you are th£ worst man that I have met. I cursed th£ day I gave birth to you” Granny kept ra!n!ng curses at h¡s son Mr Armstrong

“I know mum. You don’t have to rem!nd me”h£ said

“we were leav!ng peacefvlly before that witch came !n. If only you didn’t meet h£r, your wife would have survived ” Granny said and Mr Armstrong shut h¡s eyes

“I’m th£ reason why Bennett died. I killed my own wife, You dont need to tell me. All th¡s twenty years I have lived !n guilt, wish!ng it’s all a dream too but $h£’s truly gone mom. Yes! I know how much you love my previous wife but $h£’s dead, I have m©v£d on mum, please don’t br!ng !n th£ past” Mr Armstrong said

“An elderly man who hasn’t man up. Th£ people’s h£ad of elders that can’t coord!nate h¡s home. Don’t even know th£ difference b£tweeΠ h¡s left from h¡s right. I’m ashamed to be called your moth£r. You were told your wife was dead and you believe wh£n you didn’t even see h£r corpse” $h£ muttered

“mum……! ”

“shut up son and let me speak”$h£ barked

“Your wife was pregnant with your children wh£n $h£ left th£ house that night….. You gonna faced th£ guilt of kill!ng both moth£r and child ” $h£ thundered

Mr Armstrong faced turned pale completely

“Bennett…. Bennett…. $h£ was pregnant?? “h£ asked with an horror look

“I will only br!ng everyth!ng [email protected]¢k !n place for my grand children but you will face, bear and suffered alone with th£ witch you called wife. $h£ and h£r bastard child will face my wrath. I won’t banish th£m from th£ city….. I will burn th£m alive immediately I get evidence aga!nst th£m”Granny said breath!ng so [email protected]

“mum… my children…. my children… are th£y alive” h£ asked stutter!ng

“you will died with©vt see!ng your children…. I will make sure of that”$h£ said

Granny shut h¡m a glare and j√$t th£n th£ door opened and Mrs Emmet walked !n

“oh mum is [email protected]¢k from h£r hide ©vt….. What brought you [email protected]¢k “Mrs Emmet asked

Granny grunt and grabb£d h£r neck. Even if $h£’s old, $h£ still got th£ energy

“I’m [email protected]¢k to throw you ©vt of my son life….. I’m h£ad!ng to th£ master mansion, I will tell th£ wh0l£ city what you and that bastard child of yours did” $h£ said still hav!ng h£r grip on h£r neck

$h£ ₱u$h£d h£r away and $h£ landed on h£r but and gave a loud grunt

Mrs Emmet h£ld h£r neck as $h£ cough£d ©vt

$h£ watch£d as granny walked ©vt of th£ mansion and h£r eyes widened

, I will tell th£ wh0l£ city what you and that bastard child of yours did

$h£ remembered granny words ©vt sprayed ©vt


$h£ won’t allow it. Mr Armstrong stood still as h£ watch£d everyone match!ng ©vt of th£ mansion
Octavia sat at th£ rooftop cry!ng h£r eyes ©vt. It’s been two days $h£ has been discharged from th£ hospital

Th£ master left h£r two days alone at th£ hospital and never came [email protected]¢k for h£r. $h£ was brought !n by th£ guards

Wh£n $h£ arrived two days ago, th£ wh0l£ mansion was crowded with people

It came to h£r awareness that no one is allowed to leave th£ mansion until th£ mansion is [email protected]¢k. It was shock!ng that th£ master wasn’t [email protected]¢k even wh£n h£ left h£r at th£ mansion two days ago

$h£ sniffed and cried [email protected], not j√$t for h£rself but th£ weak ones d©wΠstairs

No one knows what h¡s judgement might be. Th£y were all aware that h£ lost h¡s h£ir and yet hasn’t come [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion

Th£ silent of th£ mansion was kill, some weak children died already from hunger and yet no one knows wh£n th£ master would be [email protected]¢k to give h¡s f!nal announcement.

Octavia kept cry!ng and cry!ng. Th£ pa!ns was too much for h£r and $h£ needed some cuddl!ng at that moment

But master was no wh£re to be found. It’s like h£ j√$t disappeared
Chloe was !n th£ room wh£re $h£ was kept hostage wh£n th£ door burst opened. $h£ sigh£d wh£n $h£ saw it was Louis

“Master is [email protected]¢k. You need to come d©wΠstairs ” Louis said to Octavia and h£ld h£r [email protected]

h£ h£ld h£r [email protected] t!ghtly and sqv££sed it as th£y both walked ©vt of th£ room

Th£y kept walk!ng until th£y got to th£ way that lead to th£ rooftop

“I saw th£ master third wife….. Your look alike com!ng h£re….. Let’s !nform h£r that h£r husband is [email protected]¢k” Louis said and Chloe nodded

Th£y got to th£ rooftop and surpris!ngly $h£ was th£re and th£y could h£ar h£r sobb!ng

Chloe felt bad !nstantly and rem©v£d h£r [email protected] from Louis grip

$h£ stared at th£ spot Octavia sat and walked to h£r. $h£ sat d©wΠ too and stared at h£r face

h£r face were reddened, h£r eyes were swallowed and so with h£r l¡p

“it’s funny on how we got th£ same face you know…… ” Chloe said try!ng to start a conversation with h£r. $h£ stared at th£ bracelet !n Octavia wrist and th£n to h£rs

“I don’t know who you are…… But I know granny can expla!n th¡s “$h£ said and blew th£ hair from h£r face

“I like you already…… If you need a shoulder to cry on…. I’m always h£re” Chloe said and sniffed

It’s obvious $h£ wants to break d©wΠ

“your husband is [email protected]¢k and you know what that means….. It’s best e h£ad d©wΠstairs ” Chloe added and Octavia raised h£r h£ad

$h£ sprang on h£r feet and before th£y knew it, $h£ ran ©vt

Louis and Chloe but stared at each oth£r and th£y both run ©vt


“Master is [email protected]¢k ” Everyone wh¡spered among th£mselves

Everyone has an hurtful look. Some were already cry!ng, while some had fear !n th£ir eyes

Octavia got to th£ stairs and frowned as master walked !n with Mabel, both hold!ng [email protected]

$h£ s1©wer h£r steps and walked d©wΠ th£ stairs

Everyone lifted th£ir face and th£y all could see th£ maliciously look on Mabel face

Th£ guards cleared th£ way for h¡m and h£ walked through it and stopped immediately h£ got to wh£re Octavia was stand!ng, h£ frowned and turned [email protected]¢k to face th£ crowd

“you all are free to leave th£ mansion ” h£ announced and everyone [email protected]

Some even [email protected] to bl!nked severally to be sure it’s master

“As for my last wife….. ” h£ said and paused

Octavia could h£ar h£r h£art b**t!ng so f*st

“$h£’s no longer needed !n th£ mansion…. $h£ can’t provide me a h£ir and I don’t need some barren woman to constitute nuisance !n my mansion…. I need someone who can bear me a h£ir….. ” Master Nicholas said and Mabel w!nked

Octavia halted abruptly and staggered [email protected]¢k slightly.

“my guards will escort h£r from th£ city…. Never to return aga!n “h£ said sternly
h£r eyes grew wider than an orange and my m©vth fell opened, as my l¡ps quivered !n great shock

Octavia shook h£r h£ad as tears dropped from h£r face


$h£ couldnt believe what h£r eyes right now, it can’t be true.

“it’s not true…! ” $h£ uttered loudly and ru$h£d to wh£re th£ master is and hugged h¡m from beh!nd

“it’s not true….. you are j√$t mad that we lost th£ baby ” $h£ muttered cry!ng on h¡s shoulder

“don’t s£nd me away…. I promise to get pregnant….. I’m gonna get pregnant aga!n ” $h£ cried

h£ ₱v||ed h£r grip from h¡s [email protected]¡$t and turned to face h£r
“Can’t you see my decision is f!nal?” h£ asked h£r

h£r eyelids switch£d as tears suddenly ran d©wΠ my ch£eks,

“you are barren and can never give me my h£ir……! “h£ said

$h£ shook h£r h£ad.

“but…. but you said you love me” $h£ stuttered as th£ tears kept ₱0ur!ng

“love..? ” Master Nicholas said and clench£d h¡s jaw

“I never love you. Th£ master can never been !n love. I only used you to [email protected]!$fy my urge and luckily you got pregnant…… You expected love from someone who raped you…. how naive” h£ said and everyone [email protected]

“yes!….you rape me…. It doesn’t matter… You can rape me aga!n… I promise to get pregnant… Don’t j√$t s£nd me away” Octavia plead and fell on h£r knees

“I was go!ng to s£nd you away immediately you give birth to my h£ir but you fv¢k!ng lost it….. Th£re’s no place h£re for a barren woman ” h£ grunt

“Guards escort h£r ©vt of th£ city…. “h£ thundered

“please…. I beg of you… “Octavia cried

“Take th¡s barren woman away…… I’m through with h£r” h£ said mean!ng every words

“you don’t need to stress th£ guards…. I’m gonna escort h£r ©vt, myself ” Mabel said and walked to Octavia

h£ grabb£d h£r [email protected] and started ₱v||!ng h£r ©vt of th£ mansion

“please don’t s£nd me away…… Give me j√$t a chance…. I’m gonna get pregnant aga!n……! ” $h£ cried as Mabel kept ₱v||!ng h£r ©vt


I’m still cry!ng but let me no asked who cried😭😭😭

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