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The master addiction 23

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost ❎

Chapter 23
✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Octavia eyes were fixed on granny and same with Chloe

!n th£ darkness of th£ room with only th£ table lamp on.

“it all beg!ns twenty years…. ” Granny repeated aga!n mak!ng Chloe gulp!ng d©wΠ

“is it twenty years ago or twenty two years ago”chloe said

“if I should tell you from twenty two years ago…. It’s gonna be a long story” Granny said and th£y both nodded

“it all beg!ns twenty years ago…. “Granny repeated

“I hate scary stories….. You’re mak!ng th¡s one sounds like one” Chloe muttered and rolled h£r eyes

“stop talk!ng and let me speak young lady…. “Granny said

“I don’t wanna $h£d any tears, I’m ©vtta h£re ” Chloe said want!ng to get up but Octavia h£ld h£r [email protected]¢k

“Calm d©wΠ p!nky , th¡s stubbornness doesn’t suit you. Don’t worry, I will be h£re to cuddle you” Octavia said and Chloe rolled h£r eyes aga!n

“says by crycry baby…. “Chloe w!nked

“And I told you to stop talk!ng! ” Granny said

“That’s not fair…. Crycry baby spoke but you didn’t scold h£r ” Chloe said p©vt!ng h£r m©vth ©vt

Octavia b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p so $h£ wouldn’t burst ©vt laugh!ng

“$h£’s stern” Chloe mumbled under h£r breath

“$h£’s a jealous p!nky… Come h£re let’s big sister give you some cuddl!ng ….” Octavia said and Chloe rolled h£r eyes

“you might be my tw!n sister but I came ©vt first….. So I’m th£ s£nior h£re not you”Chloe

“it’s obvious I’m th£ s£nior…… Granny tell h£r I’m th£ s£nior ” Octavia said and Granny smile lov!ng th£ way $h£ called h£r Granny

“you two should stop fight!ng and let me speak….. “Granny uttered and th£y both swallowed [email protected]

“come h£re” Octavia said and ₱v||ed Chloe to h£rself

Chloe [email protected] but later relaxed on h£r shoulders

“Twenty two years ago… You both haven’t been born” Granny said and someth!ng cold ran through Octavia sp!ne

“I’m s¢ar£d of what I’m gonna f!nd ©vt. What if it’s someth!ng evil ” Chloe wh¡spered !n Chloe ears

“says who want to cuddle me” Chloe wh¡spered [email protected]¢k

“You’re bad, shut up ” Octavia said and Chloe smirked

After sitt!ng !n a moment of silence, Granny spoke up

“I was with you mum and as usual $h£ was cry!ng aga!n ” Granny said

Chloe and Octavia stared at h£r squirt!ng th£ir cute eyes

“Now th¡s is what I was s¢ar£d of” Chloe wh¡spered

“Well, as you can see, it’s j√$t a story … Stop be!ng paranoid ” Octavia trailed off.

Chloe grip on th£ Octavia subconsciously t!ghtened, .

“Go on, we are listen!ng granny, crycry baby j√$t stay h£re quietly and give me emotional support if it’s needed” $h£ said

Octavia l¡ps subconsciously quirked up !n a weak smile, $h£ klzzed Chloe [email protected]¢k [email protected] !n return.

I smiled at th£m a few m©r£ moments, before cont!nu!ng with th£ story

#[email protected]¢k

“stop cry Bennett….. You are gonna bear your own children soon ” Granny said

“Wh£n mum…. Is it wh£n my husband gets tired of me…. Five good years of marriage with©vt a child to show for it” Bennett (Octavia and Chloe mum) said and sniffed

“people get barren but you still have chances of giv!ng birth…. You are gonna give birth too, people give birth after twenty years of marriage too” Granny said

“mum I don’t want that as my story…. My husband is gonna get tired of me…. h£ wouldn’t be made h£ad of elders and I can’t give th£ young master a betroth£d ” $h£ muttered and granny sqv££sed h£r [email protected]

“h£’s my son and h£’s never gonna get tired of you….. h£ loves you…very much” Granny said and hugged h£r t!ghter

“you gonna give birth…. It’s j√$t a matter of time ” Granny said

j√$t th£n, Mr Armstrong walked d©wΠ from th£ stairs…. h¡s face dropped see!ng h¡s wife !n tears

“Honey…. I told you to stop cry!ng already ” h£ said after cover!ng th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m

“I j√$t can’t h£lp it…. “$h£ muttered

“look h£re…… ” Mr Armstrong said tak!ng h£r from Granny and lifted h£r on h¡s lap

h£ h£ld h£r face and cuddled th£m softly

“I love you Bennett…. We will be togeth£r till death do us apart…… Even if you don’t bear me a child…. It doesn’t matter…. all that matters is you by my side” h£ said

“What ab©vt your post…. are you gonna throw it away…. th£n th£ little boy will grow up and become a master with©vt a betroth” $h£ said

“shhhhhhhh….. I’m ready to drop th£ post because of you…. I love you baby…. Please stop cry!ng “h£ said and wiped h£r tears

h£ klzzed h£r l¡p and Granny cough£d

“I’m still h£re….. You both should do that !n your room”Granny uttered and th£y both chuckled

“ouch….! Drop me” Bennett yelled as $h£ was been ₱v||ed up by Mr Armstrong

$h£ giggled and wr*₱ped h£r legs @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t

“you two won’t be th£ end of me “Granny said gett!ng up to avoid see!ng th£ir sill!ness

Th£ door bell rang !nterrupt!ng th£m as th£y snob on each oth£r l¡p

“Th£ maid should get that” Mr Armstrong yelled after break!ng th£ klzz

“OK sir” A maid replied and h£ returned [email protected]¢k klzz!ng h¡s wife

“m©v£ away…. I need to see my future husband ” Th£y could h£ar some noises

“stop ma’am…. Don’t caused a havoc h£re…. Do you have an appo!ntment with Mr appo!ntment ” Th£y h£ard m©r£ noises

“you fool… Immediately I become h¡s wife… I will kill you first”Th£y kept h£ar!ng m©r£ and m©r£ voice

Bennett ₱v||ed ©vt of th£ klzz and stared at h£r husband face

“baby let’s go ch£ck who’s at th£ door”Mrs Bennett said

“Th£ maid and guards will [email protected] it “h£ said slamm!ng h¡s l¡p on h£r

“you fool. m©v£ away ” Th£y h£ard a loud s¢r**m

Mrs Bennett jumped d©wΠ from Mr Armstrong and frowned

“I’m go!ng to ch£ck “$h£ wh¡spered

“let’s go togeth£r “Mr Armstrong said wr*₱p!ng h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd h¡s wife [email protected]¡$t

$h£ $h!veryed at h¡s touch as th£y walked to th£ door

Th£y got to th£ door and met a woman try!ng to force h£r way !n

“you bunch of twerp ” $h£ yelled

“Please ma’am you’re creat!ng a scene h£re” Th£ maid said

“let h£r !n” Mrs Bennett said from afar. Th£ door opened widely

Mrs Bennett could see a woman walk!ng !n with a little girl !n h£r [email protected]

$h£ walked up to Mrs Bennett and scoffed

“I’m Emmet, your husband mistress”$h£ said extend!ng h£r [email protected] ©vt for an [email protected]

Mrs Bennett sqv££sed h£r eyebrows. $h£ s1©wly turned to h£r husband and saw h¡s eyes widened and obviously h£ was !n shock

“And h£re beside me is h¡s two years old daughter, Mabel. Well…. we have come to stay” Emmett said

“common Mabel, say h£llo to dadda! “Emmett said

A tears gestured d©wΠ from Mrs Bennett and $h£ staggered hold!ng h£r ch£st

Mr Armstrong h£ld h£r obviously know!ng $h£ was gonna [email protected]||

“you…. you… Ch£at on me ” $h£ mumbled as m©r£ tears flows from h£r eyes

“C’mon honey….. It’s not what you th!nk…. It’s all a mistake “h£ said

“A mistake…thats what you called it…….you slept with me m©r£ than three times”Emmett ranted

“I’m h£re to stay….i can’t raise Mabel alone…. It’s best you leave s!nce you are barren.. “$h£ blurted ©vt

“Emmett…!!”Mr Armstrong yelled

“I can’t take th¡s….. ” Bennett said rush!ng ©vt


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