The master Addiction episode 11 – 12

(his last wife)

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Chapter 11 & 12


I walked into the privilege home, lots of old elders, special people stared at me as I walked passed them

Trust me

You wouldn’t be able to recognize me easily. I was putting on a hoodie that covered my face

I walked into the hallway. My hands were dipped into my p-nt pocket.

I bowed down my head as I continued walking

I got to the private room and pushed the door opened

I shut the door behind and turned to see her looking out from the window as usual

A smile displayed at the corner of her lip and I smile back much widely

I got to her and placed a k-ss on her forehead. I shut my eyes as we stayed that way

I pulled out and she held my face with her hand and k-ssed my forehead

She pulled away and we both smile widely

“how are you Gemma ” I asked and she nodded
You might be wondering if she’s named Gemma!

Well… her name isn’t Gemma

I don’t know her name and she refused to tell me. So, I named her Gemma

I placed my head on her shoulder and relax as she dipped her fingers again in my hair stroking it slowly

I love being around her. Acting like two people in love but she was way older than me

She wasn’t that old. Just the same age with my mom

“Gemma when will you let me take you out of here” I asked

I heard her sniffed and soonest I felt a tears dropped on my face

I quickly raised my head and saw her cry. I slapped my cheeks and started crying too

“I’m sorry . I shouldn’t have asked. If you leave someone will died, I get it. Stop crying now” I said and wiped off her tears with my fingers


She can’t leave the privilege home. She made it known to me that someone special to her will die if she leaves

In case if you are wondering why she isn’t replying

Well…. There’s something you need to know about her. Shes dumb and can’t speak. She only express her words by writing them down

Only her eyes can explain the pains she might has passed through before moving into the privilege home

It even took me years to convince her to stay in a private room here

My eyes moved around and I saw the plate full of food and my jaw dropped

“don’t tell me you refused to eat today” I said and sprang up

I took the plate of food and came back to her

“common it’s time to eat” I said and took a spoon. I dipped it into the food

“open up ” I said to her as I raised up the food to her mouth level

I smile watching her chew on it gently….i kept feeding her until she stopped me

She stretched out her hand collecting the notepad from the table. She took her pen and I watched her jolting something on it

She raised the notepad showing me what she wrote on it

“You are so nice…… I pray one of my daughters end up with you ” That was the word boldly written on it and I couldn’t help but chuckled

I never knew she got daughters

“I hope so Gemma” I said pulling her cheeks gently making her blushed
✍️authoress gabby Daniel ✍️

Octavia kept pacing round her room muttering words to herself

It was late and yet Quinn wasn’t back . She couldn’t think

She wanted them to talk out their differences. She needed to apologize if she has ever hurt her unknowingly

The scene of her the guards took her out was scary tho but she needed to stay positive

Quinn will be fine

She lay on the bed patiently waiting for Quinn to walked in

Her eyelid suddenly became heavy. She wanted to stay awake but instead she kept yawning

She clenched onto the pillow tightly and soonest sleep took her



Octavia roamed her hands on the bed hoping to touch Quinn

She felt the bed empty and her eyes immediately snapped opened. She blinked her eyes severally but Quinn wasn’t there

“Quinn” she muttered getting on her feet, she walked into their bathroom and opened it yet Quin wasn’t there

She rubbed her temples and frowned deeply

“she didn’t come back last night “she thought unbelievable as her jaw dropped

“it’s best I look for her” she thought and stepped out of their room

She walked into their kitchen and heard some maids muttering words to themselves but she could hear them loudly

“who could have thought that Quinn would die brutally “she heard one of maids say making her eyes w¡dened

“Don’t feel sorry for her. Ma’am Mabel wouldn’t just kill her. I guessed she did something to her, don’t be deceived with her innocent face ” Another girl snapped out

“her death will ever remained indeliable……raping someone to death…. Gosh! I can’t even think of the pains she went through ” another one said and Octavia shook her head as tears rolled down her eyes


She wasn’t going to accept it

Quinn wasn’t dead…. Quinn can’t die

“she’s so heartless… I pray God saves me from her wrath” another maid said

“No!! ” Octavia blurted out suddenly

They all turned and stared at her

“it’s the newbie….cant believe she was eavesdropping on us” Another said

“Tell me it’s not true… Is… Is.. Quinn dead” she asked as more tears poured from her eyes

“Gosh! I hate girls with senseless Brain….shes dead…. Mabel asked guards to rape her to death” Another maid muttered

“why??? ” Octavia asked with her body shaking from pains

“why are maids treated like slaves” Octavia blurted out and a maid quickly slapped her mouth

“shut up and saves the wrath of the master and his wives from you. You’re a Newbie and I will advise you to adhere to the way it’s been done here” a maid said and left

The rest maids left too leaving Octavia to pound on her own thoughts

Her heart was heavy

She felt quilty that Quinn died hating her

She wasn’t able to ask for forgiveness. She wasn’t able to know how she offend her

Her death happens in an expedite

She falls to the ground crying so hærd…. The quilt was too much to bear

She was now alone……. Alone to lived the life she has been forced to


Octavia stood from the floor after some hours of crying. Her eyes were swollen and her cheeks were red

She finds it hærd to believe that Quinn was indeed dead

She walked out of the kitchen in pains and agony

Her tears has dried up and none refused to fall

She walked in a slow pace to her room when she felt some hands on her shoulders

She staggered but the hands held her to protect her from falling

She turned slowly and it was Ma’am Maya and she immediately bow

“here you are…… I have been looking for you” she said making Octavia squeezed her eyebrows

“I will be going on a show in the next two hours. I want you to help me paint my nails” she said

“OK Ma’am Maya” Octavia replied and raised her face

Maya frowned immediately he saw her swallowed her face is

“you eyes are swollen…. Have you been crying…. Did Mabel hurt you again ” Maya asked in one breath but Octavia shook her eyes

“I’m fine Ma’am Maya…. ” she said and gave her a fake smile

“you aren’t fine to me…. But I won’t force you to tell me…. If you need a shoulder to lean on, I’m always here ” she said touching Octavia cheek and she nodded
They got to Maya room and Octavia crunched down as she started painting her nails

“Tell me…. are you having an affair with my husband?? ” Maya immediately blurted out making Octavia gasped

“oh! I got you. I was only kidding ” Maya said making Octavia breath out


Mabel climbed downstairs. She sprang out of her room immediately the guards informed her that her mum await her in the living room

She misses her mom

The only woman who tells her what she yield to hear always

The only woman who supported her whether good or bad

Her eyes scanned the sitting room as she climbed downstairs

She smirked when she saw her mother

“momma! ” she called as she covered the space between them

“my Queen ” her mother said and bow

“stop it already mother…. I have miss you “she said and hugged her mother
She pulled out of the hug and stared at her mother

“always traveling to the town….huh! ” she asked and her mother chukled

“even when I was a kid you always visited the town….. And now that I’m married you still goes there… Is there something I need to know momma! ” she said blinking her eyes

“my daughter is bad……. Momma is gonna tell you everything when the time is ripe ” she said and Mabel immediately nodded

“love you to the moon and back mum” she said and her mum blushed


Octavia was done painting Maya’s nails. She walked out of the room and passed through the corridor heading to the sitting room

She knows she’s now a loner. Quinn was gone and there’s no one she can share her tears to

She got to the sitting room and her eyes pulled out of the socket on who she saw

She immediately hid, so the woman wouldn’t see her

Her heart was beating so fast. What was she doing here??

How did she gets to know where she is

She could hear the sound of her heart. It was the same woman

The same woman that keeps visiting her in the orphanage home

The same woman that hated her sight and gut

The same woman that she is so scared of

That the same woman was in the sitting room engrossed with her meeting with Mabel

She immediately ran as fast she can to her room. She got to her room and shut the door behind

She breathe in and out holding her chest

“That was closed”she thought as she blow the string of hair that rolled down to her face off

She walked to her bed and sat down

“was the woman here because of her?? ” she thought

More and more thoughts kept coming in

She stared at the bracelet in her wrist and heaved

“in what ever you do Brielle. Don’t ever removed this bracelet. It will help you meet someone immediately you clocked Twenty ” She remembered the word that Rev sister Benedict always tells her back in the orphanage home

She signed deeply. In a month she will be twenty

She touched the bracelet again and signed

“who ever the person is. I hope he or she will come to my aid” she thought and fell on the bed

“granny ” Chloe called opening the door of their little hut

“Granny I’m home” she called again

Her Grandma came out of the inner room in the Hut and she smile seeing her grandma. She was everything to her in the world

“guess what granny. I made alot from the sale shop” she said bringing out some money from her wore out bag

“now we can eat two times a day ” she said and jumped up happily

Her grandma heaved and gave her a folded letter

“was this granny” she said collecting the folded letter

“is a form you fill before entering into college ” her old grandma said and her eyes pulled out of their socket

Their barely eat two times a day and yet her grandma was able to enroll her in a college located at the city


Has grandmother has been weird and creepy but this was the craziest thing so far

“you hate me mentioned or talk about the city yet you enrolled me in a college located at the city. Granny how did you get the money and why the city?? ” she asked

Her grandma frowned staring at her wrist

“Where’s your bracelet Chloe ” her grandma asked and she rolled her eyes

“I only took it off when I was working ” she replied

“I have told you not to……. ” I grandmother couldn’t finish what she was saying as Chloe cut her off

“I know I’m not supposed to pulled it out till I clocked twenty which I will be in a month….. I get it grandma you don’t need to remind me ” she said

“but that didn’t answer my question… How did you get the money to enroll me in college “she asked but instead her grandmother signed and woke out on her

“phew! “she pinched her nose and sat on the broken stool

She removed the bracelet from her bag and
Stared at it

Her Grandma has always told her to keep wearing it until she clocked 20 years

“it will help you meet someone immediately you clocked 20 years” her granny has always said

“I can’t wait to see this special person that’s making me to wear this for the past nineteen years ” she muttered touching the bracelet and wore it on her wrist


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