The Master Addiction

The master Addiction episode 11 – 12

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost ❎

Chapter 11 & 12


I walked !nto th£ privilege home, lots of old elders, special people stared at me as I walked pa$$ed th£m

Trust me

You wouldn’t be able to recognize me easily. I was putt!ng on a hoodie that covered my face

I walked !nto th£ hallway. My [email protected] were dipped !nto my [email protected] pocket.

I bowed d©wΠ my h£ad as I cont!nued walk!ng

I got to th£ private room and ₱u$h£d th£ door opened

I shut th£ door beh!nd and turned to see h£r look!ng ©vt from th£ w!ndow as usual

A smile dis₱|@yed at th£ corner of h£r l¡p and I smile [email protected]¢k much widely

I got to h£r and placed a klzz on h£r foreh£ad. I shut my eyes as we stayed that way

I ₱v||ed ©vt and $h£ h£ld my face with h£r [email protected] and klzzed my foreh£ad

$h£ ₱v||ed away and we both smile widely

“how are you Gemma ” I asked and $h£ nodded
You might be wonder!ng if $h£’s named Gemma!

Well… h£r name isn’t Gemma

I don’t know h£r name and $h£ refused to tell me. So, I named h£r Gemma

I placed my h£ad on h£r shoulder and relax as $h£ dipped h£r f!ng£rs aga!n !n my hair strok!ng it s1©wly

I love be!ng @r0vnd h£r. Act!ng like two people !n love but $h£ was way older than me

$h£ wasn’t that old. j√$t th£ same age with my mom

“Gemma wh£n will you let me take you ©vt of h£re” I asked

I h£ard h£r sniffed and soonest I felt a tears dropped on my face

I quickly raised my h£ad and saw h£r cry. I slapped my ch£eks and started cry!ng too

“I’m sorry . I shouldn’t have asked. If you leave someone will died, I get it. Stop cry!ng now” I said and wiped off h£r tears with my f!ng£rs


$h£ can’t leave th£ privilege home. $h£ made it known to me that someone special to h£r will die if $h£ leaves

!n case if you are wonder!ng why $h£ isn’t reply!ng

Well…. Th£re’s someth!ng you need to know ab©vt h£r. $h£s dumb and can’t speak. $h£ only express h£r words by writ!ng th£m d©wΠ

Only h£r eyes can expla!n th£ pa!ns $h£ might has pa$$ed through before mov!ng !nto th£ privilege home

It even took me years to conv!nce h£r to stay !n a private room h£re

My eyes m©v£d @r0vnd and I saw th£ plate fvll of food and my jaw dropped

“don’t tell me you refused to eat today” I said and sprang up

I took th£ plate of food and came [email protected]¢k to h£r

“common it’s time to eat” I said and took a spoon. I dipped it !nto th£ food

“open up ” I said to h£r as I raised up th£ food to h£r m©vth level

I smile watch!ng h£r ch£w on it gently….i kept feed!ng h£r until $h£ stopped me

$h£ stretch£d ©vt h£r [email protected] collect!ng th£ notepad from th£ table. $h£ took h£r pen and I watch£d h£r jolt!ng someth!ng on it

$h£ raised th£ notepad show!ng me what $h£ wrote on it

“You are so nice…… I pray one of my daughters end up with you ” That was th£ word boldly written on it and I couldn’t h£lp but chuckled

I never knew $h£ got daughters

“I hope so Gemma” I said ₱v||!ng h£r ch£eks gently mak!ng h£r blu$h£d
✍️authoress gabby Daniel ✍️

Octavia kept pac!ng round h£r room mutter!ng words to h£rself

It was late and yet Qu!nn wasn’t [email protected]¢k . $h£ couldn’t th!nk

$h£ wanted th£m to talk ©vt th£ir differences. $h£ needed to apologize if $h£ has ever hurt h£r unknow!ngly

Th£ scene of h£r th£ guards took h£r ©vt was scary tho but $h£ needed to stay positive

Qu!nn will be f!ne

$h£ [email protected] on th£ b£d patiently wait!ng for Qu!nn to walked !n

h£r eyelid suddenly became h£avy. $h£ wanted to stay awake but !nstead $h£ kept yawn!ng

$h£ clench£d onto th£ pillow t!ghtly and soonest sleep took h£r



Octavia roamed h£r [email protected] on th£ b£d hop!ng to touch Qu!nn

$h£ felt th£ b£d empty and h£r eyes immediately snapped opened. $h£ bl!nked h£r eyes severally but Qu!nn wasn’t th£re

“Qu!nn” $h£ muttered gett!ng on h£r feet, $h£ walked !nto th£ir bathroom and opened it yet Qu!n wasn’t th£re

$h£ rubb£d h£r temples and frowned deeply

“$h£ didn’t come [email protected]¢k last night “$h£ thought unbelievable as h£r jaw dropped

“it’s best I look for h£r” $h£ thought and stepped ©vt of th£ir room

$h£ walked !nto th£ir kitch£n and h£ard some maids mutter!ng words to th£mselves but $h£ could h£ar th£m loudly

“who could have thought that Qu!nn would die brutally “$h£ h£ard one of maids say mak!ng h£r eyes widened

“Don’t feel sorry for h£r. Ma’am Mabel wouldn’t j√$t kill h£r. I guessed $h£ did someth!ng to h£r, don’t be deceived with h£r !nnocent face ” Anoth£r girl snapped ©vt

“h£r death will ever rema!ned !ndeliable……rap!ng someone to death…. Gosh! I can’t even th!nk of th£ pa!ns $h£ went through ” anoth£r one said and Octavia shook h£r h£ad as tears rolled d©wΠ h£r eyes


$h£ wasn’t go!ng to accept it

Qu!nn wasn’t dead…. Qu!nn can’t die

“$h£’s so h£artless… I pray God saves me from h£r wrath” anoth£r maid said

“No!! ” Octavia blurted ©vt suddenly

Th£y all turned and stared at h£r

“it’s th£ newbie….cant believe $h£ was eavesdropp!ng on us” Anoth£r said

“Tell me it’s not true… Is… Is.. Qu!nn dead” $h£ asked as m©r£ tears ₱0ured from h£r eyes

“Gosh! I hate girls with s£nseless Bra!n….$h£s dead…. Mabel asked guards to rape h£r to death” Anoth£r maid muttered

“why??? ” Octavia asked with h£r b©dy shak!ng from pa!ns

“why are maids treated like slaves” Octavia blurted ©vt and a maid quickly slapped h£r m©vth

“shut up and saves th£ wrath of th£ master and h¡s wives from you. You’re a Newbie and I will advise you to adh£re to th£ way it’s been done h£re” a maid said and left

Th£ rest maids left too leav!ng Octavia to pound on h£r own thoughts

h£r h£art was h£avy

$h£ felt quilty that Qu!nn died hat!ng h£r

$h£ wasn’t able to ask for forgiveness. $h£ wasn’t able to know how $h£ offend h£r

h£r death happens !n an expedite

$h£ [email protected]||s to th£ ground cry!ng so [email protected]…. Th£ quilt was too much to bear

$h£ was now alone……. Alone to lived th£ life $h£ has been forced to


Octavia stood from th£ floor after some hours of cry!ng. h£r eyes were swollen and h£r ch£eks were red

$h£ f!nds it [email protected] to believe that Qu!nn was !ndeed dead

$h£ walked ©vt of th£ kitch£n !n pa!ns and agony

h£r tears has dried up and none refused to [email protected]||

$h£ walked !n a s1©w pace to h£r room wh£n $h£ felt some [email protected] on h£r shoulders

$h£ staggered but th£ [email protected] h£ld h£r to protect h£r from [email protected]||!ng

$h£ turned s1©wly and it was Ma’am Maya and $h£ immediately bow

“h£re you are…… I have been look!ng for you” $h£ said mak!ng Octavia sqv££sed h£r eyebrows

“I will be go!ng on a show !n th£ next two hours. I want you to h£lp me pa!nt my nails” $h£ said

“OK Ma’am Maya” Octavia replied and raised h£r face

Maya frowned immediately h£ saw h£r swallowed h£r face is

“you eyes are swollen…. Have you been cry!ng…. Did Mabel hurt you aga!n ” Maya asked !n one breath but Octavia shook h£r eyes

“I’m f!ne Ma’am Maya…. ” $h£ said and gave h£r a fake smile

“you aren’t f!ne to me…. But I won’t force you to tell me…. If you need a shoulder to lean on, I’m always h£re ” $h£ said touch!ng Octavia ch£ek and $h£ nodded
Th£y got to Maya room and Octavia crunch£d d©wΠ as $h£ started pa!nt!ng h£r nails

“Tell me…. are you hav!ng an affair with my husband?? ” Maya immediately blurted ©vt mak!ng Octavia [email protected]

“oh! I got you. I was only kidd!ng ” Maya said mak!ng Octavia breath ©vt


Mabel climb£d d©wΠstairs. $h£ sprang ©vt of h£r room immediately th£ guards !nformed h£r that h£r mum await h£r !n th£ liv!ng room

$h£ misses h£r mom

Th£ only woman who tells h£r what $h£ yield to h£ar always

Th£ only woman who supported h£r wh£th£r good or bad

h£r eyes scanned th£ sitt!ng room as $h£ climb£d d©wΠstairs

$h£ smirked wh£n $h£ saw h£r moth£r

“momma! ” $h£ called as $h£ covered th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m

“my Queen ” h£r moth£r said and bow

“stop it already moth£r…. I have miss you “$h£ said and hugged h£r moth£r
$h£ ₱v||ed ©vt of th£ hug and stared at h£r moth£r

“always travel!ng to th£ town….huh! ” $h£ asked and h£r moth£r chukled

“even wh£n I was a kid you always visited th£ town….. And now that I’m married you still goes th£re… Is th£re someth!ng I need to know momma! ” $h£ said bl!nk!ng h£r eyes

“my daughter is bad……. Momma is gonna tell you everyth!ng wh£n th£ time is ripe ” $h£ said and Mabel immediately nodded

“love you to th£ moon and [email protected]¢k mum” $h£ said and h£r mum blu$h£d


Octavia was done pa!nt!ng Maya’s nails. $h£ walked ©vt of th£ room and pa$$ed through th£ corridor h£ad!ng to th£ sitt!ng room

$h£ knows $h£’s now a loner. Qu!nn was gone and th£re’s no one $h£ can share h£r tears to

$h£ got to th£ sitt!ng room and h£r eyes ₱v||ed ©vt of th£ socket on who $h£ saw

$h£ immediately hid, so th£ woman wouldn’t see h£r

h£r h£art was b**t!ng so f*st. What was $h£ do!ng h£re??

How did $h£ gets to know wh£re $h£ is

$h£ could h£ar th£ sound of h£r h£art. It was th£ same woman

Th£ same woman that keeps visit!ng h£r !n th£ orphanage home

Th£ same woman that hated h£r sight and gut

Th£ same woman that $h£ is so s¢ar£d of

That th£ same woman was !n th£ sitt!ng room engrossed with h£r meet!ng with Mabel

$h£ immediately ran as f*st $h£ can to h£r room. $h£ got to h£r room and shut th£ door beh!nd

$h£ breath£ !n and ©vt hold!ng h£r ch£st

“That was closed”$h£ thought as $h£ b!0w th£ str!ng of hair that rolled d©wΠ to h£r face off

$h£ walked to h£r b£d and sat d©wΠ

“was th£ woman h£re because of h£r?? ” $h£ thought

m©r£ and m©r£ thoughts kept com!ng !n

$h£ stared at th£ bracelet !n h£r wrist and h£aved

“!n what ever you do Brielle. Don’t ever rem©v£d th¡s bracelet. It will h£lp you meet someone immediately you clocked Twenty ” $h£ remembered th£ word that Rev sister Benedict always tells h£r [email protected]¢k !n th£ orphanage home

$h£ signed deeply. !n a month $h£ will be twenty

$h£ touch£d th£ bracelet aga!n and signed

“who ever th£ person is. I hope h£ or $h£ will come to my aid” $h£ thought and fell on th£ b£d

“granny ” Chloe called open!ng th£ door of th£ir little hut

“Granny I’m home” $h£ called aga!n

h£r Grandma came ©vt of th£ !nner room !n th£ Hut and $h£ smile see!ng h£r grandma. $h£ was everyth!ng to h£r !n th£ world

“guess what granny. I made alot from th£ sale shop” $h£ said br!ng!ng ©vt some money from h£r wore ©vt bag

“now we can eat two times a day ” $h£ said and jumped up happily

h£r grandma h£aved and gave h£r a folded letter

“was th¡s granny” $h£ said collect!ng th£ folded letter

“is a form you fill before enter!ng !nto college ” h£r old grandma said and h£r eyes ₱v||ed ©vt of th£ir socket

Th£ir barely eat two times a day and yet h£r grandma was able to enroll h£r !n a college located at th£ city


Has grandmoth£r has been weird and creepy but th¡s was th£ craziest th!ng so far

“you hate me mentioned or talk ab©vt th£ city yet you enrolled me !n a college located at th£ city. Granny how did you get th£ money and why th£ city?? ” $h£ asked

h£r grandma frowned star!ng at h£r wrist

“Wh£re’s your bracelet Chloe ” h£r grandma asked and $h£ rolled h£r eyes

“I only took it off wh£n I was work!ng ” $h£ replied

“I have told you not to……. ” I grandmoth£r couldn’t f!nish what $h£ was say!ng as Chloe cut h£r off

“I know I’m not supposed to ₱v||ed it ©vt till I clocked twenty which I will be !n a month….. I get it grandma you don’t need to rem!nd me ” $h£ said

“but that didn’t answer my question… How did you get th£ money to enroll me !n college “$h£ asked but !nstead h£r grandmoth£r signed and woke ©vt on h£r

“ph£w! “$h£ p!nch£d h£r nose and sat on th£ broken stool

$h£ rem©v£d th£ bracelet from h£r bag and
Stared at it

h£r Grandma has always told h£r to keep wear!ng it until $h£ clocked 20 years

“it will h£lp you meet someone immediately you clocked 20 years” h£r granny has always said

“I can’t wait to see th¡s special person that’s mak!ng me to wear th¡s for th£ past n!neteen years ” $h£ muttered touch!ng th£ bracelet and wore it on h£r wrist


Party scattered 😜😜😜

Our story had j√$t begun

Who’s Gemma…. Granny and Chloe

Let me see those with th£ smart bra!n h£re. Who can arrange th¡s puzzle.

Secret to be reveal. Drama’s everywh£re. What do you th!nk everyone is hid!ng

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