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The master Addiction episode 13 – 14

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️

Chapter 13 & 14


I popped my h£ad ©vt from th£ door of my room, my l¡p curved !n a wide smile see!ng granny sleep!ng soundly on th£ floor. I carried th£ bucket of water that was beh!nd me and s1©wly walked pa$$ed h£r

My towel was tied firmly to my ch£st. I got to th£ ma!n door and breath£d ©vt

I never knew I was hold!ng my breath!ng maybe j√$t excited that I wouldn’t be caught by Granny today

“sneak!ng ©vt to have a cool bath ©vtside right ” I suddenly h£ard Granny voice mak!ng my breath£ sieze

I twisted my m©vth nervously and gath£red some courage

“Granny it’s j√$t a bath” I said as $h£ sat up

“a n!neteen years old girl still bath!ng ©vtside. Unbelievable “$h£ muttered and I rolled my eyes

Th£re’s no big deal !n it, so why is $h£ try!ng to make it awkward

“Granny it’s 4am and no human would be ©vt as early th¡s morn!ng ” Chloe muttered

“aren’t you a human ” $h£ asked and I rolled my eyes

That wasn’t what I meant

“your eyes will ₱v|| ©vt of its socket one day! ” $h£ uttered and I rolled my eyes aga!n

“Granny……. ” I called bl!nk!ng my eyes cutely

“no young lady….. Go !nto th£ bathroom and take your bath” $h£ said

“please!! Please!!! Granny…… j√$t th¡s once ” I said still bl!nk!ng my eyes

“you kept say!ng that ” $h£ said and I rolled my eyes

“you never gonna learn…. Go !nto th£ bathroom now! ” $h£ yelled and I staggered

h£r voice was loud. I wondered how $h£ got th£ strength to still yell

I hit my foot on th£ wall and cursed silently. $h£ isn’t go!ng to buy my lies today

I growled carry!ng th£ bucket of water and h£ad [email protected]¢k
Granny and I entered th£ bus that was h£ad!ng to th£ city

@r0vnd h£r h£ad to h£r shoulders was a scarf $h£ used !n cover!ng up

it was bright already

Can’t believe $h£ was so serious ab©vt th¡s college stuff

I k!nda love h£r decision tho s!nce I would be see!ng th£ city for th£ very first time.

But it’s surpris!ng on how $h£ got th£ money. Granny wasn’t work!ng yet $h£ was able to enroll me

I could see lots of beautiful build!ngs as we drove d©wΠ th£ road, it was a good th!ng that I sat closed to th£ w!ndow

I was mesmerized with everyth!ng I was see!ng from my w!ndow

“th£ city is beautiful ” I muttered still star!ng . I felt my eyelid becom!ng h£avier but I fought th£ urge to sleep

I wanted to see everyth!ng till we get d©wΠ but my eyes failed me as th£y closed on th£ir own accord


I felt some drop of water !n my ears. Wait a m!nute !

Is someone try!ng to drawn me.

“th¡s bottle of water will create ocean !n your ear if you don’t get up young lady ” I h£ard a voice

Th£ water dropped !n my ears aga!n and ph£w!!

I sprang up

I rubb£d my eyes s1©wly adj√$t!ng to th£ light ray

I stared @r0vnd and noticed th£ bus has stop

All th£ pa$$enger were ©vt except I and granny


Can’t believe I fell asleep

“only kids sleep dur!ng journeys.You need to grow up chloe” Granny said and I frowned

I j√$t took a nap. No big deal

“is that why you were try!ng to drown me Granny ” I said star!ng at th£ bottle of water !n h£r [email protected]

$h£ didn’t answer !nstead $h£ walked d©wΠ leav!ng me !n th£ bus

$h£’s so unbelievably

I came ©vt of th£ bus too and trailed beh!nd h£r

“I’m go!ng to get someth!ng from th£ build!ng over th£re” Granny suddenly said po!nt!ng to a build!ng opposite us

“stay h£re young lady and don’t m©v£” $h£ said and I chuckled

“I won’t m©v£ Granny. You have my words” I said p©vt!ng ©vt my m©vth

“I’m serious h£re Chloe. If I get [email protected]¢k and didn’t see you. I’m gonna spark you wh£n I surely f!nds you ” $h£ said and I rolled my eyes

“sure granny I’m not s¢ar£d of whip” I muttered to h£r h£ar!ng

“what did you say young lady” $h£ asked

“Go already Granny. I won’t m©v£” I uttered and h£r granny signed

Chloe can be rude and disrespectful some times

$h£ signed aga!n and crossed over th£ road. Chloe watch£d as h£r Granny got to th£ build!ng and entered

“Gosh!! Th¡s place is m©r£ than beautiful !n reality than !n books” $h£ muttered turn!ng @r0vnd

It was busy though. People walk!ng [email protected]¢k and forth

$h£ m©v£d away from th£ spot $h£ was star!ng at all th£ shop @r0vnd h£r

Th£y were made of gla$$es and it amazes h£r

$h£ kept mov!ng unaware that $h£ was far away from th£ spot h£r Granny left h£r

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“are you sure you haven’t seen th¡s face” Andy asked th£ girl at th£ store

“no sir, I haven’t “th£ girl replied politely

“sure… Thanks “h£ replied and dipped th£ picture [email protected]¢k to h¡s pocket

h£ walked ©vt of th£ gla$$ store frustrated

Two weeks of fruitless search. Did Octavia j√$t disappeared

h£ kept ask!ng h¡mself. h£ opened th£ door and walked ©vt

Andy immediately froze on th£ spot wh£n h£ saw h£r

$h£ was touch!ng th£ gla$$es that was used !n construct!ng th£ store

“Oct… a.. via” h£ called surprised

“Octavia!! ” h£ called much loudly th¡s time @r0vnd and surpris!ngly h£ ran up to h£r

h£ got to h£r and smile much loudly

“it’s you… It’s my Octavia! ” h£ said and hugged h£r

Chloe immediately ₱u$h£d h¡m off h£r

“I’m not Octavia! ” $h£ said and Andy face dropped

“why will you say such a th!ng. I have been look!ng for you Octavia ” Andy amswered

Chloe kept star!ng at h¡m like a moron. Has h£ gone mad or someth!ng

“Octavia….! ” h£ tried touch!ng h£r face but $h£ m©v£d [email protected]¢k

“I’m not Octavia ” $h£ barked ©vt and Andy frowned deeply

“Did you had an accident….. Did you have a memory lost…. I’m your Andy… Your best friend. I th!nk we need to see a doctor” Andy and and Chloe rolled h£r eyes

“is th¡s how city guys behave… Like a psycho” $h£ thought

“let’s go get you ch£ck. It seems you lost your memory ” h£ said and gripped on h£r [email protected]

“I said I’m not Octavia. Let me go now!! ” $h£ ordered but it fell on deaf ears as h£ kept ₱v||!ng h£r

“let me go!! ” $h£ s¢r**med ©vt loudly

“you young lady said you should let h£r go” th£y h£ard someone said and before Andy knew it

h£ was ₱u$h£d d©wΠ

Chloe [email protected] but Louis w!nked at h¡m.


h£ was th£ one who saved h£r.

h£ was closed by wh£n h£ h£ard h£r s¢r**ms

Th£y both stared at Andy who was bleed!ng from h¡s nose

“common let’s go ” Louis said try!ng to hold h£r [email protected] but $h£ withdraw immediately

“I’m not go!ng with you eith£r” $h£ said and Louis rolled h¡s eyes

“j√$t great ” Chloe thought. F!nally found someone that rolls eyes like h£r

“common let’s go… h£s gonna get up and come for you”h£ said

h£ar!ng that Chloe grabb£d h¡s [email protected] and th£y started runn!ng

Th£y kept runn!ng not car!ng wh£re th£y were h£ad!ng

Wh£n $h£ was sure $h£ was far away from h¡m th£y both stopped

Th£y both patted breath!ng h£avily
“That was crazy! ” Louis uttured

“yeah! ” $h£ replied still breath!ng ©vt

Th£ir breath!ng s1©wly becomes normal and th£y both stared at each oth£r

“I need to h£ad [email protected]¢k ” Chloe said break!ng th£ silence

“wouldn’t you appreciate me for sav!ng you [email protected]¢k th£re” h£ asked |¡¢k!ng h¡s lower l¡p

“but I don’t have money” $h£ said to h¡m and Louis couldn’t h£lp but chuckled

h£ stared at h£r from h£ad to toe and nodded h¡s h£ad

h£ touch£d h¡s ch£eks with h¡s f!ng£rs as if h£ was th!nk!ng of an idea

“what if I say you don’t need to appreciate me with money” h£ asked and Chloe sqv££sed h£r eyebrows

“so how will I show my appreciation ” $h£ asked but th£ next th!ng Louis did was shock!ng

h£ ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself mak!ng th£ir bodies slapped aga!nst each oth£r. $h£ stood still !n h¡s arm star!ng at h¡s face

Louis smirked know!ng that h¡s charm has worked on h£r

“why not come to my mansion let’s have some fun!” h£ said and sqv££sed h£r butt slightly

“Greez! You will regret do!ng th¡s ” Chloe thought and balled h£r fist

$h£ raised h£r knee and hit Louis [email protected] on h¡s d*ck

h£ let ©vt a loud [email protected] as h£ released h£r from h¡s grip

“fv¢k!! What was that for demon! ” h£ cursed clench!ng on h¡s d*ck

Chloe ran far away from h¡m and laugh£d ©vt

“serve you right! Go treat your small p!n! ” $h£ yelled [email protected]¢k

“Arrh” Louis [email protected] ©vt. It was so pa!nful

“I swearz you won’t get away with th¡s demon ” h£ growled still clench!ng on h¡s d*ck

“I already did small p!n” $h£ said and laugh£d ©vt loud watch!ng h¡m [email protected]


“Granny” $h£ s¢r**med and h£r eyes widened

Granny will surely have h£r grounded

“gosh! ” $h£ mumbled and started runn!ng [email protected]¢k

Mrs CONNOR kept knitt!ng but $h£ couldn’t concentrate, th£ loud [email protected] were mak!ng h£r uncomfortable. $h£ couldn’t bear th£ thought of h£r husband sleep!ng with some little girl old enough to be h¡s daughter

Th£ [email protected] !ncreased and $h£ dropped th£ purse $h£ was knitt!ng on h£r b£d

$h£ opened h£r room doors and th£ Guards h£r son has !nstruct to look after h£r stood beh!nd it

$h£ walked ©vt of th£ room with th£ guards beh!nd h£r

$h£ got to got th£ sitt!ng room and saw h£r husband fv¢k!ng a girl !n th£ liv!ng room with all th£ guards watch!ng

“yeah! fv¢k me [email protected]!!… That’s th£ spot… fv¢k me th£ way you haven’t done to some bitch ” th£ slut kept say!ng

“yeah! You are fv¢k!ng sweet than some wretch£d constitut!ng space !n my mansion ” h£ yelled fv¢k!ng th£ girl

Mrs Conner looked away and walked ©vt

“h£re you go” Octavia said giv!ng Ma’am Maya a mirror. $h£ was j√$t through styl!ng h£r hair

“wow th¡s is beautiful Octavia ” Maya said star!ng at h£r reflection from th£ mirror

“I’m good right” Octavia asked and $h£ nodded

“dammit!! You are m©r£ than good” $h£ replied and Octavia ₱u$h£d ©vt

Well… Th¡s few days has been easy go!ng . Ma’am Mabel has gone on some vacations and everyone can breath£ !n air !n th£ mansion

“can I asked a question Ma’am Maya?” Octavia asked

“yes Brielle. Go on” $h£ a$$ured h£r

Octavia signed and breath£ !n

“why are maids treated like slaves !n th¡s mansion…… You know slavery era is gone. I’m j√$t wonder!ng ” $h£ asked and Maya face dropped

$h£ wondered how a maid could be th¡s smart

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked” Octavia immediately said wh£n $h£ got no replies

“no dear… I’m j√$t wonder!ng how smart you are wh£n you didn’t even go to school ” $h£ said but Octavia shook h£r h£ad

“I f!ni$h£d highschool Ma’am Maya. Th£ Rev. Tak!ng ¢ar£ of me personally enrolled me !n an highschool [email protected]¢k !n town ” $h£ said

“oh! ” Maya wh¡spered

“I will tell you Brielle but that’s some oth£r time…. I’m feel!ng bored let’s do someth!ng crazy ” Maya said

“let’s dance” $h£ suddenly blurted ©vt

“I can’t dance” Octavia said.

“I will teach you” $h£ said and took h£r phone and ₱|@yed some Hip Hop music

$h£ started sway!ng h£r butt and Octavia watch£d !n rapt attention

$h£ dance for some m!nutes and stopped

“your turn ” $h£ said to Octavia who suddenly looked d©wΠ nervously

“common don’t be shy @r0vnd me ” $h£ said and Octavia nodded breath!ng !n

Maya sat on th£ brown leath£r [email protected], watch!ng Octavia every m©v£

Maya was surprised that $h£ learned quickly, $h£ kept sway!ng h£r hip to th£ b**t of th£ music, h£r arms were widely $pr£@d as $h£ was lost !n th£ music

h£r big butt kept vibrat!ng mak!ng Maya wondered how a little girl can be th¡s endeavor

Octavia turned and stared to look at h£r

“did I dance well? ” $h£ asked bit!ng h£r l¡p

“I thought I have seen all but you were th£ best “$h£ said mak!ng Octavia smile ©vt

“I wish I can be th¡s endeavor……. Maybe Nicholas would have love me” $h£ said sadly and Octavia couldn’t h£lp but be sad

“I love h¡m Octavia….. I’m s¢ar£d…. S¢ar£d that h£ will takes a third wife that will give h¡m a h£ir….. S¢ar£d that h£ might make h¡s third wife h¡s favorite if h£ ever gets one” $h£ muttered walk!ng to th£ w!ndow

“I’m s¢ar£d of what I will do if h£ loves h¡s third wife m©r£…… I can go to th£ extremely ends….. If h£ can’t love me th£n no-one else ” $h£ mumbled star!ng ©vt from th£ w!ndow

#A month later#

“happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!!” Octavia h£ard s1©wly wak!ng up. $h£ smiled much widely know!ng that it was h£r birthday

$h£ rubb£d h£r eyes and saw Ma’am Maya with a little cake

“happy birthday ma’am darl!ng “Maya said

“b!0w your birthday cake” $h£ said and Octavia sprang up and blew off th£ candles

“Woaw!! ” Maya sh©vted as $h£ cut th£ cake

$h£ picked a slice and feed Octavia with it

Octavia ch£w on it gently and it tastes sour !n h£r m©vth

$h£ gulped it d©wΠ h£r throat and felt th£ urge to throw up

$h£ quickly ran !nto th£ bathroom and throw ©vt everyth!ng

Maya ru$h£d !nto th£ bathroom and saw h£r watch!ng h£r face

$h£ frowned and touch£d h£r hair

“don’t tell me you got sick on your birthday ” $h£ said and Octavia smile weakly

“now that I stayed at your face it look swollen ” $h£ said touch!ng h£r face but h£r temperature was normal

“I’m F!ne ma’am Maya. You don’t need to worry” $h£ said walk!ng ©vt

“if you say so…. Anyway dress up I’m tak!ng you ©vt” $h£ said throw!ng a short cream gown at h£r
Maya was through and was wait!ng for Octavia to come ©vt of th£ bathroom

Th£ door to th£ bathroom opened and Octavia walked ©vt

Maya eyes widened star!ng at h£r. h£r butt raised th£ gown up mak!ng it m©r£ short

h£r hair fell to h£r shoulder and $h£ looks so freak!ng h°t

“I’m so uncomfortable. I haven’t put on th¡s before ” Octavia said bit!ng h£r lower l¡p

“you need to learn it girl. It looks so h°t on you” $h£ said and gestured h£r to seat

$h£ took ©vt h£r makeup and did some work on h£r face


“no clubb!ng today” I asked Louis who banged !nto my room

“I haven’t been able to fv¢k for th£ past one month! ” h£ said and I sqv££sed my eyebrow

h£ must be kidd!ng me

“I’m not jok!ng…. How will I fv¢k wh£n a demon hurt my d*ck. My little man” h£ muttered and I chuckled as I wore my hoodies

“you got yourself a demon…. How !nterest!ng ” I said and saw h¡m smirked

“it’s not funny nick. It’s still freak!ng hurt! “Louis growled and I smirked

“now you will stop be!ng a Casanova ” I said walk!ng ©vt as h£ trailed beh!nd me

“I’m gonna f!nd that demon and make h£r pay” h£ growled

We walked ©vt of my room and stopped immediately at what we saw

“holy shit” Louis s¢r**m with h¡s m©vth slightly opened

I stood still as my predatory eyes hooded with lvst as I stared at h£r butt

It sway as $h£ walked ©vt with Maya and I didn’t know wh£n someth!ng dropped from my m©vth



See oppression everywh£re. Wahala for us were no get butt😜😜

Maya seems nice. I hope th¡s doesn’t end soon

Chloe and Louis 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Andy🤧🤧🤧. Mabel is on vacation right now

I hope noth!ng happens before $h£ comes [email protected]¢k 😁😁😁😁

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