The Master Addiction

The master Addiction episode 15

(his last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 15

Louis pov

I clenched my jaw still staring at her butt. Was that just for One person??

Her hair sway too and I could see the side of her face

“holy moly!! ” I whispered. It was demon

The little demon that kicked my d*ck.

What the f-ck is she doing in Nick mansion with Maya

I stared at Nick and saw him drooling. I rolled my eyes and if he saw that, he rubbed his temples and look away wiping off whatsoever that dropped from his mouth

I saw them climbing the stairs as her butt kept swaying behind, I never noticed this butt the day we met

I took steady pace towards them leaving nick who was standing still

I covered the space between us and held her hand turning her to face me

“demon “I grin seeing her again. I chuckled at the thought of taking my revenge

She stared back at me with an horror look. Yeah! She’s supposed to be scared

Damn her for what she did to me a month ago

“surprise to see me right? ” I grinned but she just stood still

“what’s wrong with you louis” Maya said and I rolled my eyes

“shut up and stay out of it! ” I snapped back

“where aren’t you saying anything. Oh! I guessed you’re still in shock “I muttered

She tried to free my grip on her hand but I held it tighter

“let go of her Louis! ” I heard a authorize voice and I knew it was Nick

“she’s the demon I’m referring to, Nick. She kick my d*ck and I haven’t been able to f-ck since a month back” I muttered and her eyes w¡dened

I grinned

“what!! ” she finally spoke.

“you are crazy Louis. Brielle has never walked out of the mansion. So what you are saying isn’t making sense” Maya said and I gritted my teeth

Is she trying to tell me that I’m blind

“Louis let go right now” I heard Nick voice and it sounded like he was angry

“say something demon and don’t make me look insane ” I said

“I don’t know you. Let go of me ” she said


She’s still f-cking denial it

“let go jerk. You are a Casanova and I know you can do anything to get her to lay with you including flaming lies ” Maya said and jerked my hand away from her

“let’s go Brielle” she said and held her hand


They walked out

“F-ck that demon ” I uttered loudly

I looked back but I saw him lost in thought. His pocket

“Nick you believe me right……. That demon is f-cking good at lying and you know when I tell lies right”i asked but he only sighed

“can you do something for me?? ” he asked instead

“what?? ” I asked

“stay away from her ” he said and geez!! He walked out

I roughed my hair annoyingly. How did he expect me to stay away from the demon that destroy my little man???

✍️authoress gabby pov✍️

Mrs Emmett Armstrong sat at down at the brown sofa watching some movies

Some maids were giving her body some m-ssage, her leg were crossed against one another and she kept making bubbles with the gum she has in her mouth

The door opened and she scoffed seeing who walked in

“old witch” she muttered staring at her husband mother

“what brought you to the mansion again granny” she uttered and gave her a fake smile

“I didn’t come here for you! Where is my son ” she demanded and Mrs Emmett scoffed loudly

“and when did I turned to your son keeper!. look for him old witch”she retorted

Mrs Emmett stood up and smile widely

“you are one smart old witch…… a moment you are in this city and boom!!… We won’t be able to trace your step…. Just tell me already where’s your hideout and why”she said placing her hands in akimbo

The old woman remained mute staring at her

“oh! You don’t trust me…. I promise to keep it a secret away from your son. Mother in-law ” she said emphasizing the word in law

“no matter what you do old witch. Your son, my husband rather….. Mr Armstrong will always be mine and my daughter will always be queen. Let that sink into your old brain” she snapped out

Octavia felt so exhausted as she prepare dinner


She was back from the acting she went with Ma’am Maya

She got to see the amusement park, the City Hall and lots of interesting places

No dull moment for her if Ma’am Maya is around and she wondered why she love and care for her than the other maids

She would have been with her in her room if she hasn’t gone for her modelling shooting this evening

She finish up with the dinner and she served herself a little for fears of throwing up again

It felt a little sour in her mouth but much manageable in the morning

She hurried up with the food and surprisingly she didn’t throw up. She stared at her bracelet and a soft sighed except from her mouth

She’s twenty already, so where’s the person she was destined to see

She bite on her lip and signed again. She stood up and carried her dish. She placed it at the basin and wash it

She left the maids kitchen and hurried to her room. If not for Ma’am Maya, boredom would have killed her already since Quinn death

She was feeling headache…… Like a drum was playing on her head, her vision was becoming blurring but she kept shutting her eyes and opening them again

She was almost closed to her room when a hand pulled her. Some hands covered her mouth shuting her from yelling

The unknown person turned her over and her eyes w¡dened as she saw it was Master

“Avoiding me huh! ” he asked but she couldn’t reply. She couldn’t even see his face

“it’s crazy….. but I miss you and don’t ever wear something that tight going out again “he said sounding serious

He pulled her to himself encircling his hand around her wa-ist

The urge came again. She felt something rushing from her throat, she couldn’t talk but instead tried pushing him off but his grip on her was way more tighter and without thinking twice Octavia poke on him

“Gross! ” he muttered

Octavia felt her vision becoming more blurred and she passed out

“little Queen ” he carrying her in his mighty hands
“how is she? ” He asked his doctor and at the same time taking glare at Octavia who slept soundly on his bed

“she will be fine…. The test result will be out tomorrow morning and I will send it to you Master” he said and Nicholas nodded

He bow and walked out of the Master room. Nicholas shut the door behind and walked to his bed

He climbed onto his bed and held her face with his hands

“wake up soon” he whispered and k-ssed her forehead

He pulled her to himself and slowly shut his eyes



Octavia slowly opened her eyes. She felt a slight headache and held her head since it became unbearable

“you are awake ” she heard a voice and slowly turned her head to see master walking towards her

He had this smile….. It was genuine

For the first time she saw him smile and not even smirk

He got to her and sat on the bed. Octavia gulped down nervously

Being closed to him makes her heart beat increases

He brought his face closer to her and before she knew it he placed a soft k-ss on her lip, her cheeks, her forehead and her pointed little nose

“Thank you ” he said making Octavia eyes w¡dened

Did….. did master just say that

“I’m coming little Queen…. Let me quickly get some fruits for you from my basement ” He and without waiting for her reply, he rushed out
The mansion was in havoc, everyone tried to make the place looks prefect

Ma’am Mabel would be landing in New Zealand any hour from now and no one wouldn’t want to get to her bad side

Mabel. suddenly paused when her legs were close to the floor. She took off her glasses so she could have a clearer view.

Oh! Damn, she couldn’t believe she was back there in New Zealand. She made it.

She smiled and wore back her glasses.

She got to the floor and headed straight for her ride.

“Welcome home, ma’am Mabel ” the driver who was standing outside the car bowed, when she got closer to the car.

She didn’t respond back but rather entered the car that was already opened by the driver.

Her luggage was rolled on and put out n the boot and after that, the driver started the car.

It was a long ride from the airport but finally, they arrived. She gasped as the gate slides open and the driver drove into the inefabble mansion. Oh!! Yes, she’s missed this’.

She was home!

She came out of the car and saw all the maids lining up. She felt like a real queen and walked majestically to them

The dark shaded eyeglasses were still on her eyes but she could see them clearly

She s₱0tted her mum standing at the facade of the house and she could barely hide her excitement at longer.

Even her mum came all the way to welcome her

“Oh!” She gasped and ran to her mom Mrs Emmett Armstrong

“Mum!!!” She squeaked as she got close.

“Oh! My baby!!” Her mother reciprocated and kept her arms wide open for her, awaiting the hug.

They embraced each other as her mother stroke her hair

Home was indeed sweet…. Sweet home

“My baby’s looking so beautiful! Welcome home” Mrs Emmett said

“I’ve missed you, mum!! Oh!! I love you!” Mabel flushed, unable to hold her excitement.

“I love you too, my queen”. Mrs Emmett beamed.

They disengaged from the hug and Mrs Emmett planted a k-ss on her forehead.

“And dad! “Mabel asked, taking off her shades.

“he has a meeting with some of the elders” her mom said

“oh! ” she whispered

“And my husband ” she asked

“I guessed he’s in his room” her mum answered

“Welcome home, Ma’am Mabel “All the maids greeted

“bunch of idiots “Mabel snorted and rolled her eyes.

“I need to see my husband. I miss him…. Damn must” she said and with that sprang into the building

Mabel hurriedly entered the mansion and climbed up the stairs

She got to the room and maliciously glared at the door before twisting the knob

She entered and shut the door behind

“baby! ” she said turning around but she felt an invisible wave that just hit her

A cold sweat run down her spine. She balled her fist

Octavia quickly stood up immediately she saw Ma’am Mabel

“how dare you ” Mabel said with gritted teeth

Her eyes saw the top she was putting on and it was her husband favorite top

“how dare you ” she retorted again walking up to her

“I’m gonna kill you by myself today” she yelled grabbing her hair

Tears ran continuously from Octavia eyes

“You slut” Mabel yelled pulling her out of the room. She dragged her by her hair all the way down to the living room

“Arghhhhhhh!! ” Octavia cried out

“your death will be a lesson for all” Mabel yelled still pulling her by her hair down the stairs

Mrs Emmett saw Octavia and gasped

“she……she…. Was she doing here” she asked stuttering

Probably in shock

“I brought her here mum….. But I’m gonna f-cking kill her today” she yelled

“Guards” she scre-med and the Guards immediately rushed to her and bow

“set the woods, tie her to it…. … gonna burn her body ablaze ” she yelled and pushed Octavia away

She was more than angry…. Her shoulders were tensed

“on it Ma’am Mabel” the guards replied and grip on Octavia hand

“Don’t!!!” They heard a thunderous voice. A voice to whom they all obeyed

They all raised their head to see the Master from the stairs with a cold straight face

“A string of her hair shall not be touched….. Her feet shall no longer crouched the floor……. Thou hail your Queen!!!….from she my heir will be born” he thoudered

All the maids gasped…… Mrs Emmet held her chest and Mabel staggered and lean into the wall for support


Drip! Drip!! Drip!!

Mabel ooo

I swear it shock. My heart🙆🙆🙆

Someone should prepare an ambulance Pls… Some people would soon faint😏😏😏😏

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