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The master Addiction episode 16

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 16


“A str!ng of h£r hair shall not be touch£d….. h£r feet shall no longer ¢rov¢h£d th£ floor……. Thou hail your Queen!!!….from $h£ my h£ir will be born”

Th£ word kept r!ng!ng !n my h£ad. I lean on th£ wall for support s!nce my vision was becom!ng blurred

Murmur!ng followed immediately as I felt my h£art b**t seiz!ng

“Guards…!!” h¡s voice echoed aga!n

“s£nd message to th£ elders and th£ people !n my city. My little queen would be !ntroduced to th£m th¡s very even!ng…i want everyone….. Everyone !n th£ city to be th£re” h£ said and I swallowed on my spit

“yes master” th£y bowed and left

“preparation for th£ party should be started….. I want some maidens to take my little queen to my chamber and get h£r ready… $h£ needs to be gorgeous ” every word h£ said kept r!ng!ng on my h£ad

I watch£d h¡m walked ©vt….. Almost immediately all th£ maids ran towards h£r

“our lady…. “Th£y lifted h£r up and bow. I wish th£ wh0l£ ground should open and swallow me up


Th¡s can’t be happen!ng

No! I’m dream!ng

I p!nch£d my ch£eks and felt a sharp pa!n. I was fv¢k!ng not dream!ng

How did it happen??

How did h£ impregnate h£r ?? How did $h£ even get closed to h¡m

Th£y took h£r upstairs. I stood still


I couldn’t m©v£. I j√$t couldn’t

“baby……! ” mum ru$h£d to me hold!ng my face !n h£r [email protected]

“my Queen…. ” $h£ called but I was h£ar!ng it fa!ntly

“Mmmmm….mm” I couldn’t even speak and I saw myself [email protected]||!ng to th£ ground

“My Queen…!!! ” I h£ard mum voice before I pa$$ed ©vt
✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Octavia wouldn’t stop wonder!ng . $h£ was hav!ng a [email protected] time believ!ng what has happened and it showed on h£r face.

$h£ was carry!ng th£ master child. $h£ was pregnant but how??

“you slept with h¡m Octavia ” h£r subconscious m!nd said [email protected]¢k

$h£ nodded s1©wly

“My lady…. Your bath is ready ” a maid said which sounds so awkward to h£r h£ar!ng

Everyth!ng was j√$t happen!ng do f*st. From a maid to a Queen…. It’s j√$t so unbelievable

“wh£re’s my little ” Nicholas asked immediately h£r entered h¡s room

“over th£re master” Th£ maid at th£ door po!nted at Octavia who was on th£ b£d

h£ took two steady steps towards h£r,

$h£ covered th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m

“you can leave….. I will s£nd for you wh£n I’m done” h£ said

Th£ maids bow aga!n before walk!ng ©vt

h£ ¢rov¢h£d d©wΠ and h£ld h£r face

“my little queen… You gladdened my h£art” h£ said and Octavia stared at h£r dark eyes

“I’m….. I’m.. I really pregnant ” $h£ asked

“not only pregnant…. My h£ir is !n th£re” h£ said po!nt!ng at h£r flat stomach

“you are carry!ng my baby” Nick responded

Octavia stayed still wonder!ng wh£th£r to believe h¡m or not

As if Nick read h£r thoughts. h£ dipped h¡s h£art !nto h¡s pocket and brought ©vt h¡s phone. h£ punch£d on th£ screen and gave it to h£r

h£r m©vth dropped open read!ng th£ content

“I’m… I’m… A month pregnant?? ” $h£ asked

“obviously my Queen ” h£ said and stood up

h£ sat up and placed h£r on h¡s lap

“!n you I found joy….. What did you do to me little queen ” h£ said strok!ng h£r ch£eks mak!ng h£r shuddered !n sweetness

h£ placed h£r closer and slammed h¡s l¡ps on h£r neck mak!ng h£r [email protected]
Maya walked !nto th£ mansion, everywh£re was crowd and all th£ maids and guards mov!ng fro and [email protected]¢k

“I can’t believe that witch 0rg*nized a party j√$t because $h£’s [email protected]¢k ” Maya thought


$h£ knew Mabel was com!ng today but $h£ never knew $h£ will 0rg*nize a party

“I can’t believe h£’s gett!ng married aga!n. h£ looks so happy ”

Maya could h£ar th£ maids wh¡spered

“who wouldn’t. h£ f!nally got a h£ir” anoth£r maid said

“I never knew master and h£r have someth!ng togeth£r. I’m happy for h£r”

“I’m not happy. Isn’t $h£ a maid like us. $h£s gonna maltreat us wh£n $h£ f!nally becomes queen j√$t like h¡s wives” anoth£r maid said

Maya sqv££sed h£r eyebrows t!ghtly

What th£ fv¢k was go!ng on…… $h£ thought???

$h£ walked ©vt scann!ng th£ mansion for Brielle (Octavia )maybe $h£ will be !n th£ right place to expla!n to h£r
Th£ sound from someone sobb!ng jolted Mabel m©r£ awake. $h£ opened h£r eyes, feel!ng very disoriented.

Gett!ng up from th£ b£d, h£r h£ad tilted. $h£ rubb£d h£r knuckles to h£r eyes, try!ng to clear h£r blurry eyes and understand wh£re $h£ is and what is happen!ng @r0vnd h£r.

$h£ was !n h£r room and only h£r mum and Miley was |ns!de

$h£ saw h£r mum cry!ng

!n a twist everyth!ng flow [email protected]¢k to h£r h£ad and $h£ began cry!ng h£r eyes ©vt, still unable to believe that is happen!ng. Under that cold blue eyes, $h£ will watch£d h£r husband marry!ng h£r maid

It was m©r£ than shameless

“stop cry!ng my Queen. Trust your moth£r, $h£ will never allow th¡s marriage take place ” Mrs Emmet said but !nstead m©r£ tears worked d©wΠ h£r eyes

“$h£ get away th¡s time @r0vnd but what ab©vt next time? . Wh£n th£ plan comes to your h£ad, do it. We will hurt h£r and [email protected] th¡s marriage. All long as I leave…. Th£y won’t be togeth£r ” Mrs Emmet said

Goosebumps worked it’s way d©wΠ to Mabel sp!ne at th£ vivid h£ar!ng of those creepy words from h£r moth£r.

It gave h£r home. It makes h£r feels that $h£ hasn’t lost

All of a sudden th£ door burst opened and Maya walked !n

“what have you done to Brielle. I can’t f!nd h£r” $h£ said !n a tone of anger

“so $h£’s Brielle by name” Mabel respond gett!ng up

“Brielle or whatever h£r name is…. $h£’s gett!ng married to our husband and $h£’s carry!ng th£ h£ir which we couldn’t……. Your Brielle is gonna be your husband favorite wife…….. I pity you th£ most because I’m h¡s first wife and you are th£ hired one…. h£ will be able to kick you ©vt m©r£ easily and your flame will be a story of th£ past” Mabel said and Maya [email protected]

It felt like th£ word were sort of sword pierced !nto h£r h£art

h£r thought….h£r…. It was confirmed.

s1©wly and steadily $h£ turned ©vt and walked ©vt of h£r room
Mabel and Mrs Emmet smirked at each oth£r

“!n an hour…. $h£ will be died” Mrs Emmet smirked star!ng at th£ w!ndow as different faces could be seen popp!ng !nto th£ mansion

“you are th£ best mom”Mabel said gr!nn!ng

Th£y h£ard th£ door opened and quickly turned to see th£ Master and some guards

“darl!ng…. “Mabel said rush!ng to h¡m but Nicholas raised h¡s [email protected] stopp!ng h£r

“Th¡s guards will take you to my pent house wh£re you will be stay!ng ” Nicholas said sternly and Mabel face dropped

“Why?? ” $h£ asked

“Yours pres£nt @r0vnd could s¢ar£ my little queen….. You will stay at my pent house under th£ watch fvll eyes of my guards….. Your will return wh£n my h£ir is born….. Guards lead th£ way for h£r” h£ said and Mabel felt h£r h£ad so h£avy on h£r neck

“mom….. Mom.. Please don’t let th£m take me away ” $h£ said

Th£ir plans has been ru!ns. $h£’s gonna leave !n hostage till th£ h£ir is born

Mrs Emmet couldn’t do anyth!ng, th£ master has given orders and that’s f!nal

“lead th£ way for h£r….. ” h£ ordered

$h£ shook h£r h£ad…. Th¡s shouldn’t be happen!ng

“Noooooo! ” $h£ s¢r**med and pa$$ed ©vt


😱 😱

Fa!nt!ng th!ngs for Mabel. Ambulance pls

Did Nicholas make th£ right decision

Plans ru!ns


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