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The master Addiction episode 18

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost ❎

Chapter 18


I stood still mesmerized by what j√$t happened. Demon is pregnant for my best friend

$h£’s gonna give h¡m a h£ir



h£’s even gonna make h£r h¡s third wife. Why wasn’t I aware of it??

I m©v£d s1©wly to my car.

“Th£ master guards s£nt a message. h£ wants you !n h¡s mansion for h¡s new wife !ntroduction ” my guards said

“Take me th£re” i replied coldly and entered h¡s car

Yeah! That’s were I wanted to be right now and know what’s def!nitely go!ng on

I can’t even tell if I’m angry or not

I rough£d my hair with my f!ng£rs star!ng at th£ w!ndow

My best friend f!nally got a h£ir. I should be happy right??

But th£ feel!ng right now is confus!ng. I clench£d my jaw and sigh£d

✍️Authoress gabby pov ✍️

“you are pretty our lady” a maid said wh£n th£y were done dress!ng Octavia up

“yeah! So cute” Anoth£r said giv!ng h£r a mirror. $h£ took it and stared at h£r reflection from th£ mirror

$h£ looks so different, $h£ can barely recognized h£rself

“Thank you” $h£ muttered and th£ maids eyes widened

“did you j√$t say thank you ” a maid asked

“Yeah. Thanks so much for th¡s. I look different ” $h£ said aga!n and th£ maids quickly went on th£ir knees

“Please don’t let master wrath [email protected]|| us. You are a queen and shouldn’t be say!ng thank you. Please our lady spare us” th£y said !n unison

Octavia sqv££sed h£r eyebrows star!ng at th£m

“please spare us our lady” Th£y said and Octavia h£aded

“it’s f!ne. Stop mak!ng me look awkward and get up” $h£ said and smile to th£m

Th£y smile too and got up

“$h£’s def!nitely gonna be th£ best among h¡s wives”Th£y thought among th£mselves

Th£ door opened and Nicholas walked !n. h£ frowned see!ng th£ maids smil!ng with h£r

Th£ maids immediately bow wh£n th£y noticed h¡s pres£nce

“you all should leave th£ little queen to me. I will s£nd for you ” h£ said and th£ all bowed aga!n before walk!ng ©vt

Octavia sat on h£r spot star!ng at h¡m,
h£ was [email protected] dressed, h¡s eyes never left h£r as h£ covered th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m

h£ got to h£r and h£ld h£r [email protected] mak!ng h£r stand on h£r feet, h£ grabb£d h£r [email protected]¡$t and made h£r b©dy slam on h¡s own, h£ placed h¡s l¡ps directly on h£r ear and that made h£r melt

“my little queen is beautiful ” h£ said directly to h£r ear and right on th£ spot..

h£ plac!ng h¡s l¡ps on Octavia’s neck, same spot as h£ always does

“Master…” Octavia said and that only made h¡m s√¢k [email protected] on h£r neck and h£r wh0l£ b©dy felt as if it’s electrified

Th£ t!ngl!ng feel!ng took over h£r as $h£ s1©wly closed h£r eyes.

Octavia stayed that way and even closed h£r eyes

Th£ neck klzz is so long and it blew away all sadness and hurt !n Octavia ‘s h£art

Nicholas made h¡s l¡ps stay on h£r neck for so long and never wanted to take h¡s l¡ps off h£r neck but after a long time, h£ had to

h£ s1©wly rem©v£d h¡s soft l¡ps from h£r neck

“don’t call me master….. You’re my little queen and I’m your darl!ng ” h£ said !n a serious tone mak!ng Octavia chuckled

“Huh?” Octavia said

“fv¢k! ” h£ wh¡spers carry!ng h£r from h£r feet

“drop me ” $h£ giggled and that made Nicholas blu$h£d

“c’mon drop me ” $h£ said and was even surprised $h£ had th£ courage to say that

Nicholas dropped h£r but on th£ b£d

“if th¡s !ntroduction wasn’t important I would have ripped you off that cloth£s and be !n b£d with you all day” h£ said mak!ng Octavia turn on

Only h¡s words turned h£r on

$h£ wr*₱ped h£r [email protected] @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t. $h£ didn’t know wh£n th£ courage came from but $h£ ₱v||ed h¡s face s1©wer to h£r and slammed h£r l¡p on h¡s

Octavia snogged on h¡s l¡p and Nicholas chuckled before giv!ng !n to th£ klzz
h£ klzzed h£r softly and tenderly. $h£ [email protected] slightly…. No doubt, $h£ was lov!ng th£ vibes that came from it

h£ b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p mak!ng h£r [email protected] h£ tucked h¡s t0Πge !nto h£r m©vth mak!ng h£r [email protected] ©vt loudly

$h£ h£ld unto h¡m t!ghtly not want!ng it to end soon.

Th£ klzz became rough and possessive. h£ grabb£d h£r a$$ sqv££s!ng it slightly

h£ quickly stop and stood up. Octavia frowned as $h£ [email protected] for air

“you are turn!ng me on little queen…… ” h£ said

“we will cont!nue later…. ” h£ said but $h£ shook h£r h£ad

$h£ needed h¡m and $h£ don’t know why

Nicholas chuckled and [email protected] on th£ b£d. h£ p!nch£d h£r nose and watch£d h£r [email protected]

“we will cont!nue th¡s some oth£r time ” h£ said but h£r gaze was on some else

“your l¡p…. It’s.. It’s pa!nted with my l¡p gross” $h£ said stopp!ng h£rself from laugh!ng

h£ looks m©r£ h°t and [email protected]

“gross! ” Nicholas said us!ng th£ [email protected]¢k of h¡s palm to wipe it off

Th£ door opened almost immediately and a guard walked !n

h£ went on h¡s knee and bow

“master…. Your mum… $h£’s wait!ng for you at th£ rooftop ” h£ said stutter!ng

“I will be with h£r shortly ” h£ replied and th£ guard left

“th£ maids will walk to d©wΠ th£ stairs to meet my people ” h£ said and Octavia felt nervous immediately

“do I really have to see th£m ” $h£ said and gulped d©wΠ

“don’t feel nervous. I will be d©wΠstairs wait!ng for you. j√$t stare at me…. No one else ” h£ said and klzz h£r ch£eks

h£ arranged h¡s cloth£s and us!ng h¡s f!ng£rs to comb h¡s hair before walk!ng ©vt

Octavia sat up and h£r eyes caught th£ bracelet on h£r wrist. $h£ signed and look away

j√$t a month, h£r life has changed

Would $h£ has believe $h£ will turn ©vt to be a queen one day???

What of th£ revenge sister that believes $h£ will be like th£m

“Ma’am Maya” $h£ suddenly called

“how could $h£ has forgotten ” $h£ thought

$h£ needs to speak with h£r before anyth!ng takes place

If it was left to h£r, $h£ wouldn’t want to marry th£ master

$h£ loves Ma’am Maya alot. $h£ sigh£d and got up

“I need to see h£r” $h£ concluded and left th£ room


Nathan and Mr Connor stopped laugh!ng wh£n th£ door opened and two bitch£s walked !n

“don’t tell me you !nvited th£m” Nathan asked h¡s uncle

“yes I’m gonna take th£m to my son party and have fun ” h£ watch£d th£ old man said

“fv¢k! Uncle that’s too ₱vblic. Your wife would be th£re you know ” Nathan said and Mr CONNOR chukled

“That’s what I want. Th£ hurtful looks on h£r face wh£n $h£ see me with my bitch£s. Hurt!ng my wife means hurt!ng my son and that’s what I wanted. To see h¡m….. hurt ” h£ added th£ last part mak!ng th£m burst !nto anoth£r round of laughter
“drop me ” Chloe yelled immediately th£ guards carried h£r !nto th£ mansion from th£ [email protected]¢k exit

Th£ place was already crowded and didn’t want any of th£ crowd to see h£r

Th£y got to th£ master room and opened th£ door. Surpris!ngly no one was !n th£re

“stay h£re our lady and let’s call th£ maidens to work on you” th£ guards said and $h£ scoffed

“I’m not your lady….dont you get it” $h£ yelled

Th£ guards ignored h£r and walked ©vt.

Th£y locked th£ door from ©vtside mak!ng sure $h£ wouldn’t run away aga!n

Chloe ran to th£ door ty!ng to open it but it was damn locked

“fv¢k!! ” $h£ cursed star!ng at th£ room, it was so beautiful and made of gla$$

“why is everyth!ng !n th£ city made of gla$$” $h£ thought touch!ng th£ gla$$ty wall

A [email protected] escaped h£r l¡p star!ng at th£ room. It was big, hurt and we’ll arrange

j√$t like h£r imag!nation on how h£aven is

Th£ open!ng of th£ door jolted h£r from h£r thoughts

$h£ quickly turned and saw 5…6..8…9 ladies dressed uniformly

“our lady why will you do th¡s” a maid said among th£m rush!ng to h£r

“what th£ h£ck with th¡s lady stuff” $h£ stared at th£m like a Zombie

“j√$t some m!nutes you would be called…. Master would ripped our h£ad if h£ gets to know you change your ©vtfit and ru!ned your make up” anoth£r maid said and $h£ stared at th£m m©r£ confused

“we need to get you ready aga!n…. and have to be quick ” Th£y said and lead h£r to th£ stool

“I’m not your lady” $h£ f!nally spoke but th£y ignored h£r do!ng what th£y do best
Nicholas got to th£ rooftop and saw h¡s moth£r

“mum” h£ called cover!ng th£ space b£tweeΠ th£m

“why did you do it son…. Why are you gett!ng married to your maid ” h¡s moth£r asked and h£ frowned

“how do you found ©vt mum” h£ asked know!ng its only th£ people liv!ng !n th£ mansion that was aware

“you once told me ab©vt h£r…. And th£ feel!ngs you have wh£n $h£’s @r0vnd ” h¡s moth£r answered and h£ nodded

“Why did you do it, $h£’s a maid”h¡s moth£r said and h¡s jaw dropped

“$h£’s carry!ng my h£ir and a maid can be educated ” h£ said

“$h£ can give birth to your h£ir and leave after pay!ng h£r some h*g£ money…..$h£ can disappear son….. You don’t need to marry h£r” h¡s moth£r said

“Even if $h£’s been educated….. h£r be!ng a maid before will always be known…. Th!nk son” h¡s moth£r added

“I’m not th!nk!ng anyth!ng mum….. It’s my decision and it’s f!nal…. Be happy for me” h£ replied and left
Octavia almost closed to Maya room wh£n a [email protected] ₱v||ed h£r

$h£ was expect!ng to see th£ Master s!nce its th£ one that loves ₱v||!ng h£r from each corner

$h£ raised h£r h£ad and met an elderly man with a walk!ng stick

“So you are th£ one that got h¡m a h£ir…… I must confessed… My son has eyes for good taste ” th£ elderly man said Octavia kept star!ng at h¡m

“who are you… ” $h£ managed to speak

“sorry for my manners…… I’m Mr CONNOR… Your future fath£r !n-law ” h£ said and Octavia eyes widened

h£….h£ was master fath£r

$h£ stared at h¡m !n awe and h£ did someth!ng Shock!ng

h£ ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself and before $h£ knew it, h¡s l¡p slammed aga!nst h£r

Octavia quickly ₱u$h£d h¡m off and m©v£d meters away from h¡m

“gross” $h£ muttered and tak!ng one glare at h¡m, $h£ ran off

$h£ bumped !nto someone mak!ng h£r staggered

“our lady” $h£ h£ard some voices

$h£ raised h£r h£ad and saw some maids

“we were h£ad!ng to th£ room to get you…. It’s time for your !ntroduction ” th£y said !n unison

“but….. !”

$h£ shut h£rself and shook h£r h£ad

“$h£ still needs to see Maya”$h£ thought

“we need to go now our lady” Th£y said hold!ng h£r [email protected] and lead!ng th£ way
Chloe scoffed wh£n $h£ was dressed up

“you guys are annoy!ng…. I’m fv¢k!ng not your lady” $h£ said

“please our lady…. It’s time for your !ntroduction…… Don’t ru!n th¡s for us….. Or we will be forced to bear th£ consequences ” a maid said with fearful eyes

“but I’m not your lady” $h£ muttered

“please stop say!ng that our lady…. Is no time for joke” Anoth£r one said and h£ld h£r [email protected]

“you are look!ng cute aga!n….. Thank God th£re was a replacement for th£ dress…. A big relief ” Anoth£r one said as th£y all walked ©vt of th£ room


Mrs Emmet entered th£ mansion that was fvll with many different faces already

$h£ was wear!ng a short black gown and a black short

h£r hair was dropped and h£r eyes were some dark shaded gla$$es

$h£ needed to see and know of everyth!ng that’s gonna happen today

$h£ entered th£ mansion and forced a smile on

“Th£ moment we have been wait!ng for……. All hail th£ new queen ” $h£ h£ard someone announced and h£r eyes lifted up

$h£ fears of th£ day th¡s will happened but it happened so quickly and $h£ has to be quick too before all h£r secret reveals

“All hail th£ queen” th£ voices echoed much loudly aga!n

$h£ looks at th£ stairs and saw a maid that accompanied h£r walked d©wΠ th£ stairs

“$h£’s cute”


“Th£ woman with h¡s h£ir” Th£y all said as Octavia made h£r way d©wΠstairs

$h£ smiled wh£n h£r eyes caught with that of th£ master

“OMG ” Th£ people [email protected] as some maid accompanied with a girl

$h£ looks like th£ first girl that j√$t walked d©wΠ

“holy moly!! ”

“what th£ crap!! ”

“OMG!” Everyone [email protected] !n shock

Nicholas was !n total shock. Octavia turned too and h£r m©vth slightly opened

Chloe eyes was widened star!ng at h£r

Oh!, My!, Gosh!” m©r£ people kept s¢r**m!ng

Mr Emmett felt h£r b©dy gone colds as $h£ stared at th£ two girls from th£ crowd


As e dey h°t 😜😜😜😜

Who’s our bride??? I 😄😄😄

Mr Emmet🤐🤐🤐🤐

Mr Conner🙄🙄🙄🙄

Mrs Connor🤧🤧🤧🤧 what’s h£ plann!ng. Why did h£ klzzed Octavia

Drama everywh£re. What’s gonna happen now

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