The Master Addiction

The master Addiction episode 8 – 9

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost ❎

Chapter 8 & 9


Our t0Πge ₱|@yed with each oth£r. I sqv££se h£r butt slightly as I klzzed h£r [email protected] and hungrily on h£r l¡ps

Th£ klzz was fvll with hunger and possession and I felt it should cont!nue forever

But all of a sudden $h£ ₱u$h£d me off

“what happened? ” I asked

“stop klzz!ng me and stop try!ng to get closed to me” $h£ said

I lean on th£ wall and placed my both [email protected] on both pockets

“you raped me and I hate it already. Stay away from me ” $h£ said but I wasn’t pay!ng much attention s!nce I was star!ng at th£ way $h£ m©v£s h£r l¡p. Th£ l¡p was so red and swollen. I guessed it was a result from th£ [email protected] klzz

“can you even h£ar me at all ” $h£ said snapp!ng h£r f!ng£rs at me…..and that did th£ magic s!nce I came ©vt of my thoughts

If it were some oth£r maiden I would have killed th£m but I don’t know why I’m be!ng Add¡¢ted to h£r.

“please master. Stay away from me and don’t put me !n trouble. I beg of you ” $h£ said avoid!ng my eyes. I chuckled lov!ng th£ way $h£ called me master

“do you really want that” I asked

“Gosh! It fruitless begg!ng you . Can we both be unanimous !n our decisions for once ” $h£ uttered and I wondered how a maid can be fluent !n English

I chuckled and grabb£d h£r to myself

“you are !ngenue and I like that” I said star!ng at h£r face and $h£ sigh£d

$h£ jerk my [email protected] off and before I knew it $h£ ran ©vt

I found it funny and couldn’t h£lp it but smile

Wait a m!nute

Did I j√$t say smile…… !

Th¡s is wrong. I’m not supposed to smile at anoth£r. I quickly put on a straight face and walked ©vt of th£ maid quarter

I can’t believe th¡s th£ first time I will be com!ng h£re to see a girl

Now it seems weird to my thoughts

I saw a guard walk!ng towards me. h£ bowed immediately h£ got to me

“master. Mr Armstrong is still wait!ng at th£ liv!ng room ” h£ said

I frowned deeply. How did h£ know I was @r0vnd th£ maid quarters

Was h£ stalk!ng me??

“I saw you com!ng h£re sir and I followed ” h£ said read!ng my thoughts

“did you see anyth!ng else? ” I asked and h£ quickly shook h¡s h£ad

“leave. I will meet h¡m shortly “I said and h£ nodded
.✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Qu!n throw off th£ pillow and th£ b£d $h£ets. $h£ walked to th£ closest and started ₱v||!ng ©vt each close

“th£y klzz, th£y actually klzzed! “$h£ thought angrily throw!ng ©vt all th£ Cloth£s from th£ closet

Octavia entered but didn’t noticed s!nce $h£ was oblivious of all that’s happen!ng @r0vnd h£r

All $h£ wanted at th¡s po!nt was to Verge h£r anger on th£ cloth£s

“what a mess” Octavia muttered walk!ng closed to h£r

“Arrgh!! ” Qu!nn s¢r**med ©vt still throw!ng off h£r cloth£s

“Qu!n…. Qu!n!! ” Octavia called and $h£ staggered

$h£ never expected h£r to walk !n

“are…. are you okay? “!$h£ asked star!ng @r0vnd

“stop pretend!ng. It’s sicken!ng ” Qu!n blurted ©vt unaware

Octavia sqv££sed h£r eyebrows confused. Qu!n immediately [email protected]

$h£ shouldn’t have said that

“are you mad at me ” Octavia asked

“no Brielle. I’m j√$t k!nda sick. I have mood sw!ngs wh£n I’m sick. I’m sorry for yell!ng ” $h£ said bit!ng h£r lower l¡p to ease h£r anger

“oh Qu!n. I never knew you were sick ….we should go tell…… ”

“enough… ” Qu!n barked at Octavia who was try!ng to touch h£r

Octavia m©v£d [email protected]¢k star!ng at Qu!nn !n shock

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… Th¡s sickness is driv!ng me nuts ” Qu!n said and ran !nto th£ bathroom

Octavia stood still, amazed and surprise

“it’s def!nitely mood sw!ngs ” $h£ said to h£rself. $h£ crunch£d d©wΠ pick!ng up all th£ cloth£s $h£ scattered



j√$t th¡s morn!ng th£ news $pr£@d round th£ orphanage that Rev Benedict was found dead

Th£ junior and s£nior sisters stood at h£r office as cries could be h£ard from th£ room

Rev sister Benedict was a good person and an example for everyone to lived th£ir life

Th£y h£ld each oth£r cry!ng as th£y took h£r b©dy away

Lots of questions both£red th£ir h£art

Who could have killed h£r?

$h£ got no enemies

$h£’s friendly to everyone especially children kept under h£r ¢ar£

Rev sister Martha who would be tak!ng from wh£re sister Benedict stop asked th£m all to leave

Everyone left and th£ wh0l£ room was as silent as a grave h£art

Tears ru$h£d d©wΠ h£r eyes. Sister Benedict was dead and $h£ f!nds it so [email protected] to believe

$h£ walked to th£ desk and sat on it. h£r h£art was h£avily loaded. m©r£ tears kept ₱0ur!ng d©wΠ

“Who did th¡s to you ” $h£ kept question!ng. h£r eyes caught an envelope on h£r desk. $h£ wiped h£r tears and picked it up

$h£ opened it !n curiosity and found a piece of folded letter

h£r h£art was pound!ng. Did sister Benedict leave a good bye message

h£r [email protected] opened it !n haste and it was !ndeed a letter

“I don’t know if I might be gone before you opened th¡s. I have done alot of evil and had th£ chance to make th!ngs better but I let selfishness mislead me. Please Martha, I know you will take over from me. As we all know Octavia has ran away. $h£ isn’t safe. Search for h£r grandmoth£r, $h£’s th£ only one that can protect h£r now. !n th£ envelope are some of th£ pictures you could use to search for h£r. And wh£n you do f!nd h£r $h£’s !n th£ best position to tell you all you need to know. We will meet aga!n to depart no m©r£ ” $h£ read it and m©r£ tears flows from h£r eyes

All $h£ could mesmerized was Octavia !n danger and search!ng for h£r grandmoth£r


$h£’s knows Rev Benedict loves Octavia and can risk h£r life for h£r

$h£ picked up th£ envelope and truly was h£r pictures

“I promise you sister Benedict. I’m gonna protect your little girl ” $h£ said

Octavia feasted on th£ cookies !n h£r [email protected], $h£ was damn hungry and could swallow a horse right now

It was afternoon already and $h£ hasn’t eaten s!nce morn!ng. $h£ immediately regretted eat!ng th£ cookies wh£n $h£ takes th£ flavour it was made with

It was chocolate cookies. h£r breath!ng was so !ntense as $h£ grip on h£r neck

$h£ growled and growled. $h£ started cough!ng and soonest blood ru$h£s d©wΠ h£r nostrils

$h£ got to th£ bas!n and spat ©vt blood. $h£ quickly gulped a bottle of water d©wΠ h£r throat

h£r breath!ng s1©wly becomes normal. $h£ never knew it was chocolate

$h£ was allergic to it right from a baby . $h£ watch£d h£r face and breath£ !n s1©wly

“does that happen to you too” $h£ h£ard a voice and quickly turned to see an elderly man who $h£ recognized see!ng th¡s morn!ng at th£ liv!ng room

“oh my God sir. What are you do!ng !n th£ maids kitch£n ” $h£ asked
.”Tell me. Do you suffered from it too” h£ asked !nstead star!ng at th£ young girl

It seems h£ wasn’t go!ng to leave

“yes sir, right from wh£n I was a kid ” $h£ said

Mr Armstrong nodded and m©v£d h¡s gaze [email protected]¢k to th£ cookies on th£ plate

“I do suffered it too ” Mr Armstrong said and Octavia jaw dropped

“what do you mean ” $h£ asked

Mr Armstrong smirked and m©v£d to th£ cookies and picked one

h£ ch£wed on it gently and gulped it d©wΠ h¡s throat. Octavia stood still and watch£d

h¡s neck suddenly reddened

h£ h£ld h¡s neck breath!ng so f*st.
Blood ru$h£s from h¡s nostrils as h£ grip t!ghtly on h¡s neck

Octavia quickly grabb£d a bottle of water and ru$h£d to h¡m

$h£ ₱0ured it !n h¡s face and forced some !nto h¡s m©vth

$h£ watch£d as h¡s breath!ng came [email protected]¢k to normal

“why will you do that sir ” $h£ asked

“To proved to you” h£ replied breath!ng !n and ©vt

“you almost hurt yourself prov!ng to me . You shouldn’t have done that ” $h£ said grabb!ng a kitch£n napk!n and wipe th£ water off h¡s face

“now that I stared at you closer. You looks a lot like me at my young age. Who are you young lady” h£ asked hold!ng h£r [email protected] and $h£ felt th£ strange connection aga!n

“I’m….. I’m….. ” Octavia couldn’t f!nd th£ best word to say at that moment

“I got you! ” Mr Armstrong blurted ©vt mak!ng h£r breath£ ©vt

“I’m only exaggerat!ng. It’s nice meet!ng you and thanks for h£lp!ng ” h£ said

Octavia smile too and watch£d h¡m walked ©vt

“h£’s such a funny elderly man ” $h£ thought as $h£ disposed th£ cookies so $h£ wouldn’t be tempted to eat m©r£
Qu!nn smirked steal!ng glances at Octavia as $h£ prepared d!nner

$h£ got a prefect plan

$h£ hurried up with h£rs and arranged th£ master food on th£ tray

$h£ took th£ w!ne and ₱0ured it !nto th£ gla$$

$h£ h£ld it want!ng to place it on th£ tray but stop as $h£ stared at Octavia from beh!nd

h£r grip on th£ gla$$ t!ghtened and th£ gla$$ broke mak!ng Octavia looked [email protected]¢k and [email protected] see!ng qu!n [email protected] bleed!ng and pieces of broken gla$$ on th£ floor

“you are hurt” $h£ muttered walk!ng towards Qu!nn

“I’m f!ne” Qu!nn said mov!ng [email protected]¢k

“common I can see it and you aren’t f!ne. Let me h£lp you ” $h£ said

“I’m f!ne trust me ” $h£ smile and th£n frowned

“Brielle ….. !” $h£ called

“yes Qu!nn” Octavia replied

“can you h£lp me carry th¡s tray to master b£droom? ” $h£ asked and Octavia eyes widened

$h£ was try!ng to avoid Master

“you aren’t go!ng to h£lp me right?? ” $h£ asked s!nce $h£ wasn’t go!ng to reply soon

“I guessed its a no th£n. I should j√$t take it with my bleed!ng [email protected] ” $h£ mumbled

“no… no…. I will h£lp ” $h£ said and quickly went over to carry th£ tray

Qu!nn smirked as $h£ watch£d Octavia leave th£ kitch£n. $h£ wa$h£d h£r bleed!ng [email protected] and walked ©vt too

$h£ h£aded straight to Mabel’s room and knocked on th£ door

No response so $h£ proceeded and opened th£ door

h£r b©dy trembles as $h£ walked !n

$h£ saw h£r !n h£r b£d and immediately bow

“Ma’am Mabel. Master wi$h£s to see you !n h¡s b£droom” $h£ lied and Mabel face brightened up

h£r husband wi$h£s to see h£r

Was h£ miss!ng h£r below already

“what are you still wait!ng for. Get ©vt! ” $h£ roared to qu!n who quickly ran ©vt

“let’s see how th¡s would go”Qu!nn smile immediately $h£ got to h£r room

“Th¡s is ©vtrageous…….. Th¡s is blasph£my……how did Nathan gets to know of our deal…. and now h¡s one step ah£ad of me ” Nicholas said to Peter as h£ kept pac!ng round th£ room !n anger


Peter was h¡s PA wh£n it comes to h¡s people affair and decisions mak!ng

“I don’t know master” h£ said look!ng d©wΠ and at th£ same time trembl!ng

“you are th£ only one who was aware of my plans. How did it gets to Nathan ” h£ growled mak!ng Peter m©v£d [email protected]¢k

h£ looked super angry, h¡s wh0l£ b©dy was shak!ng from anger, h¡s shoulders were even tensed.

“you told that jerk my plans” h£ blurted ©vt and Peter eyes widened but soonest h£ cooperated h¡mself

“no master…i never did” h£ said !n h¡s best voice try!ng not to sound nervous

Nicholas kicked h¡s (peter) stomach times, h£ grabb£d h¡s neck and raised h¡m up, th£n slammed h¡m on th£ wall.

“don’t you fv¢k!ng lie to me , peter!” Nicholas growled at h¡m.

Peter couldn’t speak, Nicholas ‘s grip on h¡m was way too t!ght, even h¡s air lungs were s1©wly clos!ng up.

h£ balled h¡s fist and landed a few punch£s on h¡s face, disfigur!ng h¡s face already

“You piece of sh*t! You th!nk you can deceive me ?!” h£ snarled.

“I’m….. I’m sorry master” Peter said and cough ©vt blood

h£ suddenly kicked h¡m [email protected] and h¡s b©dy went fly!ng across th£ room, h£ hit a wall and [email protected] !n pa!n, th£n cough£d ©vt m©r£ blood

Octavia climb£d upstairs and stopped !n front of h¡s door and ₱u$h£d it open, $h£ stepped !n but !nstantly halted abruptly as h£r [email protected] flew to h£r m©vth.

h£r eyes j√$t saw what $h£ wasn’t expect!ng to see at all, $h£ felt swear roll!ng d©wΠ h£r face and can imag!ne how pale $h£ looked right now.

$h£ saw th£ master had h¡s [email protected] wr*₱ped t!ghtly at a man’s neck, h£ slammed h¡m aga!nst th£ wall…

$h£ has h£ard of h¡s anger but had never seen one.
h£ looked so angry with h¡s red eyes, as h£ t!ghtened h¡s grip on th£ woman’s neck.

h¡s grip on h£r must have been too t!ght, that h£r face was turn!ng blue already….if h£ cont!nued hold!ng h£r like that $h£’d die.

!nfact $h£ isn’t ready to witnessed h¡s anger

“you know th£ consequences of ly!ng to me right?? ” $h£ h£ard Master said

Nicholas rem©v£d h¡s grip from h¡s neck and h£ fell d©wΠ

Nicholas walked to a drawer and ₱v||ed it ©vt , h£ collected an electric whip and got up.

h£ admired th£ whip !n h¡s [email protected] and h¡s l¡ps curved up !n a smirk.

A [email protected] escaped from Octavia’s l¡p as $h£ saw th£ whip

Nicholas kept smirk!ng until h£ got to Peter who [email protected] bloody on th£ floor

Unaware to h¡m that Octavia was !n th£ room

“how ab©vt I ₱|@y with you a little before f!nish!ng you up” h£ said and la$h£s th£ whip on th£ floor

Peter felt h¡s spirit leav!ng h¡m. h¡s eyes widened wh£n h£ knew it was an electrician whip

“pleas.. e…. I’m ….”h£ couldn’t talk !nstead h£ cough£d ©vt blood . If th¡s whip lands on h¡m it’s gonna electrify h¡m

Peter folded h¡s swollen l¡ps on h¡s m©vth, but quickly released it because of th£ pa!n.

Th£ whip wr*₱ped peter sk!n, tears escaped Octavia eyes as $h£ quickly looked away

$h£ was th£ one th£ whip lands on yet $h£ felt some pa!ns.

Why will master be cruel

$h£ could h£ar h¡m s¢r**m very loudly,

$h£ looked up and saw master land!ng it on h¡m cont!nuously,

$h£ couldn’t bear it aga!n. $h£ dropped th£ food ¢ar£lessly on th£ floor and ran to th£m

Nicholas raised th£ whip but stop wh£n h£ saw someone !n h¡s front cover!ng peter

“please stop….. Stop already ” h£ h£ard h£r little voice

Tears rolled from h£r eyes and it weakened h¡m

“what are you do!ng h£re” h£ asked angrily but made sure to avoid h£r eyes

“please stop…. You are gonna kill h¡m” $h£ cried

“m©v£ away little queen ” h£ snapped ©vt as if $h£ j√$t provoked h¡m Octavia fl!nch£d but stood still

Nicholas h£ld h£r [email protected] and ₱u$h£d h£r to th£ b£d

$h£ [email protected] and sprang up immediately

$h£ ran to h¡m and wr*₱ped h£r little [email protected] @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t

“please stop” $h£ begged and it weakened h¡m immediately $h£ does that

“Get ©vt” h£ growled at Peter who sprang up and walked ©vt weakly

Octavia quickly let go of h¡s [email protected]¡$t and stared at th£ floor as $h£ kept swallow!ng [email protected]

Th£ tension !n th£ room is so thick, as Nicholas stared at h£r

It’s so suffocat!ng, or maybe Octavia f!nd it suffocat!ng.

Nicholas was scowl!ng and growl!ng, mutter!ng angrily under h¡s breath.

h£ ₱v||ed Octavia by th£ [email protected] and sat on th£ b£d caus!ng h£r to seat on h¡s lap. $h£ tried as much to avoid h¡s eyes as $h£ kept ₱|@y!ng with h£r f!ng£rs

“you shouldn’t be !nterrupt!ng me wh£n I’m tortur!ng my offender little queen ” h£ said mak!ng h£r gulped d©wΠ

“now I’m angry at you. You need to please me ” h£ said and ₱v||ed h¡s top ©vt of h¡s b©dy

“Touch me ” h£ commanded

“what! ” $h£ [email protected]

“Touch me already or I will go after h¡m” h£ ordered and Octavia felt cold sweat ran d©wΠ h£r face

Was h£ seriously blackmail!ng h£r

$h£ touch£d h¡s bare ch£st and h£ felt electrified as cold $h!verys ran d©wΠ h¡s sp!ne

No girl on earth has made h¡m feel th¡s way

“why is everyth!ng ab©vt you so Add¡¢ted ” h£ stared at h£r lvstfvlly

Octavia swallowed on h£r dried spit.

“maybe it’s because you got what I like” h£ said answer!ng h¡s own questions and $h£ raised h£r la$h£s

“I like girls with big butt and you got one. Maybe that’s why I f!nds you Add¡¢t!ng” h£ said and chukled

h£ h£ld h£r [email protected] and placed it @r0vnd h¡s neck

h¡s gaze m©v£d to h£r neck and h£ quickly slammed h¡s l¡ps on it caus!ng h£r to $h!very

Mabel glared maliciously at th£ mirror for th£ last time. h£r l!ngerie was short and reveal!ng

$h£ had no bra and [email protected] on. $h£ was h°t and s€×y

“I’m go!ng to give it to you [email protected] ” $h£ thought and sprang ©vt of th£ room

$h£ walked to h¡s room smirk!ng. Th£ joy of Nicholas s£nd!ng for h£r was so unbelievable

$h£ got to h¡s room and $h£ could h£ar some sounds like [email protected]

$h£ gently twisted th£ [email protected] and it made way



Neck klzz gone wrong🙄🙄🙄. What’s gonna happen now😳😳😳

Mr Armstrong and Octavia has th£ same allergies

How do you see reveal sister Benedict good bye letter. Why did $h£ say h£r grandmoth£r was th£ only one that can save Octavia now??


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