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The master addlction episode 30

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎

Chapter 30


“what have you done.. ” I asked walk!ng round Emmett who had been tied to a chair !n th£ dungeon

I stared at th£ guards who were placed at th£ entrance

I smile know!ng th£y won’t be able to h£ar my conversation with h£r. I know no one is allowed to come !n but I was able to come !n s!nce am part of th£ royal home and that’s why no one is ever go!ng to suspect I’m th£ master planner of everyth!ng

“I never knew th!ngs will turn ©vt th¡s way “Emmett said struggl!ng with th£ cha!n tied @r0vnd h£r b©dy

“Tell that to th£ woods not me”i spat ©vt

“Why will you let your fake daughter get pregnant for Nathan….?? “I barked ©vt

“Trust me… I never knew th£ pregnancy was for Nathan, I would have asked h£r to abort it……Mabel never told me anyth!ng, Now th£ plans has been ru!ned “$h£ lamented

“That fake daughter of yours is dumb……. Disgraced th£mselves openly……. “I said

“We are go!ng for plan B but before th£n I will let h¡s little queen tortured you a bit……. Don’t you forget I bought you !nto th¡s game…….i got you married to Mr Armstrong for my own !nterests……. “I said and frowned deeply

“S!nce I’m not happy, Bennett and h£r children will never been happy after tak!ng everyth!ng that belongs to me! “$h£ wh¡spered so th£ guards won’t h£re

“I will make preparations for you to leave h£re…… But that fake daughter of yours will be excluded from my plans….. I will also makes preparations to get Bennett ©vt of th£ privilege home….. It’s time $h£ knows I’m th£ master planner of h£r broken home….. $h£’s gonna be my plan B” I gr!nned

“wh£n I’m I leav!ng th¡s dungeon…….its suffocat!ng !n h£re”Emmett muttered

“Shut up and don’t piss me off………. Escap!ng h£re wouldn’t be a problem s!nce no one is gonna suspect me…….. But for not be!ng smart you’re gonna stay h£re for few days to get a little turtored from h¡s little queen ” I said and rubb£d my temple

” I’m sorry for my mistakes….. Immediately I get ©vt of h£re, I wouldn’t make m©r£ mistakes…. I will served you till th£ end of my span “Emmett said and I smile

“Good” I replied

“Granny go home. I’m not a kid…. Stop watch!ng over me”i blurted ©vt

“look @r0vnd you young lady…… Everyone is leav!ng th£ party already ” $h£ said and I smile

“Don’t tell me you are go!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ town th¡s night”i said and rolled my ears at Granny

“Young lady I can decide to leave for th£ night but I wouldn’t be do!ng that until I talk some s£nse !nto your daddy…… I believe your mum is still alive. Immediately everyth!ng is f!ne, I will !ntroduce you both to your dad……. You need to leave to your hostel….. You have cla$$es tomorrow “Granny said and I rolled my eyes at h£r

“I’m not a kid granny….. I haven’t had enough fun….. Don’t worry ab©vt me, I will spend th£ night with my boyfriend “I said and I watch£d h£r eyes widened

I smile watch!ng h£r reaction

“what?? ” $h£ snapped ©vt

“don’t give that looks Granny. I’m not a kid…. My sister is married……. Don’t I deserve to have a boyfriend?? “I asked and $h£ frowned

“Don’t you dare br!ng disgrace to me young lady…….. If you get pregnant…. I’m gonna kill you myself “$h£ threatened and my m©vth dropped open

“Th¡s is not fair granny but chill I don’t have a boyfriend “I said and $h£ h£aved

“you can have a boyfriend Chloe but a responsible one” $h£ said and my eyes widened

Granny j√$t called me Chloe and not young lady

A smile curved at th£ corner of my l¡p

“I’m gone”$h£ said and klzzed my foreh£ad before walk!ng ©vt

I twisted my m©vth as $h£ walked through th£ ma!n exist

“I love you Granny”i wh¡spered to myself

I [email protected] immediately someone wr*₱ped h¡s arms @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t

“fv¢k!! “I wh¡spered.. I didn’t both£r to turn s!nce I knew h¡s scent

“what a Casanova….! “I said jerk!ng h¡s [email protected] from my [email protected]¡$t and turned @r0vnd quickly

“Th£ night is long spend….. While not spend th£ rest of th£ night !n my mansion huh! ” h£ said and w!nked

I rolled my eyes…. If h£’s plann!ng to rape me th¡s night… It won’t work

“I hate you small p!n”i wh¡spered but to h¡s h£ar!ng

I [email protected] our loudly as h£ ₱v||ed me to h¡mself. h¡s h°t breath fann!ng on my face

“Have someone told you, you look m©r£ cute with your hair dyed gold”h£ said and I chuckled

“yeah….. I dyed my hair so no one will mistakes me as th£ir queen “I said. h¡s grip t!ghtened round my [email protected]¡$t as h£ ₱v||ed me m©r£ s1©wer

“With your hair dyed or not….. I can differentiate b£tweeΠ th£ queen and my demon”h£ said |¡¢k!ng h¡s lower l¡ps as if th£y are dried

With that be!ng said h£ slammed h¡s l¡ps on m!ne. I [email protected] !n shock and tried to ₱ush h¡m away but h£ was way m©r£ stronger than me. h£ klzzed me s1©wly and tender

I coundnt h£lp it, h¡s taste is h£avenly and a real def!nition of sweetness

h£ kept klzz!ng me, h£ tucked h¡s t0Πge deep !nto my m©vth mak!ng me open up. h¡s [email protected] ¢ar£ss!ng my [email protected]¡$t

h£ b¡t£ my lower l¡p caus!ng me to [email protected] slightly, it was soft and gentle

My [email protected] soon found h¡s face and kept it b£tweeΠ my palms, hold!ng it !n place and $h£ readily opened up for h¡m

My b©dy ignited like fire, mak!ng me want m©r£ and doesn’t want it to stop anytime soon . h£ broke up from klzz mak!ng me frown

“I’m leav!ng “h£ said tuck!ng h¡s [email protected] !nto h¡s [email protected] pocket and I watch£d h¡m walk away like a gentleman

“fv¢k “I wh¡spered touch!ng my l¡p and walked ©vt too

“Does it still hurts little queen “I smirked gett!ng up

“don’t talk to me. Davis is still little! “$h£ snapped ©vt cutely and yawned

I smile as I worn [email protected]¢k a Simple ©vtfit

“Challeng!ng me should be th£ last th!ng you th!nk of little queen “I mumbled but I got no reply

I turned and saw h£r f*st asleep already. I walked to h£r and placed a klzz on h£r ch£eks

“Thanks for mak!ng th¡s night…. th£ best”i added

I glared at h£r before mov!ng [email protected]¢k. I needed to see Gemma th¡s night
“easy…. Gemma”I said as $h£ hugged me t!ghtly. I know $h£ miss me s!nce it has been a while I visited

$h£ ₱v||ed from th£ hugged and h£ld my face and did th£ normal r©vt!ne. $h£ placed a klzz on my foreh£ad

“I love you “I said and $h£ nodded

I j√$t wi$h£d $h£ could talk…..

Wish $h£ will agree for me to take h£r ©vt of h£re.

“let’s go to b£d…. I will spend th£ night with you Gemma “I said and proceeded to make th£ mat

I did that !n a hurry and m©v£d [email protected]¢k to h£r. I h£ld h£r up and walked h£r to th£ mat. I [email protected] h£r gently on it and slept beside h£r

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“Maya give me [email protected]¢k my Miley ! ” Mabel s¢r**med ©vt

“address me as Ma’am Maya if you don’t want me to report to little queen “Maya snapped ©vt hold!ng th£ cat by th£ legs, turn!ng it upside d©wΠ

“You got a son to look after but !nstead you are tak!ng ¢ar£ of th¡s damn cat! “$h£ scoffed

“Shut up and stay ©vt of my bus!ness. I hate Kyle and h¡s fath£r. Th£y caused my d©wΠ[email protected]|| ” $h£ grunted and Maya chuckled

“I told you Mabel….. Now you will admit th£ fact that you aren’t smart…… S!nce I have witnessed your d©wΠ[email protected]||, I’m leav!ng th£ mansion already. Hope you change for good…. As for you cat, I j√$t brought a new dog and your cat is gonna be h¡s first food….. Take ¢ar£ Mabel” Maya uttered still hold!ng th£ cat by th£ legs

“moaw!! “Th£ cat wh¡skers ©vt

“You are leav!ng “Mabel asked

“yes I’m leav!ng….. I no longer want th¡s marriage….. Be a good maid and take ¢ar£ of your son Mabel”Maya said

“maybe little queen might have a reconsider you “$h£ said still hold!ng miley

“I’m ©vtta h£re”Maya said and walked ©vt with miley

“I’m tired of liv!ng! “Mabel blurted ©vt .$h£ [email protected]||s to th£ ground and tears kept [email protected]||!ng off h£r eyes
“my baby got dimples “Octavia smiled touch!ng Davis ch£ek

“j√$t so cute like your fath£r”$h£ uttered and Davis flu$h£d h¡s ch£eks as if h£ was h£ar!ng what momma was say!ng

“Your dad has gone ©vt th¡s morn!ng….. Wh£re did h£ go”octavia muttered worried

“little queen…! “someone called and $h£ stood up and ran to h¡m

$h£ [email protected] slightly as h£r legs still hurt

“Wh£re did you go”$h£ said hugg!ng master

“Miss!ng me… Huh! “h£ said

“I went to visit someone special “h£ said and $h£ frowned

“h£r name is Gemma and I’m tak!ng you and Davis to h£r”h£ muttered after break!ng from th£ hug

“klzz me little queen…! “h£ mumbled and $h£ blu$h£d. $h£ stood on h£r toe and planted a klzz on h£r l¡p

Th£ door opened immediately and $h£ m©v£d away

“My lady…. A guy named Andy is h£re to see you “Th£ guard said on h¡s knees with h¡s h£ad bowed

Louis and Chloe yah sighted

Maya is leav!ng

Octavia is go!ng to meet Gemma 🙄🙄

Who’s th¡s unknown 😪🤧🤧

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