The Master Addiction

The master addlction episode 31 – 32

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 31 and 32


My eyes dilated !n shock and my m©vth dropped open. Brow furroweds

“What did you say”I asked rath£r, my ears might have h£ard someth!ng else

“My lady…. A guy named Andy said is h£re to see you “h£ repeated. My h£ad sk!nned and frowned deeply

I only know of one Andy…… Who it be??

I stared at Master Nicholas who was glar!ng [email protected]¢k at me and I immediately gulped d©wΠ

“Take me to h¡m”h£ blurted ©vt and my eyes widened. What if it’s th£ Andy that I knew

h£ tried to walk ©vt but I quickly stood at h¡s front

“darl!ng why not look at Davis…….. I will sort it ©vt “I said stutter!ng abit. h¡s brows furrowed deeply as h£ stared at me

“I mean you can j√$t dress Davis up for th£ meantime and wh£n I’m [email protected]¢k I will dressed up too, so we could see your special friend “I said

“Get ready to be puni$h£d for s£nd!ng me @r0vnd….. “h£ muttered and I blu$h£d

I h£aved as h£ turned [email protected]¢k, h£ad!ng to wh£re Davis laid on th£ b£d

“Take me to h¡m”I said to th£ guard who was still kneel!ng

h£ stood up and I followed beh!nd as h£ lead th£ way
✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Octavia halted abruptly stopped, h£r feet wobble, h£r eyes widened as if it’s gonna ₱v|| ©vt of its socket

$h£ squ!nted h£r eyes at h¡m, as a surprised frown found its way to h£r face.

“Andy! “$h£ wh¡spered from th£ stairs $h£ stood , it was !ndeed th£ Andy $h£ knows

Not even !n h£r wildest dreams will $h£ imag!ned it

h£r feet m©v£d s1©wly to h¡m and Andy smile see!ng h£r

“Brielle ” h£ wh¡spered to h¡mself. Octavia got to h¡m and h£ did th£ unexpected

h£ hugged h£r mak!ng h£r [email protected]

“And…. ”

“Stay still !” h£ cut h£r off guard

“You don’t know how long I have waited for th¡s! “h£ uttered still hugg!ng h£r so t!ght

Octavia managed to ₱v|| free and m©v£d some meters away from h¡m

“Brielle I have missed you…. Why did you leave th£ orphanage home….. Why??…. You made me worried…. I have search£d everywh£re for you….. I have prayed for th£ day to have a chat with you “h£ said !n one breath and paused

h£ breath£d !n deeply and cont!nued

“I know I wasn’t able to tell you th¡s before but now that you are with me….. I won’t let th£ chance slide ©vt….. I love you Brielle…… Not j√$t an elderly broth£r love but I want you to be m!ne”h£ said mov!ng closer to h£r

h£ h£ld h£r face and h¡s breath fanned on h£r

“I love you Brielle, I always does even wh£n we were kid…..please be m!ne and let me take you from h£re” h£ said

“Andy… I’m… I’m married “$h£ stuttered after recover!ng from th£ shock of th£ revelation

“Damn! I know you aren’t happy with th£ marriage.That beast has forced you but I will take you ©vt of h£re and we will live happily ever after “h£ said still hold!ng h£r face. $h£ s1©wly withdraw h¡s [email protected] from h£r face and m©v£d away aga!n

“I’m not forced !nto th£ marriage, I love h¡m Andy. I love Master alot”$h£ wh¡spered

“Brielle…! “h£ tried walk!ng to h£r but th£ next voice th£y h£ard stopped h¡m

“A !nch closer will be your last breath “Th£ cool voice ordered

Andy raised h¡s h£ad and saw master. h£ balled h¡s fist and all h¡s anger came over h¡m.

“you moth£rfv¢ker! “h£ yelled and ran to wh£re th£ master stood and grabb£d h¡s shirt

Th£ guards and maidens who saw th¡s [email protected]

“fv¢k! “Master grunted and before Andy knew it, h£ was already on h¡s butt

“Beh£ad h¡m! ” h£ ordered to h¡s guards and Octavia [email protected]

“No…No! “$h£ shook h£r h£ad walk!ng to h¡m

“Don’t kill h¡m darl!ng…. Anyth!ng else but not death… Please, kill!ng is not an option remember ” $h£ wh¡spered !n shaken voice while squirt!ng h£r eyes

“little queen…. “h£ grunted and growled

Octavia dropped h£r face unable to stare at h¡s eyes that was now cold

“Tie h¡m up and flog h¡m with wipes til h£ pa$$ed ©vt” h£ ordered

Cold sweat ran d©wΠ Octavia face as th£ guards took Andy away

h£ shouldn’t have come and now $h£ can’t alter h¡s judgement

Master glared at h£r and sigh£d before walk!ng ©vt of th£ mansion


Octavia eyed th£ whip cautiously, h£r h£art b**t!ng f*st as th£ guards brought th£m ©vt

$h£ stood at h£r room balcony and watch£d Andy who was tied to th£ woods ©vtside

h£ was growl!ng and growl!ng try!ng to free h¡mself from th£ cha!n

Octavia immediately shut h£r eyes and looked away as th£ whip landed on h¡s b©dy as if $h£’s th£ one feel!ng th£ pa!ns

h¡s s¢r**m!ng made h£r stared [email protected]¢k, h£r eyes grew bigger and bigger as th£ whips kept land!ng on h¡s b©dy, $h£ couldn’t bear to keep h£r eyes opened.. so $h£ shut th£m.

$h£ was sweat!ng profusely and breath!ng h£avily as though $h£’s ab©vt to die.

“Argggggggh!” a very loud s¢r**m was h£ard, agoniz!ng growl left Andy’s m©vth as h£ broke free from th£ cha!ns.

“Oh my God! “Octavia let ©vt a cry as $h£ sees h¡m struggl!ng with th£ cha!n. $h£ couldn’t bear it aga!n and had to run [email protected]¢k to h£r room
“don’t tell me you are deaf…. Your baby is cry!ng Mabel”A maid said to Mabel who was at th£ w!ndow star!ng at th£ guy who was gett!ng puni$h£d by th£ guards

How $h£ loves do!ng that. Punish!ng h£r offenders and watch!ng th£m cry and [email protected] !n pa!ns

“That witch….. “$h£ grunted

“$h£ took everyth!ng away from me “$h£ wh¡spered to h£rself

“Your baby is cry!ng Mabel! “Th£ maid half yelled

“Shut up and m!nd your bus!ness!! “$h£ sh©vted

j√$t th£n th£ door burst opened and some guards and maiden walk !n

“$h£’s isn’t allowed to be left alone, th¡s shouldn’t repeat itself aga!n, $h£’s a treat and that’s why our lady has ordered us to keep a eye on h£r….. ” one of th£ maiden that j√$t walked !n said

Mabel balled h£r fist, not only be!ng a maid but $h£ was been watch£d too

$h£ would have killed Octavia if $h£ wasn’t watch£d with lots of maidens and guards

“strip h£r of h£r cloth£s and bath h£r….. $h£ doesnt deserve to have a privacy “Th£ maid said

Mabel m©v£d [email protected]¢k, $h£ hate th¡s…. $h£ hates to be stripped and bath£d

At least not from th£ maids that once worship under h£r feet

“Arghhhhhhh “$h£ s¢r**med as h£r dressed was torned

2pm…. ,Chloe Hostel ***

Chloe applied a little red l¡p gross on h£r l¡ps mak!ng h£r m©r£ h°t


$h£ was hav!ng afternoon cla$$es today and was happy h£r two roommates weren’t @r0vnd

$h£ picked up h£r bag and ch£ck h£rself ©vt before walk!ng ©vt of h£r hostel

$h£ opened h£r door and met with th£ face of louis

$h£ let ©vt a [email protected] and tried to shut th£ door but h£ h£ld it before $h£ could tried

“What are you do!ng h£re”chloe snapped ©vt

“is that even a greet!ng “h£ responded and Chloe rolled h£r eyes

“You should be hav!ng lectures !n thirty m!nutes I guessed. I can get you a ride you know “h£ said and Chloe rolled h£r eyes aga!n

“did I tell you I will be need!ng your ride?… And by th£ way how did it came to your awareness that I would be hav!ng cla$$es !n th£ next thirty m!nutes…. Have you been stalk!ng !nto my affairs ” $h£ blurted ©vt

Louis let ©vt a chuckle and $h£ frowned.

“what’s funny ” $h£ said

“you look gorgeous “h£ said star!ng at h£r short t!ght gown

“but someth!ng is miss!ng “h£ said star!ng at h£r face and sigh£d

“No earr!ngs……. You gonna look m©r£ pretty with earr!ngs on”h£ said and h£r eyes widened

“I don’t wear earr!ngs! “$h£ snapped ©vt

“you gonna be wear!ng one right now ” h£ said remov!ng th£ earr!ngs h£ had worn on h¡s ears

Don’t be surprised. h£’s a bad guy and anyth!ng is expected of h¡m

“What if I don’t?? “$h£ uttered. h£ smirked star!ng at h£r b©©b and |¡¢k!ng h¡s lower l¡p as if it’s dried

“Get ready for a b©©b s√¢k ” h£ said with a tone of seriousness mak!ng h£r gulped d©wΠ

“you wouldn’t try that right?? “$h£ asked with a h!nt of fright !n h£r voice

“You can challenge me” h£ replied and $h£ immediately grabb£d th£ earr!ngs from h¡s [email protected] mak!ng h¡m smirked

$h£ wore th£ earr!ngs reluctantly

“Much beautiful ” h£ wh¡spered, $h£ scoffed and wanted to kick h¡s gro!n but h£ caught h£r leg , $h£ glared at h¡m and snatch£d h¡s leg from h¡m.

“You’re so mean!” $h£ barked at h¡m.

$h£ march£d ©vt of h£r hostel. $h£ sighted a car some metres away and guessed it was h¡s car, $h£ walked to it and grabb£d th£ door, ₱v||ed !n open and slide !n.. th£n shut it with a bang.

h£ ru$h£d towards h£r, h£ stood ©vtside h£r w!ndow and wanted to talk to h£r, but $h£ w!nd up on h¡m.

h£ smirked and rounded th£ car, h£ got !nto th£ driver’s seat and turned to h£r.

“To my college !” $h£ commanded h¡m.

“Yes, ma’am” h£ replied and smirked

h£ started th£ car with©vt say!ng anyth!ng, h£ drove off.

Th£ ride to school was silent, Chloe kept rubb!ng h£r ears and [email protected]!ng. h£ got to h£r school and stopped th£ car

“Alright, thanks for rid!ng with me my demon ” h£ t£@$ed h£r but frowned see!ng blood com!ng ©vt of h£r ear h0l£ as $h£ kept giv!ng it a scratch .

“Stop, you’re go!ng to hurt yourself “h£ said stopp!ng h£r [email protected] from gett!ng to h£r ears

“I told you I don’t wear earr!ngs “$h£ half yelled

$h£ jerked h¡s [email protected] off and alighted from th£ car

“demon wait up…. ” h£ said and got ©vt of h¡s car, h£ leaned on aga!nst h¡s car…which made h¡m s£×ier and h°tter than h£ already is.

“you can rem©v£ th£ earr!ngs ” h£ yelled s!nce $h£ was far away
$h£ stopped and stuck ©vt h£r t0Πge at h¡m, th£n cont!nued walk!ng .

“I love you!”h£ sh©vted mak!ng h£r stopped walk!ng immediately and turned [email protected]¢k

h£r m©vth opened slightly as h£ saw h¡m creat!ng a h£art shape with my f!ng£rs.

h£ blew h£r a klzz.. th£n w!nked at h£r

“I love you, baby!” h£ sh©vted aga!n , call!ng some attention to th£m .

h£r face h£ated up but $h£ tried to hide it

“h£’s a Casanova, don’t expect love from h¡m” h£r h£ad said ,$h£ glared at h¡m for a m!nute before runn!ng ©vt

Octavia kept pac!ng round th£ room. It’s been some hours Master left and h£ wasn’t [email protected]¢k

“is h£ mad at me?? “$h£ thought and th£ door burst opened

“my lady….. Master request your pres£nce and that of little master !n h¡s park!ng lot….. h£’s tak!ng you both ©vt”

h£r h£art leaped for joy. $h£ stared at Davis who was [email protected]!ng on th£ b£d

$h£ smile, h£r baby wasn’t th£ cry!ng type

“ok” That came h£r response
Th£ ride to h¡s special place was so silent and $h£ kept steal!ng glances at h¡m

$h£ stared at Davis and th£n at Master

“Are you mad at me “$h£ asked f!nally break!ng th£ silence

“don’t talk to me little queen…. I’m still mad at you “h£ retorted star!ng [email protected]¢k at th£ road

“I’m sorry “$h£ said with squirt!ng eyes

“I’m still mad…! “h£ said and $h£ b¡t£d on h£r lower l¡p

h£ stopped th£ car and stared at h£r

“We will see my mom before go!ng to our special place ” h£ said and came d©wΠ of th£ car

Th£ Connor’s Suite**

Th£y opened th£ door to Mrs Connor room and as usual $h£ was sitt!ng beside th£ w!ndow knitt!ng

“mom” Master called walk!ng closer to h£r

“Why did you come h£re with h£r”$h£ retorted with©vt star!ng [email protected]¢k at th£m .

$h£ already saw th£m ©vtside h£r w!ndow

“you married h£r after know!ng $h£’s an illiterate…… You placed your fath£r !n your tortured chamber disobey!ng me…. Someth!ng that you have never done” $h£ said f!nally turn!ng to stared at th£m

“mom not now” h£ said

“won’t you see my h£ir…. My little k!ng”h£ said

h¡s moth£r walked to th£ baby !n h¡s arms and klzzed h¡s ch£ek

$h£ faced Octavia and scoffed mak!ng h£r grip onto master arms

“don’t you th!nk you have done m©r£ harm than good?? “$h£ asked

“mum…..! ”

“I know your true !ntentions towards my son…. Don’t you th!nk it’s time to confess ” $h£ said

“Confess?? mum stopped blabb!ng rubbish” h£ said

“$h£’s not a bad person…. I love h£r and $h£ will be educated before Davis coronation… Please love h£r too” h£ said

“of course I will”$h£ said and smile.

“I love you mom…..your knitt!ng are good too” Octavia f!nally said what was !n h£r m!nd th£ moment $h£ walked !n

Mrs Connor smile and did th£ unexpected. $h£ slapped h£r !nstantly with h£r [email protected]¢[email protected] which burst h£r l¡ps

“won’t you confessed what you did to my son………. h£ disobeyed me and locked up h¡s fath£r …..h¡s own fath£r “Mrs Connor blurted ©vt as tears dropped off h£r eyes

“why will you do th¡s mom”Master Nicholas asked furiouslyat h£r bloody l¡p

“Don’t you dare touch h£r aga!n” h£ warned

“let’s go… “h£ said wr*₱p!ng h¡s arms @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t


“does it still hurt “Master asked Octavia and $h£ shook h£r h£ad

“I’m f!ne “$h£ responded

h£ stared at h£r swollen l¡p and doubt if $h£’s f!ne.

Th£y both came ©vt of th£ car and Octavia stared @r0vnd

“What’s th¡s place?? “$h£ asked

“it’s an privileged home…. ” h£ replied and $h£ frowned

Master com!ng to a privilege home…. So unbelievable

“let’s go !n” Master said and $h£ nodded
“Gemma, my son is cute right”Master w!nked as Gemma kept star!ng at th£ baby $h£ carried

$h£ nodded and stared [email protected]¢k as Octavia

A tears escaped h£r eyes. Octavia ru$h£d to h£r quickly and wiped it off

“cute women don’t cry…. Stop cry!ng ma’am ” $h£ said touch!ng h£r ch£eks

$h£ felt pity for h£r know!ng $h£’s dumb. $h£ wondered what $h£ might have pa$$ed through

Gemma picked up h£r notepad with shak!ng [email protected] and started writ!ng

Octavia and Nicholas both stared at h£r as $h£ wrote on th£ book

$h£ turned it to only Master Nicholas

“Excuse me with your wife”

That was written on th£ notepad. Master frowned but th£n nodded

h£ clench£d h¡s jaw and carried Davis from Gemma before walk!ng ©vt

Gemma kept star!ng at Octavia and with shak!ng [email protected] ₱v||ed Octavia earr!ngs from h£r ears

Octavia stood still watch!ng h£r, h£r earr!ngs were rem©v£d by Gemma and $h£ watch£d h£r wear!ng it !nstead

It wasn’t even up to a m!nute and Gemma started scratch!ng h£r ears. Octavia eyes widened as blood dropped from h£r ears

$h£ [email protected], th£ same th!ng happens to Chloe too

h£r eyes widened as $h£ nodded

“My child”Gemma f!nally spoke mak!ng h£r m©r£ shocked

“my child “$h£ said aga!n and hugged h£r. Th£y hugged t!ghtly as th£y both started cry!ng

Th£ next day ****

Octavia walked !nto th£ dungeon that was some metres far away from th£ mansion

h£r h£art was h£avily loaded

“how dare you Emmet” $h£ cursed under h£r breath

h£r b©dy was tensed and one could tell $h£ was angry

$h£’s go!ng to !nterrogate Mrs Emmet today and give h£r some tortures

“I’m gonna kill h£r myself “$h£ muttered as $h£ walked !nto th£ dungeon alone
“how did I forget “Maya muttered as $h£ saw Octavia walk!ng !nto th£ dungeon

$h£ placed h£r belong!ngs !n th£ boot

“leav!ng with©vt tell!ng h£r is cruel of me”$h£ said and sigh£d

“it’s best I say goodbye to h£r”$h£ added and walked to th£ direction of th£ dungeon


Octavia sqv££sed h£r eyebrows as $h£ saw all th£ guards [email protected]!ng !n th£ir pool of blood

“what’s go!ng on ” $h£ said walk!ng deep !nto th£ dungeon.

$h£ [email protected] wh£n $h£ didn’t see Mrs Emmet. Only th£ cha!n could be seen on th£ floor and th£ wh0l£ place was connected with someth!ng like……. a bomb !

“are you look!ng for me! “someone said beh!nd h£r and $h£ turned

$h£ [email protected] see!ng Emmett and….. Oh my God!!

h£r [email protected] covered h£r m©vth as $h£ saw th£ oth£r woman

“surprised huh! ” Th£ oth£r woman smirked

“You!! “$h£ asked f!nd!ng it [email protected] to believe

“I know you are surprised but !n th£ next five seconds you will be died”Th£ woman said star!ng at th£ bomb

“you are responsible for everyth!ng?? “Octavia asked as tears fell off h£r eyes

“Shoot h£r….. So $h£ will be dead before burn!ng h£r alive by so do!ng everyone will th!nk it’s an accident ” Emmett gr!nned and th£y both laugh£d

Octavia shook h£r h£ad as th£ woman po!nted th£ gun at h£r

Tears fell off h£r eyes cont!nuously

Th£ woman ₱v||ed th£ trigger and geez!!

Octavia fell and thought $h£ was died. $h£ felt no pa!ns but !nstead a weight on h£r

$h£ opened h£r eyes and [email protected] as $h£ saw Maya on top h£r

“Brielle… “Maya called as blood gestured ©vt of h£r m©vth. $h£ h£ld unto h£r ch£st as h£r eyes lid became too h£avy

“fv¢k!! How did $h£ get !n ” Th£ two women exclaimed and immediatelyth£ ma!n door started shak!ng

“Someone is com!ng….. Let’s leave h£re….. Th£y both will die anywh£re wh£n th£ bomb exploded…. Let’s get ©vt before we get caught ” Mrs Emmet ranted and th£ oth£r woman nodded

Th£y both took th£ w!ndow and jumped ©vt

“common Maya, open your eyes….. Please j√$t for once “Octavia cried

Maya tried to keep h£r eyes opened but $h£ couldn’t hold on

“leave….. with©vt…. me….. ” Maya stuttered and cough£d ©vt blood

“I won’t make it…… F!nd…. a…. way and escape…. “$h£ said breath!ng h£avily

“stop say!ng that…. You won’t die…. You won’t die”octavia kept cry!ng as Maya laid on h£r legs

“take ¢ar£ of yourself…… “$h£ said and f!nally shut h£r eyes

h£r [email protected] sl¡pped freely from Octavia grip

“Noooooo! ” Octavia s¢r**med. Th£ door break d©wΠ and almost immediately th£ dungeon exploded


La h°t😇😇😇

Who saw th¡s com!ng???

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