The Master Addiction

The master addlction episode 33 – 34

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 33 & 34


A week, Th£ Connors Hospital**

“f!nd h£r! turned th£ city upside d©wΠ and f!nd h£r”i yelled at my guards. I gripped on th£ shirt of th£ one stand!ng closed to me

“f!nd Emmett and h£r culprit!!. F!nd th£m! ” I growled and let go of h¡s dress s£nd!ng h¡m fly!ng across th£ ward

I stared at th£ rema!n!ng guards. I could see th£ fright !n th£ir faces.

“get ©vt!! ” I growled at th£m all. Th£y all bowed before walk!ng ©vt

I dipped my [email protected] !nto my hair rough!ng it. A week of empty search

Emmett j√$t disappeared!

I signed and sat beside little queen who still looks pale. A week of successful surgery and $h£’s still unconscious.

“Wake up little queen” I muttered star!ng at h£r face and smiled weakly.

$h£ would have burnt if I haven’t come to th£ dungeon on time

“I know you’re strong, wake up for our baby. I love you so much” I said, cupp!ng h£r face with my palm.

“wake up for Davis okay”i mumbled before [email protected]!ng beside h£r.

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Master Nicholas felt a [email protected] roam!ng on h¡s hair. h£ bl!nked h¡s eyes severally gett!ng a clearer view

Three doctors ru$h£d !nto th£ ward !n a hurry and Master stood up and shifted aside

Octavia was breath!ng h£avily with h£r f!ng£rs mov!ng

“What’s happen!ng?” h£ asked impatiently and almost immediately Octavia eyes opened

“little queen “h£ muttered rush!ng to h£r. Octavia tried to get up but h£ h£r still

[email protected] d©wΠ still” h£ mumbled still hold!ng h£r. Octavia stared at h¡s face mak!ng h¡s h£art b**t

Yeah! Th£ doctor talked ab©vt bra!n trauma due to th£ shock of how $h£ pa$$ed ©vt

But on th£ second note, th£ doctor said $h£ would be f!ne after th£ surgery, s!nce it wasn’t that serious

“you remember me right?? “Master Nicholas asked star!ng at h£r face for answers. Octavia stared @r0vnd !nstead

Master h£ld h£r face as tears dropped off from th£ corner of h£r eyes

“don’t fv¢k!ng tell me you don’t remember me!! ” h£ uttered ₱v||!ng h¡s [email protected] from h£r face and dipp!ng h¡s left [email protected] !n h¡s hair

Th£ doctors shifted away from h¡m as th£y see h¡m growl!ng and grunt!ng

” Wh£re’s Maya?” Was th£ first th!ng $h£ mumbled

“Wh£re’s Maya” $h£ said m©r£ loudly

A smile curved at th£ corner of h¡s l¡p,

“$h£ remembered ” h£ wh¡spered and hugged h£r t!ght

“Thanks for wak!ng up for us, for me” h£ said

“Wh£re’s Maya I need to see h£r right now” $h£ said weakly
“calm d©wΠ little queen…….. ” h£ replied and hugged h£r aga!n.

“Wh£re’s Maya” $h£ asked as tears started fail!ng off h£r eyes


Mrs Emmett entered th£ Master Mansion from th£ [email protected]¢k gate with th£ h£lp of a guard that was h£r accomplice

“Wh£n is $h£ com!ng?” Mrs Emmet asked th£ guard, gett!ng unbearably impatient

$h£ h£ld unto th£ scarf $h£ was us!ng to cover h£r face

“h£re” th£ said, po!nt!ng at wh£re Mabel was stand!ng

“My baby” Mrs Emmett muttered

“Mum” Mabel replied

Mabel took j√$t four steps !n runn!ng to h£r before jump!ng on h£r like a kid and hugged h£r t!ghtly

“Mabel” Mrs Emmett smiled, hold!ng h£r t!ghtly to h£rself

“I miss you mum” $h£ mumbled ₱v||!ng free from th£ hug

“my baby ” $h£ muttered touch!ng h£r ch£eks

“th¡s is h£ll mum……i hate be!ng a maid…… I hate it h£re, I wanna get ©vt of h£re” Mabel said almost break!ng d©wΠ

“I will get you ©vtta h£re… But th£ problem h£re is your son…… I can’t possibly carter for you both” $h£ said and Mabel b¡t£ on h£r lower l¡p

“I don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt Kyle and h¡s fath£r…. Th£y caused my d©wΠ[email protected]||….. I don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt h¡m” $h£ said !n th£ tone of anger

“are you sure you won’t quit and come [email protected]¢k to h¡m…… Won’t you turn your [email protected]¢k on me, for your son?? ” $h£ asked

“never mom….. I’m ready to stand by you. You know I love you right? ” Mabel said and Mrs Emmet gr!nned and p!nch£d h£r nose

“let’s get ©vt of h£re….. ” Mabel muttered and gripped on h£r [email protected]

Mabel looked [email protected]¢k at th£ mansion and sigh£d

“I guess you will survive alone…. Kyle” $h£ wh¡spered to h£rself before walk!ng ©vt
Golden College *****

Chloe peeped on h£r phone and rolled h£r eyes as $h£ saw Louis message

$h£ stared at th£ lecturer and th£n [email protected]¢k at h£r phone, anoth£r message came up !nstantly mak!ng h£r [email protected]

“I’m !n cla$$…. ” $h£ typed f*stly and s£nt [email protected]¢k to h¡m

$h£ switch£d off h£r phone and payed rapt attention to th£ lecturer


Chloe sigh£d as $h£ saw Louis lean!ng on h¡s car ©vtside th£ college gate

h£ w!nked and $h£ rolled h£r eyes

“have been wait!ng for two hours now” Louis said and p©vted

“Can’t you see I was !n cla$$?” $h£ asked me [email protected]¢k.

“a klzz would have been preferable for a compliment…… Your l¡ps are tempt!ng though ” h£ said and ₱v||ed h£r closer to h¡mself

“klzz me! ” h£ said !n a tone of order

Chloe scoffed and ₱u$h£d h¡m off

“stop th!nk!ng of klzz!ng me! ” $h£ growl throw!ng h£r [email protected] !n th£ air

“I love you baby! ” h£ muttered !nstead

“stop be!ng a flirt and take me home ” $h£ mumbled

“anyth!ng for my demon ” h£ said and opened th£ car for h£r

$h£ entered and h£ walked to th£ oth£r side. h£ opened th£ driver seat and entered
“Wh£re are you tak!ng me to?? ” Chloe suddenly asked as Louis ch£cked directions

“my house! ” h£ replied still focus!ng on th£ road

“Wait a m!nute….. Are you plann!ng to rape me? ” $h£ asked mak!ng h¡m smirked

“I know you will be so sweet and fit for me” h£ replied and h£r eyes widened

“what a pervert… Stop th¡s damn carand dropped me” $h£ snapped ©vt

“stop gett!ng paranoid… I’m j√$t gonna stop at my mansion and get a swimm!ng truck….. We are both go!ng for swimm!ng…. It’s h°t you know ” h£ said and Chloe f!nally let go of th£ breath $h£ was hold!ng

After some m!nutes ride, th£y got to h¡s mansion and th£ gate spilt opened

h£ drove !n and Chloe stared !n awe

It was so h*g£ and beautiful…….mak!ng h£r wondered if it’s j√$t h¡m liv!ng !n th£ mansion

$h£ quickly frowned not want!ng h¡m to see $h£ admired h¡s mansion

Th£y both came d©wΠ and Louis lead th£ way to th£ entrance

A girl was seen at th£ entrance with a guard and Louis sqv££sed h¡s eye brow see!ng h£r

“What are you do!ng h£re Lydia ” h£ said

Lydia smiled and walked closer to h¡m, hold!ng an envelope

“h£y baby, you’re gonna be a fath£r soon” Lydia said

“What are you talk!ng ab©vt” louis said

” stop th£ act!ng….. We both know you fv¢ked me raw th£ last time……. I haven’t been too well….. I went for test and it was confirmed I’m a month pregnant…. Th¡s is th£ result “$h£ said [email protected]!ng an envelope to h¡m

Cold sweat ran d©wΠ h¡s sp!ne, sweat beads covered h¡s foreh£ad and h¡s h£ad became messed up

“I can go for test with you right now if you want” Lydia said

Louis swiftly looked [email protected]¢k and saw Chloe still stand!ng beh!nd h¡m ,

Chloe immediately looked away as h£r feet started to wobble

“oh….. Is $h£ th£ new slut…! ” Lydia asked and gr!nned
Chloe b¡t£ on h£r l¡p and balled h£r fist by h£r side.

” I’m Lydia h¡s long last!ng slut and soon to be h¡s baby mama ” $h£ said and w!nked at h£r

Lydia scoffed but th£n Chloe smirked

“Useless slut are you not gonna say anyth!ng ?!” $h£ snapped at h£r.

“I’m not h¡s slutand I like th£ fact that you acknowledge yourself as one” Chloe retorted

“well….. I don’t have much to say to you. I don’t waste my time talk!ng to an !nfected soul with an empty bra!n ” $h£ paused and stared [email protected]¢k at Louis who star!ng at th£ floor

” I’m ©vtta h£re ” Chloe huffed and snapped h£r feet on th£ floor before walk!ng ©vt
A tears escaped from Chloe eyes as $h£ walked d©wΠ th£ street. $h£ was some meters far Away from h¡s mansion

h£r brows knitted togeth£r, $h£ felt h£r ch£st t!ghten!ng as though someone’s j√$t stabb£d me.

“why cry!ng?? ” $h£ wh¡spered wip!ng h£r tears. $h£ felt so hurt and $h£ wondered why

“h£’s not even my boyfriend. C’mon Chloe…… Get a grip of your self”$h£ added still walk!ng

“I should go see my sister…. $h£’s go!ng through alot”$h£ mumbled and sniffed

All of a sudden, a car stopped !n front of h£r. Some men came ©vt of th£ car and before $h£ knew it, a [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£r month

A cloth was placed on h£r nose and before $h£ knew it, h£r vision became blurry


Everyone stood as th£ priest said th£ prayers on Maya grave

Octavia j√$t watch£d everyth!ng go!ng on. $h£ wasn’t cry!ng….

$h£ faced th£ Sandy floor unable to stared at Maya grave yard

h£r h£art was h£avily loaded.

“I killed Maya” $h£ thought and that !nstance th£ tears started dropp!ng

Maya shouldn’t have died. $h£ shouldn’t have gone to th£ dungeon alone

All th¡s was h£r fault

Th£ priest said th£ last prayer and everyone started dropp!ng th£ir flowers

Guilt covered h£r as $h£ couldn’t bear to get a flower

“$h£ saved you…. Won’t you show appreciation ” $h£ h£ard a voice beh!nd h£r

With©vt look!ng at h£r side, $h£ knew it was Granny

“Maya is one rare soul….. May h£r soul rest !n peace “Granny said and Octavia sniffed so [email protected]

“I can see you have a lot to tell me…. I will wait till wh£n you are ready…… ” Granny said and immediately $h£ hugged h£r t!ght

“I killed Maya…. I’m th£ reason $h£ died…… $h£ sacrificed h£r life for me. I killed h£r grandmum” $h£ muttered cry!ng so [email protected]


My eyes opened s1©wly, though my vision is a bit blurry because of th£ brightness !n th£ room.

A short [email protected] left my m©vth as I felt my h£ad pound!ng.

“Oh, th£ queen is awake!” I h£ard someone exclaimed loudly.

Try!ng [email protected] to make my eyes adj√$t to th£ brightness, I lifted my h£ad and saw some b©dy built men !n th£ room

“Your majesty, it took you longer than I expected to wake up” one of th£ guard said mak!ng me sqv££se my eyebrow.

Th£ door opened and a lady walked !n. $h£ frowned star!ng at me

“Th¡s is not th£ master wife…! Th¡s is h£r sister” $h£ snapped ©vt

“But…… th¡s is th£ girl !n th£ picture ” one of th£ guard said star!ng at th£ picture

“you fool….. Can’t you see th£y are identical ” $h£ uttered walk!ng to me and I narrowed my eyes at h£r.

“What do you want from my sister ?” I asked h£r.

“I want h£r dead….. ” $h£ said

“And why will you want my sister dead?? ” $h£ asked

“shut up and let me f!nish ” $h£ growl

“First $h£’s th£ weakness of th£ master……kill!ng h£r will hurt h¡m and that’s what I want.” $h£ said and I scoffed

“I would have let it go if Andy had love me but !nstead h£ chose h£r….. h£ chose h£r over me” $h£ ranted

“if you [email protected] your [email protected] on my sister…… You will be so dead…. That I can a$$ure ” I said and $h£ laugh£d ©vt loudly

“save yourself first” $h£ muttered and I looked d©wΠ at myself and realized I’m cha!ned aga!nst a pillar

I shook my h£ad. “You’re a fool” I said.

!n a snap h£r [email protected] was firmly wr*₱ped @r0vnd my neck, chok!ng me.

“Repeat what you j√$t said!”$h£ growled.

I [email protected] for air s!nce I couldn’t breath£ . $h£ let go of my neck and turned [email protected]¢k to th£ guards

“Go to th£ funeral.. F!nd h£r sister and wh£n you do…. Kill h£r! ” $h£ said mak!ng my eyes widened

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Granny j√$t left Octavia who was still cry!ng at Maya grave yard

$h£ placed a call to Chloe but it wasn’t go!ng through mak!ng it th£ eleventh yes h£ would be call!ng h£r.

$h£ frowned see!ng some men from a hidden corner po!nt!ng a gun at somewh£re

$h£ traced it and [email protected] see!ng th£ gun po!nt!ng to Octavia

“my grandchild” granny mumbled and walked to th£ place th£y were hid!ng

$h£ got to th£m and attacked th£m from beh!nd us!ng h£r leg to hit off th£ gun from th£ one that h£ld it

“fv¢k! ” Th£y grunted and turned [email protected]¢k !n shock

“how dare you !nterrupt us… Old witch” one that seems like th£ir leader said

“I won’t sit and watch you kill my grand child… Who s£nt you? ” $h£ uttered and th£y all burst !nto laughter like a lunatic

“And what strength do you have to ©vtstand us?? ” Anoth£r asked

“Who’s com!ng for me! ” Granny uttered ball!ng h£r fist ready to give a punch

“I can see you choose to die…. Very well th£n ” one of th£ men said and walked closer to h£r br!ng!ng ©vt a knife

Granny clench£d h£r jaw while round!ng th£ circle with h¡m

h£ ran to h£r ready for a snab. Granny bent over and dodged it. j√$t wh£n h£ turned over to attack h£r aga!n, Granny threw a punch at h¡s face fly!ng h¡m ©vt of wh£re th£y were hidden

“Who’s next?? ” $h£ said wav!ng h£r [email protected] for th£ rest to come


Ph£w 🤧🤧🤧

What a long break

Gabby is f!nally [email protected]¢k 😆😆😜😜😜

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