The Master Addiction

The master addlction episode 36 – 37

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 36 & 37

Not edited…. Beware from errors


I freeze as little queen [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd my neck hugg!ng me t!ghtly to h£rself

“your mum…. $h£’s th£ culprit ” $h£ said aga!n hid!ng h£r face on my shoulder and I could h£ar h£r soft sobs

My mom…….. Unbelievable! . Granny cough£d mak!ng me turned my gaze towards h£r

“I should give you both your privacy….. ” $h£ said and walked towards th£ door.

h£r leg wr*₱ped @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t hold!ng me as if I’m gonna run away

I shut my eyes and took a deep breath£. I took steady pace to th£ b£d and [email protected] h£r gently on it.

I took th£ duvet and cover h£r up

“get some rest little queen “I muttered strok!ng h£r ch£eks

“I will call th£ doctor to ch£ck on you ” I said and h£r face dropped

“you’re gonna be f!ne. You will get over th¡s trauma….. I promise ” I muttered aga!n and placed a klzz on h£r l¡p

“you don’t believe me….. ” $h£ asked and I looked away

“Get some rest…… I will be [email protected]¢k “I muttered. I stood up, adj√$t!ng my shirt before walk!ng ©vt .
I got to th£ rooftop and stared at th£ own of New Zealand

From th£re I could see th£ beauty of New Zealand. Th£ city that I have ruled for years…

I have ruled my bloody….. I have loved lots of love !nnocent people….. I don’t deserve to lived and be called a great master

I reach£d for my phone and dialed a number that picked up immediately

“Prepare a flight to Ireland …… I’m leav!ng tomorrow morn!ng ” I spoke !nto th£ phone

I waited for h¡s response before end!ng th£ call

✍️Authoress gabby pov ✍️


m©r£ tears rolled d©wΠ Alicia ch£eks as $h£ stared at Andy’s pale sk!n [email protected]!ng on th£ hospital b£d

“I warned you….. You wouldn’t listen ” $h£ mumbled cry!ng and at th£ same time us!ng h£r f!ng£rs to $tr*me h¡s face

“You chose to love h£r but $h£ couldn’t save you…….. $h£ stood th£re and let’s h¡s guards to use h¡s whip on you……, ” Alicia said sobb!ng so [email protected]

“$h£’s cruel…… Th£y are all cruel and everyone of th£m will pay dearly for th¡s……. I will revenge my moth£r’s death and also th£ pa!ns you want through….. I’m gonna destroy th£ royal home start!ng from h£r sister…….. $h£’s gonna feel th£ pa!ns of loos!ng someone $h£ ch£rish…. ” $h£ mumbled !n pa!ns and agony

Th£ HIDE©vt *****

Blood gestured ©vt of Chloe stomach. $h£ opened h£r m©vth slightly [email protected]!ng for air

“I wanted to f**k you to death but your bad m©vth!ng made it m©r£ easier” Th£ man snapped ©vt ¢rov¢h!ng d©wΠ to h£r aga!n

“Go f*ck your moth£r!” $h£ s¢r**med as $h£ cried hold!ng on th£ knife !n h£r stomach

h£ roughly grabb£d h£r hair and $h£ spat on h¡s face.

“you got guts…… But I’m j√$t gonna watch you die s1©wly….. ” h£ said

Chloe swallowed [email protected] know!ng $h£’s def!nitely gonna die….. h£r eyes narrowed to th£ gun !n h¡s stomach

$h£ stared at h¡m and s1©wly m©v£d h£r [email protected] to h¡s pocket

h£ seems to be unaware as h£ stared at h£r bloody face…… $h£ quickly ₱v||ed th£ gun and po!nted it to h¡s d!¢k and !n a quick m©v£ $h£ ₱v||ed th£ trigger

Before th£ rest guards could be reiterate $h£ sh°t th£m all

$h£ kept shoot!ng th£ wh0l£ room with©vt stopp!ng…… $h£ f!nally stopped and threw th£ gun away

“Arghhhhhhh!! ”

$h£ stared at th£ man who was roam!ng on th£ floor hold!ng h¡s d!¢k

“Arghhhhhhh!! ” $h£ s¢r**med ₱v||!ng th£ knife from h£r stomach

Blood ₱0ured ©vt like water as $h£ [email protected] $h£ ₱v||ed h£r top and h£r bra came to view

$h£ torn it before wr*₱p!ng it round h£r stomach. $h£ stood up weakly and stared at th£ guards who was [email protected]!ng on th£ pool of th£ir own blood

h£r feet weakened as $h£ walked ©vt s1©wly. $h£ twisted th£ knob of th£ door and it opened

With©vt look!ng [email protected]¢k $h£ ran as f*st as $h£ could

$h£ kept runn!ng and soon $h£ was gett!ng tired but $h£ kept do!ng it, runn!ng f*st despite th£ cold that’s ga!n!ng entry !nto h£r [email protected]£d b©dy

Tears rolled ©vt of h£r closed eyes d©wΠ h£r ch£eks and $h£ cont!nued runn!ng with closed eyes

h£r feet was so weakened and $h£ couldn’t run anym©r£

“Arghhhhhhh…! $h£ [email protected] [email protected]||!ng to th£ ground
“Shit!, wh£re’s $h£…! ” Louis uttered driv!ng speedy d©wΠ th£ lonely path

h¡s hair was messy.

“$h£’s fv¢k!ng not pick!ng ” h£ muttered still focus!ng on th£ road

“$h£ not even !n h£r hostel! ” h£ grunted still star!ng at th£ road. It was gett!ng late

h£ kept driv!ng roughly and halted abruptly stopped th£ car

“holy moly!! ” h£ exclaimed see!ng a b©dy [email protected]!ng on th£ road

“fv¢k!! ” h£ said jump!ng ©vt of h¡s car

Cold $h!verys rolled d©wΠ h¡s sp!ne as h£ came closer to th£ b©dy [email protected]!ng on th£ road

“my demon ” h£ mumbled [email protected]||!ng on h¡s knees.

Tears gestured d©wΠ h¡s ch£eks see!ng h£r b©dy…… It was almost unrecognizable

With©vt h£sitation h£ carried h£r !n h¡s [email protected]

Chloe could perceived h¡s scent, [email protected], pres£nce but $h£ wasn’t able to open h£r eyes, it’s burn!ng and h£avy

“my demon” h£ wh¡spered aga!n and that’s all $h£ could h£ar before $h£ lost consciousness
Master Nicholas stopped h¡s car at h¡s moth£r residence. h£ walked !n with a straight face, ignor!ng all th£ greet!ngs that came from th£ guards and maids immediately th£y saw h¡m

h£ got to h¡s h¡s moth£r room and th£ guards who stood beside it bowed see!ng h£r
Th£y m©v£d away from th£ door and h£ opened it

h£ shut th£ door beh!nd and lean on it.

h£ watch£d h¡s moth£r sitt!ng beside th£ w!ndow knitt!ng as usual

h£ watch£d h£r for some m!nutes before tak!ng s1©w steps towards h£r

h£ got to h£r and hugged h£r from beh!nd, [email protected]!ng h¡s h£ad on h¡s shoulder

“Son….. “Mrs Connor called and smile

$h£ tried to turn but Master Nicholas h£ld h£r firmly

“Stay still moth£r” h£ said

h£ took a while before h£ released h¡s grip on h£r and $h£ smile turn!ng @r0vnd to stay at h¡s son

“Son…. ” $h£ called cupp!ng h¡s ch£eks with h£r eyes filled with love and affection

“I love you ” Master Nicholas said suddenly and hugged h£r aga!n

“Tell me whatever you want mom….. I promise to do it” h£ said after ₱v||!ng from th£ hug

“I don’t want anyth!ng son…… j√$t set your fath£r free” h¡s moth£r said and tears escaped h£r eyes

“is that all….. “h£ asked star!ng at h£r face

“I don’t want your broth£r free but your fath£r will be sad see!ng h¡m !n th£re….can you set h¡m free also” $h£ asked

Master Nicholas breath£d !n and h£ld h£r face

“I’m gonna do anyth!ng for you mom………….. I will set th£m free before leav!ng for Ireland tomorrow morn!ng ” h£ said and h¡s moth£r frowned

“Are you leav!ng??? ” $h£ asked

“yes moth£r……..for a bus!ness trip ” h£ said and $h£ nodded s1©wly

“come h£re” h¡s moth£r said and th£y both hugged each oth£r
Octavia woke up and sat up breath!ng h£avily and sweat!ng profusely

“What a bad dream ” $h£ muttered touch!ng h£r foreh£ad

“Nicholas died……. Unbelievable! ” $h£ muttered and j√$t th£n th£ door opened and Master Nicholas walked !n

h£ walked to h£r and smile. h£ sat beside h£r and ₱v||ed h£r to h¡mself

“you’re awake…. How are you feel!ng?? ” h£ asked

“worst….! ” $h£ muttered and Master klzzed h£r foreh£ad

“All would be f!ne soon…. You’re gonna get over it, little queen ” h£ muttered and $h£ p©vted h£r cute l¡p

“I’m leav!ng for Ireland tomorrow morn!ng ” h£ said star!ng !nto space

Octavia eyes widened and $h£ hugged h¡m t!ghtly

“Why are you travel!ng ” $h£ asked

“I’m go!ng for some urgent bus!ness…. I will be [email protected]¢k immediately I’m through ” h£ said and h£r h£art started rac!ng

“please don’t leave…. I’m hav!ng a weird feel!ng……. I j√$t had a dream and you died” $h£ mumbled

“I’m s¢ar£d I’m gonna lose you ” $h£ said and ₱v||ed h£r f!ng£rs !n h¡s hair fondly

Master Nicholas broke th£ hug and stared at h£r face. h£ breath£d !n and ₱v||ed h£r !nto h¡s lap

“I know I’m gonna die soon…. I got a lot of enemies….. I have killed lots of people and th£ wages of s!n is death “h£ said and Octavia quickly crossed h¡s l¡p with h£r f!ng£rs

“you are not gonna die….. ” $h£ said

“you are gonna live for Davis and I…… We are gonna raised th£ h£ir togeth£r ” $h£ muttered and Nicholas shook h¡s h£ad

“promise me you’re gonna be strong and be a good moth£r to Davis….. Promise me you gonna rule my people until Davis comes of age…… Promise me you will teach Davis how to rule well…… Promise me h£ won’t kill like me…… Promise me !n all, you’re gonna live for me” h£ said cupp!ng h£r ch£eks

“you’re scar!ng me?? ” $h£ muttered star!ng at h¡s eyes see!ng determ!nation

“I love you.. ” h£ said and a tears escaped h¡s eyes

Before $h£ could reply h£ slammed h¡s l¡p on h£r. h£ klzzed h£r as if it’s gonna be h¡s last time klzz!ng h£r l¡ps

Master Nicholas stared ©vt of th£ jet w!ndow as th£ plane took off.

It’s so early for anyone to be hav!ng a flight right now but th¡s is what h£ wanted and no one can alter it

“live for me…. Little queen ” h£ muttered

All of a sudden th£ jet started shak!ng veh£mently, stuffs started [email protected]||!ng @r0vnd.

Peter h¡s personal a$$istant ran to h¡m….. h£ knelt and bow

“Master….. Th£ jet.. th£ jet” h£ stuttered

“Bloody speak up!”h£ yelled.

“Th£ jet is crash!ng….. We’re gonna crash ” Peter blurted ©vt

Octavia woke up breath!ng h£avily aga!n.

$h£ had th£ bad dream aga!n. $h£ looked at th£ side of th£ b£d and found it empty

“h£’s gone…..! ” $h£ mumbled and almost immediately h£r phone rang

$h£ picked with shaken [email protected] as sweat rolled from h£r hair

“Th£ master…….. h¡s jet….. h¡s jet cra$h£d” Th£ unknown person said and th£ phone sl¡pped off h£r [email protected]


Everywh£re is h°t


If not complete I won’t post th£ next chapter…… Th¡s chapter is long to say someth!ng ab©vt

You guys are discourag!ng me and I might likely stopped th£ story 🤧🤧🤧

I’m human….. I will typed with hours j√$t for some readers to ghost on it. It hurt I swearz

It’s seems th£ story is now bor!ng…. Should I stop???


Love you all

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