The master addlction episode 38

(his last wife)

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Chapter 38

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Mrs Bennett Armstrong (also known as Gemma)

She kept struggling with the chains….. She has been tied for good two days and it’s so suffocating for her

Her mouth has been tied up too making it more suffocating

The door burst opened suddenly and some guards walk in with Emmett and Mabel

The guards station behind the closed doors while Mabel and Mrs Emmet walked closer to her

“Gross….! is she Octavia mum! ” Mabel asked Mrs Emmet staring at her disgusting body

“Their mum…. ” Mrs Emmet corrected

A smile curved at the corner of Mabel lip staring at Mrs Bennett

“just wow….We got her mother under us……. That’s great! ” She said staring at the woman chain up to the chairs

Mrs Bennett smile widely and took a stool and sat down facing her

“Guards…… Loose up the tie from her mouth! ” She ordered the guards

She watched as a guard moved to Mrs Bennett and removed the tied

She breathed in heavily and out from her mouth

“finally breathing….. Huh! ” Mrs Emmett said and Mabel

“Why are you doing this……. What wrong have I done to you ” Mrs Bennett asked as tears gestured down her cheeks

“You parted my homes….. You caused my children separation…… You destroyed my family and yet kept me hostage…… Aren’t you cruel…….. I never did anything to you …!” Mrs Bennett spat out as more tears kept falling

“oooh…… You think am after you?” Mrs Emmett asked and frowned

She stood up and pushed the stool to the corner and started encircling her

“I’m just a woman looking for how to survive……. I’m not the one after you!….. I never planted myself in,side your home…… Someone else did! ” She blurted out and Mrs Bennett mouth parted

Who else would be after her?…… She isn’t the one that goes about offending everyone……

“Who else will make me go through this… ” She muttered but clearly enough for everyone in the room to hear

“someone you knew very well…. ” Mrs Emmett said

She shut her eyes trying to remember if she has hurt anyone

“someone I’m closed to…… Who is that?? ” she asked no-one in particular

“I’m the one….. ” Someone said and Mrs Bennett raised her head to where the response came from

She gro-ned from the pains of the chain as she moved her gaze to the person who spoke

Her mouth parted, her eyes w¡dened, cold shivers ran down her spine, her heart started racing rapidly

“Julinna..! ” She called still staring at her full with awe

“Mrs julinna conners” She corrected and came into full view

“You!! ” Mrs Bennett asked unable to recover from the shock

“Surprised…. Huh! ” Mrs Conner’s asked.

She pulled a chair and sat at her front. She opened her bag….. Brought out her knitting materials before handling it back to the guards

“Don’t be surprised Bennett… ” Mrs Connor said as she started knitting

Suddenly Mrs Bennett burst into laughter

“it’s this a joke or what?……You after me,,,,,, so unbelievable!! ” Mrs Bennett blurted out

“Don’t be fooled Bennett…! ” She said. She stopped knitting and stared at her face

“Yeah!……i truly love you like my blood….. We came a long way together……i wish we were sisters and even promise to betrothed my son to your daughter so we could be a family……… That’s how much I love you ” Mrs Connor said

“And you know I love you too…….. ” Mrs Bennett uttered and she smiled weakly, moving her gaze back to what she was knitting

“Everything would have been perfect if you never introduced your boyfriend to me” Mrs Connor said and Mrs Bennett frowned
What has Fred has to do

“You remembered when you introduce Fred to me as your boyfriend…… I told you I feel attracted to your boyfriend…… A feeling that I have never felt before” she added

“Why are we going back to the past…… You feel something for my boyfriend back then because he was your betrothed…… We found out and you both got married….. I let it go and also found my betrothed and afterward we all lived happily ever after……so why doing all this?” she asked and Mrs Connor giggled

“Fairytales!” Mrs Connor muttured

“everyone would have lived happily ever after if my husband could let go of the love he had for you…! “She barked making Mrs Bennett shrieked

“Everything would have gone so fine if he had love me instead” She muttered and tears rolled down her face

“But instead he hated me more for separating you both…….. He hated me for being his betrothed….. He hated me all because of you…. ” She said and wiped off her tears

“Do you know what hurt most?? ” She said and stared at Mrs Bennett face who was sobbing already

“it hurt most on how you come to me telling me of the love your new founded betrothed had for you…… How he love you despite the fact that you couldn’t bear him a child…… He loves you so dearly and you were proud of it, rubbing it on my face……… You were able to move on but my husband could, he loves your curves and everything about you drives him crazy.. ……Our marriage was without happiness, even my son had to grow up without his father’s love…… My became a womanizer and I became a loner….” She said and sniffed

“But you were happy….. Happy of your marriage …..i couldn’t bear it anymore and that’s why I planted Mrs Emmet to destroy your marriage….. I wanted you to feel the pains I was going through…… I wanted you to suffer too…… I hate you Bennett….. I hate your guts and everything that has to do with and as long as I live you and your family won’t fine happiness…. ” She muttered and stood up

“You’re evil…… He was never my fault, I moved on and I was expecting him to do the same…… You’re cruel, if I haven’t heard this from you, I wouldn’t have believed….. I love you like my own…… It’s this how you chose to pay me! ” Mrs Bennett said and Mrs Connor smirked

“I’m gonna torture you to death Bennett……That I can promise ” she said and stared at Mrs Emmet

“Torture her… ” he ordered and with that been said she took her bag from the guards…. She put her knitting into it and taking one look at her, she walks out

AT THE HOSPITAL *****************

“wake up my demon” Louis said and cupped Chloe cheeks.

It’s been a day after her surgery and she’s still in coma….. Her chances of waking up is very poor and they just had to wait if a miracle will happen

“Why do I care for you this much ” Louis asked still cupping her cheeks

“I feel something that I have never felt for any other girl…… What did you do to me little demon ?” He mumbled

“You need to wake up or I’m gonna rape you…! ” He said and chuckled at his own words

If Chloe was to hear this, he’s sure she’ll wake up

The door of the ward opened and Granny rushed in


Louis has called earlier

“My Chloe” she muttered

“my young lady……. ” He said getting closed to her and Louis had to moved away

“Who did this to you……. I’m gonna ripped his or her throat, who did this to my grand child? “She asked Stroking her hair gently

“you’re a brave girl…… Wake up for your Granny and sister…… You know I love you right” Granny asked the pale Chloe

She cupped her cheeks and k-ssed her forehead

The sound from the television set distracted her and she looked up. Her eyes w¡dened at the healine
“Master found died after his private jet exploded ”

Louis stared at the television set and his eyes w¡dened

“Not Nick……. Not my best friend! “He uttered and within the twinkle of the eyes he ran out of the ward

Granny couldn’t moved……

“What’s happening ” She muttered

Chloe laying in the hospital bed pale and she’s very sure Octavia would be crying right now

Why the masters?

How is she gonna consoled Octavia…….

“something isn’t right! ” she uttered


I opened my eyes slowly and immediately tears gestured out

I blinked my eyes severally trying to have a clear view. I remembered passing out

My nick can’t died. He’s strong

He’s gonna lived for me and Davis instead…….

“my child…! ” I heard a voice and raised my head to see him

My dad!

He called me his child……. Did Granny finally tell him

“my daughter ” He said and I could feel his warm hands on my cheeks

“I know I’m a bad father……. I haven’t been there to watch you and your sister grow up…. I let Emmett manipulates herself into our home….. I’m not worthy to be called your father…… Please my child forgive me…. ” He said

“Yeah it’s late already but I can’t bear the pains of my daughters hating me…. Please forgive me, let me be the father I was never to you….. ” He said and ivstood up from the bed I laid and jumped on him

I encircled my hand around his neck holding him so tight

“dad….. !” She cried h-rder

“My husband isn’t dead…… He can’t leave me and Davis….., He can’t! ” She sobbed

“my child…… Everything would be fine…. It will all be over” He muttered stroking her hair


I stared at from the window staring outside. Davis is presently with the nanny taking care of him.

I don’t want this for my son….. the pains is so overwhelming that I can’t even take care of my own son

Anytime I stared at him, I see his father….. It’s still hurt and I refused to believe my husband is died… He can’t died, not now that I needed him most

“My lady…..! ” I heard a voice and slowly turned to see a guard who was on his knees with his head bowed

“Master Mom and some of the elders request your present downstairs ” The guard said

I breathed in and shut my eyes….. I knew a day like this will come….. When i had to face the Elders but she wasn’t expecting it to be this soon

“Take me to them” I muttered

I followed the guards behind as we made way out of my room…… We kept walking until I climbed downstairs

I saw her in the midst of the elders and frowned. I got to them and she was the first to rushed to me

“you daughter of Jezebel… You killed my son! …..” she said wanting to pull me by my hair but I was quick to hold her hands and jerked it away making her gasped


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