The Master Addiction

The master addlction episode 39 – 40

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 39& 40

Not edited…. Beware from errors.

✍️by authoress gabby pov ✍️

A little smirked dis₱|@yed on Octavia face as Mrs Connor eyes widened

“I killed my husband?….. Is that th£ news you came h£re for ” Octavia asked and clench£d h£r jaw

Mrs Connor was still !n shock as $h£ sp!n h£r h£ad to h£r right

“unbelievable….. ” $h£ muttered and stared [email protected]¢k at Octavia

“amaz!ng…… Everyth!ng is j√$t cool…… My quiet moth£r !n law is now gonna show h£r real self…… Isn’t everyone j√$t great ” Octavia said and chuckled on h£r own words

“I can’t believe you’re say!ng th¡s to me? Isn’t because my son is died.. Huh? ” $h£ asked and one could tell $h£ was ab©vt to cry

$h£ turned to face th£ elders as a tears escaped h£r eyes

“our queen is show!ng who $h£ truly is…… $h£ killed my son….. My only son” $h£ said sobb!ng [email protected]

“It wouldn’t be surpris!ng if you are beh!nd h¡s death……. ” Octavia said beh!nd h£r not m!nimiz!ng h£r words

Mrs Connor l¡p parted h£ar!ng what $h£ j√$t said

Mrs Connor turned quickly and stares !nto h£r eyes. If only stares can kill….. h£rs would have killed Octavia

“I have had enough of you…… ” $h£ said rais!ng h£r !ndex f!ng£r at Octavia

“You’re gonna live th¡s house….. You are a suspect of my son accident and you will be taken by th£ elders for some question!ngs” $h£ said

Octavia clapped h£r [email protected] and started encircl!ng h£r

“you are fvll of surprises…… Moth£r!” Octavia said emphasiz!ng th£ word moth£r to h£r loudly

“and what will happen to my son….. Th£ h£ir” $h£ asked stopp!ng !n front of h£r and star!ng directly to h£r face

“Th£ h£ir can stay but you w…… ” $h£ couldnt f!ni$h£d h£r statement as Octavia cut h£r off

“listen…. ” Octavia said rais!ng a f!ng£r at h£r

“I won’t seat and watch you separate me from my son….. ” Octavia uttered

“Yeah…! I know I didn’t grow up h£re !n th£ city…. I didn’t have a chance to go to college and I haven’t know m©r£ ab©vt th¡s ruil!ng stuff.. But I won’t let you manipulate th£ rules govern!ng th¡s city…. ” $h£ said and turned to face th£ elders

“I’m gonna rule till my son becomes of age….. That’s th£ wish of my husband and I’m gonna fulfilled that… “$h£ blurted ©vt and Mrs Connor turned to h£r

“A woman rule!!….. Unbelievable ” $h£ blurted ©vt

“My elders…… Is th£re anyth!ng wrong for th£ h£ir moth£r to rule !n repres£ntative of h¡s son? “Octavia said fac!ng th£ elders

“of course…. Th£ moth£r that birth th£ h£ir can rule !n repres£ntative of h¡s son” One of th£ elders spoke up

“Good…. ” Octavia said and face Mrs Connor

“I will be !ntroduced as th£ ruler soon and please I won’t be lenient with you…. ” $h£ said and a guard walked !n

h£ knelt and bowed before h£r

“My lady….. Mr Conner and Nathan is ab©vt to be released ” h£ said and Octavia frowned

“Who authorized it?” $h£ asked !n a tone of anger with h£r h£ad raised high and h£r shoulder tensed

“Th£ master did before h¡s death….. ” th£ guard replied

“That order will no longer hold…. I’m th£ new Master h£re and I gives orders…. Mr Conner and Nathan will be [email protected] to th£ officers for proper punishment…….. We won’t take laws !nto [email protected] anym©r£…. That’s th£ f!nal judgment for those two culprit….. ” $h£ said and cold $h!verys ran d©wΠ Mrs Connors h£ad

“What! ” $h£ blurted ©vt unknow!ngly

“do you have a problem with that……” $h£ asked Mrs Connor who r!nd it [email protected] to speak

“what are you wait!ng for….. Go do th£ needful! ” $h£ told th£ guard

“on it my lady…. “h£ responded and walked ©vt

“I th!nk our conversation h£re is done….. Everyone can depart from th£ mansion… I will leave you all now” $h£ said and Mrs Connor walked much closed to h£r

“it’s not yet over”.$h£ replied and brused h£r shoulders on h£r before walk!ng ©vt


Octavia was walk!ng through th£ hallway wh£n $h£ h£ard a voice mixed with th£ cry of a baby from a corner

$h£ sqv££sed h£r eyebrows and walked to th£ direction of th£ cry

“stop cry!ng Kyle…. Would you “Th£ h£ad of maid said cuddl!ng th£ baby !n h£r arms

“What’s go!ng on h£re…. ” $h£ asked calmly beh!nd h£r.

Th£ h£ad of maid staggered abit before turn!ng s1©wly to stare at h£r

“I asked aga!n… What’s go!ng on…. Did you j√$t give birth? “Octavia

“not at all my lady…… ” $h£ said and went on h£r knees

“Th¡s is Mabel son…… $h£ left th¡s mansion leav!ng h£r son beh!nd ” $h£ responded and Octavia [email protected]

“How can a moth£r has th£ h£art to do th¡s.. ….Thats very awful of h£r” $h£ muttered

[email protected] h¡m over” $h£ said and th£ maid reluctantly [email protected] Kyle over

“h£’s cute… ” $h£ said touch!ng h¡s ch£eks

“Go meet th£ nanny…. Tell h£r to br!ng Davis to me !n my room…….i miss my son” $h£ added before walk!ng ©vt with Kyle !n h£r arms
“fv¢k! What do you mean $h£ escaped and you’re j√$t tell!ng me now…… Gosh! I need to leave th¡s city before anyone founds ©vt I masterplanned it”Alicia said over th£ phone

$h£ ended th£ call and slammed h£r phone on th£ wall

“Gosh! “$h£ mumbled

Th£ fact that Andy is still [email protected]!ng d©wΠ on th£ hospital bay battl!ng with h¡s life angered h£r

Not only was h£ flog half dead but h£ also had a tragedy accident that faithful day

$h£ stared d©wΠ at h¡m and as usual h£ wasn’t mov!ng. $h£ shut h£r eyes t!ghtly

Th£ h£avily breath!ng $h£ was h£ar!ng made h£r snapped th£ eyes opened

“Andy! ” $h£ wh¡spered and ru$h£d to h¡m. Th£ doctor came !n almost immediately and $h£ m©v£d away, so th£ doctor could attend to h¡m

h£ took also thirty m!nutes before th£ doctor could revived h¡m [email protected]¢k to life

“Miss Alicia…. See me !n my office now” Th£ doctor said before walk!ng ©vt

“What’s wrong..?” $h£ asked worriedly follow!ng th£ doctor beh!nd

Th£y got to h¡s office and th£ door was slammed beh!nd after th£ir entry

“What’s wrong with h¡m doctor “$h£ asked impatient

“I’m sorry to say th¡s….. h£’s gonna wake up for sure but h¡s memory won’t be !ntact aga!n….. Th£ !ncident affected h¡s bra!n ” Th£ doctor said

“what do you mean doctor…? ” Alicia asked as h£r m©vth parted

“h£ susta!ned memory loss…. “Th£ doctor blurted ©vt

“what’s h£’s chances of rega!n!ng h¡s memory aga!n? ” $h£ asked impatiently

“to be s!ncere… It’s very low and I can’t even tell if h£ would ever rega!n it” Th£ doctor mumbled

“oh m!ne! ” $h£ exclaimed and stood up

“I will be [email protected]¢k doctor! ” $h£ said and ru$h£d ©vt

Immediately $h£ was ©vtside, $h£ s¢r**med ©vt loudly and anyone pa$$!ng at that moment might th!nk $h£ has completely lost it

“Gosh! ” $h£ mumbled

“I need to prepare our flight to leave h£re and start a new life…… Togeth£r” $h£ muttered before walk!ng away

“Should we go on anoth£r round?” lens asked after gett!ng d©wΠ with lydia for th£ second time today. h£’s th£ one Lydia has been see!ng and also th£ one who impregnated h£r

“Don’t even start, it still hurts you merciless boyfriend” $h£ replied and lens laugh£d, putt!ng on h¡s [email protected] th£n com!ng [email protected]¢k to place a klzz on h£r l¡ps

“I’m so sorry baby, I’ll go easy th£ next time” h£ w!nked and $h£ hit h¡m

” I should start go!ng…. I don’t want my baby fath£r to suspect anyth!ng ” $h£ said

“h£’s foolish to th!nk h£’s th£ fath£r…….seriously h£ got fooled easily….. Sure get go!ng, that’s th£ only means our child can have a good life” h£ replied

“Immediately I’m f!nancially stable…… You stop with th£ pretence” h£ said

“sure…. Anyth!ng for you baby” $h£ replied and m©v£d to h¡m before plac!ng anoth£r klzz on h¡s l¡p

Lydia stood up and hurried !nto th£ bathroom to have h£r bath
Louis stared at Chloe and a smile dis₱|@yed at th£ corner of h¡s l¡ps

It a good th!ng $h£ has waken up….. h£ has spoken to Granny ab©vt allow!ng Chloe to stay with h¡m for th£ meantime and Granny has accepted

“my demon….. ” h£ muttered strok!ng h£r hair

“easy demon! ” h£ said as $h£ came ©vt of th£ car

“hop !n!” louis said bend!ng over for Chloe to climb h¡s [email protected]¢k

“I’m not dead….. I can still walk” $h£ uttered and rolled h£r eyes

“I miss your stubbornness….. I swear” h£ said and Chloe rolled h£r eyes aga!n

“Now hop !n…. Stubborn demon! ” h£ said and Chloe hit h¡s [email protected]¢k before hopp!ng !n

“easy! “$h£ muttered rest!ng h£r h£ad on h¡s [email protected]¢k

“it’s my responsibility to take ¢ar£ of you…! ” h£ said as th£y walked !nto th£ mansion

“your wish! ” $h£ responded [email protected]¢k

Th£y got to th£ liv!ng room and met th£ view of Lydia on th£ [email protected] watch!ng movies

Lydia stood up and scoffed see!ng Chloe on h¡s [email protected]¢k

“What is $h£ do!ng h£re” $h£ blurted ©vt

“is my house and you can’t tell me who to br!ng h£re! ” h£ blurted ©vt mak!ng h£r swallowed [email protected]

“you might be pregnant with my son but that doesnt give you any right towards me” h£ said and Chloe gripped t!ghtly on h¡m

“immediately th£ child is born….. I will pay you and you gonna get your miserable self ©vtta my house… I don’t need nuisance ” h£ muttered and tak!ng one glance at h£r, h£ walked ©vt


“Wh£re’s h¡m” Octavia muttered gett!ng up from th£ b£d

“My Nick..” $h£ wh¡spered and looked at h£r side but h£’s not th£re

“Wh£re’s h£?” $h£ wondered and got up from th£ b£d

$h£ came d©wΠstairs and can perceive th£ smell of muff!ns !n th£ air as $h£ walked to th£ kitch£n

Nick is right th£re, h¡s [email protected]¢k on h£r, def!nitely cook!ng.

$h£ frowned…… Wh£re’s th£ maid and why is h£r husband cook!ng???

$h£ smiled and admired h¡s [email protected]¢k figure for a while, |¡¢k!ng d©wΠ on h£r l¡ps as $h£ stared at h¡s cute abs and biceps

$h£ walked s1©wly to h¡m and hugged h¡m from beh!nd, rest!ng h£r h£ad on h¡s [email protected]¢k

“little queen ” Master Nicholas said

“darl!ng ” $h£ replied and Nicholas faced h£r

“Why are you cook!ng….. Wh£re’s th£ maids….. Wh£re’s everyone !’ $h£ said but h£ smiled !nstead

“I s£nt everyone on a work… I wanna spend some time with my little queen…. I made th¡s all for you ” h£ said and h£r face brightened up

” I love you darl!ng ” $h£ said and stood on h£r toe and klzzed h¡m deeply

h£ w!nked and $h£ |¡¢ked h£r l¡ps after th£y broke it

Th£y both blu$h£d star!ng at each oth£r

” Your l¡ps is too tempt!ng, damn!, I can’t resist it” h£ said, lean!ng !n for anoth£r klzz, deeper than th£ first
” Destroy my l¡ps darl!ng !’ $h£ said !nb£tweeΠ klzzes. Master Nicholas chuckled and broke th£ klzz

“I love you so much Nick, don’t leave me ok?” $h£ said and Master Nicholas smiled

” I should be tell!ng you that cos I have no plans to do that, I love you to th£ moon and [email protected]¢k” h£ replied sweetly and $h£ hugged h¡m t!ghtly

Th£y stayed that way and soon $h£ felt h¡m fad!ng away !n h£ arms

$h£ broke th£ hug and saw h¡m fad!ng away

“bye little queen….. Always remember that i love Davis and you….. I’m always with you ” h£ mumbled and Octavia shook h£r h£ad

“no don’t leave me…. You promise me not to….. Please darl!ng!! ” $h£ cried but Nicholas has already faded away

“No oooooo!! ” $h£ s¢r**med and woke up from h£r slumber. $h£ sat up and stared @r0vnd

“it’s j√$t a dream” $h£ muttered breath!ng h£avily as sweat dripped d©wΠ from h£r hair

“Nicholas is dead…… Stop dream!ng Octavia! ” $h£ muttered slapp!ng h£r ch£ek

Yeah !

How times flies

It’s four years already……. Four years with©vt any attack from evil ones

Four years of ruil!ng th£ people

Four years of hop!ng to see th£ Master and be told h¡s death was a fault new but it seems it was an impossible dream

Four years of look!ng for h£r moth£r!

Four years of rais!ng Kyle and Davis alone

Don’t be surprised…. $h£ raised Kyle like h£r own. h£r phone vibrated and $h£ jumped d©wΠ to pick it from th£ table

$h£ stared at th£ unknown number before pick!ng it up reluctantly

“h£llo….. ” $h£ said but no response from th£ oth£r end

“who’s th¡s…. ” $h£ asked rough!ng h£r hair

“h£llo….! ” $h£ uttered loudly and rem©v£ th£ cellphone from h£r ears and stared at it

$h£ frowned see!ng it’s th£ same number that has been call!ng h£r s!nce th¡s four past years with©vt speak!ng

$h£ grunt and ended th£ call

S!nce th¡s four pa$$ years th¡s number has been call!ng with©vt talk!ng

“Gosh!! ” $h£ uttered and threw th£ phone away

“mummy!. Mummy!! ” came a loud voice from th£ door. $h£ turned to see Kyle and Davis

Th£y have both grew beautifvlly and m©r£ [email protected]

“my babies” $h£ muttered giv!ng th£m both a hug

“Momma can you believe th£ people at th£ orphanage home was pleased with our gift…. Th£y were so happy ” Davis spoke up

“Yea mummy…. Th£ smile on th£ir faces made me smile too” Kyle

“high five” Davis said and th£y both c|¡¢ked [email protected] togeth£r

“I love you both…. so much !” $h£ muttered rough!ng th£ir hairs

“we love you too mummy! ” Th£y both said and hugged h£r

“oh momma…. before I forget a maid was br!ng!ng !n th¡s for you but I !nsist to br!ng it !nstead ” Davis said break!ng th£ hug and br!ng!ng ©vt an envelope

“what’s th¡s… ” $h£ asked tak!ng it from davis

h£r [email protected] shaken as $h£ opened it. h£r eyes widened see!ng th£ write up on it



E plenty 😌😌.

I try small. How times flew🤧🤧. Four years already

Andy….. Memory lost🤧🤧

Alicia 🙄🙄

Lydia 😏😏😏

Chloe has f!nally waken up 😘😘

Who else love how Octavia spoke to Mrs Connor??

Who s£nt th¡s anonymous message??

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