The Master Addiction

The master addlction episode 41 – 43

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 41, 42 & 43

Not edited…. Beware from errors.

✍️by authoress gabby pov ✍️

Th£ letter fell off Octavia’s [email protected] and $h£ stared at Davis and th£n at Kyle

“my mom…… ” $h£ muttered star!ng at th£ letter.

“mummy…. is everyth!ng okay? ” Davis asked and Octavia force ©vt a smile

“I’m f!ne son.” $h£ said and h£r gaze traced th£ cloth£s h£ worn to see it sta!ned

“Geez…! What happened to your cloth£s ” $h£ asked and looked at Kyle cloth£s too but it wasn’t sta!ned

“It’s chocolate… Mum” h£ replied and h£’s moth£r frowned

“holy h£avens Davis!….. Who gave you chocolate !” $h£ uttered

“uncle gave it to me! ” h£ blurted ©vt mak!ng Octavia frowned m©r£ wonder!ng if $h£ got a broth£r

“uncle?? ” $h£ asked aga!n to be sure

“yes mummy….. h£ alway comes to visit me at school and luckily I saw h¡m at th£ orphanage home today and h£ gave me th£ chocolate “h£ said !n one breath mak!ng Octavia b¡t£ h£r lower l¡p

“Tak!ng chocolate from strangers…… Is that what I have been teach!ng you Davis…! “$h£ asked

h£ p©vted h¡s m©vth and shut h¡s eyes

“I’m sorry mummy….. I promise not to take anyth!ng from strangers ” h£ replied and knelt on th£ b£d

h£ h£ld h¡s mom both ch£eks and cupped it s1©wly

“I promise not to disobey you…. My little queen ” h£ said as a smile escaped th£ corner of h¡s l¡p

Tears almost dropped ©vt of Octavia’s eyes wonder!ng how h£ got to know th£ name

“lemme go clean myself up “h£ said like a big boy and run !nto th£ bathroom

“stubborn like h¡s dad” $h£ muttered and turn to Kyle who had been star!ng at th£ir drama all th¡s while

$h£ carried h¡m from th£ b£d and placed h¡m on h¡s lap

“can I ask someth!ng mum? ” h£ asked

“of course my love bug ” Octavia said and h£ smile. h£ so much love that name

“mummy I’m I truly your son?” h£ asked suddenly mak!ng Octavia [email protected]

“love bug…! Wh£res that com!ng from? “$h£ asked strok!ng h¡s hair

h£ folded h¡s little arm on h¡s ch£st and shook h¡s h£ad

“you give Davis all th£ attention most of th£ times…..Thats why” h£ snapped ©vt and Octavia breath£d ©vt

“That’s not true love bug…… Momma love you so much and you know that” Octavia said and h£ nodded

“I’m sorry mummy…. For be!ng jealous ” h£ said bit!ng h¡s lower l¡p

“come h£re baby “$h£ said and hugged h¡m t!ghtly

Th£y broke th£ hug and Kyle rested h¡s h£ad on h£r ch£st

“I love you so much….. Never, never doubt that! ” $h£ mumbled strok!ng h¡s hair

Davis came ©vt of th£ bathroom towel dry!ng h¡s h£ad

“I thought th£ bathroom is now your new home?” Kyle asked still ₱|@y!ng games on Octavia’s second phone

“Whatever…… wh£re’s momma?”Davis asked !nstead throw!ng th£ towel on th£ b£d .

“$h£ went ©vt”Kyle replied.

“Momma is busy th¡s days…… I wish I could h£lp and lift some burden off h£r shoulders ” Davis said and !nhaled deeply

Kyle stood up and covered th£ space b£tweeΠ h¡s broth£r

“Yeah… I noticed that too, Momma might be go!ng through lots, I pray God put a genu!ne smile on h£r face …….soon” Kyle muttered
j√$t almost immediately Chloe burst th£ door open. $h£ stood at th£ entrance scann!ng th£ wh0l£ room.

“aunt Chloe!” Th£y both s¢r**med runn!ng towards h£r with th£ir arms wide opened

“Easy! ” $h£ muttered dropp!ng h£r [email protected] bag and lift!ng th£m both !n h£r arms

“Gosh! Th¡s stubborn dudes has added m©r£ weight “$h£ [email protected]

“you’re lazy! “Davis said pok!ng h£r nose

“Wh£re’s your momma??” $h£ asked

“$h£ went ©vt” Th£y both chorused

“Ouch…! ” $h£ muttered and dropped th£m

$h£ rolled h£r eyes and placed h£r !ndex f!ng£rs on h£r ch£eks

“S!nce Momma went ©vt……. You both should dressed up lemme take you ©vt! ” Chloe blurted ©vt and th£y both s¢r**med
Octavia came ©vt of th£ car and j√$t th£n h£r phone vibrated

$h£ picked it up and saw an unread message that popped up at th£ screen

“I’M |ns!de Th£ BUILD!nG FAC!nG YOU” Th£ message read and $h£ !nhaled deeply

$h£ was tak!ng a risk but $h£ didn’t m!nd….. $h£ j√$t wanna f!nd th£ir moth£r

$h£ s£nt a message across to Louis s!nce h£’s th£ only one $h£ !nformed


Th¡s four years….. Louis had h£lped h£r !n ruil!ng

$h£ arranged th£ black scarf on h£r h£ad and covered h£r face completely


Octavia h£art kept b**t!ng as $h£ entered th£ uncompleted build!ng. $h£ was damn s¢ar£d

What it it’s Mrs Connor or Mabel or Mrs Emmett

What if it’s a set up

“hopes I won’t be died before Louis comes ” $h£ muttered shutt!ng h£r eyes t!ghtly before open!ng th£m aga!n

h£r h£art kept rac!ng rapidly as $h£ walked !n deeper

“F!nally you’re h£re! ” A voice said beh!nd mak!ng h£r staggered

$h£ almost lost h£r balance but $h£ h£ld h£rself firmly and turned [email protected]¢k s1©wly

h£r m©vth parted see!ng who it was. $h£ touch£d h£r ch£st and breath£d !n

“Rev sister Martyr” $h£ called

Rev sister Martyr smiled and nodded

“you s£nt that anonymous message? ” $h£ asked and $h£ nodded

“Wh£re’s Rev Benedict…? ” $h£ asked

“$h£’s dead….” $h£ muttered !n a shak!ng tone

“$h£ died?? ” Octavia asked !n an horror expression

“Alot happened wh£n you left th£ orphanage home….., $h£ was killed brutally ” $h£ said and Octavia jaw dropped

“Th¡s isn’t th£ right time for h¡story…… Let’s go save your moth£r first! ” Rev said and $h£ nodded s1©wly
Louis stopped h¡s car suddenly and rough£d h¡s hair

h£ dipped h¡s [email protected] on h¡s [email protected] pocket and [email protected]

“can’t believe I left my phone….! ” h£ muttered

“Hope Octavia is still f!ne… ” h£ muttered and made a u-turn [email protected]¢k home

h£ got home !n m!nute due to th£ speed h£ used

Th£ gate spilt opened and h£ drove !n. h£ stopped th£ car and ru$h£d !n

h£ got to h¡s room and stopped immediately h£ h£ard voices from |ns!de

“Why did you call me h£re Lydia…… What if your baby fath£r comes” h£ could h£ar a th!nk voice

“h£ j√$t left……h£ won’t be com!ng soon”lydia said

Louis lean on th£ door, plac!ng h£r ears on it

“hope that animal is tak!ng good ¢ar£ of my son…… ” h£ said and Louis sqv££sed h¡s eye brow

“of course lens……..h£ loves Gray, th£ fool th!nks Gray is h¡s son” Lydia said and th£y both chuckled

“can’t believe h£’s th¡s dumb ” lens muttered and j√$t th£n Louis burst th£ door opened

Th£y both [email protected] and covered th£ir [email protected]£d b©dy

“l…. ou… is” Lydia stuttered star!ng at those eyes that was darkened

Louis ru$h£d towards th£m and grip on Lydia neck

“can’t believe you lied to me and I have been a fool….! ” h£ growled ©vt

“seriously….. I fath£r someone else child! ” h£ growled still clench!ng on h£r neck

“you gonna kill h£r” lens yelled and h£ let go of Lydia neck

h£ ru$h£d towards h¡m and started throw!ng punch£s at h¡m

“How dare you come !nto my mansion…. and even my room” h£ cursed

“I swear!…. I’m gonna kill you both” h£ s¢r**med still throw!ng punch£s at h¡m

h£ stopped suddenly as if h£ recalled someth!ng

h¡s gaze m©v£d to th£ drawer. h£ walked towards it and picked up h¡s phone

“I don’t wanna come [email protected]¢k h£re and meet you both” h£ muttered and walked ©vt


Mabel mixed on th£ juice s1©wly…… alot was go!ng on h£r m!nd

h£r son!

Th¡s past years $h£ hasn’t forgotten ab©vt h£r son. $h£ wondered how h£ looked like?

Will h£ looked like h£r or h¡s fath£r??

Lots of thoughts kept com!ng h£r bra!n and $h£ wouldn’t denial th£ fact that $h£ misses h£r son and regret leav!ng

$h£ stared at th£ juice and breath£d !n

“hopes th¡s work…..! ” $h£ muttered. It was Mrs Emmet juice and $h£ had poisoned it

“I can’t lived like th¡s anym©r£ …$h£ has manipulated my life already…….. I will j√$t have to kill h£r….. Get Kyle ©vt of th£ mansion and leave th£ country ” $h£ lamented and placed th£ juice on a tray

$h£ walked ©vt of th£ kitch£n hold!ng th£ tray firmly

$h£ got to th£ room Mrs Emmett is and ₱u$h£d th£ door opened

$h£ walked |ns!de and closed th£ door beh!nd

“h£re you go mom” $h£ muttered giv!ng h£r th£ dr!nk

“oh Mabel.. ” $h£ smile and collected th£ juice

“Do you know lots of people are gonna die today? ” $h£ asked

“lots of blood are gonna be $h£d” $h£ said and laugh£d ©vt

“I have s£nt someone to kidnap th£ kids…. Both Davis and Kyle ” $h£ said and Mabel [email protected]

“Why Kyle? ” $h£ asked

“do you have a problem with it…. Don’t tell me you still ¢ar£ ab©vt that bastard son of yours? ” $h£ asked and Mabel shook h£r h£ad

“I will kidnap th£ kids and that will br!ng Octavia to us” $h£ said and gr!nned

Mabel cursed !nwardly and gave a fake smirked

“sure I can’t wait to see h£r died” Mabel replied

“same h£re” Mrs Emmett said tak!ng a sub from th£ dr!nk
Chloe and th£ kids got [email protected]¢k !nto th£ car… Th£y were through with th£ir act!ng and th£y were h£ad!ng home

$h£ started th£ car and drove ©vt…….$h£ kept steal!ng glances at th£ kids who were ₱|@y!ng and giggl!ng among th£mselves

Suddenly a car stopped !n front of th£m….. Mak!ng h£r stopped th£ car halted abruptly

Some men came ©vt of th£ car and ru$h£d towards th£m

“who are you? ” $h£ asked as th£ men force th£ door opened

Th£y h£ld th£ kids [email protected] mak!ng th£m s¢r**med

Chloe tried to stop th£m but $h£ got sh°t on h£r arms

Th£ kids were taken !nto th£ir car and th£y drove ©vt
“Wait!, That’s one of Chloe ‘s car” Louis said halfway through h¡s drive

h£ stopped and came ©vt of th£ car

“It’s h£r, same number” h£ said and ru$h£d towards th£ car door

h£ opened it and saw Chloe [email protected]!ng hold!ng h£r arm

“Chloe….! ” h£ uttered

“I’m f!ne….. Th£ kids… Th£y..Th£y have been banned kidnapped ” $h£ [email protected]

“But Chloe…. ”

” Drive straight…. You might catch up with th£m… I will drive myself to th£ hospital! ” $h£ snapped ©vt

“take ¢ar£ of yourself! ” h£ said and ru$h£d [email protected]¢k to h¡s car

“are you sure mom is h£re” Octavia asked star!ng @r0vnd

“keep your voice low ” Sister Martyr said and Octavia nodded hold!ng th£ scarf

Th£y walked through th£ lonely corridor and surpris!ngly th£re was no guards guid!ng th£ door

“your moth£r might be !n h£re” $h£ said po!nt!ng at a door and I wondered how $h£ knew that $h£ might be th£re

$h£ ₱u$h£d th£ door opened !nstead and walked !n

It was gett!ng dark but one could still see. Octavia shut th£ door beh!nd and walked !nto th£ room with fvll view

“mom! ” $h£ s¢r**med and quickly used h£r [email protected] to shut h£r month as h°t tears ran d©wΠ h£r ch£eks

h£r mom was cha!n on a chair… h£r eyes and m©vth were tied up

m©r£ tears walked th£ir way d©wΠ as $h£ saw h£r bloody b©dy….. Thick blood were gestur!ng ©vt s1©wly

$h£ wondered if th¡s was what $h£ has been go!ng through for th£ past four years

“mom……! “$h£ called aga!n and was ab©vt to runn!ng towards h£r wh£n someone voice stopped h£r

“stop right th£re” Th£ voice ordered. $h£ stood still and s1©wly turned

“Mabel…! ” $h£ called and Mabel smirked com!ng !n fvlly

“little queen ” $h£ said s1©wly

“Serpent” Octavia replied icily

“What are you do!ng h£re?………!n my dungeon ?”$h£ asked, stylishly reach!ng for h£r gun !n h£r trouser pocket

“To tell you your game is over” $h£ replied

” What … What game?” Mabel asked, gett!ng th£ gun

“Th£ one you’re ₱|@y!ng right now” Octavia replied and Mabel made to shoot but sister Martyr was f*st to ₱u$h£d h£r d©wΠ and th£ gun fell off h£r [email protected]

Th£ door opened, reveal!ng two guards and th£ kids (Kyle and Davis)

Octavia frowned see!ng th£ kids

“Davis…. Kyle” $h£ called

Th£ guards brought ©vt th£ir guns quickly wh£n th£y saw an !ntruder

Th£y would have sh°t but Louis gripped one by th£ neck. Don’t be surprised….h£ was able to track th£ car that took th£ kids

Louis let go of h¡s neck and h£ fell freely to th£ floor

“I will take ¢ar£ of th£ guards…. Teach that bitch a lesson ” h£ said referr!ng to mabel

“catch me if you can ” h£ said to th£ guard and run ©vt of th£ room

Kyle bent d©wΠ and picked up th£ two guns that was [email protected]!ng on th£ floor

h£ picked it up and po!nted it at Mabel mak!ng h£r [email protected]

“Kyle! ” $h£ called and shook h£r h£ad

“you’re bad… You wanna hurt my mummy ” h¡s little voice uttered and tears ran d©wΠ Mabel eyes

“Kyle…. I’m your momma…. $h£’s a liar, $h£’s not your moth£r ” Mabel said

“you are ly!ng….. Mom will never lied to me ” h£ yelled

“Gross…! Can’t believe you could deceived my son….. Is that how far you can go?? ” Mabel asked and smirked

“Kyle….. I’m your real moth£r…. Can’t you see we look alike….. I’m your mum… $h£’s a liar, tell h£r to say th£ truth…… A real moth£r won’t lie to h£r child” Mabel said loudly

“j√$t be quiet Mabel….. ” Octavia said rais!ng h£r !ndex f!ng£r at h£r

“Your son?? ” Octavia asked and scoffed

“is it th£ one you left or th£ one you almost ru!ned h¡s life?” $h£ asked

“are you my mom? ” Kyle asked po!nt!ng th£ gun at h£r

“Kyle… ”

“answer me! “h£ yelled

“j√$t br!ng th£ gun d©wΠ and give it to me” Octavia said

“don’t listen to h£r Kyle….. I’m your real moth£r and I tell you want to do” $h£ said

“We will kill th£m all and leave th¡s country….. I’m sorry for abandon!ng you, Mrs Emmett mislead me but not too worry…. I have poisoned h£r and $h£ would be long dead” $h£ said and Octavia [email protected]

” Killed h£r?” $h£ asked

” I can’t let h£r keep manipulat!ng my life… $h£ should be dead by now” $h£ said

“common Kyle…. Give momma th£ gun!” $h£ said

Kyle turned to h£r and !n a s1©w motion $h£ walks to h£r

“I know you will listen to momma….. You’re my son…. My blood ” Mabel said and smirked as Kyle kept walk!ng to h£r

“Kyle….. ” Davis called and shook h¡s h£ad

“My son listen only to h¡s moth£r…. ” Mabel said

“Mum……catch! ” Kyle s¢r**med suddenly. h£ turned quickly and threw th£ gun at Octavia

Octavia picked it up almost immediately and sh°t Mabel on h£r legs

$h£ s¢r**med and fell to th£ ground. Octavia smile and nodded at davis

“uncha!ned my mom and leave with th£ kids” $h£ said to Rev sister Martyr

“No one is Leav!ng….Not wh£n I haven’t said so…. “Mrs Connor said com!ng !n fvlly. $h£ po!nted h£r f!ng£rs at h£r and ₱v||ed th£ trigger

Octavia shut h£r eyes as a gun sh°t was h£ard

$h£ felt $h£ was died and s1©wly opened h£r eyes. $h£ [email protected] see!ng blood com!ng ©vt of Mrs Connor stomach

“S…o….n! ” Mrs Connor stuttered. I Octavia sqv££sed h£r eyebrows and s1©wly turned to th£ direction Mrs Connor gazed at

$h£ [email protected] and h£r m©vth parted as Octavia stared at Nicholas who stood th£re


I over try🙂🙂. An apology chapter and that’s why I make it long

E plenty

Nicholas 😎😎😎😎

Lemme nor talk 😂😂

Two m©r£ chapters to go and I will banned as many as possible

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