The Master Addiction

The master addlction episode 44 – 45

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(h¡s last wife)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 44 & 45


Not edited…. Beware from errors.

#[email protected]¢k#


“your mum…. $h£’s…. $h£’s th£ culprit! ” little queen words kept r!ng!ng on my h£ad as I walked to th£ roof top

“little queen won’t lie to me ” I thought. $h£ looks serious and confident

“but why my mom? ” I uttered as I got to th£ rooftop

I got to th£ rooftop and stared at th£ own of New Zealand

From th£re I could see th£ beauty of New Zealand. Th£ city that I have ruled for years…

I have ruled bloody….. I have killed lots of !nnocent people….. I don’t deserve to lived and be called a great master

I reach£d for my phone and dialed a number that picked up immediately

“Prepare a flight to Ireland …… I’m leav!ng tomorrow morn!ng ” I spoke !nto th£ phone

I waited for h¡s response before end!ng th£ call

Don’t be surprised why th£ suddenly travel!ng trip to Ireland

I stared at my phone aga!n and s£nt a message across

“prepare a fake Plane Crash ” I typed and waited for it to s£nt.

Yh! Th£re’s only one way to know why mum is th£ culprit and that’s what I’m gonna do

I’m gonna fake my death

#END OF [email protected]¢k #

✍️Authoress gabby pov ✍️

“son…. ” Mrs Connor called aga!n [email protected]||!ng to th£ ground

“moth£r…! ” h£ replied icily

Octavia staggered and breath£d !n and ©vt. $h£ bl!nked h£r eyes severally, hop!ng if it’s a dream. Cold $h!verys ran d©wΠ h£r sp!ne as $h£ started sweat!ng profusely

“uncle! ” Davis suddenly s¢r**med and ran to h¡m

“big k!ng…! ” Nicholas muttered and took Davis !n h£r arms

Octavia m©vth parted open as $h£ stared at everyth!ng !n disbelief

j√$t th£n Louis walked !n. Nicholas looked at h¡m and s1©wly dropped davis

“Nick…! ” Louis called open!ng h¡s m©vth slightly

“Take th£ kids ©vtta h£re…. We will talk much later” h£ replied and ¢rov¢h£d d©wΠ to Davis and rough£d h¡s hair

“go with uncle Louis…… I will come see you wh£n I’m done” h£ mumbled and Davis nodded s1©wly

h£ walked to Kyle and took h¡s [email protected]

“let’s leave Kyle… ” h£ said. Kyle nodded and th£y both walked ©vt. Th£ Rev sister quickly uncha!ned Mrs Bennett (Gemma) and with th£ h£lp of Louis, th£y took h£r ©vt

Th£ only ones left were Nicholas, Octavia, Mabel and Mrs Connor

Nicholas turned [email protected]¢k to look h¡s moth£r who was [email protected]!ng on th£ floor . h£ stared at th£ blood that was gestur!ng ©vt of h£r stomach


h£ had sh°t h£r but $h£ deserves m©r£ than that
“you…. you… sh°t me!” $h£ stuttered clench!ng on h£r sh°t stomach

“And I will do it aga!n…. Moth£r” h£ said and raised th£ gun at h£r

“you are wicked…… How could you? ” h£ yelled encircl!ng round h£r

“All I need was for us son….. To revenge all our pa!ns” $h£ blurted ©vt and started cough!ng ©vt

“damn it mom….. What damn revenge…. Is it because fath£r love Gemma or because you weren’t able to get over it? ” h£ asked and Mrs Connor was shocked

“Yes mum! I knew everyth!ng… I never died…. I fake my death…, I wanted to know why you could go aga!nst your son…. I wanted to know why you will be my culprit and h£lped th£ evil one…. Before travel!ng I visited you…. I did it on purpose and asked you what you wanted me to do for you…… You requested for fath£r and cous!n release…… h£ar!ng it from your m©vth made me doubt if truly you are my moth£r…. Th¡s four years I had been a spy to you watch!ng your every m©v£s secretly….. I thought you were gonna change now that I was gone…… I thought you were gonna be th£re for little queen and my son but no!….. You let jealousy take th£ best of you and wanted to kill h£r…… What moth£r are you!… I’m I even your son?? ” h£ ranted !n one breath

Mrs Connor was s1©wly clos!ng h£r breath£ as $h£ stared at h£r son

“I thought my mom is th£ quiet and !nnocent one and can’t hurt a fly…… All my life I have protected you from fath£r not know!ng you’re th£ devil itself….. I’m sorry mom but you doesn’t deserve to leave….. ” h£ said and sh°t h£r directly on h£r foreh£ad mak!ng Mabel and Octavia [email protected]

“Please don’t kill me…… Please! “Mabel said cry!ng and at th£ same time [email protected] from th£ pa!ns $h£ was feel!ng at th£ spot Octavia sh°t h£r

Master eyes darkened and h£ ₱v||ed th£ trigger !nstantly and sh°t h£r ch£st

“Th¡s gonna be th£ last blood $h£d! ” h£ muttered and threw th£ gun away

h£ s1©wly turned [email protected]¢k and saw Octavia lean!ng on th£ wall as tears ran d©wΠ h£r ch£eks

“little quee……” h£ couldn’t complete h¡s statement as Octavia ran ©vt of th£ room !n tears

“Easy! ” Chloe [email protected] !n pa!ns as th£ doctor dressed h£r wound as usual

“quiet young lady and let th£ doctor do h¡s job! ” Granny said mak!ng Chloe roll h£r eyes


Th£ doctor always comes !n th£ morn!ng to clean and dress h£r wound

“Granny is still bossy….. Can’t believe it” $h£ said

“I’m now a grown up lady…. A twenty four years old lady” $h£ said throw!ng h£r oth£r [email protected] !n th£ air

“Wh£re’s dad? ” $h£ asked

Th¡s few pa$$ four years h£r dad was always th£re for h£r and Octavia

“h£ has gone to see th£ elders! ” Granny replied

“j√$t we two left !n th¡s mansion! ” $h£ blurted ©vt

“I will be go!ng to see your mum at th£ hospital….. ” Granny replied and $h£ frowned

How $h£ hate hospitals

“can’t believe I will be th£ only one hope! ” $h£ muttered

“No darl!ng I’m h£re…! ” A voice said beh!nd granny and $h£ looked up to see Louis with flowers

Louis smiled and walked to h£r

“quick recovery demon..! ” h£ said [email protected]!ng h£r th£ flowers but $h£ looked away

“I’m too old to witness th¡s! ” Granny suddenly said and walked ©vt

“what are you do!ng h£re Louis….. You should be tak!ng ¢ar£ of your son and baby momma ” $h£ said still look!ng away and Louis smile h£ar!ng h£r f!nally call!ng h¡m by h¡s name and no longer small p!n

“h£re $h£ goes aga!n ” Louis said

“I’m h£re because I wanna take you ©vt! ” h£ said and h£r m©vth opened slightly

“And why should I go with you” $h£ said

“That’s because you are my friend…… We should go ©vt as friends…. ” h£ replied

“j√$t Friends??” $h£ asked

“Yeah! j√$t friends ” h£ replied [email protected]¢k which wounded h£r h£art a million times

“sure…. ” $h£ said giv!ng a fake smile

“I’m done… ” Th£ doctor suddenly said


“common Louis….! Do you really have to bl!ndfold me” Chloe [email protected] as Louis a$$isted h£r s!nce h£ had bl!ndfolded h£r

“are we not th£re yet? ” $h£ asked for th£ thousands times today

“we will still be th£re! ” h£ replied

“you kept say!ng that !” Chloe growled

“j√$t be patient! ” h£ said [email protected]¢k

Th£y kept walk!ng and Louis suddenly stopped

h£ stood beh!nd h£r and rem©v£d th£ bl!ndfold….. Chloe opened h£r eyes s1©wly and bl!nked th£m severally to get a clearer view

“it’s dark! ” $h£ mumbled star!ng @r0vnd. Th£ light went on almost immediately and $h£ [email protected]

Th£y were !n a build!ng and th£y were lots of different faces

“Louis…… ” $h£ called turn!ng [email protected]¢k to face h¡m but met a m©r£ shock!ng view

Louis a knee with a r!ng. $h£ [email protected] aga!n and h£r [email protected] found th£ir ways to h£r m©vth

“Marry me! ” h£ said.

“I’m dream!ng!! ” $h£ said and shut h£r eyes th£n opened th£m s1©wly

“please marry me demon….. S!nce you came !nto my life.. You changed it completely….. I stopped be!ng a ₱|@yer and found love. Marry me and make me th£ happiest man who liveth” h£ said and tears dropped off Chloe eyes

“But Lydia and your child?? ” $h£ wh¡spered s1©wly

“Everyth!ng is fake demon…. Gray was never my son and Lydia planned everyth!ng……Now I don’t want anyone or anyth!ng to separate us….. Please marry me” h£ said

“of course… I will marry you Louis! ” $h£ s¢r**med

Louis felt a burden lifted off h¡s shoulders as h£ sl¡pped th£ r!ng on h£r f!ng£rs

h£ raised h£r up and slammed h¡s l¡p on h£r mak!ng everyone pres£nt s¢r**med. Th£y broke th£ klzz and stared at each oth£r eyes

“I want those chocolate! ” Chloe s¢r**med ran off

Louis rolled h¡s eyes and dipped h¡s f!ng£rs on h¡s hair

“My demon won’t be th£ end of me! ” h£ wh¡spered messy up h¡s hair
Octavia smiled from th£ stairs $h£ stood

“I wish you happ!ness Chloe ” $h£ said as $h£ stared at Chloe who was tak!ng chocolates

“little queen…… ” Nicholas called as h£ wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] beh!nd h£r

Octavia felt h£r tears runn!ng d©wΠ aga!n…. All $h£ did th¡s past one week was to cry.
Should $h£ be happy…. or sad….. or rejoice.

After all th£ pa!ns $h£ went through th¡s four years….. After everyth!ng

j√$t to be told h£ faked h¡s death.

“I’m sorry little queen…… Don’t be angry at me….. I did everyth!ng to protect you and Davis……. I will never left, I was always with you….. I visit Davis at school and always watch£d on you……. I was th£re were you were made Master…… I was th£re wh£n you went through pa!ns….. I was always th£re. Please forgive me my love ” h£ said and Octavia quickly turned and hugged h¡m t!ght

“I miss you…. I miss you! ” $h£ said sobb!ng [email protected]

“It was damn [email protected]……. Don’t you ever leave us aga!n ” $h£ cried

Master $tr*me h£r hair and let h£r cry on h¡s shoulders

$h£ stopped cry!ng and ₱v||ed away. $h£ stared at everyone !n th£ party

“I’m never gonna leave aga!n. Forever is th£ deal….. It’s now a happy end!ng ” Master said but Octavia shook h£r h£ad

“it would have been my happiest day but Maya is gone…. I don’t th!nk is gonna be an happy end!ng ” $h£ said sadly. Yeah!

Maya ₱|@yed a big role !n h£r life

$h£ was truly a friend !ndeed. If not for Maya $h£ would have been long dead

Oh death! Death took h£r away from h£r

“I don’t th!nk so! ” Master said and Octavia frowned

“Brielle! ” A voice called….. A voice $h£ wish and longed to h£ar

A voice $h£ will forever be grateful to. s1©wly and steadily $h£ looked [email protected]¢k

“Maya! ” $h£ called !n shock as h£r jaw dropped


Wahala 😂😂😂

What a story😂😂

Louis and Chloe 💕💕😏😏😏

All enemies gone….. So shall all our enemies be gone😁😁

Maya….. Who dey breet??????

As e dey h°t….. Who’s !n for th£ f!nal and epilogue ???

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