The miracle I need

The miracle I need 2 Episode 2

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After speaking with Amaka over the phone, Kimberly parked the car outside the h0tel and stepped out of it, picking up her handbag from the backseat as she headed inside.

She first needed to see what the room looked like, and then she would give one of her customers a call to have them deliver everything she needed, flowers, balloons, candles and glitter papers. And then while waiting for the items to be delivered she would try to come up with a unique decoration pattern, Kimberly thought as she walked up to the reception desk, “Hello! Good afternoon!” She greeted with a polite smile.

“Good afternoon ma, how can I help you?” The female receptionist looked at her with a polite smile.

“I’m looking for Mr Kingsley… His room number is 403,” She said, repeating what Amaka had told her.

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“Okay, hold on let me call him,” The receptionist said as she picked up the telephone and placed a call to the room.

“Hello sir! A lady is asking after you. Her name is…” She gave Kimberly a questioning look.


“Her name is Kimberly sir. Okay, sir,” She said before hanging up.

“You can take the stairs. It’s the third room by your right. I’m sure you can’t miss it,” The receptionist said with a polite smile, and Kimberly thanked her before leaving.

Although Kimberly hadn’t exactly expected the guy in question to be in the h0tel room, but Amaka had explained that he was there with friends planning how to go about the proposal, and they were all going to excuse her once she was re-ady to start decorating the room. Kimberly st©pped by the door carrying the number ‘403’ and knocked on it gently as she listened for the voices inside the room.

“Hold on!” A feminine voice called, and a moment later the door was pu-ll-ed open by a light skinned young lady who looked like she was in her early twenties, “You’re Kimberly? Come in,” The girl said with a welcoming smile, and Kimberly thanked her as she stepped inside the h0tel room.

She looked around and noticed there were three guys and two ladies who looked very much alike in the room, and none of them looked familiar, “Hi! I’m Kingsley, and these two guys are my friends Henry and Kola, and these are my babe’s closest friends, Anita and Gina.” One of the guys said, extending his hand for a handshake.

“I’m Kimberly. It’s nice to meet all of you,” Kimberly said as she looked at the others and noticed one of the guys was smoking, while the ladies were sipping wine from red disposal cups.

“We should probably get out of here and let you work,” Kingsley suggested as he stood up, and then glanced at the girl he had called Gina, “Don’t finish the wine. Why not p-our her some?” He asked and Kimberly quic-kly shook her head.

“No, thanks.”

“Why not? A cup of wine won’t hurt anyone, besides it’s non alcoholic,” Anita @ssured Kathleen as she walked over to where Gina was seated and emptied the content of the bottle into one of the cups, “Here,” she said handing the cup to Kimberly, while the others started standing up.

“plea-se make sure you make the room really pretty,” Kingsley pleaded with an harmless smile, as they all watched Kimberly as they waited for her to take a sip.

“Sure,” Kimberly said as she raised the cup to herl-ips and pretended to sip from it, but allowed her ton-gue to taste it, “Hmm, I know this taste,” She said as she moved closer to the be-dside to pick up the wine bottle, “It’s one of my favorite wine. I’m just going to savor it slowly. Thanks,” Kim said with a wi-de smile as she dropped the cup of wine and took out a pen and note from her purse, ma-king it clear they could leave now since she wanted to start working.

They all exchanged a look, “We will be by the poolside if you need help,” Kingsley said before heading out with his friends leaving Kimberly alone in the room. Of course she knew Eric had been overreacting earlier. There was no way Amaka was going to do anything to hurt her. Especially not when she was married to her father, and knew whatever she did would be found out.

Although the wine was nice, but Kimberly had no intention of drinking it since she had promised Eric she was neither going to eat nor drink anything there. After sometime she walked over to the bathroom and p-oured the wine down the drain so they wouldn’t know she hadn’t bothered to t©uçh it. After that she dialed the number of the customer she usually purchased decoration items from, and placed an order.

She was slightly startled when her phone started ringing, and she picked up her phone when she noticed it was a call from Wumi. Thinking about what her brother had done, Kimberly was tempted not to take the call, but she also knew it had nothing to do with Wumi so she took the call, “Hi!”

“Hey Kim! Can I come over to see you right now?” Wumi asked impatiently.

“You want to see me? Why? I’m not at home, and I’m kind of busy right now…”

“Oh! Okay, just tell me where you are and I will meet you. I heard what my brother said to you and I’m feeling very [email protected] on his behalf.” Wumi said with a sigh.

“It had nothing to do with you.”

“It doesn’t matter. Can I at least meet you wherever you are? Or are you at a worksite?”

“Yeah. I’m at h0tel Betrix.”

“h0tel Betrix? I think I know it. I just drove past there less than five minutes ago. What are you doing there? Is Prisca with you?” She asked curiously since she had actually been expecting Kimberly to return to her office and leave with Prisca, but had been surprised when Kimberly drove down there on her own directly from the house.

“A surprise engagement decoration. Prisca had to attend to something urgently, so she couldn’t come with me.” Kimberly explained.

“What? So you’re alone?” Wumi asked, beginning to feel anxious now, since she had been hoping Prisca was probably inside the h0tel waiting for Kimberly to join her.

“Yes. I can handle things until she can join me…”

“Why don’t I just come and help you out instead? I don’t mind working with you since I have a lot of free time on my hands.” Wumi suggested, and Kimberly had to admit that she would need help since the h0tel room was bigger than she had expected. And after seeing what Wumi did at the house with her brother, she knew Wumi wouldn’t be completely ignorant.

“You’re sure you want to do that?”

“Yes. I’m alre-ady heading towards the h0tel as we speak. Where can I meet you?” Wumi asked, even though she was alre-ady standing by the hallway of room. She had overheard Kimberly ask for room 403, and had just lied to the receptionist that she was with Kimberly so she had followed behind her, and then pretended to be opening the next door when the guys and girls exited the room leaving Kimberly.

She had also overheard the guys trying to calculate how long it would take for the Spanish gold fly to take effect before they could ‘mess her up’.

“Room 403.” Kimberly said, and Wumi hung up.

A moment later Kimberly opened the door for Wumi who flashed her a smile as she hurried into the room. Wumi glanced at the empty disposal cup, “You were drinking?” She asked, hoping Kimberly would say no.

“My client and his friends were drinking when I got here, so they offered me a cup. I didn’t drink it though,” Kimberly added the last [email protected] in a whisper, and Wumi almost [email protected] in relief.

“So where are the decoration items?” Wumi asked as she looked around the room for anything she could use as a weapon.

“I’m waiting for it to be delivered.” Kimberly said as she tried to straighten up the be-d and dispose the empty bottle and cups.

Wumi couldn’t help wondering what Amaka’s plan was. What if Kimberly had come with Prisca? How did the wh0le plan even make s-en-se? Or had they planned on having Prisca drink from the wine too?

Wumi stood up when she heard a knock on the door, and decided to respond to it herself, “Hi!” She said, looking at the girl standing by the door cautiously. Wumi had no doubt that she had been s£nt to see if Kimberly was beginning to react to the effect of the aphrodisiac.

“Who are you?” Gina asked Wumi with a frown, ma-king Kimberly hurry over to the door.

“I am Omowunmi Obasan…”

“She is my friend and she is helping me with the decoration.” Kimberly said, interrupting Wumi.

“Omowunmi?” Gina asked with a frown as she squinted her eyes at Wumi, “You attended Royal Kids Academy?” She asked, ma-king Wumi raise a brow.

“Yeah, why?”

“You don’t recognize me? It’s me Chidinma!” Gina said in excitement as she tried to pu-ll Wumi into a hvg, but Wumi took a step back.

“Chidinma Nweze?” Wumi asked uncertainly.


“I can’t believe this! You used to be very dark in complexion, what happened??” Wumi asked as she eyed the light skinned lady in front of her. She mentally reminded herself not to ever un-derestimate the power of quality bleaching creams.

“The same way you used to be chubby!” Gina said with a soft laughter before looking behind her and walking inside the room, “What are you doing here?” She asked Wumi with a frown as she glanced at where Kimberly’s cup of wine had been, and then at Kimberly as though to decipher if she had taken the wine and if it was taking effect.

“You both know each other?”

“Yes. We used to be friends in secondary school.” Wumi explained.

“Awww! That’s so nice. You can both catch up while I step out to wait for the delivery man.” Kimberly said as she headed for the door.

“You know her?” Gina asked, once Kimberly had shut the door behind her.

“Yes. Kimberly is my friend. What are you doing here?” Wumi asked with an unsmiling face since she knew why Gina was there, but what she couldn’t un-derstand was why she was doing what she was doing.

“I can’t tell you that.” Gina said with a shake of her head as she looked to the side in [email protected]

“I saw you leave with some rou-gh looking guys earlier,” Wumi pushed, “Is this what you do now? What about your parents? Are they aware?”

“They’re late. They died in an automobile accident two years after we finished secondary school, and my father’s family took everything from my twin sister and I, so we are doing what we can to survive,” Gina said with a sigh, as she took out her phone which was [email protected] in her pocket to see who was calling, before returning it when she noticed it was one of the other guys.

“For old-time sake I will advise you don’t get yourself involved in whatever those people are planning. Kimberly is my brother’s wife, and if you people do anything to her… I can @ssure you that you won’t like the consequence.” Wumi warned.

“Did you say your brother’s wife?” Gina asked in confusion. They had been told Kimberly was married to a nob©dy who was with her for her money, so what was Wumi saying?

“You heard me right. So you better leave those [email protected] of yours behind and get out of here while you can.” Wumi said, as she made eye contact with Gina who shifted uncomfortably.

“She really is married to your brother? The guy in the video cl!pis your brother?” Gina asked again just to be sure, and Kimberly gave her a nod.

“Yes. I’m very disappointed that you turned out this way though. Regardless of whatever you must have [email protected] throu-gh, I don’t think it is ever okay to gang up with men to bring harm to a fellow lady.” Wumi said with disapproval, “Help me expo-se them, and I will help you and your sister.” Wumi offered, “She was the one with you guys earlier, wasn’t she?”

“Yes.” Gina said with a sigh.

“Tell me everything.” Wumi urged her, and waited as Gina tried to make up her mind.

“Look it’s just a job….”

“It won’t be if anything happens to her.” Wumi @ssured her coldly.

“Did she drink the wine?” Gina asked, looking at Wumi with a worried frown.

“Why? You’re wondering if the Spanish gold fly is working alre-ady?” Wumi asked, ma-king Gina look at her in surprise.

“How… How did… You know?” She stuttered.

“Are you going to tell me the wh0le plan, or do I need to do what I have in mind myself? I believe I’ve been kind enough.” Wumi said as she stood up from the be-d.

“Wait! You’re going to let us go if I tell you the truth right?” Gina asked anxiously, and just then Kimberly knocked on the door and Wumi gave Gina a warning look, “Don’t mention anything I told you about my brother to her. She doesn’t know who he is.” Wumi warned before heading over to the door to let Kimberly in, leaving Gina even more confused as to what was going on. It was beginning to look like she was in the middle of a drama she did not un-derstand.

Kimberly was carrying two large nylons that contained everything she had received from her vendor, “Let’s get to work.” Kimberly said with an excited smile as she dropped the bags on the floor and looked at both ladies.

“Kim, I don’t think we will be doing any work here.” Wumi said as she gave Gina a pointed look.

“What? Why?” Kimberly asked in confusion as she looked from Wumi to Gina who seemed anxious.

“I think Gina here has something to say to you.” Wumi said, daring Gina with her eyes to say otherwise. She knew without doubt that Gina would tell Kimberly the truth, and then it would seem like Gina had only opened up to them because she ran into Wumi who was an old time friend, and a mutual friend to her and Kimberly. Nothing needed to be traced back to Eric who had asked her to look after his wife, so Kimberly wouldn’t suspect any foul play.

“You’re not here for a decoration job.” Gina said in a small voice, ma-king Kimberly look at her like she was crazy.

“What am I here for? I’ve been paid for the job, and my stepmother asked me to do her a favour…”

“I know all that. The wine we handed you, I don’t know if you drank it, but it contained Spanish gold fly.”

Kimberly looked completely lost as she glanced from Gina to Wumi, “Spanish gold fly? Am I supposed to know what that is?”

“It is an aphrodisiac. It is supposed to make you very hor-nyto the point that you wouldn’t mind attacking the guys to demand s-x…”

Kimberly who still couldn’t grasp what she was saying quic-kly cut in, “Hold on, you’re saying my stepmother asked me to come here? She is aware of this ‘plan’?” Kimberly asked, forming a quote with two f!ngersas she said the ‘plan’.

“I don’t know anything about your stepmother’s involvement in any of this. I don’t know if she knows about this plan either. I’m just telling you what I know.” Gina explained, oblivious to the fact that Wumi was recording the conversation with her phone’s voice recorder.


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