The miracle I need

The miracle I need 2 Episode 9

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“This one your husband allowed you to spend the night with me, what did you do?” Ella asked Tracy suspiciously when she walked inside the house with a small backpack.

Tracy laughed heartily, “Don’t mind that clown. Can you believe that because of the ordinary small cravings that I’m having, he is complaining that I’m trying to kill him with stress? So I told him that you behave more like my husband than he does and that if he can’t cope I will just move in with you till our baby arrives. He got upset and said if that is the case, then I should go and meet you,” Tracy explained as she dropped her bag on the floor and lowered herself on one of the couches.

“Are you sure he was not angry?” Ella asked skeptically.

“Leave that guy, he is okay. And even if he is not okay, he will eventually be okay. I just miss our usual sleepovers,” Tracy said with a yawn as she reached for the bag and opened it, revea-ling different types of snacks, ranging from Pringles to cookies, to chocolates and candies, even caprisun.

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“Wait o, you want to eat all of that by yourself?” Ella asked, still standing by the couch as she watched Tracy in disbelief.

“I and our baby want to eat it together. You can join us too,” Tracy said with a big smile as she opened the box of Danish cookies and started chewing on one while Ella watched in amusement.

“You sha know that by the time you finish eating all these junks and put to birth, you’d have a lot of fat to get rid of?” Ella asked as she sat down opposite Tracy.

“Ehn, that is why we have those expensive weight loss programs and [email protected]!st trainers. I will survive,” Trace @ssured her as she picked up the DStv remote and started scrolling throu-gh the channels in search of any channel showing a good movie they could see.

“Aunty good evening,” Angela greeted as she walked into the living room after having her bath.

“Angie my girl, how far na?”

“Fine ma. Can I get you anything?” She asked politely.

“Thank you jare. Give me any soft drink or jui-ce,” Tracy said as she finally settled on a station showing a recent movie, and then stretched out her legs on the couch.

“Shey you know that your baby might end up becoming very big with the way you’re eating? How will you push?” Ella asked with a concerned frown.

“I will just have a Cesarean section…’

“God forbid! No o. You will have a normal delivery. Cesarean section is not your portion in Jesus’ name! Amen!” Ella prayed, ma-king Tracy look at her with a slightly raised brow.

“And what is wrong with cesarean section?”

“Ah! It’s not normal delivery na,” Ella explained.

“What is abnormal about it? You don’t know many oyibo ladies prefer to have their kids that way? It has several advantages you know? I can choose the day I want my baby to come out myself, and I don’t have to go throu-gh all that stress of pushing. It’s not a bad thing. Why are you sounding like an ignorant village woman?” Tracy asked with a frown.

“But it’s not normal. You know if you give a testimony in church that you delivered throu-gh C-section, most people start feeling sorry for you as if it was an abnormal thing,” Ella explained with a frown while she thought about what Tracy had just said.

“That is a shallow mentality that an educated lady like yourself shouldn’t have. A woman that gave birth via C-section is just as normal as one that gave birth via [email protected][email protected] l delivery. Do you know how many ladies have died because they thought C-section wasn’t okay? Or because they thought child delivery via C-Section shows they lacked faith in God? And then they pushed and pushed until they died? C-section delivery saves mother and child from a wh0le lot of stress,” Tracy @ssured her.

“But then the mother has to deal with the scar on her abd0m£n, and the pain of C-section is different. It could last for weeks,” Ella pointed out.

“It’s either that or dealing with a scar on your [email protected][email protected] . Which do you prefer? The [email protected][email protected] could be torn during child delivery too, you know? As for the pain, well, I can live with it. Look, I didn’t come here to argue with you about the advantages and disadvantages of the C-section, go to Google, and allow me to focus on the movie,” Tracy said as she returned her attention to the TV.

Ella said nothing as she thought about what they had just discussed. The wh0le pregnancy idea was beginning to sound scary to her. Neither C-section nor [email protected][email protected] l delivery seemed appealing.

Ella’s phone soon began to ring, and she picked it up quic-kly since the call was from Ken, “Good evening babe!” She greeted ma-king Tracy turn to look at her with interest.

“Love of my life, how are you?” Ken greeted ma-king her smile as she stood up and wanted to leave the living room when she noticed the way Tracy was staring at her.

“I’m okay… What?” She asked Tracy who pu-ll-ed her back before she could leave.

“Make that phone call in front of me. It’s him abi?” Tracy asked, ma-king Ella scowl.

“Your best friend is at your place?” Ken asked when he heard Tracy’s voice in the background.

“Yeah. Her husband chased her out of the house because…”

“E be like say you done dey crase (It’s like you are becoming mad), when did I tell you that my husband chased me out of the house?” Tracy snapped at her.

“… She is eating like a cow,” Ella continued with a giggle.

“Your mother is the one that was eating like a dragon when she was pregnant with you,” Tracy cussed ma-king Ella giggle the more while Ken chuckled.

“I guess you’re having fun,” Ken observed while he looked around his house in boredom. He wished he had someone in the house with him. Some days he felt very lonely living alone. And this was one of such days.

“Give me the phone, I want to speak with him,” Tracy requested, stretching out her hand for the phone.

“Would you…”

“Give it to her. I’m curious to hear what she has to say,” Ken said, cutting Ella off before she could ask for his permission. Ella gave Tracy a pleading look before handing her the phone.

“What are you searching for so seriously by this time of the night?” Sharon who was lying down on Kathleen’s be-d asked when Kathleen kept ransacking throu-gh her wardrobe.

Kathleen st©pped and turned to look at Sharon, I’m returning to the house to spend some time with my bo… Pete,” she quic-kly corrected.

“Really?” Sharon asked with a curious smile as she dropped her phone and sat up on the be-d. “You haven’t told me what you both talked about. Was he angry?”

“No. And, I’ve agreed to [email protected]£ him,” Kathleen said with a shy smile ma-king Sharon jump out of the be-d in excitement.

“Finally o!!!”

“Yeah,” Kathleen agreed with a wi-de smile. Somehow she felt lighter now.

“So you’re finally in a relationsh!p! Awww! What God cannot do does not really exist!” Sharon said happily.

“Abi o? To think I was really worried about it less than two weeks ago,” Kathleen said with a grin.

“See how happy you look. We sef go love o,” Sharon said, ma-king Kathleen giggle.

“Thanks for your advice this evening. You and Chuka helped me make up my mind to do this,” Kathleen said before turning to search for something to wear again.

“That is why you should help me so that I and him will work out,” Sharon pointed out, ma-king Kathleen turn around to look at her again.

“Wait o, you just met him, and you’re alre-ady thinking of working out with him. Is it because of the car you saw him driving?” Kathleen asked suspiciously.

“You want to start o,” Sharon hissed.

“By the way, the way you and Chidi were gisting the other day, I thought you were warming up to him?” Kathleen asked.

“Chidi is cool and all, but he doesn’t have a job. He is even squatting with your guy. Hia! Why are you looking at me as if you want to preach? Don’t preach abeg. I like him, but he is not what I need right now,” Sharon said with a shrug.

Before Kathleen could say anything, her phone started ringing and she walked over to her dressing table to pick it up. She smiled when she saw that it was Pete, and immediately received the call.

“Why are you taking so long?” Pete asked, and she could imagine the frown on his face.

“I left you ba-rely forty-five minutes ago. I’m yet to eat…”

“Come over alre-ady, I will fix you something,” Pete interrupted impatiently.

“Hmm, okay. Give me thirty minutes…”

“Thirty wh0le minutes? What for again?” Pete asked in frustration ma-king Kathleen laugh out loud. Why was he acting as if he was going to die if she didn’t appear the next minute?

“I have to find something to wear…”

Pete grinned at that, “Do you have to wear something?” He asked in a teasing tone, ma-king her look away from Sharon who was observing her.

“How can you say that?” Kathleen asked in a loud whisper.

“I’m just teasing you. Hurry up nau! I’ve not seen you for three wh0le days, and you’re still delaying,” Pete complained ma-king Kathleen smile. Had he been keeping this [email protected] of him away from her, waiting for her to accept him so he could do this?

“Okay, twenty minutes,” she bargained.

“Five minutes plea-se,” Pete pleaded.

“What about fifteen?” Kathleen asked.

“Take ten. If I don’t see you in ten minutes, I’ll come over to your house. Your time just started. I’m hanging up. Love you.” And with that, he hung up.

“Who were you bargaining time with like that?” Sharon asked curiously.

“It’s my bo… Pete.”

“Why do you seem to be struggling with calling his name? How are you going to give him a pet name if ordinary his name you can’t mention?” Sharon asked with a snort.

“I will answer you later. I have to hurry and meet him before he decides to come here himself,” Kathleen said as she picked up [email protected] and a short-sleeved turtlen£¢k t©p.

“What? You want to wear that to his house this night?” Sharon asked, eyeing the clothes she had picked out.

“Yes. Why?”

Sharon sighed, “Nothing. Just dress up and go,” Sharon said before returning her attention to her phone. Now that Kathleen was [email protected]!ngPete, there was no need to tell her what to wear or not. She trusted Pete to do a good job of it since the man seemed to have excellent taste in clothes.

Kathleen said nothing as she quic-kly put on her clothes. When she was done she combe-d her hair and applied a t©uçh ofl-ipgloss to herl-ips.

“Wahala! See my sister Mary o!” Sharon exclaimed in a teasing manner.

“Na you sabi,” Kathleen said as she opened the door and walked out of the room. She st©pped in the living room when she saw her mother sitting there like she was waiting for her.

“So have you made up your mind about him?” Her mother asked as she looked Kathleen over.

“Can we talk about it later? He is waiting for me, and might come over here if I don’t hurry,” Kathleen said as she glanced at the clock.

“It is a simple yes or no question. The time you used to say that would have been enough to tell me what I want to know,” her mother pointed out.

“Okay, yes. Can I go now?” Kathleen asked impatiently.

“Okay, yes what?” Her mother asked, ma-king her sigh.

“Yes, I have agreed to be in a relationsh!pwith him….”

“Really? I knew it! I knew you will make me proud and do the right thing!” Her mother exclaimed happily as she stood up from the couch and raised her shoulder proudly.

“My beautiful daughter! My intelligent daughter! Tomato Jos!” She hailed, ma-king Sharon who had just walked out of the room to laugh in amusement.

“Abeg I’m going!” Kathleen said as she hurried out of the house was smiling happily.

“Sharon, you see your friend? God has finally done it for me!” Kathleen’s mother said with a big smile.

“Yes ma,” Sharon said with a big smile.

“Don’t worry, the God that did it for her will bring your own. Just remain a good girl,” She advised.

“Yes, ma. Thank you ma,” Sharon said with a nod as she went out to meet Chidi who had called her.

Kimberly sat on the barstool at one end of the bar while she thought about everything Eric had done. She really couldn’t believe that he had been lying to her the wh0le time about almost everything.

Yes, she knew he had been overwhelmed by the lies at some point, and had told her about it, but he had lied nevertheless. She couldn’t believe he and his sister had made a fool of her. The wh0le meeting and car bu-mp thing hadn’t been a coincidence. Wumi had approached her on purpose, and she had been giddy with delight like an idiot. Had they planned it all together?

She suddenly remembered his side of the conversation with his sister that first time in the car, and what he had said about most people mistaking them for a couple, and then she remembered how Eric had reacted strongly when Wumi was talking about her b©yfri£ndand how Eric had asked if her brother approved. It all made s-en-se now, why he had seemed upset about the conversation. She couldn’t believe that the truth had been in front of her the wh0le time but she had been too trusting of Eric to see it. Even when Prisca had been suspicious, she had waved it off.

He had even lied to her about not knowing Amaka… It suddenly occurred to her that Amaka was his EX! Her stepmother was his first love? Wow! If anything Wumi said was true, then that meant Amaka was trying to get involved with Eric again. The thought of that made her wrinkle her nose distastefully.

At least she could now un-derstand why Amaka had called her the other time to ask her how much she knew about him. Did this mean that Amaka had deliberately tried to set her up with those men today? She needed to go to the police station tomorrow to hear from the culprits first, and then she would go home to confront Amaka.

Her heart ached badly as her mind drifted back to Eric. Had he even loved her? Or had all of this just been about him having fun at her expense while getting back at Amaka? Kimberly wondered with a sigh as she sipped from her c0cktail.

It would have been easier to hear him out and forgive him if he had not pu-ll-ed that stunt with his friend. How could he [email protected] and humiliate her that way and still claim to love her? How? Why did he have to do that? Kimberly asked herself as tears dropped from her eyes and slid down her cheeks.

“Hi, s-xy!” Someone greeted behind her before coming within her view, but Kimberly did not attempt to spare him a glance.

What was she supposed to do? Hear him out and forgive him? Even if he ended up having a good explanation for what he did, how was she supposed to keep being in a relationsh!pwith him? What could someb©dy like him want from someb©dy like her? He was good-looking, wealthy, had a good reputation, and had everything going on well for him, so what could he possibly want with someone like her who would only be a stain on him and bring negative attention to him? The answer was nothing. He was better off without her. And that could only mean he had been with her out of pity and probably to get back at Amaka who hurt him.

She couldn’t believe some hours earlier she had actually started to dream and hope she could finally be happy and live a normal life. The joy of hearing him say he loved her hadn’t even lasted for up to twenty-four hours. She hadn’t even been able to tell him she was in love with him before her hopes were dashed, and her dreams shattered.

“Pretty girls like you shouldn’t be rude,” The young man beside her chided her, reminding her he was still there.

“Get lost,” Kimberly muttered as she picked up her [email protected] to take another sip.

“What did you just say?” He asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

“I just asked you to get lost. You’re being a nuisance,” Kimberly repeated, wrinkling her nose with disgust as she turned to look at him. The troublesome guy who looked like he was in his late twenties, was dark in complexion and of average height. He looked ordinary. He was neither ugly nor attractive… Just there.

“Don’t you think you’re being too rude?” He asked, feeling very annoyed now.

All she had wanted was to be away from home in an environment she could drink and think peacefully without having Eric or Prisca breathing down her n£¢k. She had known there would be a possibility of running into someone who knew her or could [email protected] her, but she didn’t care. She was looking for someone to transfer her aggression to.

Kimberly stood up abruptly, “I guess you want my seat. You can have it,” she said as she picked up her purse and started walking away, but he [email protected]£d her hand and drew her back angrily.

“Rude girls like you should be disciplined,” he said with a sneer.

Why was she always attracting such uncouth and violent men? Kimberly wondered as she looked up at him irritably and rubbe-d her nose as though she was perceiving something unplea-sant.

“What? Does something stink?” He asked with a sm-irk when he noticed the expression on her face.

“Yes. Your attitude does. Now let go of me before I…”

“Before you what? scre-m?” He asked in a mocking tone, cutting her off.

“Get your hands off my wife!” Eric ordered harshly from behind Kimberly, ma-king her stiffen in surprise. Although she had suspected that he had been following her, she hadn’t expected him to come here again like this.

“You are married?” He asked Kimberly in surprise before glancing at Eric and looked at him as though he was trying to weigh him to know if he could beat him.

“Are you deaf?” Eric growled when the man failed to let go of her hand, s£nding $h¡verys down her spine.

Why was she feeling this way when he was the one who had done something wrong? Kimberly wondered as she straightened her back and raised her chin defensively, “No. I’m not married. Now let’s go,” Kimberly said to the guy with a saccharine smile, ma-king him glance from her to Eric who was still standing behind her, in confusion. One angry scowl from Eric and he quic-kly let go of Kimberly’s hand and hurried away.

“Tsk. What a coward,” Kimberly muttered irritably as she walked away from Eric still without looking at him. She couldn’t bring herself to look at Eric in the face. She have expected him to try to st©p her or at least say something as she walked away, but he didn’t. He just followed her quietly like some sort of b©dyguard.

She diverted to the dancefloor when she noticed he was still following her around, and then she started to sway her b©dy to the music’s rhythm.

Eric helplessly watched her as she got mixed up with the other people on that dancefloor. Although he wished he could just drag her from the dancefloor and take her home so they could talk about everything, he also knew she needed to be emotionally re-ady before she would be willing to pursue the subject with him, so he said nothing. All he could do was watch over her and make sure she was safe.


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