The miracle I need

The miracle I need episode 89

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“So? How did it go with him?” Eric asked curiously, the moment Kimberly drove into the compound and parked the car.

“Don’t tell me you’ve been waiting out here just to ask me that?” Kimberly asked looking at him with a frown as she eyed him as though she was upset.

Eric looked at her in confusion wondering why she was upset, “Is something wrong?”

“If you’re going to act like a real husband shouldn’t you do it right? It’s past 8 PM and you couldn’t even call to check on me or know why I was taking so long.” Kimberly hissed at him irritably.

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“Is that why you’re upset? I didn’t want to interrupt your meeting hence I didn’t call. Take a look at this.” He said as he extended his phone to her to show her the number of times he dialed her number but didn’t allow the call go throu-gh before disconnecting it, “I really wanted to call, but it’s business.” He explained apologetically. He had been unable to think or do anything in the entire duration she had been with Chuka. He had been so worried that she was going to fall for him or something.

Kimberly felt slightly relieved when she saw he has dialed her number more than ten times, “He was actually more friendly than I thought he would be, and then we got carried away talking and I didn’t realize how much time had [email protected] until the couple on the next table said something about going home before their kids go to be-d.” Kimberly said with a small smile.

“I see you enjoyed your time.” Eric said with a stiff smile.

“Yes I did. Have you had dinner? I bought two packs of food earlier during my meeting with Kathleen. Let’s microwave that and eat if you haven’t had anything.” Kimberly suggested as she reached into the back seat of the car to pick up the nylon.

“You met Kathleen? How did it go?” Eric asked as he took the nylon from her and allowed her lead the way into the house.

“She is just like you. She was preaching to me.” Kimberly said ma-king Eric smile.

“Your friends at the club mentioned something similar.” Eric said, remembering what Pete had said about Kathleen and Ella loving him, and Ken had said he couldn’t believe Kimberly ended up with a pastor.

“They said that?” Kimberly asked with a giggle as she took off her shoe.

“Yeah.” Eric asked as he dropped the food pack on the dining and turned to face her.

“Well, she is really cool. I think we are going to be good friends.” Kimberly said, and then frowned as something occured to her, “Don’t you think it will be awkward for the both of us to be friends? Considering that I had something to do with him in the past? I mean Pete.”

“She is probably aware of that. So if you both were cool, then I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Why don’t you go in and freshen up while I heat up the food?” Eric suggested.

“No. Don’t worry. I think I want to do that myself. You’ve been the one cooking since you moved in. Let me act like your wife today.” Kimberly said with a wi-de smile as she unbottoned her shi-t and headed for the kitchen, leaving Eric staring after her.

“Wife?” Eric echoed as he wondered why she was acting out of character.

Eric followed her into the kitchen and stood by the kitchen door to watch her as she heat their dinner, “You seem to be in a good mood.” He observed, still wondering what was ma-king her act out of character.

“Why? Because I’m heating dinner?” She asked as she turned around to look at her handsome husband.

Driving back home from her meeting with ‘Tunde’ she had just been thinking about how much good luck she had been having since Eric [email protected]£ into her life. First it was him, then it was Wumi, then she met Kathleen, and now it was Tunde. All nice and decent people. At the office today her staff had all congratulated her on her marriage since it was the first time she was getting to the office after their wedding, and she had overheard them planning to get her a wedding gift… In a way she couldn’t explain, it had felt really nice.

Eric had woken her up earlier that morning once again with breakfast in be-d, and had even helped her pick out her clothes as she ate. He was doing so much and she was beginning to feel like she wasn’t doing anything for him in return. She had been slightly disappointed that he had failed to call her to find out what was keeping her so long in her meeting with ‘Tunde’, since she felt husbands were supposed to care about things like that. But then she had also just been glad that she was going back home to see his face.

“No. Because first you called yourself my wife, which is something I know you’re not comfortable with, and now you’re in the kitchen without being asked to. Something I know you’re not comfortable with.” Eric pointed out as he stepped forward to meet her, so she had to raise her head to look into his face since he was taller than she was.

Kimberly’s stomach twisted in a knot and she swallowed at the effect this close proximity was having on her s-en-ses, and then blinked up at him, “I’m your wife, am I not? I’m just…” She cleared her throat, “Ahem. I guess I’m just feeling thankful that I have you in my life right now.” Kimberly confessed before looking away from him.

Eric considered her for a moment and felt hisl-ips twitch with a smile at her response, “Very good answer.” He said ma-king her turn to look at him curiously.

He let his eyes travel over her face before settling on herl-ips. He raised his eyes to her face again, and she was looking at him as though she was wondering what he was searching for, while also anticipating whatever it was he was going to do next.

He raised his hand to her face and brushed the hair away from her temple softly as he gazed into her eyes, and then he leaned forward until he was on the same level with her, and slowly lowered hisl-ips to hers.

Kimberly could feel the heat rising from her stomach to her che-st. Her heart skipped a beat as Eric’sl-ips got closer and closer to hers. Although it wasn’t the first time he was k!ss!ngher, but it felt rather different this time. She felt her heart flutter this time like it hadn’t done in the past, so she [email protected] herl-ips and as though that was the invitation he had been waiting for, he covered the distance between theirl-ips in one swift move ma-king her toes curl.

Kimberly inhaled sharply as Eric’s ton-gue slid in between herl-ips and into her mouth. She felt his arms go around her [email protected]!st as he pu-ll-ed her closer to himself, and she gave in to that rush of helplessness, the sinking yielding that left her knees weak. She involuntarily raised her hands to his shoulder to hold onto him for support as she returned his k!sswith equal vigor and inhaled his de-ep masculine scent.

“Youl-ips taste like cranberry.” Eric murmured against herl-ips.

“It’s the wine.” Kimberly @ssured him breathlessly as Eric bent back her head across his arm and k!$$£d her, he started softly, and then as though something had possessed him, or was it her? The tempo of the k!ssincreased, and before long they were both [email protected] for breath but neither of them made any move to break the k!ss.

Prisca who just walked into the house, stood by the kitchen door watching them awkwardly, wondering whether to just leave or to let them know she was there. Just as she was about to leave, she noticed the microwave was on, and they needed to check whatever it was they had put in it, so she cleared her throat to get their attention, “Ahem.”

Eric slowly pu-ll-ed hisl-ips away from Kimberly’s before turning to look at Prisca. He didn’t know whether to glare at her for interrupting them or to thank her for st©pping him before he did something he had promised not to do. At least not yet.

“Sorry to cut short your [email protected]ç£, but I think you need to check whatever you put in the microwave if you intend to eat after EATING.” She said with an amused giggle before turning to walk away, “Kim don’t forget to st©p by my room when you’re done, to tell me how the meeting went.” She added as she walked away, leaving Kimberly and Eric who were both now standing in the kitchen awkwardly.

Kimberly was feeling confused by her reaction to not just Eric’s k!ss, but to him too. She was used to k!ss!ngand all the other S-x stuff, but she wasn’t used to what she was feeling in her heart right now. It wasn’t just the usual lvst.

Eric walked past her to turn off the microwave before turning her around to face him, “Why do you look so stunned?” He asked curiously.

Kimberly merely shook her head as she raised her head so she could look into his face, but somehow she couldn’t meet his gaze so she looked away, “Let’s eat before I go in to freshen up.” She said as she turned around and started taking out plates to keep her hands busy.

Eric watched her curiously as she went about dishing out the food, “Let’s eat from the same plate.” He suggested when she dished the food into two separate chinaware plates.

“I want us to eat together as a couple.” He added when she just looked at him in confusion, and moved aside when he took the plates from her. She watched as he emptied the rice into the other plate and then carried the tray to the dining, leaving her to follow him.

“Clara?” Pete called in a gentle tone, ma-king her turn around to look at him.


“Why don’t you sit down and tell me about yourself? You could get a drink from the refrigerator.” Pete suggested ma-king her smile. Pete was a man after all, and had blood running throu-gh his veins.

“Sure.” She said with a sultry smile as she slowly walked over to his refrigerator, and bent down to take out a bottle of wine along with disposal cups, “Care for?” She asked.

“Nah. I’m okay.” Pete said as he kept watching her with a stony faint smile.

After p-ouring herself the drink she returned to sit by the edge of Pete’s be-d, “So what would you like to know about me?” She asked curiously.

“Well, just tell me whatever you’re comfortable with. Something you think I should know about you.” Pete suggested.

“Very well then. I’m Clara Agbidi, and both my parents are from Benue state. I’m the only child of my parents. I’m a Christian, I love cooking and I’m very homely too. By the way, I love kids.” She said with a smile that told him what she meant was ‘I can take care of your daughter’

“That’s nice. So being the only child I suppose you are responsible for your parents?”

“Not at all. They’re living comfortably and doing well for themselves. My mom has her own business and my dad is a s£nior police officer.” She explained.

“I see. Are you in a relationsh!pat the moment?” He asked ma-king Clara’s heart leap for joy. Was this a sign that her dream was coming true?

She flashed him a smile as she adjusted in her seat, “No I’m not.”

“Really? Why is a pretty lady like you single?”

She gave him a shy smile, “Well, I guess I’ve not met the right man for me yet.” She said with a shrug.

“That is interesting.” Pete said with a smile, “So where did you school, and what course did you study?” He asked still maintaining a friendly tone.

“I graduated from Uniben. I studied [email protected] communication.” Clara said, and decided it was time to make her first move, “So what about you? There have been rumors going around the office that you’re having an affair with Kathleen.” She started.

Pete raised a brow, “Rumors you contributed in? Was that why you called my mother?” He asked, still sounding very calm.

“Your mother? I never called her.” Clara denied.

“Don’t worry. There is no need to pretend. I st©pped at my family house this morning before meeting you at the airport. I saw the text you s£nt to my mother.” Pete was speaking in a cold tone now.

Clara sat up when she noticed the sudden change in his tone, “Sir… I…”

“I’m glad you’re not responsible for your parents or anyone else. That means I don’t have to worry about them when I fire you.”


“And it’s also a good thing you studied [email protected] Comm. Getting another job should be easy for someone like you, especially with your experience and skills. Consider this a warning. If you love your job, stick to it and get any other silly ideas out of your head. The next time you come around me dressed like this, is the last time you will work for me. Now if you un-derstand the message get off my be-d and return to your seat.” Pete ordered in a slightly raised voice as he plugged his phone by the be-d socket and stood up.

He picked up his key card and headed for the door, “I’m going to the swimming pool. You should be gone by the time I return.”

When the annoyance [email protected]£ too much for Kathleen to hold she picked up her phone and dialed Pete’s number. She was just going to tell him how angry she was, and she was going to let him know she had no intention whatsoever of getting herself involved in a relationsh!pwith a man who didn’t care about her. She dialed the number and waited while it rang.

Clara who was still fuming with anger and was just about to leave the room turned to glare at his phone which was ringing. She ignored the call and continued for the door, but just as she got to the door, she paused when an evil idea occured to her. What if it was Kathleen who was calling? She was likely going to quit her job once they returned from this trip anyway, so why not cause a bit of misun-derstanding between them? Clara thought with a mischievous smile as she retraced her steps to his be-dside to check the caller’s identity.

Herl-ips twitched with an evil smile as she picked up the phone. “I’ll join you soon, you [email protected]ûghty boy!” She exclaimed with a false giggle before clearing her voice, “Yes?” She asked impatiently.

Kathleen’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the feminine voice at the other end of the line, and her heart squee-ze painfully in her che-st, “Clara?”

“Is there something you want? We were in the middle of… Work. And you’re interrupting us.” She said in a suggestive tone.

Kathleen cleared her throat to hide her hurt. She wasn’t going to let Clara get to her. Pete was better than that, and even if he was not, she was going to give him the benefit of doubt. She had watched enough Nollywood movies in her life to know how cunning ladies could be.

“Hand him the phone, his daughter needs to speak to him.” Kathleen lied.

“Well, tell the little one to wait, that her daddy is busy.” Clara said ma-king Kathleen confirm that Pete was probably not there.

“Hurry up and give the phone to him, she is ill and I need to know what drug to give to her.” Kathleen snapped at her impatiently.

Clara’s heart started beating very fast and she looked slightly confused for a moment, not knowing what to do. What if Amanda was really ill? Pete would be very mad at her and might take legal actions if something happened to his daughter because of what she was doing, “Like I said, he is busy with work, call back later.” Clara said and quic-kly disconnected the call.

Kathleen couldn’t deny that her own heart was beating very fast and she had a very discomforting feeling in the pit of her stomach. What if Pete was actually with Clara? What if that was the reason he had traveled without informing her? What if it was because he had expected her to agree immediately he told her he wanted her but she had seemed indecisive so he had lost interest?

“No. I’m not going to entertain such thoughts.” Kathleen told herself f0rç£fully, and then took in a de-ep breath to calm herself.

She was just going to wait to hear from him. She knew without doubt that he was going to call since she had lied to him using Amanda’s health. When he calls, she was going to find out the truth.


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