The Misery Of Mutinta

The Misery of Mutinta – 10

…I cried out in pain and agony but madam continued undaunted.
A white woman living in the opposite compound was driving by and overheard my voice and stopped to check out what was happening.
She was a lawyer and worked under one Human Rights Commission.
Without knocking she swung our door open and saw my madam rest handed flogging me with a piece of wire.

“Jesus!” The woman scre-med and my madam froze with shock.
My madam wasn’t facing the door so she hadn’t seen the woman enter and therefore didn’t know that the woman had seen her flogging me with a long piece of wire so she was shocked by the sudden and unfamiliar voice.
“I’m gonna report this to the Human Rights Commission!” The woman barked with foreign accent and stormed out of the house.

My madam stood rooted to the s₱0t for some minutes visibly shaken.
She didn’t know whether to go after the white woman that just stormed out of the house or to continue flogging me from where she stopped.
She stood still totally confused.
I stood still too not wanting to infuriate her with any sudden or unplanned movement.
She turned abruptly and walked into her room.
Around 3pm in the afternoon, the white woman returned with some police officers to arrest my madam.

My madam called me and asked me to look after the house that she was going to be back in a jiffy.
The woman examined my hands and legs and noted the scars all over.
Then she left with my madam and the police…
My madam came back later in the night with her husband.
I guess her husband must have bailed her that evening from police custody.

That night, I overheard her husband talking to her about the way she treated me.
He advised her to take things easy with me and stop attracting public eyes into his family.
My madam kept silent and uttered no word.
She reduced her aggression towards me and took things easy with me.
But then her change of attitude was not to last very long and the next day soon marked her return to aggression and brutality.

TBC (Now let’s make the episodes long, but I’ll like to know if there is anyone reading thus story)

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