The Misery Of Mutinta


My madam’s parents had gone by the time I came back to the house.
My madam was seated in the sitting room with her baby and children when I entered.
Something about her composure told me that she wasn’t happy but I pretended like I didn’t notice.
I dashed across the sitting room to go into my room but she called me back.
“Why are you coming back now?” She asked frowning.
I kept silent not knowing what to reply.

“Are you not the one I’m talking to?” She asked still looking intently at me.
I remained silent not knowing what to reply.
My mouth opened and closed but no sound came forth.
“Don’t worry,” my madam continued. “By the time you go hungry this night, you will talk,” she concluded.
I stood there ogling at her.
“Will you get out of my sight!” She barked.

I ran into my room instantly without wasting time.
That night, my madam refused to give me food and I went to bed on empty stomach.
Sleep refused to come.
hærd as I tried, I couldn’t sleep.
Hunger pangs kept gnawing at the walls of my stomach and I wondered if I would survive till morning.
I woke up the next morning and went to do my morning work irrespective of the hunger.
I was still doing the work when my madam woke up.

“Are you now ready to tell me what kept you so long yesterday when you went to dispose refuse?” She asked staring at me.
I sprang up from the toilet-floor I was mopping.
“You’ve started having boyfriends outside haven’t you?” She asked.
“No madam,” I replied.
“You will not eat anything in this house again till you tell me what kept you outside,” she continued.

“I was waiting for Mufalo,” I replied.
“How many times have I warned you about that Mufalo of a girl?” She asked.
“I’m sorry madam, I won’t do it again,” I pleaded.
“Sorry for your stupid self!” She snapped.


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