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The mistaken identity 2 episode 6

*WRITTEN BY: Author George Haman
I found a little girl in my sitting room looking around; she was the daughter to my next door neighbour whose name was Lucy. Lucy’s daughter, the little girl, was called Viola and she loved coming over to my place whenever I was around since I always brought her some toys and snacks.
I had left my door open when I went to sleep and every time Viola saw my door open, she knew I was around. We had become very good friends with the little girl and Lucy became fond of me and was okay with her coming to play in my house. However, Lucy and I were not close, we were just good neighbors but never hanged out.
“Hey Viola, where have you been bunny?” I asked smiling.
“I was at home with mummy then I saw your door open and I decided to come.” She replied excitedly.
“I missed you bunny. What do you have in store for me today?” I asked as I tickled her.
“Uncle, let’s go and play our game.” She said holding her doll.
We often played with her dolls and toy cars on weekends whenever I had nothing to do and that made her prefer playing with me over the other children. At times, other kids would join us as well and we would play together but their parents were not as friendly to that idea like Lucy was.
I blinded Viola with some chocolate then went to my room and wore my track suit getting ready to get soiled and then joined her in the sitting room and we went to the front balcony.
Viola always helped me relax since her company was explicit and she was a fun girl to hangout with. She was a smart little girl wiser than her age and her stories as we played always left my ribs aching due to laughter.
Lucy was not aware that I was in the hose so she came out of the house looking for Viola only to find her playing with me at the balcony.
“Hi Ham, how are you?” She greeted me.
“Am good Lucy, how do you do?” I replied.
“I am fine. I was looking for her, I did not know that you were around so I was wondering where she had disappeared to.” She said politely.
“She is my bff, she knows every time when I am around.” I replied smiling.
“Mummie come join us with Uncle Ham.” Vila said excitedly.
“Am sorry bunny but mummy has a lot of work to do. Let me go make some food for you and Uncle Ham.” Lucy replied smiling at Viola.
“Uncle Ham, will you come to eat with us today?” Viola then asked looking at me with her usual pleading eyes.
I looked at her and her eyes were just so convincing; I did not want to bother her mum adding on extra costs.
“Dear, I don’t want to add more work to mummy; she already has a lot of work to do.” I said calmly then looked at Lucy smiling.
“No! It’s okay Ham, you can come for dinner you are most welcome.” Lucy said then she winked at her daughter.
“I am not promising anything but I will try my best.” I said smiling looking at Viola.
Lucy then went back to the house and we continued with our game with Viola. Later on, I received a call from Mwikali asking me to go to the office; it was urgent.
I took Viola back to her mum then bided her goodbye and rushed to my house to take a shower. It was unusual for Mwikali to call me to the office on weekends since she knew that Saturday and Sunday were my days off and we had agreed to be meeting in hotel rooms, so I thought something had gone wrong at work.
Since I did not know the agenda of the call, I dressed up in an official outfit and took a taxi to Bentey Enterprises, the company I was working for.
When I got to the reception, Immaculate was already gone and the reception was closed. Most of the offices were also closed but Sly was still around; I could see my office open. I went straight to Mwikali’s office and I was in for a sweet surprise.
I found Mwikali seated behind her desk while talking on the phone, I walked in quietly and sat down opposite her as I waited for her to get off the call.
After a few minutes, she hanged up the call then stared at me smiling and asked;
“How are you Ham?”
“Am fine thank you dear. What was so urgent that could not wait for Monday?” I asked.
She just smiled then opened her drawer and took out a white box. She then placed it on the desk and said;
“This is for you dear, open it.”
I slowly took the box wondering why would Mwikali call me all the way to the office on my day off to give me only a box. When I opened the box, I found a well curved marble placed on a white soft cloth.
“A marble?” I asked feeling pissed off but did not show her that I was pissed off.
“Just open the marble dear.” She said smiling.
That was when I checked the marble well and saw that it had an opening. I cracked it open and inside, there was a key; it was a car key. I stared at it for a while then looked at Mwikali and asked;
“The company has decided to give me a car?” I asked as my gloomy face slowly faded away and a smile slightly began to build up.
“No Ham, that’s my Birthday gift for you. Tomorrow is your Birthday so I decided to be the first one to gift you something.” She said smiling.
I just laughed at myself, I was not remembering that it was actually the eve of my birthday; I had forgotten my day of birth due to the obsession I had on Sly.
“Wow! This is so sweet of you dear; thank you so much!” I said then got up and hugged her tight….
Continues in the next Episode.
©Author George Haman

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