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The mustard seeds faith episode 10


The Mustard Seed Faith (episode 10)
Second-to-last episode

Promise Not To Cry!!⭐

Is anything too hard for God? The one that says “Yes” and no one else can say “No”. The one that changes things but changeth not. The one that breaks protocols for his children’s sake and the one that makes all things beautiful at the appointed time. He is still the same God yesterday, today and forever. This is the confidence we have when we approach his presence; knowing that whatever God has said concerning our lives must surely come to pass. Heaven and earth might pass away, but his words forever remains the same. Just as the rains fall from the sky and doesn’t return till it has watered the earth and given food to the eater and seed to the sower, so shall the word of God fulfil everything it was sent to do in our lives.

Who would have thought in a thousand years that Faith’s HIV status would go from ‘Positive’ to ‘Negative’ after she had given up every hope to live and was ready to embrace death?. It’s amazing how God showed up in Faith’s life and healed her infirmities without causing a scene or even alerting her. Such gentle, beautiful and awesome God we serve. It’s such a privilege to identify with and know God for all the wonderful things that he is. What a priceless privilege indeed that money cannot buy.

For over an hour, Faith was dumbfounded as she stared at her HIV test result which read ‘Negative’ instead of the usual ‘Positive’ she got whenever she took the test. It all seemed like a dream she didn’t want to wake up from. Confused and still in shock, she kept rubbing her eyes to ascertain if she clearly saw what was written in the test result but the ‘Negative’ still remained on the paper despite rubbing her eyes multiple times.

“What!! This can’t be true, this must be another person’s test result. Yes, it is another person’s test result” Faith shockingly said to herself as she rubbed her eyes. For all she knew, there was no way her once ‘positive’ HIV status had suddenly changed to ‘negative’. Despite the fact that she had prayed and believed God for a miracle in the past, all that hope and believe ceased after she stopped communicating with her once prayer partner ‘David’. She even stopped attending church service at his church after the incident with Valarie.

At that moment, the first and only person Faith wanted to call and tell all that was happening was David. The fact that she couldn’t dial his number at such crucial moment killed her within. However, she didn’t want to blow the trumpet too soon because for all she knew, there might have been a mistake in her HIV result; in order to be very sure, she decided to retake another test first thing the next day.

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That night was probably the longest night of Faith’s life. She couldn’t sleep at all and kept tossing back and forth on the bed. The one thing she wanted to do more than anything in the world was to retake the test first thing in the morning. The anxiety and tension she felt as she waited for morning was next to none and after what seemed like the longest night ever, morning finally came.

Immediately it was daybreak, Faith hurriedly prepared to head to the nearest Laboratory to conduct an HIV test before heading to the office. When she arrived at the Lab, the medical staffs weren’t in yet. She waited inside her car at the parking lot before few Lab personnels arrived. She was immediately ushered in and made to sit at the waiting room while they did some mandatory duties before officially opening the Lab.

Unfortunately, Faith had no time to spare and didn’t hesitate in letting them know. “Please can someone just attend to me right now because it’s very urgent. I have to get to my job before 10am and I’ll even be late by that time. I have no time to spare so please attend to me” she pleaded. On seeing the intensity of the situation, the Lab personnels decided to attend to her.

In a jiffy, Faith’s blood samples were taken for a quick test and few minutes later, the result was out. “You are HIV Negative ma’am, here’s your test result” the lady said as she handed the piece of paper over to Faith. For the second time, her heart dropped: leaving her in intense shock. Faith was numb and dumbfounded for the second time. It suddenly felt as though she had been hit by a trailer and couldn’t walk nor talk. The whole universe suddenly paused as Faith read through her test result with the boldly written ‘Negative’ she couldn’t get her eyes off from.

Words would truly fail me to describe the way Faith felt at that moment. It was a mixed feeling of joy, doubts, pain, uncertainty and anxiety. She wanted to believe the results so bad but it still seemed so good to be true. Everything felt like a long dream and at that point, it dawned on her that she needed to talk to someone about what was going on and the only person on her mind to call was no other person than ‘David’. She thanked the Lab staffs and walked away.

As Faith walked towards her car, she began to dial David’s number but he wasn’t picking up. She called twice but he didn’t pick up. On realizing that she was late for work, she hurriedly entered inside her car and zoomed off to the office. On her way to the office, a call came through to her phone and it was David calling. She took a deep breath and hurriedly picked up. “Hello David, goodmorning” she greeted, “Hello dear, goodmorning; how are you doing? I’m so glad you called me back” he calmly said.

Immediately David finished his sentence, he instantly noticed that Faith was sobbing. “Are you ok? Why are you crying?” He curiously inquired and after being mute for few seconds, Faith replied; “David I don’t know how to say this to you… I am.. I am”. Before she could finish her sentence, he cut her short by interrupting her. “Did anything bad happen to you after you stopped taking your anti-viral medications? I know you stopped taking them for a long while now. Please don’t tell me your health has deteriorated to AIDS?” He shocking inquired.

On realizing that David was already aware of Faith’s suicide decision to stop taking her medications, she had to open up to him about the miracle God has done in her life. Without hesitating any further, she decided to tell him the latest development in her health. However, before she could drop the shocker, an incoming call came to her phone and was on waiting. One look at her phone screen and she realized that it was her boss calling. “David, I have to go now. My boss is on the line and she’s probably calling because I am an hour late for work. Talk to you later” she hurriedly said and ended the call with David so as to be able to pick her boss’s call.

When the call with David ended, he fell into deep thoughts and wondered what Faith wanted to tell him. “Could it be that her health has deteriorated and become critical? Has it graduated to AIDS? Oh Lord, what has Faith done!” He said to himself as he wondered what she wanted to tell him. There and then, he sent her a text message and it read; “Let’s meet this evening after work at Stanford Restaurant so we can talk. Please don’t fail me, I really want us to talk”. After a little while, he got a reply from her agreeing to meet up that evening. Both parties were happy to see each other again after such a long time.

All through that day at work, Faith was a shadow of herself. She was absent minded and didn’t actively participate in any work related activities. The only thing on her mind all through were the words “HIV – Negative”. She looked at the two HIV test results that declared her Negative instead of her usual Positive. It still felt unreal and like a dream, that’s why she hadn’t reacted the way she ought to have reacted for being healed of such deadly virus that had no cure.

Finally, it was passed 6pm and all work activities were done for the day. David was at the restaurant an hour before Faith arrived and when he set his eyes on her, he was blown to see how extremely healthy and beautiful she was looking. He was expecting to see someone a bit skinny and worn out. It was a miracle for her to look that way if she stopped taking her medications 3 months ago. He stood up as she approached the table. “Nice meeting you again, you look gorgeous” he said and removed a chair for her to sit. She thanked and also complimented him before taking her seat. In order not to rush things, he asked if she wanted to eat anything, of which she said ‘No’. He ordered drinks for two and a conversation began.

“What’s going on dear? You look a bit different from the Faith I once knew. Talk to me!” David curiously said. There was silence for few seconds and before he knew it, tears began to fall from Faith’s eyes. She was about talking when he interrupted her. “I know you felt betrayed and hurt by what happened few months ago. To be honest, I haven’t stopped hating myself for everything I put you through and for also ruining our friendship. There’s something you might not know because we never talked about it but the truth is that I was beginning to fall for you. I started liking you after we grew so close and were almost inseperable. I prayed to God every day for your healing because I genuinely wanted you in my life as something more than just a friend but the barrier that stood before that desire was your health. I didn’t want to be selfish and talk about Love when I knew all you wanted was to be healed. I didn’t want to talk about love when we ought to be praying. I didn’t want to distract you from your goal of getting the miracle you dearly wanted from God by telling you about my feelings for you. I thought I would be better off without you but these 3 months without you were the loneliest I have ever been all my life. Faith, I really like you and want you to know that I will always be here for you to support and care for you. I love you with all my heart and that will never change” he calmly said.

Oh My!! What perfect timing for David to tell Faith how much he loved her. Just right before she tells him that the barrier that once stood before them is no more. Now, she would really know that he loved her genuinely and not because she was free from the deadly virus.

Immediately David was done talking, Faith cried even more and put her hands into her bag and brought out the two test results. She looked into his eyes and passed the sheet of papers to him.

The first thought that came into David’s mind when Faith brought out the papers were; “Oh no, she is dying”. His heart skipped several beats as he flipped the papers open and read through them. After about a minute of looking through the test results, he lifted his face and looked into Faith’s eyes with tears dripping from his eyes. He was shocked beyond words can say and utterly dumbfounded. At that moment, Faith was sobbing too.

Immediately all the puzzles came togther in David’s head, he looked at Faith with tears in his eyes and asked; “Is this true?”. She smiled in the midst of the tears and nodded ‘Yes’.

There and then, David knelt down on the floor crying and screamed “Oh Lord, Thank You So So Much!!!”.
End of episode 10 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see the final fate of Faith and David’s friendship.

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