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The mustard seeds faith episode 11 – finale


The Mustard Seed Faith (episode 11)
Last episode!

⭐Block Buster Ending!!⭐

How beautiful it is to be loved by someone who is aware of all your flaws, but still finds you amazing and can’t go a day without thinking about you. Someone that walks into your life when the world walks out, someone that isn’t ashamed to hold your hands when the world rejects you and someone that would call you beautiful in your lowest state. It’s apparent that David was an angel in human form because he did extraordinary things no one else could have done for Faith. Despite the fact that he knew about what she was going through, it still didn’t stop him from finding her totally amazing, likable and the right match for him. At this point, it’s safe to say that everything was suddenly working together for Faith’s good. God was restoring in ‘double fold’ everything she had lost in the past. What a faithful God we serve!!

The rejoicing and thanksgiving that followed up after Faith revealed her status to David at the restaurant attracted eyeballs of other people that were present there. David couldn’t control his excitement because the joy in his heart was more than he could regulate. He danced, screamed, laughed and cried all the same time while Faith sat on her seat shedding tears of joy.

Few minutes after David caused a scene at the restaurant, he called on the waiter and paid for the drinks they barely touched. Immediately he was done paying, he held Faith by the hand and they walked towards the parking lot. As they got closer to their cars, David lifted Faith up and carried her like a little baby. She began to laugh and held him tightly as he walked towards her car.

At that very moment, it dawned on Faith that David was truly the man of her dreams and the person she had waited her whole life for. Such a relief she felt knowing that their love for each other was mutual; with God being the third party of the threefold cord.

“Why does it seem as though you are more happier than I am?” Faith happily asked as they got to where she parked her car. David smiled, peaked her on the cheek and replied; “Maybe you are right, I guess I am more happy than you are because it’s clear that nothing can stand in the way anymore from making you mine”. Those words were soothing to Faith’s ears and it made her blush.

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Before they parted ways, David told Faith to visit the hospital he worked at the next day so he can personally run a third test on her to be fully certain that she was completely healed and free from the virus. Without hesitating, she agreed to meet up with him the next day. Shortly afterwards, they bid each other ‘Goodbye’ and zoomed off.

All through the ride home, Faith couldn’t stop praising and worshipping God; same with David. They had huge smiles on their faces and cried whenever they thought deeper about what God has done for them. It was such a beautiful way to end the day and a journey that began a long time ago. Faith didn’t want to inform her mum yet because she wanted to be a 100% sure she had been healed. She made up her mind to break the good news to her mum after conducting the finaly test with David, whom she trusted more than the other medical personnels.

Just as discussed, Faith paid a visit to David’s hospital the next day for the third test during her launch break at the office. When she arrived at the hospital, she had a huge smile on her face as she walked into David’s office. “Nice to see you dear, what can I offer you?” He asked as he looked into her beautiful eyes that sent chills to his whole body. Faith smiled and told him she was alright. She urged him to carry on with the test so she could hurry back to the office before her boss notice her absence. Without wasting time, her blood sample was taken and sent to be tested. Unable to stay longer, Faith took her leave and told David to reveal the result to her later in the evening. He informed her that he would stop by at her house that evening before going home. They bid each other ‘Goodbye’ afterwards before she left.

Later that evening as scheduled, David stopped by at Faith’s place with a sad countenance. Immediately she saw his facial expression, her heart dropped drastically because it seemed like her worst fear was coming to pass. Without hesitating, she offered him a chair to sit on and began to question him on what was going on.

“Why are you sad? Is anything wrong? Please tall to me because I am scared” Faith shockingly asked. As her heart raced, David brought out her test result and sadly shook his head. Before she should panic any further, he smiled and screamed “Got You!!”. .

Apparently David was trying to prank Faith hence the reason for the little show he put up. “You are Negative! Here’s your result” he happily said and handed the result over to her. Faith held her chest as she went through the result. She smiled once again when her heart saw the boldly written ‘Negative’. They hugged each other afterwards and shed a few more tears of joy.

After that day, Faith told the good news to her mum and her close friend Lara. No one believed at first till they saw the results that served as evidence. Everyone rejoiced like never before and they all thanked God and gave all the Glory back to him.

Everything that happened in Faith and David’s life actually contributed in waxing their relationship stronger. David officially introduced Faith to his friends as his girlfriend. She was fun to be around so everyone loved her in a short while. Fortunately, she was now more healthy and less judgmental about other people’s life.

As months went by, David felt as though he had known Faith almost all his life; despite just meeting her in less than two years. He knew she was the one for him so there was no need beating around the bush. He bought an engagement ring earlier before actually proposing. The perfect timing to propose seem like it would never come but David was highly positive that the right time would definitely come sooner.

Things went as usual till one fateful day while the two lovebirds were returning home from a love program that was held in David’s church. As he drove her home to drop her off, there was silence in the car till they got to their destination. David had the ring in his pocket but was just waiting for the right time to ask Faith to be in his life Forever!

Finally, they arrived at Faith’s house, David parked his car and stared into Faith’s eyes. She was a bit nervous but smiled all through as her man looked into her beautiful eyes. “Why are you staring at me this way?” She calmly inquired and David smiled. He looked into her eyes and before she knew it, he brought out a ring case and held her Fingers.

“Babe, you know I love you right?” David asked and Faith nodded ‘Yes’. As the atmosphere suddenly became tensed, he brought out the ring case and opened it. At that moment, everything felt like a good dream she didn’t want to wake up from. Tears began to fall off her eyes as she watched the man of her dreams propose to her.

On seeing that things were about to get very serious, David took a deep breath and said: “I might not be the best man in the world but I promise to be the best man I can be for you. Meeting you that very day at the beach is one day I will forever cherish. I love you so much and I am proud of everything you have become and on this note, I want you to do me the privilege of becoming my wife; will you marry me?” He calmly said as he looked into her eyes.

Without hesitating, Faith wiped the tears in her eyes and happily screamed ; “Yes Babe, I will marry you!!”. The ring was inserted immediately afterwards and they sealed their engagement with a slight passionate kiss.

From that day henceforth, they officially went off the market as singles and were headed towards the happily married title. They loved each other and grew together as a couple.

God never abandons his own no matter what the circvmstances we find ourselves in. There is always light at the end of the tunnel so never stop believing God for a miracle.

Remember, God is never in a hurry but always on time. Trust him at all times and always have faith even as small as a ‘Mustard Seed’ because that’s all it takes for God to move mountains on your behalf. Shalom!!
End of story! 😉
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✍🏼 Written by Sonia Okehie

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