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The mustard seeds faith episode 19


The Mustard Seed Faith (episode 9)

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There’s nothing as painful and demeaning as believing you mean something valuable to someone, only to realize later that they don’t value you as much as you think they do. The fact that Valarie referred to a lady she had never seen before as ‘Sick’ told Faith all she needed to know about how much David valued her and their friendship.

As if that wasn’t enough shocker, Faith just realized for the first time ever that David was in a relationship. Despite the fact that Faith wasn’t in any form of intimate relationship with David, it still hurt to realize that he only saw her as a ‘sick lady’ he was trying to help and nothing more. Just when Faith thought she had experienced the worst situation ever in her life, this new revelation shattered her heart into tiny pieces and reminded her a thousand times that she might never be happy in life as she began to believe she would. That incident reminded her of her scars and stigma. The fear of never being in a happy relationship with anyone overshadowed her thoughts as she drove home that evening.

While Faith headed home in tears, David ran upstairs, changed into something more presentable and pursued her. Faith first arrived to her house before David did and by they time he got there, she was already inside her house sobbing bitterly. “Please open the door, we need to talk. Faith please just open the door because I won’t leave here till we talk” he nervously said.

On hearing David’s voice, Faith cried the more and kept telling him to “Go away!” But he didn’t move an inch. Seeing that he was determined than ever to talk to her that evening, she finally opened the door. “Why are you here David? What have you come to do? Please just leave because the last thing I need now is hypocrisy or indirect mockery” she soberly said.

When Faith was done talking, David was a bit lost and didn’t know what he did wrong to warrant such level of anger towards him. Curious to find out, he asked what he did wrong and Faith narrated everything that happened back at his house with Valarie. When she was done narrating, that was when David had a clue of what was going on. He tried to apologize to her but she was too hurt to listen to any word that came out of his mouth. Who could blame the devastated lady for refusing to forgive after the painful reality check Valarie gave her.

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“Pleas leave my house this moment, I don’t have anything to say to you regardless of whatever explanation you give that warranted you to reveal my weakness and secret to another person. Please just leave” Faith soberly said. David still stood there begging. “You have to believe me, it’s not what you think. I only confided in Valarie because she is also a doctor in my field and I felt she would give me more information on how to care for a HIV positive patient. Despite the fact that there is no proven cure for it, she gave me good tips on how to best manage the situation and the best drugs to give to you. I never intended for it to hurt you in anyway. To be frank, I am very disappointed in Valarie and amazed at how low she used your predicament to mock you. If I had the slightest clue that she would do a thing like this, I never would have said anything to her, neither would I have sought for her help. Please you have to believe me, I would be the last person to mock or ridicule you after everything we have been through together. I’m sorry for telling her in the first place” he soberly said.

While David stood in front of Faith’s door begging for forgiveness, she leaned on the door frame crying bitterly. Whenever he made any attempt to console her, she would resist any form of consolation from him. What David failed to understand was that Faith’s pain at that moment was exactly the pain she felt the very day her HIV status was revealed to her. Have you ever trusted someone with your secret, only for them to casually tell another person and even reveal your identity to the person they shared your secret with?. To be honest, no one would feel happy when a trust like that is broken. Even though he meant well, the deed had already been done.

After several minutes of making a mini scene at Faith’s door, she told David that she needed some space to be alone with her thoughts. Unable to change her mind, nor persuade her any further, he sadly left.

As David walked away, tears began to gently fall from Faith’s eyes. It was sad watching her bestfriend, prayer partner, companion and crush leave. It felt as though her heart was shattered into unrecognizable pieces. A huge part of her wanted to run to David and stop him form leaving in such a sad mood, but another part of her felt it was best to let him go. After standing in front of the door for a while, she finally shut it and layed down on one of the couch in her living room.

Immediately Faith’s head touched the couch, bitter tears like never before fell from her weak eyes. At that moment, death was better than life because she honestly had no good reason to be alive. “My mum is old now and won’t miss me too much if I die. My colleagues and few friends all have families and won’t feel my absence again after a little while. My church brethrens would carry on with the Lord’s work if I die and lastly, David have Valarie to find comfort in after I am gone” she sadly thought as she laid on the cold couch thinking of taking her life.

While Faith thought of how to take her life, David was furiously heading to his house to confront Valarie. He was raged and kept wondering how childish and insane her attitude towards Faith was. Not in a thousand years did he ever think that Valarie would use Faith’s health status against her. “What was she even thinking?” He wondered as he drove all the way to back to his house.

After a 20 minutes drive, David arrived home and rushed in search of Valarie. Immediately he saw he watching a movie in his living room, he flared up. “How dare you? How could you? I mean how dare you!!! Why on earth would you use someone’s health status to indirectly mock them and you are supposed to be a doctor that know too well about how confidential we keep patients health status. Why did you betray me like that? Why refer to Faith as ‘Sick’? I can’t even look at you right now; all I need you to do is get out of my house before I do something we might both regret. We are still getting to know each other better but you told her you are my girlfriend. When did we make things official? You have done the most today and I can’t see you the same again after this, so leave my house this minute” he angrily said, walked into his room afterwards and banged the door.

On seeing that David was extremely angry, Valarie went into the guest room, carried her stuffs and left the house without seeing David to inform him that she was leaving. That day was a handful as everyone was going through one thing or the other. After about an hour later, David figured Valarie had left so he came out of his room and locked the main door. Still furious, he laid on the couch in the livingroom and fell into deep thoughts. That day ended on a sad note but God orchestrated everything.

Due to the will to die, Faith decided to stop taking her Anti-viral medications. She made this decision in hopes that her failure to take her medication will result to a drastic decline in her health, which will eventually lead to her death but God was already ten(10) steps ahead of everyone and was waiting for them to catch up with the miracle that had already taken place.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months since Faith stopped taking the mediation that initially kept her alive. All the symptoms of HIV/AIDS she awaited with open mind weren’t showing up as expected. She totally removed her mind from her health condition and was just waiting for the day death would come knocking but it seemed to take eternity.

At that time, Faith still wasn’t in good terms with David since after the incident with Valarie. She further stayed away from him because she didn’t want anyone to notice her new resolution to die slowly. Faith knew that David would have never let her miss taking her mediation so due to that, she felt it was better to shut him out of her life.

It was now three(3) months since Faith stopped taking her medications but there was still no sigh of a decline in her health. There was no physical evidence to show that her health was deteriorating so she felt it was more internal than external. After a while of not showing up at the hospital, David decided to visit the ward that attended to HIV patients to check Faith’s records. It was then that it dawned on him that she had not come for her usual medication in the space of 3 months. Immediately it dawned on him that Faith was skipping her medication, he called her on phone but she wasn’t answering so he decided to drive down to her house after work to see her. When he arrived at her house, he knocked and knocked but no one answered. Out of frustration, he sadly left.

All through the remaining hours of that day, David was worried about Faith and blamed himself for giving up on their friendship too easily. Unable to reach her through all means possible, he crawled back into his shell and plot for ways to reach her.

While David sought for ways to reach Faith but all to no avail, she was mentally prepared for death. She cared less about her HIV status and didn’t see any need to hide it any longer from anyone that cared to know because she was going to die after all and the world will eventual know what killed her, so why keep it a secret any longer?. She dragged on with her life as usual till something miraculous happened one fateful day.

It happened that the company Faith worked with conducted a program tagged ‘World Health Day’. The purpose of the program was to conduct free medical test and check ups for the masses for free. The different tests that were conducted includes; [email protected] cancer screening, HIV test, disability checks, eye tests, blood pressure check etc. It was mandatory for every staff of the company to carry out all the available test for record keeping sake.

That day, Faith was ready to let her colleagues know about her health status. They gossiped a lot so she figured that whoever was in charge of conducting the HIV test would definitely reveal to the others after they must have found out that she has the virus. With her mind made up and ready for whatever was going to happen that day, she walked towards the HIV test stand and a sample of her blood was taken for a quick test.

Those thirty six(36) minutes were the longest thirty six(36) minutes of Faith’s life. Her heart raced as she watched the medical personnels whisper words into each other’s ears. “They are talking about me” Faith thought as she sat under the canopy waiting for them to bring a result she had seen over 50 times since she contacted the virus.

As the doctor walked towards Faith with the result, she took a deep breath and waited for the “You are HIV Positive” sentence that now sounded like a broken record to her ears. Finally, the doctor got to where she sat and handed a brown envelope to her, then walked away with saying anything. “Is she embarrassed on my behalf to say that I am positive?” Faith thought as she held the envelope. Without the need to check the result there to avoid further embarrassment, she left and went to other tents to conduct other tests.

After such a hectic day, Faith retired back home with all her test results. As she drove home, David’s called thrice but she didn’t pick up. It broke her heart to know that her once ‘best friend’ now felt like a stranger whom she didn’t want to talk to nor see. It was sad but there was nothing she could do about it since her mind was set on dying.

When Faith got home that night, she ate, took her bath and opened her laptop to work on some work related docvments. When she was done working, she remained seated on the floor and leaned her back on the couch behind her. As she sat there deep in thoughts, her eyes wandered around and finally caught the test result envelops she returned home with from work. Reluctantly, she opened them one after the other to just fulfill all righteousness because she already knew the report of each test results.

One after the other, Faith opened each envelope till it got to the last one. Immediately she opened it and read the first word her eyes saw, a sudden shock hit her whole body and left her utterly dumbfounded.

Faith cleaned her eyes over and over again till the 20th time but the result still read ‘HIV – Negative’.
End of episode 9 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

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