The oath that binds us episode 1 – end

❤️The oath that binds us 1 ❤️

Princess dragged me back as I tried to walk away. ” Where do u think you’re going to ee? kene.” she asked with teary eyes .
I sighed , and faced her ” Princess , I really love you . I love you and you know it. But I can’t agree on a blood oath with you. Reason it naa.
Princess teared up and tried to walk out but I dragged her back.
” Kene leave me alone. U don’t love me cos if you did , u wouldn’t be saying all these. Or are you cheating on me? ” she stared at me.
” God forbid , why would u say such?
” That’s the more reason we should do this blood oath, take my virginity. You know my parents are not in support of our relationship . I don’t want anything to come in between us . Kenechukwu” She rubbed my cheeks sadly.
I just couldn’t stand her tears.
“Remember you told me you want to be disvirgined on our wedding night?” I asked.
” But I want you to do it now and here. I want our bond to be tighter,I don’t ever want us to be apart” she wept more.
” But you know the consequences of this blood oath of a thing? I asked confused.
” We’ll sail through it together ,as long as we are faithful to each other. Kene please.”
I stared at her intensely. I really love her and I was willing to do anything for her.
” Ok,I agree. On one condition.
She smiled.
” Anything for you kene ”

❤️The oath that binds us 2 ❤️

” The condition is that you mustn’t reveal the oath to anyone” I said with seriousness.
” Sure ,I won’t” she smiled.

I sighed as she opened her bag and brought out a wine glass,a sachet of Chelsea dry gin, a brand new razor and a padlock. I looked on trying to hide my disbelief and confusion,but no curiousity got the best of me
“What’s the padlock for? I asked.
She looked up ,while dropping the items and smiled.
“The padlock is to padlock our destiny together,when we are done we’ll discard it in the river nearby” she pointed.

I wanted to shout oo,not that I didn’t want to do it but am scared if she actually sure of what she’s saying.
“Princess ,how sure are you? . Who told u all these? I don’t understand your pattern.” I frowned.
Princess stood upright and looked deep into my eyes.
“That’s what my grandma told me. She did same to my grandpa and it worked ,so why won’t it work for us?.

I nodded calmly, as I looked around the forest,it was so thick.
She held my thumb.
“From this day hence forth,Kenechukwu ,As I partake of your blood this day,I give myself to you forever. I’ll never cheat on you and if I do may I run mad and die.As I partake of your blood, Nothing and nobody will tear us apart even in death and so shall it be” .

She made a deep cut on my thumb as I wimpered ,she added pressure to the cut,and made sure the blood dropped down the wine glass. She now handed the razor to me with her left thumb. I stared at her,seeing nothing but silent pleas,my mind void of every resistance took the razor blade and made my own vows and made a deep cut into her thumbs ,as she wriggled in pain . Her blood dropped into the cup.. she emptied the sachet of Chelsea dry gin into it and and shook it. Then drank little and gave me the rest as she watched me drink till the last drop , intensely.

❤️ The oath that binds us 3 ❤️

After that , Princess took the cup from the and kept it on the ground. She started undressing herself as I look on as a moron.
“Will u just stand there and stare at me throughout???. Why are you behaving as if am forcing u? ” She said in a hurtful voice.
I cleared my voice and moved close to her . “Princess , are you sure about this?
I asked. She ignored me , and started undressing me. We got intimate, though a painful one.
We made vows as we locked the padlock together and threw it in the nearby river.
She look so satisfied.

Princess is just a 19 yr old girl, while am 22. She’s from a rich and influential family, who loved her as she’s the only child. While, I came from a poor family, I have only one brother and my father is late , so I did menial jobs in the village to support my mom who is a petty trader in the village market.

But the problem I have is that Princess’s family never liked me, they hated me and avoided me like a leper because I came from a poor family.
But that didn’t affect our relationship so much, cos we always had to meet in our favorite spot in the forest.
Our relationship is just a year old and I don’t see anything that will break my love for her.
Four weeks later, Princess came to my house crying. Thank God no one was at home.
“Omalicham what is it”? I kept the Bucket I was holding and rushed to where she was.
” Kenechukwu, I just missed my period oo ,and you know what than means” She rushed as if ,if given a second the words will be beaten back to her mouth.
I swallowed hard as my heart skipped,I stared at her speechlessly as I look down on her tummy.
“Will you keep on looking at me that way ee Kenechukwu? ” she dragged my collar unhappily.
” That’s a goodnews ,my love .So why are you crying? I asked.
She wiped her tears and stared at me.
” My parents will kill me if they find out” She placed her hands on her head in grief.
” There’s nothing like that .

❤️The oath that binds us 4❤️

Few days later , Princess’s parents stormed into our house with armed men.
” Where is that poverty stricken old man called Kenechukwu that got my daughter pregnant?” Mr ,Ani barked at the top of his voice as my mother rushed out to see what the problem was.
“Nnanyi ubochi oma,what’s the probl…”
” Keep your greetings to yourself you old wi * tch. That hegoat of your son got my daughter her”( pointing at Princess) pregnant” .Mrs Ani cursed
My mom turned and look at me in surprise..
“Is that true? Kene?
I bowed my head in guilt.
“Yes nne ,I love Princess so much and I want to take the responsibility of the pregnancy.
“See someone that is talking, Efulefu that can’t feed himself talk more of my daughter and the b@, stard son he gave her” Mrs Ani barked in disgust.
” Yes Mom ,I like Kene and I want to spend my life with him.Even if he doesn’t have money. I’ll starve with him” Princess ran and stood by me .
” Common shut up that your stuplld mouth. You haven’t faced the realities of life cause if you have ,you wouldn’t be blabbing.”
” Pls chief ,you people should calm down….” my mother tried to explain.
” Will you keep quiet woman , before I face you” Mr Ani warned s eriously.
I was already angry but trying to control my temper.
Mr Ani , ordered the armed men to deal with me while they dragged princess to the car.
“Leave me alone , leave me alone!!! I hate you father!!! . She cried ,trying to reach out for me but they forcefully put her into the car,While they beat me to pulp and even my mom.
They left me when I was semi conscious.
My mom called our neighbors to help her take me to the hospital.
I spent a month in the hospital ,due to fractures and severe bruises I got.
” You have ears but your ears are there just to fulfill all righteousness. How many times did I warned you to stay away ? now see the humiliation I’ve faced cause of you. Nwanyi isimkpe ( widow) Kenechukwu ,did I wrong you in any way??

❤️The oath that binds us 5❤️

My mom wept bitterly.
I was so speechless as I watched her helplessly.

“Kenechukwu ,come with me please ,I missed you so much” Princess beckoned on me rubbing her obviously protruding tummy.
She was wearing a white gown and looked so pretty as she stood afar off.
As I tried to reach out to her,I woke up and then realized it was a dream.
I rushed out to go look for the love of my life,The mother of my unborn child.
Thanks to God ,I saw there housekeeper outside the gate on her way out ,when I got to her house.
“Please Anty ,help me please . Good evening. Help me tell Princess that am here” I pleaded desperately with the lady who seem to be in her early thirties.
She looked at me from head to toe and shook her head. I was confused.
“Aren’t you Kenechukwu,the son of Amadi, princess’s lover?.

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I nodded gladly. She frowned heavily.
” Princess is dead. Her parents forced her to do abortion and it backfired instead ,she lost her life.” The lady said sadly. I was confused,and mentally disoriented at that moment.
“Do you know the princess am talking about? ,My own princess” I called out desperately.
” Yes kene . She died three weeks ago”. She said calmy.
“Oh!!! My God!!!!!!!!!
Tears blurred my eyes,my vision seemed heavy and my head spined so badly that I had to hold on to the lady for support.
“Tell me it’s not true , please not Princess … baby . Heiiiiii!!! Princess ooo” I shouted all the way down to my house.
Everyone was just looking at me but I didn’t care.. I passed out.


I found myself in the hospital,my headached so badly . Just as I looked besides me ,I saw princess standing near me crying while cleaning the blood on her white gown.
Tears dropped down my cheeks as I felt heavy lumps in my throat.
“Kenechukwu ,come with me let build another world for ourselves where no one will bother us, remember your promises . My soul can’t find rest because of u, because of the bond sealed with our blood.

❤️ The oath that binds us 6 ❤️

I couldn’t talk. The pain was so unbearable, she disappeared immediately the nurse walked in.
I mourned her for 6 months but she was always there to comfort me.
I think she’s becoming more violent cause she always begs me to come with her. She had sent different havoc on my way in other to kill me and that only got me pissed up.
Like one day, I was passing by the market, I just didn’t know how a water tank fell from it tanks stand and almost crush me if not for God,.
I stopped going for swimming cause she was always there waiting for me to drown.
“What’s the meaning of all these, princess” I asked so angry.
She looked at me sadly and told me she missed me.
“But you are Dead!!!” I shouted . Her conteanance change horribly.
” Remember we are in this together!!! ,Nobody and nothing will separate us . I’ll take you back by force ” She swirled and disappeared.
I was so confused and started overthinking. I had to look for help .
I ran home.
“Son , what is it ??. why are you painting like you saw a ghost?. You’re behaving so abnormal this days ” Mom asked inquisitively.
” Mom ,blood oath has killed me ooo,Princess has killed me” I cried and sat near her.
” What do u mean by that? Which blood oath is that?.” My mom asked in confusion.
” I went into a bkood oath with princess before she died ,now she won’t let me rest till she drags me to hell with her !!!””

❤️ The oath that binds us 7❤️
” Kenechukwu , how could you be so senseless and careless at the same time?.
Do you know the meaning of blood covenants? Do you know the implications of blood oath ee? kene?
You will not kill me before my time oooo” Mom cried in disappointment.
” Mother please” I knelt down. ” Help me , she’ll take my life oo . I can’t risk leaving you and Chima alone . Yes , I love princess but I promised dad before he died to take care of you and my sibling. ”
” Hm , go and dress up , let me take you to a great seer”

” Hmmm, This is a very critical case, a very dangerous one for that matter” The seer explained after I explained everything to him.
” But wise one, what can we do to save my son kenechukwu from death” My mom asked in desperation.
The seer shook his head.
” Any covenant done with blood is irreversible when one of the party dies. But there’s only one thing ” he pointed out.
I was a bit relieved.
” What’s that wise one?
He looked at me. ” It’s either you resurrect her and continue your life with her or you join her in the land of the dead . Her spirit is a very very sturbborn one”

My mom looked at me in despair , surprise and confusion.
The seer continued his incantation and left us to our thoughts.
Mom stood up, and dropped a thousand naira note in an earthen pot near her . The beckoned on me to stand up. We left the place, but mom still didn’t give up.
” I know a very powerful witch doctor at the outskirt of the village. Am sure he’ll have a solution for us.
I nodded miserably and followed her sheepishly.
We trekked for thirty minutes before we got there.
“Who is this strange, bitter looking lady trailing behind you , young man!!” The spiritualist shouted authoritatively.
I looked at mom surprised as the native doctor asked us to pull our footwear’s and sit down.
” Great seer,please help me .The lady I entered into a blood oath with is dead ,now she’s after my life” I explained with fear.

❤️ The oath that binds us 8 ❤️

The man laughed weirdly, revealing his gap and nicely fitted dentures.
” That one is a small case ”
Mom and I looked at each other and smiled.
” But it will cost you a fee change.”
“Call your price , great one” Mom said hopefully.
He smiled.
” Get me a big black he goat, a bottle of hot, a long chain with the sum of thirty thousand naira” He said.
” We’ll do all that on her grave, hope you know where she was buried?
“Yes, I was told she was buried in the village cemetery” I replied. He nodded and asked us to keep our offering into a clay pot and leave , we obeyed.
Mom and I ran around to get the money ,then went back the next day.
We followed the native doctor to the cemetery where Princess was buried.
“Princess ,we have come here for peace and not for war. Please take this hegoat in place of the life of kenechukwu” He said as he beheaded the he goat and poured the blood on her grave ,and threw the he goat there”
Princess appeared immediately looking disgusted.

Mom was scared ND hid at my back.
” I should take the he goat in place of Kenechukwu you say?. Am I to marry the goat? . Is it the goat that I loved in the first place ? I can’t accept that goat . I want kenechukwu and that’s final.” She protested vehemently. ” Please remember we came her for peace and not for war” The native doctor reminded her.
” I don’t care!!! I won’t accept it ” she raged.
“Then get ready to be chained for forever ” The native doctor concluded as he dragged the chain from me and dig sticks by the sides of the grave.
“Nooooooo please don’t chain me ” She cried sadly but the native doctor did pay listening ears as he made incantations on the grave and began to tie the chain around the grave.
” Kenechukwu, please don’t do this to me ,am begging you.
Remember how we were before , please don’t do this to me. Don’t chain me please”Princess wept profusely while begging me.

❤️ The oath that binds us 9 ❤️
( The final chapter)

I propose to Jennifer and she accepted.
I went and saw her parents , and completed the rights according to the tradition of our land .
After our traditional marriage , started planning our white wedding.
One day , Jennifer visited me at home . she was looking so excited.
“Babe , guess what? She screamed.
” What? ” I asked in wonder.
“Guess na coconut head,” She pouted childishly.
“Hmm darling , you know am not good at guessing, stop keeping me in suspense ”
” Ok ok, am pregnant!!!! ”
I was so over joyed as I carried her up and planted a kiss on her forehead.
“So I’ll soon be a dad!! Too good to be true” I thought to myself.
I took her out for shopping spree.
Later in the night when we came back., we were so exhausted that we went to bed immediately.
By 12:05 am I was awoken by barks near me. I opened my eyes, only to see a German Shepherd dog barking at me. I screamed so loud that Jennifer woke up immediately.
“What is it honey” Jennifer asked in fear.
I looked and saw that the dog was no longer there. I wiped my eyes.
” Nothing dear, it was just a nightmare” I said calmy as I cuddled her to sleep. I didn’t sleep throughout the night because of fear.

On our wedding day,after saying our vows , signed our wedding certificate and taking photographs.
We set out to the reception venue.
While on our way, a fuel tanker failed brake and hit our vehicle. I passed out.
I found myself in the hospital with bandages around my head. Jennifer was beside me still putting on her wedding gown . Her make up was terribly spoilt with tears as she held my hands.
Immediately ,Princess appeared beside me smiling.
I managed to point my finger towards her and whispered “Princess”.
I stood up and looked at my lifeless body on the bed, and Jennifer crying out her lungs while begging my body to wake up.
I held hands with princess and we went to the world beyond.
The land of the dead.
The end.

©️ Olu Oma Chi