The One I Have Been Looking For

The One I Have Been Looking For Episode 16 – 17




If someone had told me I would be doing something like this someday I would’ve denied the fact due to my hopelessness. I’m glad God sent john to me as my destiny helper… I thought as we drove with a broad smile on my face. ‘What are you thinking about that’s making you smile? Gabriel asked jolting me out of my thought.

“Oh! I’m just being excited about all that has been happening to me lately and I keep thanking God for that” I replied.” We’ve arrived sir” the chauffeur said thereby interrupting our conversation. I stopped talking to Gabriel immediately and took my time to scan everywhere.

OMG! This truly speaks about money, every decorations and lightings said it all. This place in no joke, It ain’t for lowlife citizens… I said to myself.

Gabriel does this mean everyone that’d be attending this part tonight are wealthy, and are they all business partners? I asked him still staring at the magnificent building before me. Gabri… I was saying but paused when I didn’t see him beside me. I looked around and saw him greeting some set of people.

He must’ve alighted while I was lost staring at the whole place… I said and alighted as the chauffeur opened the door for me. I smiled and walked towards Gabriel while the chauffeur stood beside the car.

Is this how you’ll stand till the party ends? I asked after turning back to meet him and he nodded. “please go ahead and don’t keep him standing there alone” he said as gestured his hand for me to move.

Hi! I said to the people I met Gabriel standing with, causing interruption to their conversation. “Oh! This must be your partner for tonight” one of them said and he replied with a yes.

“It’s nice meeting you all, I’m Matilda” I said and stretched my hand to have an handshake with them all which they delightfully took and gave me a slight hug. “Let’s all move in now” Gabriel said.

“It’s so nice to have your hands on this special body of mine, right” he teased and winked at me as I gently held his arm as I have been taught. “ouch! You’re so mean” he yelped after I had pinched him for teasing me. “Let’s take this seat” I said ignoring his words.


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a beaut is what you’ve got with you tonight” we heard someone say behind us and both turned. “you can say that again” I murmured.


He called and stood up to meet her. “Wow! you look stunning, it’s been a long time you know” he said after disengaging from the hug they gave each other.

You of all people should know I can never be caught less beautiful. I can see you came here in your brother’s stead. Hope he’s doing fine? The lady replied. “sure he is doing perfectly fine” Gabriel replied.

Oh! Pardon my manners, meet Matilda, my brother’s supposedly partner for tonight but she came here with me instead… he added


Matilda! I’m Cindy, john and Gabriel’s only living sister from another mother… the lady said stretching her hand for a shake which I stood up to receive. Wow! you look more gorgeous in your dress while standing. John sure knows how to go for the best… she complimented and I blushed even though it’s all fake. “Thanks. You don’t look bad either” I replied.

Sure I don’t. if I may ask, are you into modelling? I mean are you modelling for any fashion brand already? She asked and I tutted. “I’ve never modelled for anyone, though it has always been my dream to be a model” I replied.

“That’s a relief. I’m the owner of a fashion brand and I’d so much love to have you as my clothing company’s model. I could swear on my life that you’ve got a perfect body a model must have” she said and my heart leaped in joy.

It seems my dream is about coming to pass. I’d be glad to do that with you, in fact i’m so excited right now. I’ve always hoped a company would invite me to come model for them… I replied sincerely. “John is really a life saver, I owe him a lot. I wouldn’t have met this lady if he hadn’t told me to come represent him and if I hadn’t oblige” I thought

Wow! Looks like you ladies have totallyforgotten about me… Gabriel said making us direct our attention back at him. “We’re so sorry, we’ve just been talking about business and that made us loose focus” Cindy replied.

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My husband is right there, let’s just walk up to him and you can use that opportunity to introduce your partner… She added

“Yeah sure! Let’s do that” Gabriel replied and held my hand while we walk.

I was about drinking from my cup of wine again when I felt my stomach rumble. I thought it was just a minor thing so I just shrugged it off, but i was disappointed when the pain became intense and I had a strong urge to visit the restroom.

“I’ll be right back” I said to Gabriel as I stood up. “Geez! I don’t even know how to get tot he restroom” I thought.

Where are you going to? You don’t even know anywhere around here… He whispered, just then my stomach rumbled again. “I need to visit the ladies, I don’t know what’s wrong with my stomach” I said and hurried away not wanting to create suspicion for myself.

“Let’s go this way” he said and held my hand. I didn’t eat anything, why am I suddenly having an upset stomach… I thought as I wiped the sweat off my forehead.

“Go through that hallway, I’ll wait for you here, I can’t go any further” he said and I ran off

“What a relief” I said with a loud sigh as I finished defecating. “Oh! I need to re touch my face”. I said and quickly applied some powder quantity on my face.

I walked out of the restroom and was heading towards the lobby when a lady bumped into me. “I’m so sorry” she apologized.

“Ohi! It’s fine” I replied, just then I perceived a strange odour and started feeling tipsy. “OMG! what’s wrong with me, what have I inhaled” I said and brought out my phone to call Gabriel.

Miss, are you okay? A guy said as he assisted me while I kept staggering. I don’t think I am, I keep feeling dizzy. Could you help me to the main hall please? I requested.

“That won’t be a problem, I sure will” he replied. just then, I felt a strong arm forcefully place a soft cloth on my nose making it hard for me to breath. I felt my eyes closing as I inhaled what’s on the cloth and I collapsed afterwards.


Why is it taking this lady so long to return or is her stomach condition that bad? I said to myself. Wait a sec, I left here for a while, does that mean she might’ve left when she didn’t find me here? I asked myself and quickly took my phone to dial her number. Mat where are you, what’s taking you s… I was saying but was caught short when she hung up.

WTF! Why is this lady doing this in this situation, why would she end the call without even answering me and i haven’t finished talking, swears, imma give you an earful of words, you just wait, I said and dialled her number again but it isn’t going through again and that made me panick.

Cindy I need your help please, I need you to help me check the ladies restroom, Matilda is taking too long to come out… I said as I ran to meet her where she was sitting at. “Oh! Really? Have you called her number”? She asked “yeah I have, she picked up at first but hung up and her number wasn’t going through after that first time and that’s what got me worried and that’s why I came to meet you her” I replied.

“Let’s hurry up then, something might be wrong with her, we never can tell” she replied and pull her dress up a bit before running off.

“Let’s go together” her hubby said as I was about leaving too. We’ve got a problem right here, she isn’t in any of the rooms. ‘Let me also try calling her to see if it would go through” she said and dialled her number but it still didn’t go through. Do you have anything in mind? Like somewhere she could’ve gone to or why she could’ve done this? Her hubby asked me.

I should’ve sensed something was wrong when she said she suddenly have an upset stomach. I’ve always been so smart., how come I didn’t see this coming? I said and they stared at me, obviously perturbed. What do you mean, could she have been kidnapped? Does she have anyone that’s after her? They both asked me and I nodded.

“Does that mean we’re being monitored? They’ve must have poisoned her food or drink to make her have that upset stomach so they would kidnap her while she’s at it. Jeez! How do I tell john about this” I asked with a grunt. “Relax dude! We can’t inform him now, let’s go check the CCTV footage first and we can move on to the next step” Cindy’s hubby said.

“Fine! You two should go ahead first, I’ll join you soon. I wanna go check outside to see if I could catch a glimpse of them or just to see any car leaving that I get suspicious of” I replied and we took action immediately.

“Rewind that” I said to the official showing us the footage. “What is that man doing with her?” Cindy asked. He’s obviously trying to act like a nice guy to win her heart, but why does it seem like she’s dizzy? Her hubby replied her.

She must’ve been hypnotized. Who in the world dresses like this to this kind of event if not a bad person. Not even a single worker here uses a face cap, even the security personnel wear suit without anyone knowing they’re security guards if not because they’re always standing at the entrance… I said

This party needs to be stopped immediately, we need to let them know one of us has been kidnapped and is missing. I apologise on her behalf in advance… I said and turned to leave but Cindy and he hubby held me back and just then, my phone started ringing and my heartbeat skipped when I saw my brother’s name appear on the screen as the caller.

Hey brother! I said as the call connected trying my best to sound well in order to avoid suspicion. He’s the type that sense something easily. “Elon and his colleagues abducted her” he said. What‼️! How on earth did you know, I mean I haven’t even told you yet, or did you have someone monitor our movements? I asked

C’mon bro, I’ve got everything planned. I was ready for this, I just didn’t tell you and remember we’ve decided to keep an eye on every worker we have… he replied

I got back to my room tired from the journey and the day’s activities. “Bring my food to my room now!” I said to the maid on the phone as I undressed myself. I got out of the shower and checked my phone to see the calls I’ve missed.

Dmn! I cur$ed as I saw my spy’s name among the names of people I missed their calls and remembered I had to be monitoring the people I left behind. I took my Ipad immediately to watch the clips from the camera I fixed on the necklace I bought for Matilda.

Dmn! I knew he’ll try something like this. I’m glad I saw this coming… I thought and placed a call across my spy. What are y’all still waiting for? I’m sure you saw this before me, they musn’t get away with this… I said to him

Yeah and that’s why I called you. I just need you to inform your brother of the happenings so he will join us, but right now, I think they’re heading toward our direction.

My colleagues and I are ready for operation. send him the location of where we are… he replied and I sighed.

Hey bro! he said as soon as the call connected and I laughed softly at his pretense. “Elon and his colleagues abducted her” I said and he gave the reaction I expected.

I’m sending you their location now so I want you to follow them now, though I’ve got people doing that already. Just leave the place you are now and do what I said… I said

We’re on our way already, but how come you have all these under control? He asked. “Well! All thanks is to my level of intelligence. I was so smart to have planted a camera on the necklace I gave her and a tracker on the hairclip I fixed in her hair too” I replied.

Wow! I’m so proud of you brother, I regret ever losing my guard for once. I’m glad she ran back to put on the necklace, because she almost forgot to put it on… he replied
Take another direction now! They’ve changed direction and have switched cars, they’re not so dumb as I thought. They should be heading towards their boss’s destination now… I shouted and heard the loud screeching sound the car tyres made.

They must’ve intentionally gone to that secluded area to get you in their hands. Don’t do anything, just wait for them to take action first and don’t get out of the car. I said to him as I watched everything from my iPad.

What will happen to Matilda now, wait! Can you see her? Is she fine? He asked sounding worried.

She’s fine, they haven’t noticed the necklace yet and that’s why I still have access to everything. Don’t worry, my men are there already, they’re just watching their steps first and are also waiting for their movement… I replied

“Wow! They mean business really well” he said as he also watch them bring out guns and are ready to shoot at them. I trust Gabriel to be the strong one, he wouldn’t have hesitated to go into military if not because I stopped him.

Bro! None of us have a gun, how do we stop them from shooting, should we just get out of the car already? He asked.

Relax dude! You can’t use a gun, you don’t have a license so it’d be illegal for you to use any. Just let the ones that have that opportunity to do their work and don’t hesitate to wind the glass down, they’ll throw you a bulletproof jacket once they arrive… I said and just as expected, the idiots started shooting and my men drove in immediately with strong force of retaliation. Which made shock written all over their faces.

Y’all better watch who you target next time. “Yes! This is perfect” I said as I switched on my laptop and a clearer video appeared on the screen. “I make no mistake in choosing who to work for me and I deserve an award for that”… I boasted as I watched the clips after it’s been made easier for me after by the people I asked to fix a camera at a better place that’d give me satisfaction.


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