November 29, 2021

The One I Have Been Looking For Episode 28 – 29




Gabriel you should trust me please, at least allow me to find evidence to back myself up before taking judgment. I know I didn’t do it, how could I have killed someone? Let’s keep things slow please I didn’t do it. She begged but he paid deaf ears to her and kept an angry face instead.

You’ll confess when you get tortured. I just regret ever having any help rendered to you and my brother falling in love with someone like you. You killed my parents, who sent you, why did you do it? He said to her as they took her away.

They made her become unconscious before leaving the compound so she won’t know the way to the place she was taken to.

Shut the mall down now!!! He ordered her secretary on the phone and she promised not to open it again after the day since there are customers in there.

Oh! What’s up, How was your journey? Chris asked him as he entered the house. “I’m frustrated and disappointed right now, I still don’t know why that thing (he said, referring to Matilda) has to be the one behind the murder” he replied.

I know it’s hard bro and that’s why i told you to let’s take things easy. She insisted that she isn’t the one who killed them and she doesn’t even think she once had a memory loss.

I came here to take her to the hospital she’s been using ever since birth, we could find something pertaining to her health there. Who knows if she truly did it but can’t remember she did or she did it out of insanity.


no one is perfect, okay? So please for God sake let’s take things easy. Help me talk to your brother, he’s not been giving me attention. I promise to try every of my possible best to find the real truth.

Shut up! Just shut the hell up man! How dare you tell us to relax. Put yourself in our shoes and think of how you’d feel to finally get the real culprit behind that kind of act with solid evidences and yet she’s trying to dent it and you’re here taking sides with her, how dare you!!! Gabriel retorted.

C’mon man! This lady we’re talking about here isn’t just a regular girl but one whom you once loved genuinely and took as your sister. Investigate further and unite the fact that you’ve been investigating the case over the past years.


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now see that you’ve never trusted her a bit. This is what you would’ve done if she had been falsely accused of something, you would never have taken her side… Chris retorted too.

I’m getting rid of her soon, but this is how she’d be until she confesses to the accusations… He said showing her the picture on his phone that shows Matilda been tied to a chair.

What! Where is she? And what have you done to her? Answer me now!!! Chris said as he grabbed his collar. “Matilda! Tilda!! Matilda!!!” He called as he ran off to search everywhere for her.

Where have you taken her to and what have you done to her!!!he yelled angrily and threw a punch at his face which he returned and they engaged in a fight.

What’s going on here? John said as he walked in. C’mon! Stop it, how dare you have a fight in my house and you how dare you touch my brother!!! He yelled at them after separating them but directed his words at Chris which made him scoff.

Why would you and your brother take law into your hands, why would you ever try to hurt the lady without thinking twice? I thought you loved her and was about asking her out John. Tell me why you have to do this… Chris replied him.

Do you know how many investigations I’ve carried to be certain after finding out she’s the one? Do you know how hurt we were? How do I explain it to the world that the woman I love and i’m ready to make sacrifices for is the one who actually murdered my parents in cold blood. You see, now is the time I truly believe that no one is to be trusted… John replied him


worry bro, all we need is just her confession. We promise to hand her over to the police for proper judgement… Gabriel said and picked his car keys to leave the house but was stopped by Anita who threw a plank at his face immediately she entered the house with Desmond

WTF!!! Why did you do that, how dare you!!! He barked angrily and she went to pick the plank from the floor. “Yes! That’s what you get for hurting my friend and for accusing my friend falsely” she said to John as he touched his forehead after the plank had hit him too

If Chris and I do our findings and she happens to be innocent, I swear to God I’ll make you pay. You heartless humans… Anita said

Chris, I could remember she once told me where she was born. Let’s go there together now. We need to prove these brothers wrong, I really wanna fight for my friend, she deserves it.

Hello the Thomas brothers, remember Matilda and I were once beggars, she was tagged THE CRAZY BEGGAR and that is still in our blood. I just wanna plead to you not to hurt her too much because it won’t be nice.

“Y’all will surely get it from me once i clear her name. If anything happens to her, I swear I’ll make you pay,trust me. Let’s go Chris” she said and stormed away while Chris and Desmond followed

“No! This is becoming more annoying and frustrating” John said


She truly might be innocent, but still how more do we need to get convinced when there are more than enough evidences? John said to his brother after Anita and others left.

Yeah! That’s the point. I know it hurts to know she’s the one, but how do we clear our doubts when the cctv footage in our home was destroyed and we couldn’t get exact information of what happened. You know we could never have gotten the evidence if not for the ones recorded on dad’s phone which I’m sure She didn’t see when destroying the surveillance camera.

I’m sure mom must’ve made dad set the camera so it would capture every moment. They must’ve been worried that the evidence would be destroyed… Gabriel replied.

Have them stop the interrogation for now, don’t let them hurt her till I find more evidence to back he ones we have up… John said and left the sitting room.

I already told you I can’t disclose our patients personal information, we don’t do that here so if you would excuse me, I’ve got patients to attend to so you should please leave my office and don’t return… The doctor they went to meet said

We know you don’t do that here, but please we really need it to save the young lady. Just tell us little about her and we promise to leave your off e and never return. Anita replied

I’m sure thus has never happened before, you should give it a second thought. We wouldn’t be here if she isn’t in a situation where we need to use it to save her… Desmond added.

If her being in the situation where the information about her past needs to be dug up, then she should be here herself and not some strangers coming here to speak on her behalf… The doctor replied


need you to imagine yourself being in the situation being in a situation whereby you were accused of committing a crime in the past which you know deep down in you that you didn’t but still doubt yourself if you truly committed the crime or not, and the only solution you have is to visit your hospital to check your health record since you don’t have any parent or sibling to tell you about it… Chris said and the woman sighed.

This is exactly the situation Matilda is right now and that’s why we’re here. I don’t know if I should be telling you this or not, but she’s been accused to have committed murder in the past, so I need you to tell me if she once suffered from amnesia or a certain illness that led to memory loss… He added

Why would she be accused of committing Murder, who on earth said so about her tell me and I will have the person arrested immediately. She yelled and banged her first on the table as rears welled up in her eyes.

Are you okay? They asked in unison. She nodded and wiped off the tears streaming down her cheek.

She once lose her memory and that was when she was 6 years of age. She fell from a tall building when her school went on a vacation and was lucky to survive the incident but all her memory was erased.

It took years before she regained part of her memory and that’s why she could hardly remember some things she’s done in the past. This is the record of what I just said… She said and handed a file to them which they all looked at.

You seem to be hurt to here she’s in a certain condition. if I may ask, do you know anything about her parents death or their past? Chris asked again.

“I shouldn’t be talking here in my office, let’s go to my place for proper discussion” she replied and packed somethings in her bag before exiting the office while they followed.

“I’ll be leaving now, see you all tomorrow” she said to the receptionists after handling one of them the key to her office. “Alright! ma’am” they replied and bade her goodbye.

“Thanks for the drinks’” Anita said to her as they drank from the cup of juice she gave to entertain them.

“You’re welcome” she replied and took a seat opposite them.

Matilda’s parents were my friends. They both were best of friends right from our high school and they were always known to be couples even thigh they weren’t dating but we all the biggest and greatest news when we got invitation to their wedding ceremony, though we all saw that coming.

They made sure I became their personal doctor after i badged my certificate from medical school. I’ve been in charge of their health issues ever since then. Her mother gave birth to her and her twin sister right there in the hospital I work in which I own now after inheriting it from my late father.

Henrietta ( Matilda’s mum ) called me one evening while I was abroad to inform me about some threats being sent to her and her husband.

I had to rush down here because she sounded scared, but it was too late because her father had been killed before I got to their house. I searched everywhere for Henrietta and the kids because they weren’t at the spot but I couldn’t find them.

I became devasted when I read the news about a beggar and her daughter being hit by a truck and her and Tilda’s twin sister’s pictures were displayed.

I couldn’t cry less at the name they were tagged with “BEGGAR” never could I have ever imagined in my entire life that they would become poor or would die early because they both were hardworking while they were alive and we’re okay financially.

I had to leave the country with guilt eating me up that I couldn’t help my best friends when they needed me the most and my efforts to locate Matilda was in vain. I so much had the feeling she was alive.

If there’s nothing I don’t remember, it’s definitely not the last part of the text message she sent that day. They were being threatened because Matilda did something she shouldn’t have done and I’m sure it’s a good thing because she’s always had the kind heart her parents also possessed.

I need to dig up the past even if it would cost me a fortune… She said after narrating the story to them. “I knew it, the Matilda I know could never have done such a thing, someone must’ve edited the clips they said they found” Anita said.

Bring me the record of everyone working for him as soon as possible. We need to get her out of there first, I can’t stand seeing her hurt even if that’d be the last help i’d render to my deceased friends… She said.

“Alright! We’ll be back probably tomorrow or in few days time” Anita replied and they left.

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