November 29, 2021

The One I Have Been Looking For Episode 30 – 31




How do we get the record she a sled for now? Anita asked them as they got out of the house. “Just leave that to me, I could go to john’s office and talk to him about it.

I know he’s not the tough type, neither is he the type that jumps into conclusions easily, he must’ve been convinced by the evidence he got. Chris replied

To be honest, I’m glad we have someone else to support us in fighting for her. I just hope Matilda would be able to endure all these. Desmond said

I am glad too, I know Matilda would scale through. She’s always been a very brave person, she would definitely endure but I’m sure she’d be dying there since she has no one to talk to that’d believe her… Anita said too.

Can’t we just tail them so we’d know where they kept her? What if she’s feeling sick already? She must be looking scrawny now I guess… Desmond suggested

Of course we can’t, not after they’ve dealt with different types of people. Just imagine how wide they would’ve become after dealing with Elon and his boss…Chris replied

Let’s leave here then, we should start working on the mission already.

You still won’t confess to the crime you committed right? the guys torturing Matilda asked but all she did was cry as different thoughts appeared in her mind. They poured water on her and whipped her more but she refused to talk.

Aaaaaaaargh! She groaned as hot water was poured on her feet. “This will continue until you confess to the crime, so I advise you to talk in order to save yourself of this pain” one among the guys said as he kept slapping her.


they heard Gabriel said as he entered and they stopped what they were doing. “Welcome back sir” They greeted with a bow.

Why are you causing all these for yourself, can’t you just talk? Why don’t you just save yourself by admitting to the fact that you did it. I would’ve forgiven you a long time ago if you’d done that since… He said to her.

I never knew you could be this ignorant. You think I did that despite all you’ve done for me? Fine! since that’s what you want, I’ll admit that I killed your parents.

Yes I killed them, just kill me already and stop making life more hurtful to me. I’ve always wanted to meet my family, kill me! Kill me!! Kill me now!!! She yelled amidst tears.


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That’s what I’m talking about. For your Information, I had what you said just now recorded. I won’t kill you, of course you know I can’t, I love you too much for me to do that. All I will do now is hand you over to the cops and you shall have the proper judgement.

I’m sure you would be able to tell them what my parents did to you that made you kill them and how many people you’ve murdered in your life yet pretends to be innocent.

“Make her bruises go off, she shouldn’t look like she’s been tortured” He said and left the room.

I can see you’re happily engaging yourself in your business while you make life miserable for an innocent soul… Chris said as he entered john’s office.

Well! I hope you would wake up from your dreams and face reality. I advise you to stop taking aides with someone who might later hurt you just as she’s done to me already… John replied

You weren’t like this John, don’t you think you’re pushing things too far? Chris asked just then john’s phone vibrated and he picked it to check the notification

Wow! the person you’re fighting for right now has confessed to the crime… He said with a smile as he showed him the video.

What have you done to her? Tell me where you’re hiding her or I’ll make you beg for your life. Wait! Do you think she wouldn’t lie against herself when you’ve made life miserable for her already?


me where she is, I’m asking for the last time… He warned but john only folded his arms and watched him talk.

“You must think I’m joking” Chris said and carresed his face with a heavy punch. They fought hard till Chris bouncers broke the door and ran in to separate them.

“I’ll be back for you” Chris said before leaving.

Few days later
“These are the ones working at the house where Matilda lives” Chris said to the doctor as they sat in her office to work on the mission they have ahead.

This one is my person, I’ve known I since along time ago and I’m sure he’d be glad to work for me.
I think the inky way to know where they kept her is to plant a snitch among his workers… She said after checking their profile.

She placed a call a cross the guy she chose which he answered almost immediately. “Come see me at my home this evening, I need to discuss something with you” she said.

“Alright! ma’am” he replied, and just then Chris phone started ringing. “Oh! Anita” he said in seeing who the caller was.

Hello! he said. “Where are you? She asked”. ” I’m with the doctor, why do you sound like you’re crying, what’s wrong?” He replied.

“Turn the TV on or better still, check your phone. Those guys got her arrested ” she said and he grabbed the remote and switched it on.

“A lady named Matilda who confessed has been arrested for murdering Mr and Mrs Thomas years back with evidence” the news headline said.

“These guys really have pushed things too far” He said and stood up to leave but The doctor help him back. “Let’s go together, at least i’d finally get to see her. Besides, I have evidence with me to prove she might innocent and that would buy sometime before she gets charged to court” she said.


“Hello! We’re here to see the lady that was brought here some hours ago Matilda I mean” Chris said to the policeman he met at the entrance of the station.

Who are you two and why do you wanna see her? He asked. “We’re her only family members and we’re here to ask her few questions about what she was accused of doing” He replied.


“Come with me and mind you, you have just 30 minutes to spend with her” the man said and they followed.

They bursted into tears as they saw how scrawny she looked. Hi Chris! She said with teary eyes. “My baby” the woman called and she directed her gaze at her.

Ma’am! Matilda called back and tears started flowing out of her eyes as she reminisced the past.

“It’s really been a long time and I’m deeply sorry for not finding you on time, though I I’ve been trying every possible to locate you” The woman said

I’m sorry you had to find me in this situation. She replied

Chris! John and Gabriel had me locked up after torturing me.

They didn’t believe me tell me what else I could’ve done to make them believe me before getting to this level… She said amidst tears.

I’m sorry you had to pass through all these and I’m sorry for not finding you on time. I promise to fight for you till the end… He replied

Matilda!!! Anita shouted as she entered with Desmond and her boss.

Babe! Matilda called too as she touched the wall of the glass shielding her still crying profusely.


didn’t do it, I couldn’t have done it. Tell me you believe me, tell me you do please… She said as soon as they sat down.

Of course we all do, someone must’ve manipulated the video and edited the pictures…

Anita’s boss replied her while Anita herself did nothing but cry.

We all are willing to help you till the very end. So please endure all these pains and I’m sure you would laugh at last… The doctor assured her.

How? How do you wanna help me? I’ll soon be charged to court and I have neither a lawyer nor an evidence to back myself up… She asked

You know I’ve always been your family doctor right? I have somethings with me that I can give to any lawyer I hire for you to tender in the court on your behalf in order to prove your innocence, at least for the mean time. The doctor replied

Which is? Anita and her boss asked in unison. “I have her medical record with me which says that she lose her memory after surviving an accident.

I also have the messages her mother sent to me few years back before her family got ruined which stated that they were been threatened because Matilda (the accused) did what she shouldn’t have done” she replied

I will talk to my lawyer about her case, he will be her lawyer and please could you go with me now so we’d discuss it with him? Anita’s boss said.

“You must never forgive the brothers for hurting you this bad, okay? I know you shall be set free very soon” Anita said to her. “How do I buy my dignity back?

It’s all over the news now, everyone now knows me as a murderer” Matilda said.

Everything will be sorted out, the press must say it once your name gets cleared… Desmond replied.

I learnt Gabriel told them to shut your mall down. No one is working there anymore and you I’m sure none of the companies you model for would like to have you work with them anymore… Chris said

I saw that coming, just make sure they don’t lay their hands on the money in my account.

They mustn’t have access to my bank cards please take care of that from me till all these is over… She said.

There’s no need to bother about money, I promise to help you start all over. All we need to do right now is get all these mess cleared away… Anita’s boss replied her.

“Your time’s up, you all need to leave now” The warder said to them as he came in, thereby interrupting them.

We’ll come back some other time, just make sure you remember our words. Always remember you have a lot of people who truly believe in you… Anita said to her before starting another round of shedding tears.

Others too said words to pacify her and she nodded in assent to every thing they said with tears streaming down her cheeks again as the thought of them leaving her alone got to her.

“They’re on their way to the station” a text message that popped on the doctor’s phone said. “I think we need to wait behind for the brothers arrival,

I got a text message now that said they’re on their way here. Let’s see if we could talk to them to withdraw the case” She said to everyone.

I don’t think that idea would be accepted because it’s all over the internet. It’s one of the topics trending on the net right now, so the police definitely wouldn’t wanna withdraw it, not when they’d have submitted the evidence they have to them… Anita’s boss replied.

That’s true, but let’s get out if here first before we get embarrassed… Desmond said and they left.

“They’re here already” Anita called their attention as she saw them alight from their car.

The five of them walked up to their front as they both were walking towards the entrance of the station.

Hello brothers! The doctor spoke first and they both arched their brows and looked at each other.

Wow! Chris waddup? I can see you’ve come to visit your friend.

But if I may ask, who are these people you brought with you? Excuse me, I know Anita and Desmond though… Gabriel said instead of replying the doctor’s greeting.

They’re the ones who believe in Matilda and are ready to fight on her behalf till she regain her freedom… Chris replied.

It’s so sad to hear that you are the ones who helped Matilda become who she us today and are still the same people ready to take her down.

If you both aren’t careful, i’d make sure I sue you for molestation… The doctor said but John ignored her and walked away instead.

I’m looking forward to see how long you can support her. “She could be executed if care is not taken” Gabriel whispered in Chris’s ear before sauntering away

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