The one I want

The one I want epilogue


I wake up from my bed sighing
“Oh my head,why am I so tired like this?”I asks hissing
I feel someone legs on my stomach
“And who own this?”I ask as I push the legs away
Someone rush inside
“Are you still sleeping?”I turn to see brother
I hiss
“Why won’t I?”I asks
He hiss
“Today is our graduation day and you’re still sleeping?”he asks and hiss
Oh gosh
“That’s true”I said
I dash inside the bathroom and have a nice shower then come out again
I rush to my bed
“Wake up sleepy head”I said shaking sis
She looks up
“Why?”she asks me
I chuckles
“Today is your sibling’s graduation and you said you’ll sleep beside me to wake me up but it seems it the other way round?”I says
She laugh nd sit up
“I tend to sleep off on an important days”she said and I laugh
It been four or more years now and I’m now graduating today from school as a befitting lawyer while brother is gonna be a business man
Sis has build her own hospital and she’s truly an agile woman which make us remember Mrs Mark through her
And I love her more cos she’s more lovely than mom just like Mrs Mark too
She rush off to her room and soon,we all get down to meet dad and mom waiting for us
“Let’s go”they said
We walk out and soon,on our way to Berles university to have a benefiting party
We arrives there and get down
I scream immediately
“We’re graduating”I said so happy
Those that are graduating too rush to our side as we laugh snap picture together
We were later usher inside:students graduating at one side,their parents at one side and friends and families at another side
I sit beside brother and smiles happily
The VC mount the rosturm and smile towards us all;the graduating students
We all bow for him
He sigh and take the mic
🎤”In this life,everyone wanna make it in life and everyone wanna be at the top but we’ve to be educated and then struggles in the path we choose to take and by His Grace,He’ll definitely crown our effort”he says
We all chorus
He turn to us
“Among those with first class,I’m calling two students out to give us word of encouragement our our future and also,word or wisdom and surprising enough,they’re both Cruz’s”he said
I gasp and look at brother who smiles
We stands up together and walk to the podium
He tap me lightly
“Look over there”he said
I turn and there among the families and friends is the one I want looking dashing and handsome like always and ever
I smiles
“He make it”I said
Jake is now a worldwide know artist and he’s so perfect drawing but I think my drawing is the most then his family and my family more
I smiles as he winks at me
We reach the VC
“Ladies first”he said
I shake my head
“Elders first”I said
He laugh and gives the mic to Andrew
He takes it and sigh
🎤”Hello everyone and the students graduating… Just like they says,the race of a thousands horse start with a step.. Long ago,we start middle school then high school and finally here in the university graduating now.Let not stop at all but soar high cos the sky that we see is not the limit but the starting point cos after the sky,we still have the seven heaven(we all laugh),never give up,never say no,keep your head and let’s stand tall.I want us to see each other in future and horn our car,pim pim without having to hide our faces cos of bad ending and I pray may we be a success(Amen) and that success is like fighting a like lion,you don’t give up cos giving up means death and those who’re dead have no will again or hope so I wish us total grace to acquire success”he says
We all clap and clap for him
He gives me the mic and goes to sit down
I inhale deeply and smiles as my eyes catch Jake who’s looking at me as if I’m the only one there
I smiles and smiles
🎤”Hush hush,mic testing”I said and everyone laugh
Truly,I’m feeling so nervous
Jake winks at me
“Go ho my love”he said
Yes yes,The One I Want just gives me courage
I hold the mic well
🎤”From the moments we were born,everything has already been ordained for us:our names,our family,our status and even our future in life but sometimes it plays trick on us,it will challenge what people believe as our destiny but most of the time,Love is its weapon…
Cos in all this trials, nothing is ever easy:someone always get hurt and sometimes, someone dies…
But one thing I’m certain of ,nothing is sweater than the faith that you’ve won and fought for…
As we’re graduating today,where are we heading to and what’s our next step?
Are we going to be backward by opening a family restaurant or open a cigar shop by the road(they all laugh then sigh)
Or are we going to excel more by having our own company and moves forward..
Yes I know it not gonna be easy but as my big brother says,don’t ever let us give up but always stands tall and I wish we all make it in life”I said and bow
They clap so thunderously for me
Jake waves at me
“That’s my girl”he said and everyone laugh
We were present our 💈 and all is so happy
We snap picture with families and friends then we move together as graduating students
As the camera wanna snap,we all throw our caps🎓🎓 up and scream
“WE GRADUATE” so happily
Food and drinks were served as we eat to our satisfaction
I look around and didn’t see Jake after snapping the picture with us
We drives home happily and get to the gate horning when someone tap the car’s window
Dad wind down the glass to see Jake
“What can I do for you,son?”he asks
He smiles
“Wanna kidnap someone”he says
He moves to my side and pull me out then carry me inside his car and drives off
He arrived at his mother’s tomb and he kneels down
“Hi mom and it been a long years you’ve left this wicked world but I still missed you,Rachel is been giving life imprisonment while Peter commit suicide in the cell cos of too much hatred and anger in him,may he be forgiven …
And today,I brings to you the girl I love which you already knew and even tells her to take care of me,she really do try her best and today I bring her as my future wife to be so help me beg and ask her(he says and turn to me), that ‘will she marry me’?”he asks and bring out a ring💍
I smiles
“Are you for real?”I asks
He smiles
“Yes sure,my love”he said
I look down at him as he kneels down
“From the moment I have seeing you,my heart has leap for joy and tells me that you’re the one I want now and ever so I’m saying Yes”I said
He smiles
“Thanks for making me the one you want”he said and slides the ring in
The grave shook as an image like illusion moves out of the tomb
We move back and sigh
“What’s that?”we ask
The image turn to us as we gasps
“It’s me dear son and my darling Natalie,I’m so happy you make yourself one still today and I think I’ve fulfil your wish,son to see me once with your own eyes so here I’m”Mrs Mark said
Jake dash towards her and magically enough,he hugs and touch her
“Mom”he said crying
I move to her too as she pulls me and hugs me too
“Thanks so much,Natalie”she said
She turn to him and cup his face
“You’ll always be my inestimable jewel and I wish I could stay with you ever but that’s not meant to be again so take care of each other now and this is my last request”she said as she float up
We look up at her as tears drop
“Bye mom”Jake said crying bitterly
I sigh
“Bye lovely ma’am”I said
She rub our cheeks and smile
“Bye my best achievement and my lovely girl”she said waving then poof,disappear
Jake crumble down and I hug him
“It’s okay”I said
He clean his eyes and look at me
“I’m glad I sees her with my own eyes”he said
I gasps
“That’s the first time truly”I said nd hug him more
He smiles
“I love you so much,Nat”he said cupping my face
I smiles brightly
“I love you so much,my one”I said
Just like magic,I walks inside the church dress in white gown💒👸👰 and flower in my hands💐
Everyone turn to my side as I walk in elegantly and I look forward to see Jake dress so handsomely in a red and white suit with Andy bro standing at his back
My sis,Kath help me in rolling my long longest wedding gown as we walk inside
By the right is my dear parents and families as they smiles happily toward me
And by my left is my dear husband to be’s family and they wave at me with total joy
Tears drop from my eyes cos finally in the long run after much fighting and standing for love,I’m getting married to THE ONE I WANT
I look beside the altar and I think I sees someone in white gown and she winks at me
“That’s my real mother in law”I said laughing
I reach the Jake and he takes my hands and we face the priest
“Say your wedding vow”he says
Jake turn to me
“I’m so happy that I met you and you do accept me the way I am without no setting apart so I’m promising not to let go of you still eternity”he said and slides in the ring
I smiles
“When I sees you,I’m so happy I finally sees the one I wanna spend my whole life with so from today still ever,you’ll always be the one I want”I said and slide in the ring to his fingers too
He open my veil and smiles
“So beautiful”he said to me as i blush
The families and friends scream
“K I S S”they said spelling it out
We chuckles as we kiss and kiss that we almost not stop as everyone clap and laugh
Soon the wedding ends and we zoom off to our honeymoon right in our newly home and round our bed,he circle it all with different picture of me nd him draw together nd it so a hot and love filled honeymoon
When you sees  THE ONE I WANT, your heart would already tells you thats the one so please never let go of such person and life will brings you together soon…
Thanks and thanks for staying with ME to the end on the story title ‘THE ONE I WANT’

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