The one I want

The one i want episode 15


Time as we all know flows by and it wait for nobody and if I says it two years already you’ll argue with me or deny
“Actually,it two years with extra bonus of three months,oh gosh”I said rolling on the bed
I miss someone I love so much and can’t believe we only talk on phone for the past years and d months huh
I hiss
“Can’t he give a surprise visit?”I says
My phone rings and I pick it up
📱”Who’s calling huh?”I asks angrily
The person jeep s mute and hangs up
I later look at it and sees it Jake
“Heish,I’m never calling back”I said hissing
I wait for seconds as it turn to minute then hours
“Heish”I said
I walk inside the bathroom,have my bath then dress up in casual wear to school
I look at my phone and sees five missed calls
“I thought you won’t call back”I said and laugh
I calls him back and connect it to video’s
📱”Hello love”I said smiling then raise it up using the stick
He rub his hair
📁”Where were you when I called countless times?”he asks feeling pissed
I laugh
📇”It’s just five times not countless!”I said
He giggles
📷”I just can’t get angry at you so how are you doing?”he asks
I smiles
🎠”Doing okay now that I’ve see your I face and hear your voice”I said and winks
He laugh
❤”I miss you”he said
I sigh
💙”Can’t hear you,love”I said
He chuckles
💗”I miss you so much,my babe”he said screaming
I feels inner glows
🎈”I miss you too,my love”I said
He shakes his head
🎉”I wanna hear you scream that”he said
I laugh
📢”I miss you so much,my love”I said shouting on top my voice
The door open as Kath nd Andy walks in
💬”Hey stupid d Jake”they said
He laugh
💭”Hi crazy and dumb”he said
They groan
✒”What!”they said angrily
He winks at me and hang up📲
I laugh
“Oh my”I said d cleaning my eyes
They turn to me
“Call him back”they said
I quickly pocket my phone and throw the stick on the bed then take my bag and rush out as they pursue me
I hugs dad
“Morning dad”I said
Mom comes out
“What again this early morning,c children?”she asks us
Kath Hiss
“That boyfriend of hers dare call me dumb”she said biting her lips
Brother hiss
“He calls me crazy”he said grittting his teeth
Dad laugh
“Didn’t you two calls him name before he calls you that huh?”he asks
They look down and mom hiss
“Why won’t he calls you name when you calls him too?”she says
I laugh nd laugh
“They calls him stupid”I says
Dad chuckles
“Serve you right”he said
I smiles
“Tit for tat”I said
We all settle down to eat and soon,we’re on our way:I and Andy to the school
Work starts immediately and it all so fun
It was break period in the class when Jason runs inside my class breathing heavily
I hiss
“And what happen huh?”I asks
He squat down nd look up at me
“Your brother and one Hans guy is fighting outside”he said
I hiss
“What’s my own?”I asks
He sigh
“I’m talking about that guy that you’re dating!”he said
I laugh and laugh
“When will you stop lying,oh boy?”I asks
He rub his chin
“I’m serious,oh girl”he said screaming
The whole class rush out immediately
“What’s happening?”I asks
He move to the door
“They’re all going to watch it,silly girl”he said walking out
“You’re not not fit to call me that,mister liar”I said hissing
It me alone in the class so I dash out too even push Jason out of the way and rush to the school’s field
And there is oh yea,brother chasing a guy with a bat stick and and and he’s
“JAKE!”I said screaming
I dash to the middle of the field and run after the two
“Stop this”I said
Brother hiss
“Just let me kill him,please”he said
I catch him
“Stop bro”he said
He turn to me
“Please let me kill him I said”he says and pull his hands away then dash after him
I hiss and stay rooted
“Continue then”I said
Jake dash to my side,carry me up and twirl me round
“I miss my babe”he said winking
Andrew hiss
“Just because you carry sis up doesn’t mean I won’t avenge myself”he said and raise the bat up
Jake smiles and d put me down
“RUN”we both said
We run away immediately as we dash out of the field with brother still running after us
He pull me along as we run out of the gate then he open the car for me
“Oh sport car”I said
He winks at me
“Cool”he said and jump inside
He on the engine as he drives off and brother rush out screaming
“HEY”he said shouting
We turn to him and laugh
“So crazy”we said
I laugh and face Jake
“What cause your fight again?”I asks
He chuckles and face me
“Hey crazy,where’s your silly sister?”he says
I laugh then frown
“How dare you call me that?”I asks
He laugh
“You too wanna start your own huh?”he asks
I shake my head
“That’s for crazy guy like brother Andy”I said and we burst out of laughing
He drives inside a university and come down
“Oh geez”he said
I turn to him
“Why?”I asks
He point to a direction and I look there to see a guy kissing sis
I laugh
“That’s Tony,sis love”I said
He sigh
“Good good”he said and I laugh
We rush to their side
“Hey dumb”we both chorus
She turn to us
“JAKE”she said screaming and d hugs him
He hug her too
“Hi lovely sis”he said
I feel little jealous
She show us round the school and we said our I goodbye
Jake turn to him
“Take care of my sis,Tony or I hunt you down”he said
Tony laugh
“Okay sir”he said and we laugh
We wave at them and he drives out to God’s know where
He stop at a little mansion and drives in
“Welcome to my place”he said
I get down and smiles
“This is wow”I said
He turn to me
“Let me show the more wow”he said and pull me along
He show me round the house and it truly wow but
He pull me to a place and I just can’t stop saying
“Wow wow wow”I said looking at a waterfall
He smiles
“Like that,babe?”he asks me
I chuckles
“I love it”I said
He smile
“Let me show you something!”he said
He pull me to a small house and I gasps as I see the room filled with pictures s and
“That’s ME”I said
On the boards is me draw in different dresses and style and it looks
“So beautiful”I said
He winks
“So beautiful”he said looking at me
I smiles and move to him without warning as I kiss him so hot and he responds
He Carry me up and I circle my legs around his waist and I feel he’s moving until boom
“So cold”I said as he jump inside the waterfall
He smiles
“Let’s swim”he said
He move  close to me as he off my cloth and it remain👙 then I help him too as it remain👖
We swim and swim inside the water and it feels so wonderful inside then kiss so hot and hot
Let’s stop there, because I don’t want to corrupt people’s mind. We did what everyone expected of us.

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