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The open secret episode 10 – finale


The Open Secret .

Episode Ten (Final Episode.

Frank’s POV .

Doctor charles was a bit busy when I came into his office, I waited patiently for him and after ten minutes, he was done.

“Dr Charles am really worried right now” I said.

“Really? What is the problem? “he asked.

“My wife came back with a news that she is pregnant day before yesterday, can that be possible? ” I asked.

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“Hmmmm, well, am not God, it can happen but that is only if you had undergo any treatment recently” he said.

“No doctor, ever since that last time we tried that medications and it didnt work, I have never see any other doctor, talk more of taking a treatment. ” I replied.

“Then, its impossible, your wife must have gone outside and get pregnant ” he said.

“I thought as much as you did, oh my God, so my wife had the guts to cheat on me” I cried out.

“My dear, I told you earlier to go and warn that doctor but you refused, you have seen it all now” he said.

“I think I caused all this, I would have tell my wife everything, at least she will never had the guts to go out and bring in another man’s child, no I can never bear this, let me go and confront her” I said and when I was about to leave, the doctor stopped me.

“Take it gradually like a matured man, if she denys it, force her to come for a DNA test” he said and I think he really made sense.

Tina’s POV .

Three days on, I bought some gifts and goods and went to the motherless babies home Inorder to show appreciation because I went there when I was yet to conceive, when I came back, I met my husband at home, I greeted him but instead of him to respond, he started shouting at me.

Woman, where are you coming back from” he said.

“From the motherless babies home of course, I told you right” I said in a calm voice.

“Really, the child is yet to come out and you have already start going for thanksgiving, you desparate woman” he shouted.

“Really, since I became pregnant, you totally changed, I wonder what is really wrong with you, its there anything you are hiding or do you belong to anywhere that rejects baby” I said pretending as if I dont know what is wrong, of course I know but I want to watch him act fully.

“You must be stupid, Tina, I have been enduring all your trash but in this one, your cup is full, who is the owner of this pregnancy? ” he asked and I laughed out so loud.

“Wowww, oh my God, see question, you know what, mr. Frank, I have no answer to that question, DNA test will give you the answer to that question and after that, if the child really belongs to you,you will tell me the exact reason why you think that I can go outside and bring in another’s man’s child for you.” I said.

“You think you can betray me, we are going for the DNA test in st Christopher hospital because I know that your useless doctor is behind all these.” He said and I became so annoyed.

“Frank, you are so terrible, you see your useless life, very soon, your secret will be known, betrayal that calls another person betrayal” I said and when I was about to leave, he said again.

“We are going for the test tomorrow morning”

“Why not tonight? heartless man” I said and left him there.

I called my doctor and told him everything, he told me that now its the perfect time to open every secret and that he will be right there at the hospital, I thanked him and cut the call.

Ten hours later, our result was ready, and doctor Charles sat down looking so confused.

“Frank, the baby belongs rightfully to you”he said.

“But Charles, how come? ” he asked.

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“I dont know, am confused too”he said.

“Wow wow wow, confused set of people, can you tell me why you are all confused? I asked why laughing, just then, doctor Ransome entered and they were all surprised again.

Dr Charles offered him a seat.
“Frank my dearest husband and secretive husband, can you please tell us why you denied your unborn child” I asked and he was looking at me as if am a ghost.

“Doctor and a secret keeper, can you please tell us why you are also confused? ” I asked again and doctor Ransome started laughing.

“Mrs. Tina you are really funny. Hmmm, Mr. Frank I know you can remember me very well, my fellow doctor, I am dr Ransome and also a personal doctor to mrs. Tina here.

Frank, can you remember vividly when I came to your hospital and begged you to come for a test just like your wife suggested” he asked and I watched my husband nodded like an agama lizzard.

“Since you refused to come, we decided to use these method, I asked her to get your semen for a test and she did that, that was how we found out that you had an infection which was preventing you from getting your wife pregnant.

I decided to help your wife” he said and now they were looking so guilty.

“My dearest husband, I can’t afford to loose you, and I can’t go for a divorce and I can’t actually remain a barren woman so I decided to help us through the help of Dr Ransome” I added.

“If you can remember the morning I gave you a romance like never before, that was the day I collected your semen, am so sorry that I did all that, it was all because I want us to have a child, my recent threat with a knife was when I found out that you are having an infection that made you infertile, the juice I was giving you morning and night contains the medicine I bought #150, 000, Inorder for us to have a baby, am sorry my husband, all these was a secret that I kept but you started with a secret” he couldn’t let me finish, he burst out in tears and knelt down before me.

“My wife please forgive me, I was the cause of all these, I never wanted to loose you, that was why I paid Dr. Charles to forge the result, please! ” he cried out.

“I was really angry because you and the doctor turned around and said that I am the one that had infection if not for doctor Ransome, I would have believed that but thank God, the storms are over, I forgive you because I really love you and also because God have heard my prayers” I said and led him up, we hugged each other so tight.

That was how peace and harmony returned back to my home as I gave birth to my set of twins and also two more kids and we live happily ever after.

No more secret, we both became so open to ourselves because we already learnt that we can be of help to each other.

The End.

(Story written by Stella Chidera

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