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The open secret episode 2


The Open Secret

Episode Two.
. Tina’s POV.
I sat down in my office with my colleague by my side, she was really busy typing something but my attention wasent there.

I was thinking about something since morning, I decided to go and see a doctor first, I needed to confirm my fertility capability, I dont even know if my husband will go for the test.

maybe he just said yes Inorder to stay far from my worries.

I couldn’t wait for the work to be over, I took my bag and left the office around three pm.

I drove straight to Royalhood hospital, not too far from my office, I did the enquireries on how to see the doctor and few minutes, I was already sitting next to him.

“Good day doctor” I greeted.

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“Good day madam, how may we help you? ” he asked.

” eeemhhh, doctor It is getting to one year I got married, I couldn’t conceive, so I came to check my well being” I stated.

“Alright madam, but you should have come with your husband” he said.

“My husband is not at home now, thats why I came alone, but he will still go for a test” I replied.

“The reason I suggested you came with him was because, in this type of situation, we need to find out who has the fault so that the problem will be solve accordingly ” he said again.

“But, we will see you through, you will undergo some series of test, but the result will be out in two days time” he added.
“Alright sir ” I replied.

Within two hours, we are through with the test and I went home to take some rest.
Two days on, I went back to the hospital to collect my test results, I was doing all this without my husband knowledge and I dont even know the spirit that was pushing me so hard to check myself before going to another hospital with my husband.

“Madam, you have no problem at all, you have atleast 98% chances of conceiving with a healthy man too” he said as he offered the results to me.

“You mean am perfectly okay? ” I asked again.

“Yes madam”

“So what could be my problem of not conceiving” I asked again.

“Madam, like I said, you will only conceive with a healthy man, thats why I said come with your husband, so that if he has any problem, we will find the solution” he said.

” Does it mean that my husband has a problem? ”

“Not a must, atimes it can be fate or destiny, Gods time is always the best but nevertheless, he have to go for a test to confirm “.. He said and I left some minutes after.

Frank POV

My wife came back with a worried face again today, no need of asking.

I already know what her problem is, I have already assure her that we will visit the hospital, so I dont know why she must be worrying almost all day, all I know is that with child or without, I really love her and am ready to love her forever, not because its my fault but because I love her naturally.

“We are going for the test tomorrow ” I announced and expected her to be happy but she just nodded.

“What is the problem? ” I asked but she said nothing.

how I wish God can change my situation so that I can help my wife make babies, that will be the greatest thing that will ever happen to her but its well, God is never asleep though, I cuddled her as she slept off right in my arms.
Three days later after the test analysis, we came back for the result.

“Frank, you are very much okay” doctor Charles said and my wife looked up as if she is expecting something different.

“Tina, you have a little problem, scanty growth of strep that can lead to staphylococcus if not being treated well and now.”

my wife could’nt even allow him to finish.

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“Doctor, are you sure? ” we both became surprise at the question.

“I mean, is the problem the reason for me not to conceive? “She asked again.

“Not really, but you have to take care of it as soon as possible, it can lead to not conceiving, thats if you leave it to develop to staphylococcus ” doctor Charles said again.

After one hour discussion and certain questions from my wife, we left the hospital, her mood was written all over her, she looked like a surprised person, was she expecting to hear that am the one that has fault here or what, I can’t really understand her feelings.

” Honey, I think we have to visit another hospital, let’s see another doctor ‘ that was her first word she said to me since we entered Into our house.

“Why? ” I asked.

“Because we dont have to rely on one doctor ” she replied.

“Doctor Charles is not just my personal doctor but also an educated doctor, he is enough to rely on” I said back.

“Honey, this is not matter of education, the perfect one that dosent make mistake is Jesus” she added.

“Are you trying to tell me that doctor Charles made a mistake ” I asked.

“Yes, because I dont have any strep, not even a single illness, am fine, so I think, he made a mistake ” she replied.

“How did you know? ” I asked.

The truth is that I visited a doctor not long ago, he told me am fit. ” she replied and I was surprised and speechless.


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