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The open secret episode 6


The Open Secret .

Episode Six.

Frank’s POV

My wife really surprised me in such a way that I couldn’t get my mind off from what happened in the morning, even his attitude changed recently, she stopped the fight, the nag, the worries and everything, at least this few days, I had peace of mind and I pray that it remains that way because am totally tired of her troubles,

. I even decided not to talk to her doctor again, there was never a time I like looking for trouble just that my wife worries nearly put me into it.

I know its all my fault but what do I do, am still afraid to open up because loosing my wife is the highest thing that would ever happen to me.

. Tina’s POV .

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Just for the few moments, my home was calm again, it returned exactly to what it looked like at the first time of our marriage but am not really happy, am just covering up because it seems as if am about to find a solution to my problem.

After preparing the breakfast, I served my husband his own food and started preparing for work.

I left my office around 3:00pm to the hospital because I have an appointment with the doctor.

“Doctor good day”. I greeted while trying to relax my spirit because I was feeling so worried.

“You dosent look so bright, are you alright?. ” he asked.

“Yes doctor, what about the result, is it ready?” I asked.

“Relax, everything is under control, madam your husband has an infection, it is called chlamydia. It is a s£xual transmitted disease caused by a micro organism” he added and my heart skips each moment he drops a statement…

“This particular infection can lead to infidelity and that is what your husband is going through, he will not be able to get you pregnant because of this infection. ” he added again.

By the time he rounded off, tears have gathered in my eyes, I was speechless, I held my head with my both hands.

“So my husband is this wicked, Chaii!! ” I cried out in pain.

“Please calm down, I believe that every single problem has a solution, you just need to gather your self together” he said.

“Doctor what do I do now? ” I asked.

“Hmmmm, you have to give me some time, my dad is an urologist, I will talk to him about this issue, so please you wait till I do that” he said.

“Oh my God, what have I gotten my self into? ” I was still crying.

“You just have to calm down, we will find a solution to this, but you have to pretend as if you don’t know anything, let’s find the solution first, put yourself together okay?” He said again.

I left to my house with a heavy pain in my heart.

my husband noticed my mood but I warned him seriously never to ask me any question, I controlled myself In order not to bring up the issue like the doctor said, because if he finds out that I collected his sperm and gave it to the doctor, that one will be another problem.

since he have started with keeping a secret, let us keep going with it, but I hated my husband because of this, I felt like killing him because he is nothing but a devil, so his plan was to keep me here to remain a barren woman forever.

I am sure that he made up this plan with his useless doctor to keep me as a foolish one.

That night was a painful night, I regretted everything that happened between me and Frank, I cursed the day I met him, I choosed him thinking that he is the right one without knowing that he is a green snake under the green grass.

“You are acting so strange since yesterday night, are you alright” that was his question but I ignored him.

“Am I not talking to someone” he asked again.

“Please, let me be” I shouted at him.

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“You have started right? ”

“If you would like to go out from this house with your whole body intact, let me be, but if you want to go with a broken head, talk to me again” I said again and right now my eyes have changed its color.

I stood up from the couch and faced him with my eyes wide open. He drew back a bit, folds his hands and started looking at me as if am a strange person.

“Tina, what have come over you? ” he asked.

“You are the mad person here, the betrayal, devil, infact you are my worst mistake,” I shouted back at him.

“This is not you Tina, what is it please” I pushed him out from my way and left to the kitchen, I brought out a knife and when he saw me with the knife, he ran out from the siting room. I really acted like a mad person, and I was really mad at him.


I didnt went to work for complete two days because I felt sick, I was heart broken and I totally lost my appetite, not even a single food enters my mouth until the doctor called me, he told me to come to the hospital and meet him.

I managed to eat in order to get the strength that will carry me to the hospital, just three days and I have already loose a lot of strength, I became so lean that to walk is even so hard for me.


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