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The open secret Episode 7


The Open Secret .

Episode Seven.

Tina’s POV

The doctor excused me for some time in order to see a patient, when he came back, he looked at me and smiled.

“Do you want to kill yourself over this issue? Its that going to be the solution,? Why do you look so unkept, just under one week, huh? ” he said.

“Doctor, you will not understand, I can’t believe that my husband can be so heartless to keep such secret from me under the same roof” I replied.

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“You know what, I think that man really loves you, he may be afraid of loosing you, I want you to calm down, everything will be alright, I assure you that”he said,.

“Am so confused, I don’t even know what to do” I said.

“Just calm down, like I said every problem has a solution, I have talked to my dad, the infection has a treatment but it will cost you a lot” he said.

“Doctor how much? ” I asked.

“Well, he will under go these treatment under two months, so the medicine for that two months is #150, 000” he said.

“No problem doctor, the problem now is how will he receive the treatment, am afraid too, how do I convince him to take the medication, am afraid, if he finds out what I did, especially now that I have insulted him a lot, I will be in trouble” I said.

“You would have not insulted him, I told you to calm down that everything is under control, listen, I don’t think its necessary for your husband to know what we did now, let’s see if we can treat this infection first, then it can be a testimony , he will not react much then if he realize that he is well. ” he said and that really make sense.

“Then how do I do that? ” I asked.

“During this time of treatment, your husband needs natural fruit juice and also fruits, the medicine are in form of tablet, every morning and evening, grind the tablet and put it inside the fruit juice, you have to be in peace with your husband in order to convince him to take the juice morning and night without suspecting you, the serious caution is this, during this two months of treatment, No s£x” he said and I opened my eyes so wide.

“Huh? ” I asked again.

“Yes, that was what my dad said, he didnt give me 100% assurance that the medicine will heal him entirely but he said that it have work on so many men that had this same issue, so try it and also with prayer” the doctor said.

“But how do I really deny my husband s£x for complete two months? Is he not going to suspect me?” I asked.

“Well, embark on midnight prayer and tell him that a pastor gave you a two months midnight and during these time, you have to concentrate without having s£x, just use your sense”

hmmm, this doctor is too clever, A man that is my only companion in the days of my trouble, may God bless him abundantly.

Frank’s POV .

I became so much afraid under my own roof, I can’t really tell what is wrong with my wife, her recent troubles were so terrible.

But just two days after that incident, she calmed down and was quite again, but I noticed she lost weight, she looks moody too though the last time she tried smiling but the smile didnt betray me.

Just today, she came back from work in the evening with bag of fruits, she came in smilling to me.
“Darling” she said.
“Honey welcome, why all these fruits, are you planning to start selling fruits” I asked still afraid because I don’t kn ow what she is up to.

“No, its for us, we need this fruit for a healthy life” she said while smiling.

“Really, why the sudden fruit stuff in this house?.”.

“I said its good for our body, even the fruit drink, I will be preparing it by myself,” she said and kissed me.

“Okay o” I said as I watched her walked into the kitchen.

I decided to ask her the reason behind her recent actions, that was at night, she came out with fruit drink and a fruit salad, and offered them to me, after drinking the fruit drink and eating the fruits, I waited for her to pack the plates.

“Honey, why did you behaved that way the other day? ” I noticed her look when I asked that question, but she smiled and say.

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“Just a stupid friend that annoyed me, you know how I feel when am angry, honey please forgive me.” She said but yet am not conviced but I decided to sweep this issue under the carpet.

Tina’s POV .

Just two days after the discussion with the doctor, I paid him the money and he gave me the medicine and also the prescription.

Today is the fourth day, just morning and night, I always give my husband the fruit drink which contains the medicine too, just this evening, he asked a funny question..

“Darling did they tell you that this will help us to make a baby? ” I became speechless.

“Hmmmmm, all I know is that its good for us okay, we are using it to cool off” I replied.

“Just that you dont get tired of preparing the juice every evening, I hope you dont get tired someday because am loving this your daily juice o” he said I gave I sigh of relief.

At least he dosent suspect anything.
But what about the s£x issues, do you think its going to hook me at that point?

To be continued

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