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The open secret episode 8


The Open Secret.

Episode Eight.

Tina’s POV

It wasent an easy task trying to do all this in secret, giving my infertile husband treatment without his knowledge.

Its a kind of funny but to me it was really a big task, my joy was that, he has never for one day rejected my fruit drink.

Today is the eleventh day of the treatment and my husband have never ask me for s£x, I used this method of reading the bible immediately I enters into our bedroom, once its 12:am. I starts praying.

But tonight being the eleventh night, my husband never minded that I was reading the bible, he started touching me, I was removing his hands but when I did that the third time, he stood up and started shouting at me.

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“Tina, what is your plan in this house, to start denying me s£x like you did the other time, see am not a child, stop playing with my feelings”

I actually know that one day, all this will happen, I know that my husband can never keep quite and watch me pray all night for complete two months.

“Darling, am doing this for our own good, a pastor gave me a two months midnight prayer because of our situation, and he told me to concentrate without having s£x, please, can you sacrifice that two month for our own good” I said in a calm voice.

“Really, midnight prayers that is against your own husband touching you, I have never hear something like that since I was born, am sure you are joking with this right, Tina two months wothout s£x! ” he shouted again.

“Honey, do you know that s£x is pleasure of the flesh, and atimes for you to get what you want, you have to deny your self those things that gives your flesh pleasure, you have to suffer yourself, please bear with me please” I added.

“You are not serious” he said and left the bedroom.

I broke into tears, I don’t actually know what am getting myself into, I dont even know if my husband will start looking outside for girls because of all this, that night I prayed to God like never before, I asked for his grace and mercy because I don’t even know what else to do.

The next day, I was afraid that my husband might reject the fruit drink, since he was angry and even slept in the sitting room.

I woke earlier, clean the house and prepared the breakfast but he was still sleeping, I brought out his clothe ironed them and placed them on top of our bed, then I went straight to the couch where he was laying down and tap him gently.

“Honey wake up, its morning already” I said and he opened his eyes gently, he stoop up and threw him self inside my arms.

“Am so weak”he said.

“Good morning to you darling, am sorry but guess what, all you need to do is to brush your teeth, your food are ready” I said.

“Like seriously?, I cant wait to eat o” he said and gave me a peck, then left the siting room.

I was surprised, he didnt react, it was as if the holy spirit touched him that morning, I was so happy he never behaved as if we had quarell the other night.

From that day on, he started sleeping in the sitting room, but I wasent happy about it because I know he is doing that out of annoyance.

I just hoped my husband will not go outside and start seeking for s£x.

Just one day, I talked to him about the issue of sleeping in the sitting room, I told him that it will be better if he starts joining me in the prayers, that it was one month already and very soon the two months without s£x will be over, he misunderstood me again that night and he shouted at me, that maybe am having s£x with the so called pastor.

I ignored him because I know what am actually after, and I know my husband, he can say anything to you once he is angry but my greatest happiness was that he have never rejected the fruit drinks, atimes, he will even ask me for it.
Frank’s POV .

Later on, I found out a lot of reason to join my wife in her prayers, the woman actually needs a baby and that was what prompt to all this, though, atimes I weep inside of me, knowingfully that impregnating my wife is only by Gods grace.

I have fought this infection for complete four years but yet all to no avail, I even lost hope entirely and always cry because of the pains am causing my wife because of all this.

I joined her in the prayers, and one month later, all was over, but what I kept wondering about was the fruit drink which she ceised to make for me all the time like before, I asked her while she took a break but she gave an excuse and promised that she will start doing it all the time again, but my mind tells me that there is something behind that fruit drink.

Maybe its among the pastor praying things but like usual, I waved everything off. I started enjoying my wife again on bed.

Tina’ s POV .

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After that two months, my husband nearly killed me on bed, but let me not talk about that one.

I went and told the doctor how successfuly everything went and he told me to go and wait patiently and also told me what to eat and drink in order to boost my ovulation.

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