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The open secret episode 9


The Open Secret .

Episode Nine.

Tina’s POV .

My mind wasent stable both in the office and at home because I was actually expecting a good news.

one day, while coming back from work, I drove straight to the chapel, packed my car at the gate and came inside the chapel.

I began to talk with my father in heaven with tears in my eyes.

” O’ Lord, I know that your grace is sufficient and that was why I always seek for Your grace, you made me, put me inside my mom’s womb and had already ordained me, I know you never say that I will be a barren woman and what ever you say I will be, that is what I will actually be and that is why am kneeling in front of you, anoint my womb in order to carry my own child, father what ever my husband and I have done in the past, forgive us and give us our own child O’lord. ”

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I continued with my prayers with the tears in my eyes.

I was there until a young guy came in, when I wanted to go, he stopped me.

“Woman, your prayers are already answered, I saw a baby that is following you, this child is a child that will bring peace and fortune in your home, go home and bless the name of the Lord” he said while closing his eyes.

“Amen, thank you so much sir” and before I could leave the premises, the young man have already disappeared into the thin air, I became afraid and left immediately.
Two months on, there was nothing like a quarell between me and my husband, the kind of peace that was restored was so awesome and am really enjoying it.

I became sick one day that I couldn’t even go to work, I was vomiting all day with a severe headache, I took a fever pills but yet I didn’t regain my health, by the time my husband came back I was lying helplessly on the bare floor, he rushed in immediately and carried me up.

“Honey, whats happening to you? “He asked.

“I dont know” I replied.
“I think you have to go to the hospital please, you need a medical attention ” he added.

“No, I will get well, just take me into the bathroom, I want to take my bath” I said and he did that immediately, he helped me in the bathroom and even prepared the dinner, that was the first time my husband is cooking anything since I got married to him.

The next day, he woke up earlier, and also got the breakfast ready.

“Honey, wake up, so that you can eat and bath, we need to go to the hospital this morning” he said.

“No, Frank, am alright now, I just need to have some rest this morning, if it become worst again, I can find my way to the hospital, dont worry okay? ” I said.

“Am worried, but if you say so, I will be calling you on phone okay? ” he said and started preparing for work.

When my husband left the house, a thought came Into my mind.

“Maybe I am pregnant ” I said as I looked at my self, even my [email protected] are so full and my face was looking so bright even though I was really sick.

“Should I go and get pregnancy strip test? ” I asked myself,

later on, I decided to do that. After the test, two lines appeared which indicates that its positive but I decided to be very sure, I gave my husband a call and told him that I want to go the hospital, he permited me and also ask me to give him a call in anything he needed to know,.

Royalhood hospital have become my favorite hospital and doctor Ransome is now my companion. I met him at the office after showing him the test tube and also telling him how I felt recently, he smiled and said.

“I know that my God is too faithful to fail a faithful wife like you, the reason I took the risk to help you was how you told me that you will never cheat on your husband and I told myself that you deserve to be bless by God, now see your blessings around you” he said and laughed out loud.

“Doctor, do you mean am truly pregnant” I asked again.

“Mrs. Tina, do not worry, you will undergo a blood test Inorder for us to comfirm. ”
Two hours later the result came out, guess what? I am seven weeks pregnant, it was like a dream but its a reality, can’t you see that God really answers prayer, my joy knew no bound, I rushed home and met my husband in the siting room, he saw how happy I was and he was the first person that asked me,

. “whats happening? “.
“Darling, just guess” I said.

“Guess? Tina please tell me, whats this happiness all about? “.

“Just sit down” he did and I sat on his laps, brought out the test result and gave to him, after reading it, he looked at me in a confused manner.

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“Are you joking with me or what? ” he asked.

“Honey am not, we are actually expecting our own baby as soon as possible” I said while smilling.

But his mood was what I can’t really explain, he was actually forcing out a smile, I know my husband and I know how he acts when he is really happy.

“Its everything alright? ” I asked.

“Yes darling, of course am very happy ” he said as he faked a smile but I know that all is not well, but as for me, I was so much over whelmed.

Frank’s POV .

“Is she actually joking? ” was the first question I asked my self. Can God really do this miracle or could it be what am thinking?

Could it be that my wife have gone to cheat on me because she needs a baby?

Many things kept running through my mind,I have to go And see my doctor, like seriously am not happy over all this, I will equally deal with my wife if he have gone outside to get pregnant.

(Like seriously, men are terrible)


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