The Other God

The Other God – episode 1

(New year’s New God)

Ownet body was seen at the bank of the river by some fishermen. one of them recognized him and they quickly went to save him. they applied something on his body and realised he is still breathing so they rushed him to their village doctor. the village doctor deals with herb so he gave Ownet some herbs to drink. Ownet was able to talk after some hours and the only words he uttered out is ‘where is my brother’. the people instantly got the hint that both brothers were drowned so some people decided to go and look for him in the river they found Ownet. it was a long search that lasted for days but only his cloth was found at the top of the water. the villagers decided to believed that his corpse have been held captive by the water goddess.
mr Lawrence was angry to see Ownet alive, his aim was to kill both brothers to avoid them from preaching. he called musa the truck driver and asked how Ownet had survived the fatal accident.
‘sir, I have no idea at all, I hit their car with full force and waited for their car to sink with them in,side before I left, I was very surprised when I found out that one of the brothers are still alive,’ musa replied.
mr Lawrence couldn’t make the mistake, he was sure Ownet might decide to avenge his brothers death and he couldn’t take chances since so he gripped musa’s neck and choke him to death. he proceeded to bury him in PA Kenneth’s farm.
mission accomplished he said to himself and decided to plan on how he will kill Ownet the survivor.
At the outskirt of the village, two young ladies probably 19 and 20 were accompanied by an old reverend in his late 70’s got down from a bus. he asked for directions from a kid and they started walking toward the village doctors house. the strangers comes with the intend to spread the word of God and to transform the village into a Christian one. the kept trekking till they reached their destination. the village doctor was very much happy to see his fathers friend. he was aware they would come but he was surprised to see two young British women with the Reverend. he asked who they were and the reverend introduced them. the taller one goes by the name Annabel and the other was Joan by name.
the village doctor showed them their room and everything and allow them take some rest. he remembered he still had a patient with him so he went to check on him. ‘Ownet am glad to inform you that you will bee discharged tomorrow, your are very well OK now,’….. thank you so much sir , seems you had a visitor right,’ Ownet asked. the village doctor told him to rest as he will introduce them to him.
It was a bright sunny day. Ownet wore his cloths and prepared to live the doctors house. he remembered the two white ladies that were introduced to him. he almost turned deaf and dump when he saw them and their outrageous beauty with those melodious voice. he pinched himself away from his fantasy and went to greet them a goodbye. the Reverend saw it as a great opportunity to preach to young man. the Reverend was very much happy with the way Ownet listened to him that he decided to invite him to his new church in the village. I didn’t tell you guys but the village doctor was a Christian and he has a church where he alone practice his Christianity. unknown to the Reverend Ownet was just showing respect he was not truly listening to his words.
Ownet left and went straight to a nearby forest where he planned to meet his brother. he kept walking in,side till he was sure nobody could see them and he made a short whisper. in no time ozila joined him. they hugged each other and smiled. they did their plan and prayed to God to lead them true their plan. one confusing thing about this brothers is that they were neither a Christian or a Muslim but they don’t worsh¡p gods either. but one sure thing the know is God exists.
after they were through with their planning they both parted.
Ownet went straight to mr Lawrence house and told him to org-nize a feast tonight as he had something important to say. ‘hope you don’t intend to start those your useless preachings about something that doesn’t exist’, mr Lawrence asked. ownet smiled and told him its another issue this time.
mr Lawrence sent his slaves to go and announce to everybody that he is org-nizing a new year’s feast. in no time the information spread and everybody got to know about the feast, its a non miss feast for anybody that knew mr Lawrence way of doing celebration. surely their will be a lot to eat, drink and lots of fun. mr Lawrence smiled as he see this as an avenue to kill Ownet. ‘I am surely going to poison him tonight,’ mr Lawrence thought and grinned wickedly.
the Reverend father and his two young companion dressed up in decent attire and went to the feast with their bible. the village doctor promise them he will talk to mr Lawrence to allow them do a little preaching since almost all the villagers will be in attendance. the village doctor led them, all eyes were fixed on them as they walked to mr Lawrence house.
. . . … …
the usual laughter and songs welcomed Ownet, he walked straight in,side and greeted mr Lawrence, pa Kenneth and the elders before going to take his seat. he while away his time by watching the people celebrating new year. ‘why should I celebrate new year this way when I know that my end time is approaching every year,’ Ownet thought but was disrupted when the reverend father came in, his eyes was locked up with one of the girls. the Reverend father saw him after sometime so he went to greet them after the village doctor has introduced them to almost everybody. the elders offered them drink but the Reverend declined saying they dont drink, Ownet was baffled as he sipped the drink in his cup. the Reverend began telling him on the effect of drinking and how God doesn’t allows it. Ownet smiled to himself, its as if he thought of something but he didn’t say it to the reverend rather he kept his cup down and suspended his drinking.
mr Lawrence stood up to address everybody then he called Ownet to come and pass the information he wanted since its exactly midnight, Ownet declined and said the Reverend should speak first. everybody became silent since he was a stranger in their midst. the Reverend stood up and greeted all of them, he only said some few things about God but everybody began laughing and many poured insult from different angle, the elders mocked him by saying ‘ if your God was so strong he should come and tell us by himself,’. the Reverend was forced to step down by mr Lawrence. ‘ with due respect sir please seat down, we are not here for that useless belief we are here to celebrate, ‘ our elders says only those that knows their hair is full will go to the saloon, when we don’t have a problem why do we need God,’mr Lawrence quoted and signal Ownet to do his talking. immediately mr Lawrence sat down some youths released hailing songs and many people danced before the elders calmed everybody down. Ownet stood to address make his own speech but luckily he heard some whispering ‘hope you are not coming to sing your usual song’. Ownet smiled and began ‘well good day to everyone, I am happy to tell you that I have began reasoning like you guys. and I actually support mr Lawrence view about God. the wh0le villagers shouted with joy. they made a toast to the piece of information that Ownet just gave them. ownet drank the cup of wine they poured for him and he continued ‘but I am very happy to introduce to you the God that you people can touch, feel, see intact he will talk to you people.,’ownet said and everybody became bemused. somebody asked ‘ is it the type of gods we worsh¡p or you god have finally came here.
.Ownet laughed and continued ‘He is neither the kind of God you are wishing or the kind of God I used to talk about. its the other God, the new year’s God.
the wh0le villagers look confuse even the reverend father and the young ladies with him all stared at ownet. and then a shadow started approaching them.
Ownet smiled and told them to welcome the new God.
the villagers who knew him where all shocked to see the dead brother of Ownet standing lively.
mr Lawrence fainted instantly.

To be continued

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