The Other God


(New year’s New God)

ozila(the new God) can from a dark shade and stood in the front of everybody, his shadows were ,9 and his space was very bright as a result of moons direct reflection. everybody began having double thoughts about God. many were trembling, ozila asked Ownet to wake Mr Lawrence and surprisingly he woke up. ozila legs were in the air, it never touched ground as he kept walking till he reached the midst of the audience, he asked everybody to stand up, at once everybody stood up, even the Reverend whom was hesitating also stood up without knowing it. ozila skin was glowing in his white dress, he began speaking : I am the God you all have been looking forward to have, God has entered my body and crowned me the new God all this while you people have been defying me its high time you stop it because anybody that commits a crime will be punished by me instantly and talking of punishment, tino come outside and you Emmanuel, you guys are making side comments while God is talking, you guys slept with two ladies earlier today also and I intended to start with you both, they both lie down and Ownet gave them 50strokes of cane each and they both promised not to try it again, after he was true with them he asked mr Lawrence to come forward, everybody was surprised because they don’t believe he had done anything. ozila narrated how mr Lawrence planned the fake accident that claimed his soul, he also tell the people on how mr Lawrence planned to kill his brother Ownet by poisoning him. everybody shouted in dismay as mr Lawrence knelt down to beg God for mercy. ozila laughed and commanded that he should become paralyzed, instantly mr Lawrence leg dissapeared leaving everybody in shock the Reverend just stood in shock too he couldn’t understand what’s happening even he began to have doubt about his own God. ozila then told the villagers he will give them an opportunity to ask one question before they dismiss. nobody had the zeal to stand up but Joan wanted to ask a question unfortunately Ownet stood up first. ‘please some people are confused here are you not supposed to be dead? how come you are proclaiming yourself as God.? . ozila replied’ that’s a good question, well you people used to say you can’t believe in something that you can’t, see,touch and feel, so there is nothing like death, I was never dead because death cannot be seen,touched,or felt, it can’t even talk or walk.
this statement got the villagers confused as they so much want to ask about people that have died before but they couldn’t because there were the same person that protested that since God can be seen it doesn’t exist. Ownet was happy to see the confused faces. indeed his plan seems to be working out.
ozila later told the people that things he won’t tolerate as God is the same things he and Ownet used to preach about but he reminded them that this time God won’t only preach he will punishe anybody that defy him instantly.
The wh0le villagers dismissed as the all walked towards their different house leaving mr Lawrence in his accursed state. non of them even murmured as they were afraid of the new God and his punishment. after everybody was gone the Reverend and his two companion came to meet ozila.
‘we believe God exist but you are not him. God is not a human and he doesn’t live rather he gives life,’Annabel said first.
ozila smiled and replied ‘I am God and you have nothing to think about it. I have the powers, you see Ownet told me about your God and I came to realise you guys are fake, you are not telling people to believe in God rather you want them to join your religion, can’t people worsh¡p God without joining a religion.
‘but its not our religion, this is God’s religion and he owns it, however nobody can become a christian and not believe in God,’ Joan said this time.
ozila replied again ‘, that’s a falseinformation, based on my thinking there other religions, I had an encounter with a man that says he is a Muslim, he also says he worsh¡ps God. even these people here worsh¡ping gods they named their religion too so if there are so many religion how can you just proclaim yours as the only right way when their is only one God how can so many religion exist and you talked about the fact that one can’t be a Christian and not believe in God. why don’t you ask your village doctor why he took somebody to the village herbalist while the person was sick. is the village doctor not a Christian and how come the man was actually healed after meeting the herbalist. so if the herbalist was from another religion why does he posses such power its simply because we have one God.
the Reverend seem to shaken by ozila’s intelligence but however he spoke too: I agree with some of your points but the fact that God is one doesn’t means we should not worsh¡p him,the herbalist you talked about, he does things God doesn’t want but the fact that God still help him doesn’t means he should no longer worsh¡p God and talking about mark the village doctor, yes he was a Christian but he doesn’t have faith, rather he was too haste not to wait for God that’s why he did and we are sure God will forgive him if he repents.
ozila shook his head and replied the Reverend: God understands everything, nobody needs to be a Christian by name just to worsh¡p God, some people might even join a religion and still defy God so instead of telling them to join your religion why not say what God wants directly so the can worsh¡p God with heart and not just by bearing a name of people that worsh¡ps God. fact is after comparing the Muslim man and you guys I think you people are using same points in a different way but a little sense need to be applied . instead of worsh¡ping a religion let’s worsh¡p God for religion and God are different words with different meanings. I am done with you guys. you may leave now ,’ ozila told the Reverend who concurred and left but why he was leaving he saw Ownet whom whispered to him ‘ something’s are meant for the eyes to see why some for the mind to believe but but the eyes can also make us believe the same way the mind helps us to see. this belongs to you doesn’t mean I can’t use it, the difference is when I use it I have stolen it. have a goodnight and a happy newReverend. think about it well, Ownet said and winked at Annabel whom took her eyes away as a result of shyness. after they had left Ownet and ozila went to check on mr Lawrence who was fast asleep.
they both left to plan next their move.
mr Lawrence opened his eyes a little after his slave told him the brothers have left. tears trickled down his cheek as he saw his legs were no more. he thought on the possible way the brothers might have know everything and how they perform those magics because unlike the rest people mr Lawrence can hærdly be tricked he knows ozila is not God. intact he knows God exist but still yet he doesn’t buy the idea of acknowledging it. he thought for a while and remembered something. the brothers never mentioned that he killed musa and buried his corpse at pa Kenneth’s farm. if the brothers don’t know this them their is something fishy here’,mr Lawrence said and concluded. let them trick when they can still trick the battle line have just been drawn .

To be continued

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