The Other God


(New year’s New God)

People came to seek ozila’s blessing everymorning. the life of the villagers changed and luckily for ozila all his miracles worked,. the village thug leader named salem also changed, it was a big suprise to everybody but who will want to be publicly punished by GOD, the embarrassment and shame is just too much.
After the debate between the twins and the reverend with his companions, they gave each other space. the reverend at first kept preaching about GOD and christianity but after he spoke to tino he began thinking about the words ownet and ozila has said earlier. ‘how am i suposed to keep preaching for the people when everythin is visible to them, even when they believe that young man is GOD, the boy made it in such a way that people dont worsh¡p him rather he makes people worsh¡p the true GOD.’the reverend thought withinhimself till annabel voice disengage his thoughts. “sir, what are we supposed to do now, everybody believes heis GOD, how can we make the people believe he is not true GOD,’annabel said with a worried look. the reverend calmed her down and told her he will pay the twins a visit. he was still talking when the village doctor came in . he greeted the reverend and annabel.
the reverend began ” thank GOD you are here, the boy who proclaim himself as GOD, he made a point yesterday and it got me dissappointed ar you but first let me ask before judging you, is it true there was a time you took a patient to the herbalist?, ………… “sir yes its true but i had a good reason, the patient came from a distant village, his legs were becoming rotten and he was dying slowly, his ailment got me confused because it was the first time am seeing something like that, my mind told me it was not ordinary so i asked his mun to let me know the reason behind his ailment. i was told the man wanted to marry a lady whom refused to marry him so out of desperation he made a deal with a gods who gave him an eternal love portion in exchange for the girls dignity. the gods made it clear that they will be the one sleeping with the girl while he marries her. it turned out that after some years , the man needed a child but he couldnt have s€× with his wife or marry another lady so after a while the man couldnt hold it, he cheated with a lady and at the sametime got his wife pregnant, the gods became angry , i was told his wife met a man of GOD who helped her but the guy couldnt find a solution, the only solution was for him to sleep in a cave for 1month but the man said he wouldnt do it. he travelled here and still got punished by the gods so after hearin his poor mother narrate this story to me i took the man to his village and met the herbalist who helped him locate the cave and he paid the gods. ,’ the village doctor finally concluded. ‘but brother moses it was not right, you doubted GOD by believing in that gods. GOD is the one whom cures so why ascribe his powers to a mere thing,’ the reverend said. …………’but father even the bible says “give to caesar what belongs to caesar, the man shouldnt have made the deal but since he made it, its fair he face the consequences,’ the village doctor replied again.
……… the reverend hummed as he tried thinking about what brother moses has just said. “you are right in your own prospective, you would have done better by fighting the gods with christ. anyways am of to see the twins brothers” the reverend said and stood up but joan joined him and they left.
mr lawrence pains has stopped some days ago but he still keeps faking it. ever since ozila made his legs dissapeared he hærdly allow people to see him. he called one of his slave and asked him to go and call the wood doctor. in no time his leg was replaced with woods but he covered it with clothes so that nobody will know.
on this faithful day he summoned 10 of his slave and told the they will follow him to pa kenneths farm in the midnight. ‘its time to confirm what those brothers have really been trying to do,’mr lawrence said and laughed in a wicked tone.
the reverend was lucky to meet the brothers at home, but they were talking to many people. its like they were giving lecture on what GOD wants. ownet was the one talkin and he always make reference to ozila their GOD. the reverend could see how people listened attentively, then he began to realise that the villagers were showing lots of concentration because they can see the GOD ownet was talking about. joan on the other hand was very angry, she couldnt accept the fact that these brothers were doing something wrong and making people believe its right. they waited patiently till the brothers were through and the villagers were gone.
. ‘good day reverend, you are welcome, we were not expecting to see you here today so what brings you here?; ownet asked.
… ‘you guys know what you are doing is very wrong, after listening to you guys preach, you know there is GOD but why are you proclaiming yourself as GOD when you are not?; joan asked avoiding the reverend eyes.
………” ok young lady, we have discussed this last time didnt we, there are some certain thing you are doing that if GOD should be right here with you, you wouldnt try it or think of it, they worsh¡p us and we give the overall praise to GOD ok, sit down and have a good thinking about it, or while going back stop a guy and try bringing up a vonversation with him, he wouldnt feel at is because he knows am watching him, thats the fear they have and they only have fear for the GOD they can see,’ownet replied.
. ‘but i come with a new observation, taking of alcohol is not allowed,even the muslims support this motion and not all of should be eaten,’ the reverend said………..
………………’well about that, there is nothing wrong with it, GOD only said alcohol is bad because of it toxic nature, it was believed that when one take drugs you come in close contact with devil who will try pushing you away from GOD, sane thing with those food you talked about, we have implemented it that people should stop taking a toxic alcohol but even if they must take it, they must not be hindered by it. so once this measures have been taken its alright,’ozila replied himself.
the reverend was moved by this point again he decided to go and think about it well. while he was about leaving with joan, ozila walked up to the reverend and told him ‘we are aware of your past too we are only keeping it because you changed, take care,’ ozila said and waive them off. the reverend paused for a while and then he went off not believing the information ozila just whispered to him.
…… ozila and ownet dressed up and walked out of there house, it was already midnight but they went without light in other to avoid peoples attention, they had a special aim on pa kenneth’s farm .
mr lawrence smiled as he saw the brothers from afar he alerted his slave and told them to be careful as they trailed behind the brothers.
‘if they get a clue i will just kill them,’ mr lawrence said and kept following their tracks.

To be continued

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