The Other God

The Other God – episode (Finale)

(New year’s New God)

mr lawrence kept trailing the broyhers till they actually reached a dead end. the twins bent down and started digging something that Mr lawrence couldnt fathom. after a while he instructed his slaves to attack them, ownet and ozila d3feated them all till it remained only mr lawrence, they took him along and left to their house.
early in the morning when the wh0le villagers came to pay homeage to the other god. ozila instructed all of them to wait behind. some people were org-nised by ownet and they went to call all the rest villagers that were not present. in less than an hour the village was wiped out as everybody gathered at the the brothers house. the reverend,joan,annabel, the muslims nearby and some notable people were not left out as they too came to know what is happening.
After everybody was seated ownet began his speech after greeting everybody ” I give glory to GOD for today, we had an obstacle that GOD helped me and my brother to tackle. first and foremost i will like to tell you that everything we have been doing is false. we have tried many times to tell you people about GOD but you keep bringing irrelevant reasons as to why we should not believe there is GOD, we did some series of prayer to GOD abd that was when the idea of the other GOD came to us. we gave you people the GOD you wished for in a bid to make you acknowledge the true GOD. first mr lawrence planned to kill me and my brother but GOD helped us by changing musa’s mind. he told us about it and thats when we decided to fake our accident, the truck never touched our car. while you people worsh¡p us we worsh¡pped GOD. all the power vested in us were from GOD. lets think about this, who created the moon, the sun, the earth, the stars, who even created us, some certain things are not meant for the eyes to see, even our voice, can we see it, no , so we should believe there is GOD because the things we see around us are actually the proof we need, the word GOD is just even a name, what we should know is that their is an unknown being that created us. the food we eat also were natural, so who makes our crops to germinate, and if we can plant a crop at our variouses houses and GOD will still make them germinate why then are we doubting the fact that GOD is everywhere when it keeps doing something everywhere. so my people we should believe in GOD and this belief should be manifested in our heart for what exist within us will always remain in,side us, if my brother ozila can perform all this miracles with GOD’s help then we should know how powerful GOD is, i apologise for the inconveniences once again and i strongly believe we have done the wrong thing the right way ,’ownet concluded and some set of people clapped as they were convinced by this speech, however the brothers were not done, ozila asked salem and tino to bring mr lawrence out. everybody was suprised to see the devil himself. most people were asking how they caught him. mr lawrence secret all this past years were clearly visible. he looked like his real self now.
ozila began” somethings happen and we have no knowledge of them, at times it remains like that but the truth are always unfolded. the name secret was generated because they are meant to be revealed. mr lawrence here whose real name was pa benjamin was ban from his former village because of his crucial display of black magic. however when he came here my dad took him as his brother and told almost everybody here but pa benjamin never wanted anybody to know about his black magics but he so much wanted to claim my dads wealth. he killed my dad without giving a clue to anybody because he did it in such a way that my mum was framed for his death and he used his black magics to kill my mum while she was giving birth to us which was the main reason i believe GOD gave us a spiritual revelation. our mum died and as the law of the village states we were taken to the orphanage, because mr parker took us in he became angry cause he knows mr parker will tell us about him been our dadsbrother which was why he wanted to kill us and for the fact that we came back to made you people believe in GOD his gods picked offense and he was told to stop us or he will die. you see pa benjamin wad the main reason you guys found it hærd to believe in GOD, he buried something on mr parkers farm and we planned everything with his slaves to trick him, musa whom he buried too was very much alive we were aware all through,.now we have destroyed his god, this man here have caused many damages and its very clear to me that the name devil fits him well. so my people a solution can only be attained after a problem have been found now we know what have been our problems now the solution is weaccept true GOD ,” ozila concluded.
almost all the villagers were convinced this time. a guy named chita stood up and asked” one thing am not getting here is this, since mr lawrence here whom you said is pa benjamin was doing all this and GOD did nothing, why did GOD allow his black magics to work all this while?”
. …。。。。。。ownet replied ” you see my brother, GOD does his things in a unique way, he is the GOD of all, wether believers or not, thats why me and my brother actually agreed that you dont need to be in any religion before you csn worsh¡p GOD, he actually gave pa benjamin power because wether pa benjamin likes or not he is stillhis GOD, and he doesnt play favouritsm;”ownet replied.
anothe guy stood up and asked “,if GOD actually helps people that defy him how then is it mandatory that we worsh¡p him?
ozila replied this time “. the reason is because of the reckoning day when everybody will be questioned,if you defy GOD you will punished so since GOD favour everybody why dont we choose to worsh¡p him instead of not worsh¡pping him, its similar to a case where i give charity to everybody but i will be extra happy to give more to the ones,that appreciate my deeds ,”.
. this time everybody was convinced, the reverend couldnt help but smile,he was so much touched by the brave answers the twin gave. suprisingly to him and the muslims there, the twin never quoted a bible verse or a quranic verse but still they are speaking about one true GOD and the are winning peoples heart.
ownet stood up and asked if they have all agreed to worsh¡p GOD and everybody gave an affirmative answer even pa benjamin also nodded in shame.
…… everybody started clapping. the twins made it clear that believing in GOD doesnt meant you must actually have a religion. to them you musnt say i am a muslim or achristian your actions and intentions should speak for you.
… lawrence was released after he promised to repent. both the reverend and the mallams explained to the people what GOD truly want suprisingly non of there teachings contradicts each other and then everybody believed what the brothers have said earlier…
。。。 my people whats todays date,’an elder asked but nobody could answer because they had no calendar but another elder replied” the birth of a new system gives rise to a new year so today marks the beginning of another new year.
happy new year my people,’ the elder said and everybody started celebrating the advent of a new beggining.

THE END. Thanks for reading, pls do comment to appreciate our works.

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