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The pain within epilogue


*The Pain Within* 💔
Written By: Abike💋

A quiet room, Prince and Audrey slept on the bed together, cuddling each other. Prince was the first to woke up, he opened his eyes slowly and met Audrey’s face very close to him, he smiled and touched her nose lightly,trying to wake her up.
She took her few seconds before opening her eyes “Good morning Sunshine” He said softly with a smile “Good morning Prince” she replied with a smile also “when are you planning to wake up?” he asked her with a smile on his face “I want to sleep more please” she said cutely as she turned her back on him, he grabbed her by her waist, turning her back to face him “Don’t turn your back on me and it’s time to wake up sweetheart; Happy birthday Sunshine!” he said,Audrey stared at him without saying anything “what’s that,is everything ok,babe?” he asked, suddenly there were droplets of tears on her face. Prince was flustered “why are you crying?” he asked, “it’s….it’s actually the first time am getting a birthday wish this way” she said sadly, sniffing and trying to wipe her tears.
Prince smiled at her cute behavior “it’s ok Sunshine, I understand your feelings, but I want you to know that am always here with you, and I promise to do anything just to put that smile on your face,I want you to know that no matter what,I will always be there for you,I will never trade the love I have for you for anything,You are special and Important to me,You are my priority and I have to make sure that you feel better,I will always be there for you,it’s a promise babe ” he said as he leaned up resting his back on the pillow while Audrey laid back on the bed watching him “listen Audrey,I don’t want you to think about anything,you have got me,I mean I am here for you,I just want you to be ok and I….I……” he was short of words, Audrey smiled at him, She stood up from the bed slowly, She sat on his lap with her hands on his shoulders while Prince placed his hands on her waist as she smiled at him once again “what was that smile for?” he asked as he stared into her eyes,Audrey leaned forward and gave him a kiss which lasted for few seconds, before Prince could get carry away with the kiss,she broke it “Thank you Prince, I know I can’t thank you enough,for everything you have done,Even though I found the world so frustrating but you gave me the assurance that I still have the hope, You gave me everything a man could give to a woman,I just can’t thank you enough” Audrey said softly. Prince drew her much closer to himself and gave her a deep kiss “Sunshine you don’t need to thank me,this my responsibility you know. I have a surprise for you” he said “What’s that?” she asked happily “Don’t worry, its not now; Kelvin and Jay with Mark are coming over today” he said with a smile, Audrey looked so surprise “Is that the surprise, I mean are they all coming to celebrate my birthday with me?” she asked…

Prince’s Pov👇
“yes, they are coming and that’s not the main surprise” I replied.
We already spent two months alone in the US, I told my friends that I really want them to celebrate Audrey’s birthday with her. And yes, I got her a surprise which she doesn’t know about it yet and the surprise is that we found Deborah.
Audrey’s dad is such a heartless man that when he drove Deborah out, he didn’t even pay her off. When my friends saw her, she explained everything to them,I should have be the one to search for Deborah but I couldn’t do that because of Audrey,I can’t leave Audrey alone,so I asked them to help me out with it.
God so good, he helped them to locate her at a restaurant where she worked, they took care of her by taking her to my house, I explained everything to my parents and Deborah was there with them, And now they are all coming over her together. I realized that Audrey really need Deborah, everything can’t be me,she needed someone beside her,of course am always there for her but I guess if Deborah should be with it,she will be ok since Deborah is more like a family to her,and now they all will come to celebrate her birthday with her, including Tina which Audrey didn’t know about it yet.
The one who separated Audrey and Deborah is still in the psychiatric hospital, I just hope for God to forgive and heal him,We dare not mention Audrey’s Dad to her because every time she remember him,she always switch back to her old self which doesn’t help the situation at all,I decided to leave everything as it is until Audrey is ready to check on her Dad by herself.

“Wow! I can’t believe I’ll be celebrating my birthday with your friends” she said happily as she stood up and went to the kitchen “I want us to be like that” I shouted on top of my voice to her,but she just ignored me and went to the kitchen while I also followed her. I wrapped my arms around her, giving her a back hug “what are you preparing for breakfast?” I asked “omellette” she replied as she turned on the gas, placing the pan on it. I turned her around, making her to face me, Heaven knows that I just want her right now “I really need that” I said in a silly way as I went for her lips, kissing her deeply.
I lifted her up to sat on the kitchen island, she wrapped her arms on my neck while I turned off the gas the moment I remembered. We continued kissing each other so deeply as She suddenly remembered the gas, breaking our kiss to check on it but was surprised to found it off. She smiled as I carried her away with her legs round my waist as we kissed deeply straight to the room.

I dropped her on the bed as I laid on top of her, still kissing her for extra few minutes before flipping her over me. She laid on top of me while she giggled, her hair being over her face so I helped her with it by putting it at the back of her ear.
I stared at her with so much passion written all over me which am aware about it “I love you” I said to her “I love you more” she replied me in a whispered tone. I kissed her softly on her neck, making her m0an before I resumed back to the kiss,I kissed more deeply which made me turn on as I took of my top and laid down on her to kiss her again.

Author’s Pov👇
In the garden, Kelvin, Tina, Jay and Mark all sat round the table waiting for Prince and Audrey. Not too long, they both arrived with their hand locked together.
Audrey was so surprise to see Tina, she turned and stared at Prince who just smiled back at her.
The two ladies ran to each other, giving each other a warm hug. Prince walked up to his friends giving them handshakes while Audrey and Tina were busy crying and hugging each other. Suddenly, Audrey saw a lady coming from the gate, She was shocked from who it was. Even her leg were still in shock from seeing who was coming,It was Deborah. Tears flowed down her on her cheeks rapidly.

They ran towards each other , giving each other a tight hug, they stared at each other as tears dripped from their faces, Tina joined them as they hugged themselves tightly while the guys just sat down,smiling at them as they hugged each other happily…

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A very big thanks to each and everyone of you whom as being following the story From the very first episode to the end…love you all💖💖

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