The Power Of Destiny

The Power Of Destiny : Episode 1

Written by Mr Vincent Kalanda

…She became more determined to end Chisala’s life. Queen told her husband to go to the house and get her a change of clothes and make orange juice for her. It was a ploy to get Kamulaza to leave the room, so she could find her way to Chisala’s room.
When Purity reached home, anger was etched on her face, she had finally come to terms with the fact that her plans had failed. She entered the house and was met with a bouncing James. He was even dancing.

Purity: ” James, what is the happiness all about, I haven’t seen you this happy in a while”? she said looking at him quizzically.
James: “Mummy, Chisala was in an accident, and he is dead. Daddy has rushed to the hospital. Chisala is never coming to this house again, I am the only son Daddy has ” he said gleefully. Purity looked at him with concern, how could a boy of eleven years be happy about the death of another boy, with whom he grew up together. Nevertheless, she pushed the thought aside, and told her son not to rejoice in the death of a human being.
James: “But mummy, I thought you wanted him gone from our house?” he asked in a confused tone.

Purity: “You are too young and I have to protect your innocence ” she said to him.
While Queen was pondering on how she would end Chisala’s life, the latter woke up, he felt pain in his head, so he touched his head and felt the bandage on it.
Chisala: “Where am I, what happened to me?” he asked the empty room lit by white lights. Everywhere smelled scrubbed with chlorine, and he realized that he was in the hospital. His memories came back to him. He remembered the accident, and how scared he had felt, as the car made impact with the iron railings of the bridge. Then he remembered one important part of it all, the anger in Queen’s eyes just before she swerved the car. He also remembered that there had been no car in front of them, or behind them. Therefore, he concluded that aunt Queen had deliberately swerved the car and hit the railings with the side where he was seated.

Chisala: “She had wanted to hurt me, but why, what have I done to anyone. Why does mummy Purity hate me, and why does aunt Queen want to hurt me?” he asked the empty room. He began to feel that for reasons best known to them, they didn’t want him. He decided therefore to leave and find his way back to Madam Lusaka in Livingston, for she was the only one who really loved him. But he remembered her words, asking him to stay in Lusaka where there were opportunities. If they kill me, I will not be alive for those opportunities, he thought.

So Chisala stood up and walked away from the ward room, he passed the doctor’s office and heard the doctor talking about him. He looked through the glass window and saw his foster father, Ernest. His heart constricted as he thought of how much he would miss him. However, he walked on, he had just rounded the corner, when Queen walked into the hallway from the other axis and set her sights on Chisala’s room. Chisala walked out of the hospital amidst the little crowd in the hospital’s lobby.
When Queen entered Chisala’s room, she saw the mound on the bed which Chisala had arranged to look like a person was under the covers, so as to give himself time to escape. She smiled wickedly and walked up to the bed.
Queen: “Now, you are in my hands and you will not escape it this time. I will personally esc-rt you to your creator.

It is probably not your fault that you were born illegitimately, but I will not allow you and your father to make a fool of me. Under different circ-mstances, I would have loved you, sorry” she said and gripped where she thought to be the neck, but all she felt was softness. She flung the bed cover and saw that there was no one underneath. Her eyes w¡dened and nearly burst out of their sockets.
Queen: “Help! Help! Chisala!” she scre-med.
Ernest and the doctor heard the shout and he rushed out of the doctor’s office. His heart was beating faster in his chest as he expected the worst. He thought that Chisala had died and someone had raised alarm. But when he entered the room, his eyes fell on the empty bed, and the fear in his heart turned into confusion.
Ernest: “ Queen, what is wrong, where is my son?” he asked, looking around the room, even behind the door.

Queen: “I don’t know, he left, or someone took him” she said, puzzled herself. She told them of how the clothes had been arranged to look like someone was sleeping underneath.
Ernest: “Why would Chisala run away?” he asked, having concluded that no one took Chisala, but he left on his own.
Doctor: “The boy was scared. But what made him scared is what I don’t know and cannot say” the doctor looked perplexed. He took out his phone and called the police to report the missing child.
Chisala was just leaving the hospital gate when Purity’s car drove in. James saw him first, dressed in a hospital garb.
James: “Mother, look at Chisala” he shouted in fright. Didn’t they say Chisala was dead, why was he seeing Chisala?


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