The Power Of Destiny

The power Of Destiny : Episode 17

..Queen dropped the phone on the glass table in the centre and sank into a couch. She held her head in her hands and cried.
Queen: “I am finished”. She cried.
Purity still had the disc in the DVD player when her husband knocked, she rushed to open the door. It was the first time since she confessed that he was knocking on her door. She forgot to pause the video and it was still playing when Ernest entered. He had come to talk to Purity about living separately and gradually divorcing because of James. But when his eyes fell on the television, he was stunned. This was evidence to nail Queen and his wife had it.

Ernest: “How did you get this?” he asked. Purity looked at the television and covered his mouth with his hands. She ran to cover the television but it was too late. She began to stutter, then she stopped.
Purity: “I stole it from Queen, she was working with a man I suspect to be a police man, he gave it to her” she explained, deciding to come clean.
Ernest: “So why haven’t you given it to the police. I can’t believe that after everything you have done, you still find it hard to do the right thing” he lamented.

Purity: “I know I have made mistakes but I did them from a place of love. I was scared, she tried to kill me once”
“But you weren’t scared of stealing it from her” he mused but he didn’t tell her that, instead he made a deal with her.
Ernest: “It is going to be hard to rebuild our marriage after everything, as the day passes without Chisala, the more I resent you. But if you can help put the woman who did all these behind bars, it would help towards forgiving you” he said, and Purity rushed to hold him.
Purity: “If that is what it would take for you to forgive me, I will do it. I still love you, and everything I did was for the love of family, and I regret it” she replied and removed the disc from the DVD, then handed it over to Ernest.

Ernest: “We are going to the police station right now. Perhaps if Chisala knows she is behind bars, he would find his way back to us” he said.
“ I hope not” Purity thought within her.
Queen was frantic, she couldn’t hand herself over to the police and she knew Kamulaza would tell the police when the time elapsed. She typed a text message and sent to him. The text read;
“ I am sorry my love, all I did was because of a misunderstanding. You loved Chisala even before you knew he was your son, I saw that you didn’t care anymore whether we had a child together or not. I felt cheated and I acted out of fear of losing you. Is it a crime to love, because the only crime I committed was loving you. If you do not care about me, what about our child?”

She waited for a reply but got none. She decided to activate plan B, which was running away. She ran up to her room, the disc, momentarily forgotten, and began to pack a few important things into her suitcase, including the certificate of occupancy of the house, and some other important doc-ments that pertained to Kamulaza’s properties. She would sell the properties, and with the proceeds get a new life where no one would find her.
“ But as for you, Kamulaza, I will never forget how you abandoned me, and when it is right, I will come for you and your son, Chisala” she thought within as she looked around the room where she had spent so many years loving Kamulaza. A single tear trickled from her eyelid, and she whisked it away.
“ This is not the time for crying, it is time to act” she thought and left her room.
But as she hurried down the stairs, something happened…


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