The Power Of Destiny

The Power Of Destiny : Episode 2

James saw her first, dressed in a hospital garb.
James: “Mother, look at Chisala ” he shouted in fright. Didn’t they say Chisala was dead, why was he seeing Chisala?
Chisala wanted to go to Livingston to meet Madam Lusaka, as he saw that as the only way to escape whoever wanted to hurt him. But the problem was, he didn’t know how to get there. A voice told him to go back to the hospital, but Chisala was adamant, it was better to get lost than to get killed.

 He walked a long distance and even when his legs hurt, he kept going, fear was a great propeller. People kept giving him stares because of the hospital garb he still had on. When he got to Kamwala, under the bridge where petty traders displayed their wares, Chisala walked up to a woman who sold Yoyo, biscuits and other petty things.
Chisala: “Good day ma’am, please how do I get to Livingston from here?” he asked in English. The Ngoni woman looked at him quizzically, because she did not understand what he had said. But she had heard ‘Livingstone’ and rightly assumed that he was asking for how to get to Livingstone.
Market woman: ” Go and enter that minibus for that signpost away there ” she replied, pointing the way.

The Ngoni woman boasted of speaking good English. Anyway in Zambia we understand the behavior Easterners.
Back to the story, Chisala went to where he was directed and when he got there, he could hear the driver shouting the name of his destination, on the top of his voice. He also realized that the bus was almost filled up. Then, he was faced with the predicament of paying his way. The passengers in the bus were already giving him weird looks, so he moved away from the bus, and a little feet away, he stood and bit his fingers, thinking of how to come up with One hundred and fifty Kwacha, which was the cost of the fare.
Back home, everyone was in a state of confusion. Ernest had already called his mother and intimated her with the latest development. The mother got on the next available flight out of Livingston, to Lusaka.

James: “Mother, when we were coming into the hospital, I saw Chisala ” he said as his mother walked through the lobby.
Purity: “Shut up your mouth, you didn’t see Chisala, he is dead” she replied, but was put aright when she met her husband. Her husband told her that Chisala had been in a coma, and waking up would have been a miracle according to the doctor’s prognosis, but Chisala had woken up and fled the hospital. Purity listened with thoughtfulness. What would have made Chisala run away, except he was scared of someone. Ernest was still talking when Purity spied Queen, she rushed towards her and pulled her into a des**ted corridor.
Purity: “What really happened?” she asked, looking at Queen accusingly.
Queen: “What do you mean by that question, did no one tell you what happened?” she fired back defensively.

Purity: “I mean, how does someone ram their car into a bridge in broad daylight, it wasn’t dark and you weren’t even drunk!” she argued.
Queen: “I was emotionally unstable, I really don’t know what you are trying to imply but I would never hurt Chisala, he was like the son I never had”
Purity: “Drop that bullshit already, he was not like a son to you, he was your husband’s son. I cannot wrap my head around you conveniently ramming your car on the side that Chisala was seated. The truth will prevail, the doctor said he was scared, I think the boy knew that someone was after him” she retorted. The colour drained out of Queen’s face, she started to speak but clammed her mouth shut. Then she composed her face, and moved into Purity’s face.

Queen: “I still don’t know why you told me about my husband’s child, but…” she was cut off by an outburst. They turned and saw Ernest.
Ernest: “Your husband’s child?” he exclaimed in surprise.
Purity: “Are you now eavesdropping on people’s conversations?” she attacked him.
Queen: “Ï wasn’t done talking, I was going to say, my husband’s childhood” she said uneasily, but her dazzling smile covered her uneasiness.
Ernest: “Öh well, I was so enveloped in my own pain, I forgot how you and Kamulaza must be feeling too, you guys loved Chisala”
Queen: “We were going to adopt him when we heard that he wasn’t your lovechild as we had thought. It is all my fault, he was scared because of the accident” she said and burst into sobs.

Ernest stepped forward and embraced her, while Purity just stood aloof. Kamulaza came in with a grim face and announced to everyone that the security footage showed Chisala leaving the hospital premises. It cleared all the thoughts of his abduction.
“Run far away Chisala, I don’t want to see you anywhere around my family, you cannot come and shadow my own child or steal his father’s love and attention” Purity mused as the men talked.
“ Don’t make me find you, because if I do, I will finish what I started. Now, I shall set to getting a child for my husband” Queen mused.
Kamulaza called his police commissioner friend and told him about Chisala, a search for Chisala was conducted.


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