The Power Of Destiny

The Power Of Destiny : Episode 20

Elizabeth: “You never told me your name” she said one day and Chisala rushed to type his name, but held himself back when he remembered he was no longer Chisala.
Chisala: “I am called Mabvuto”
Elizabeth: “Mabvu, I am Elizabeth”
They became so close that Chisala began to have feelings for Elizabeth, but the fear that he was living a lie kept him from entertaining such feelings. What hope was there for him, when Kopakopa had forbidden him from meeting with anyone from his past. How could he love someone whom he couldn’t even tell his real name?

Chisala kept a journal where he wrote down all his feelings which he couldn’t speak out. In the journal, he wrote about Kopakopa and their love-hate relationship. He loved Kopakopa because he had become a big brother figure to him, and he never involved him in the crimes they committed, since after he turned twelve and they became close. When they went for their operations, he took Chisala along, but always made him sit in the car with the driver, and he would always tell the driver that whenever there was incidence of police invasion, the driver should take Chisala away to a safe house.
However, Chisala hated him also because, he had kept from living his life, it was like his life was paused. He had no friends, learnt nothing other than his school books and stuffs he found online. Things his age groups did, he could not do because he was a prisoner of Kopakopa.

Sometimes, he felt like Kopakopa had grown too fond of him, that he was afraid of losing him. He had a tight hold on Chisala, that was choking him.
Inside the journal, he also wrote about meeting Elizabeth again after so many years. He wrote about his feelings for her and how he was tempted to run away back to his family because then he would have a chance to pursue his feelings for Elizabeth. One day, he had slept off while writing in the journal, and Kopakopa had found it. He spent the night reading about Chisala’s thoughts which he had written in the book. He took Chisala’s phone and went to his Facebook messages, he saw the ones he exchanged with Elizabeth, and then he typed one final message to Elizabeth before blocking her.

The message read “I am sorry but I have no use for your type, it was boring chatting with you, all you do is whine about your boyfriend. Do you even have a boyfriend, or you just want to make me ask you out? That is not happening because I have got a girlfriend and you are not in her league”
The next morning, Kopakopa had the housekeeper make breakfast for them and then he called Chisala to the dining table. It was the first time they were eating together; the dining area was rarely used as everyone ate in their rooms. But today, he had something important to tell Chisala.

Kopakopa: “I saw all you wrote in your journal” he said and watched Chisala’s face contort in anger.
Chisala: “That was personal, I do not invade your privacy, respect mine” he quipped.
Kopakopa: “As long as you are in my house, you have no privacy” he said calmly, turning the pancake in his plate around, with his fork.
Chisala: “Then let me go” he fired back.

Kopakopa: “After everything I have done for you, you have a future because of me. What chances would you have had doing?”
Chisala: “I am sorry” he said contritely.
Kopakopa: “You violated my instructions, I told you never to have contact with anyone from your past, but you did. Final warning, I don’t want to find out you have any contacts with Elizabeth or any other person from your past” he said, this time his eyes were hard.
Chisala: “She did not know it was me, I am not doing anything to jeopardize your safety” he entreated, Elizabeth was the only link to his past and he needed that, to be sure he had not lost himself.

Kopakopa: “Our safety, remember that you are also a wanted person. Don’t forget” he replied and pushed the food away.
“The only thing I remember is my mother’s dream. You forced me, it was that or my life, I can still explain to the police. Now more than ever, I have to attempt an escape from Kopakopa” He mused as he watched Kopakopa go up the stairs.
Chisala settled down to his food, and ate slowly, enjoying every bite. Now, he had decided to escape, he felt free and peaceful. He realized that Elizabeth had been the motivation to escape. Tomorrow he would  attempt an escape from Kopakopa.


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