The Power Of Destiny

The Power Of Destiny : Episode 5

…I want to carry my own child” she said and broke down in tears. Kamulaza felt compelled to console her and agree to the vacation. However, Kamulaza agreed to the vacation not because he wanted to go but because he wanted to find out what went on between Queen and Chisala.
They went on a vacation to Eastern Province , where they stayed for a week. Queen made sure that her husband did not have a moment respite to think about Chisala. She learned almost all the styles in Fifty shades of Grey, and made sure her husband performed them with her.

Kamulaza: “ Queen, this is borderline ridiculous, did we come here just to have s€×? Please, I need a break” he said bitingly and left the room, with Queen still in her nude. Gone was the sweet Queen he knew in bed, this Queen just wanted to have a child, and was using him like a sp**m donor, rather than a husband.
Queen: “Damn him, he doesn’t even care” she said to the empty room, as she flung on a see through robe. Queen went out to the balcony that oversaw the mountain ridges, it was a beautiful sight. She felt eyes on her and turned to see a young beautifully sculpted man. His eyes were not just on her, but on the swell of her br-ast and her poking n-pples beneath the flimsy robe. It felt exhilarating to be desired, so, she entertained his attention. The man blew her a k-ss and she blushed. They continued their flirtatious dance, and when Queen saw that Kamulaza was not coming back, she took a long coat and put over her robe and then she went out the door to the next suite.

It was a bold move and it was the first time she was cheating on her husband, but she had been ar-used by the man’s physique and his attention. The moment she knocked on the door, it flung open and the man pulled her into the room. The man was called Mukuka, a physical trainer based in Kafue, so he told her. He car-ssed her with his hands, his mouth and his words. Queen was on fire for him, and thoughts of her husband and his supposed betrayal was far from her mind.
young woman feeding a young man on a bed
All the styles that Kamulaza had been reluctant to try with her, she tried it all with Mukuka. They had s€× in the kitchen, the toilet and even dared having s€× in the balcony with Mukuka bent over the railing, in full glare of the world, it was the best s€× she had ever had. It was as if the s€× was a drug, Queen didn’t care that their suite was just next door, and her husband could have seen them.

When they were exhausted, she sneaked back into her suite to find out that Kamulaza was back. He had a glass of wine in his hand and he was making a call. Queen listened and realized he was talking to Ernest and it was about Chisala. She felt the more pleased that she had cheated on him.
“ What a traitor” she thought.
She had gone into the bathroom and didn’t hear Kamulaza shout Tasila’s name. So there was no way for her to know that Kamulaza just found out that Chisala is his son, contrary to what she was told.


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